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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s forthcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey looks set to be totally revelatory based on clips we’ve seen so far – but it’s not the first time members of the royal family have lifted the lid on the goings on at Buckingham Palace.Throughout the decades, senior royals like the Prince Of Wales, the Duke of Edinburgh and even the Queen herself have gone in front of the camera and shown a more human side of the royal family.And of course, there’ve been a fair few infamous interview moments too, not least Prince Andrew’s unbelievable sit-down with Emily Maitlis back in 2019.Here’s our timeline spanning 60 years of the royals’ most memorable interview moments, starting with the very first one...1961 – Prince Philip on PanoramaThe Duke Of Edinburgh’s appearance on Panorama in the early 1960s was groundbreaking not because it was especially controversial, but because it marked the first time a member of the royal family had agreed to do a sit-down television interview.Prince Philip spoke with broadcaster Richard Dimbleby about the Commonwealth Technical Training Week, an initiative of which he was a patron. 1969 – Royal FamilyIt was the idea of press secretary William Heseltine to give a filmmaker unprecedented access to record the royals going about their business, in a bid to make them appear more relevant at the end of the 1960s, a decade in which many had begun to consider them out of touch.The end result was Royal Family, which charted a year in Queen Elizabeth’s life with her family. As well as the usual regal affairs you might expect, the doc showed off a more human side to the Windsors, including scenes showing Prince Philip grilling sausages at a family barbecue and the Queen treating her youngest son to an ice cream.Whether the Royal Family succeeded in its mission is still up for debate. BBC Two’s then-controller David Attenborough (yes, that one) felt removing “mystique” around the royals was a potentially dangerous idea, while some critics praised the 90-minute special for showing us more of the royals’ personalities.It seems the Queen herself was not a fan, though, as she reportedly had the documentary banned, and it’s not been shown on television since 1977 (although it did briefly leak online in 2021, before being taken down due to a copyright complaint). 1994 – Charles: The Private Man, The Public Role Two years before his divorce from Princess Diana was finalised, Prince Charles appeared in the authorised ITV documentary Charles: The Private Man, The Public Role.This 90-minute special was made up of several interviews between the Prince of Wales and Jonathan Dimbleby (notably the son of the reporter who interviewed Charles’ own father on Panorama more than 30 years earlier), marking 25 years since his investiture.Dimbleby said at the time that he had no intention of “painting a glossy portrait” of Charles, and this was infamously the first time the prince admitted to infidelity with Camilla Parker-Bowles during his marriage to Diana.When asked whether he’d been faithful throughout his marriage, Charles responded: “Yes ... Until it became irretrievably broken down, us both having tried.”Many felt the interview was Charles’ attempt at winning back public favour after many had been won over by Diana in the years prior, but if that was his intention, it backfired somewhat.A poll by The Sun the day after the documentary aired discovered two-thirds of respondents felt he was “unfit to be King”, following his admission.In the biography The Firm, The Troubled Life Of The House Of Windsor, royal writer Penny Junor claimed Charles’ family were “flabbergasted” by his public admission, with Prince Philip in particular “incensed”. 1995 – Princess Diana on Panorama A year later, Princess Diana was able to have her say about her marriage on Panorama, and made headlines the world over. The interview with Martin Bashir took place in Diana’s sitting room in Kensington Palace, with sound and recording equipment having to be sneaked in so as not to arouse suspicion.The hour-long special was noted for being the first time Diana spoke publicly about her husband’s infidelity (including the oft-quoted line “there were three of us in the marriage”), but it was revelatory for a number of other reasons, too.Diana’s Panorma interview saw her speaking about her own extramarital affairs, including with James Hewitt, as well as her experiences of self-harm, post natal depression and bulimia.She also addressed her feelings about the British press, describing them as “abusive” and their treatment of her as “harassment”.John Birt, who was director general of the BBC at the time of this interview, later noted it “marked the end of the BBC’s institutional reverence – though not its respect – for the monarchy”.In March this year, Scotland Yard confirmed they would not be conducting a criminal inquiry into Martin Bashir over allegations he tricked Diana into her landmark Panorama interview.2011 – Sarah Ferguson on 60 Minutes Australia In 2010, Sarah Ferguson was secretly recorded by the News Of The World’s Mazher Mahmood (dubbed the “fake sheikh”), offering access to Prince Andrew for half a million pounds.“Look after me and he’ll look after you,” she was heard saying. “You’ll get it back tenfold. I can open any door you want.”The Duchess Of York later admitted she was “devastated by the situation”, saying in a statement: “I very deeply regret the situation and the embarrassment caused. It is true that my financial situation is under stress however, that is no excuse for a serious lapse in judgment and I am very sorry that this has happened.“I can confirm that The Duke of York was not aware or involved in any of the discussions that occurred. I am sincerely sorry for my actions.”A year later, she was asked about the matter during an interview on Australia’s 60 Minutes, and ended up walking off the set.