This thought needs to be well handled and eliminated for a healthy work environment and building an inclusive culture.Our teams must know and understand full well the overall business context and the fact that they stand to gain a lot rather than looking it as a micromanaging act.Time logging has been practiced since the 19th century.The overall concept is simple – be fully aware of how many hours did the employees work for to calculate their payroll.Back then it was merely looked at from an accounting, wage management and HR standpoint only.But a lot has changed and changed for better.We have come a long way from just cranking hours against activities to waking up to the concept of project management, productivity, efficiency and profitability.It’s just not only about the money anymore.Rather it’s to do more with outcomes, achievements, business success and personal growth.To that effect, let us win our mission to make our customers happy, our teams successful be on a steady growth path personally and professionally by being effective self-time managers!17 “True” benefits of timesheet managementCultivate a Habit – no one ever likes cataloguing their entire day.Start with timing your daily tasks first.Eliminate wasteful activities – Once you review the activities you have done over a week you exactly know which activities could have been avoided or traded for more meaningful tasks.Man with a plan!Enables Collaboration – Having clarity on your as well as the team’s tasks + the added awareness of what is required to achieve the goal sets the stage for meaningful collaboration.Take control of your day – Timesheets help you stick to your plan.Closing 10 tasks in record time and ending up with rework is not exactly being effective.
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