“Don’t try and trick me now because I’m not going to play this game,” she said, before urging producers to “delete that bit”, feeling the interview was going in a “too tabloid-y” direction.Eventually, after the interviewer persisted with his questions, the Duchess walked off the set completely, claiming she needed to “take five minutes”.2017 – Heads Together For much of his adult life, one of Prince William’s key causes has been working towards destigmatising mental health conditions.In 2017, he teamed up with none other than Lady Gaga for the Heads Together campaign for a four-minute online video in which they spoke over FaceTime about the need to discuss mental health openly.William complimented Gaga after she penned an open letter discussing her own experiences of PTSD, telling her: “It’s so important to break open that fear and that taboo… It’s time that everyone speaks up and feels very normal about mental health. It’s the same as physical health.“Everybody has mental health, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Just having a conversation with a friend or family member can really make such a difference.” 2017 – Diana, Our Mother: Her Life And Legacy  In honour of the 20th anniversary of their mother’s death, Princes William and Harry commissioned two authorised documentaries for ITV about her.The first of these was Diana, Our Mother, in which both princes gave their first ever interviews about what the Princess Of Wales was like as a parent.“Arguably [it was] probably a little bit too raw up until this point,” Prince Harry admitted. “It’s still raw.”The two princes both spoke fondly of their late mother, with Harry describing her as “a total kid through and through” and William recalling an incident in which she arranged for supermodels Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford to surprise him after school one day.“One of her mottos to me was ‘you can be as naughty as you want, just don’t get caught’,” Harry fondly remembered.The other documentary was Diana, 7 Days, which focussed more on her death and the immediate effect it had on those around her, particularly her grieving sons, who were both children at the time. 2018 – The Queen’s Green Planet Though not a traditional interview, the Queen teamed up with broadcaster and fellow nonagenarian Sir David Attenborough in 2018 for an ITV special discussing the environment and climate change. Among other things.One thing The Queen’s Green Planet was noted for was that the monarch showed off her sense of humour, commenting of a nearby helicopter: “Why do they always go round and round when you want to talk? [That] sounds like President Trump.”The Queen also spoke of her hopes to plant more trees in a bid to affect climate change, stating: “If all countries continue to plant, it might change the climate again.” 2019 – Harry and Meghan: An African Journey A year after they were married, Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan Markle made a trip to Africa, so they could look at how a charity initiative started by the Duke of Sussex 15 years earlier had progressed.Of course, the documentary ended up revealing a lot more, most notably how the Duchess Of Sussex was adjusting to life in the spotlight, and the difficulties she was facing as a result of press intrusion.The moment that most captured people’s attention was when journalist Tom Bradby asked about the “pressure” she was under, and its “impact on your mental and physical health”.“I would say … any woman, especially when they’re pregnant, you’re really vulnerable, and so that was made really challenging,” she explained. “And then when you have a newborn, you know. And especially as a woman, it’s a lot.“So you add this on top of just trying to be a new mum or trying to be a newlywed. It’s um... yeah. I guess, also thank you for asking, because not many people have asked if I’m okay, but it’s a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes.”“Would it be fair to say ‘Not really OK’?” Bradby then asked. “It’s really been a struggle?”Meghan responded simply: “Yes.”In a piece she wrote for the New York Times in 2021, Meghan spoke about how much this exchange had meant to her, recalling: “My off-the-cuff reply seemed to give people permission to speak their truth. But it wasn’t responding honestly that helped me most, it was the question itself.”2019 – Prince Andrew on Newsnight At the time, it would have been fair to assume that Harry and Meghan: An African Journey would be the royal family’s most revelatory moment of 2019.But in November 2019, Prince Andrew sat down with Emily Maitlis at Buckingham Palace for what turned out to be a disastrous interview about allegations of sexual abuse that had been made against him, as well as his relationship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.During the interview, the Duke of York “categorically” denied accusations from one woman who claimed she was forced to have sex with him on three occasions, including when she was 17 years old.“It didn’t happen. I can absolutely categorically tell you it never happened,” he said.Prince Andrew dismissed her claims that he had been “profusely sweating” when they danced together at a nightclub, insisting that he had a medical condition that meant he was unable to sweat at that time as a result of “an overdose of adrenaline in the Falklands War”.He also said that he was at a Pizza Express in Woking with one of his daughters on the day of one of the alleged incidents.“Going to Pizza Express in Woking is an unusual thing for me to do,” he insisted. “I remember it weirdly distinctly.”Following the much-publicised interview, Prince Andrew suspended his public duties “for the foreseeable future”. In May 2020, he permanently resigned from public duties to his connections with Epstein, who died in August 2019.2021 – Prince Harry on The Late, Late Show Oprah Winfrey announced in February 2021 that she had a sit-down interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the works, and there was near-immediate speculation about exactly what they’d reveal.What no one saw coming was that the much-awaited interview would be preceded by a much more light-hearted appearance from Prince Harry on The Late, Late Show with James Corden.One that featured an open-top bus tour of LA, a quick pitstop to the mansion from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, an impromptu FaceTime call with Meghan and yes, even some rapping.We were not ready, and frankly we’re still not ready.2021 – Oprah With Meghan And Harry And here we are. Oprah Winfrey has promised an interview with Harry and Meghan where “nothing [is] off limits”, which will air in the US on Sunday, before it’s shown on ITV on Monday 8 March at 9pm.Of course, we haven’t seen it yet, but an early press release announced the Sussexes would be discussing marriage, life under public pressure and their “future hopes and dreams”, among other things.Subsequent clips have also teased Harry sharing his fears of “history repeating itself” before he decided to move with his family to Los Angeles, as well as claims from Meghan of the palace “perpetuating falsehoods about us”.The 90-minute interview is one we’re sure to be talking about for a long time to come.READ MORE:Meghan Markle Claims Palace Is 'Perpetuating Falsehoods About Us' In New Oprah ClipBuckingham Palace To Investigate Bullying Claims Made Against Meghan MarkleBen Fogle Expertly Shuts Down Piers Morgan's Meghan Markle Question On Good Morning Britain
Dubai, such a modern city that is known for its luxurious shopping,ultra-modern design, and the beauty of its nightlife.Dubai cityDubai is such a town, where you will find tourist spots that replace each other.In this article, we will discuss, how to reach those places, about the tickets, and what else will you be able to do there.10 – Lamer beach.Lamer beach is located at Jumeirah, one island of Dubai.And it’s three minutes away from the Jumeirah mosque.No fees are charged to visit.Timings: 10 am to 10 pm ( Remains open)Here you’ll see several stylish restaurants, stores, and cinemas.Dubai’s best water park Lagoona is additionally located on lamer beach.No one should miss out on this beach in Dubai.You can participate in all the beach activities on the ocean coast of Dubai.And water sports also are offered here.So you’ll be able to enjoy a mini-vacation together with your family at lamer beach.It will take most of three to four hours to explore the complete lamer beach.Do not forget to bring this stuff once visiting this place, Your swimming suits and your floaters.9- Palm Jumeirah Island.Let’s point out Palm Jumeirah.This is an island built in the form of a tree.And it’s better-known for its luxury hotels,  high living accommodations towers, and upmarket global restaurants.Here the food offered like shawarma, highlight’s Jumeirah’s boardwalk.And Burj-Al-Arab located at the ocean coast showers its beauty.During night time, stunning beaches, clubs with spa and  pool turn into nightclubs and live DJ.Palm Jumeirah is for personal residence and hotels and you’ll be able to discover wonderful things here like five-star hotels and wonderful restaurants.And there are not any given timings and tickets to go to this place.You can visit Palm Jumeirah anytime.8- Wild Wadi Water Park.Wild Wadi  Water Park is one amongst the largest water parks in Dubai.The theme of this park is intended as per the traditional cartoon – Sindbad, which makes it an outstanding water park.Wild Wadi Water Park is the best place to pay for your weekend.The twenty-five rides and roller coasters here can boost your mind to such an extent, that you can chuck your stress.The tickets for the wild wadi water park can price 5000 INR.Wild Wadi  Water Park is located adjacent to Burj-Al-Arab open from 10 am to 6 pm.And don’t forget to carry your swimming costume, Because you won’t be allowed to enter the water without a swimming costume.7 – IMG world of AdventureThe IMG World of Adventure is that of the world’s biggest temperature-controlled indoor amusement park.The IMG World of the Adventure is split into four zones.First is the marvel zone.Here you’ll find distinct and exclusive rides for various Marvel characters.The second is a lost valley.Here, beside the foremost alarming rides, roller coaster rides also are there.The third  is the cartoon network zone,which proves to be a tremendous place for each child further as adults.Along with this, here you’ll get wonderful retailers for food further as you look, And there’s the Novo cinema, where movies are shown.6 – Dhow dinner cruiseThe Dhow dinner cruise maybe a dinner cruise that travels across the creek river of Dubai.The Dhow dinner cruise is the best, as exploring the creek river of Dubai.This ride continues for two hours and you’ll have tremendous experience being here.From this cruise, you’ll be able to even have a glimpse of the gold soak marketplace.The market is located on the coast of the creek river.Your dinner and entertainment packages are included within the Dhow dinner cruise.At the deck, you’ll get a dinner buffet where Indian food is additionally offered.And its lower deck is cool, just in case you are feeling hot then you’ll be able to return here.Here,  vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available.The price of a Dhow dinner cruise is sometimes 1200 INR.It usually starts at 6’o pm in the evening.Dinner cruise travels across each of the rivers, the Creek river and marina.I would recommend you reach half-hour before the cruise starts so that no delay is caused.5 – VR ParkDubai Mall is a big mall and it might take more or less a day to tour the complete mall.But I’d recommend that if you are planning to visit  Dubai mall then the place that you should not miss is VR Park.We can play unlimited games for four hours.Virtual Reality Park is the world’s biggest video game indoor park.Virtual reality refers to virtual games and video games.In this game, we’ll enter a virtual world in which we want to kill zombies out there.The entry price here varies from seventy-five to a hundred and twenty dirhams, Depending upon the number of games you’d prefer to play.Experience you get here will be unique.Timings:10 am to 10 pm ( Remains open)4-Gold souk marketDubai is not solely glorified for its resorts, parks, and desert apart from that, there are amazing places here for shoppingDubai’s most visited gold market is Dubai’s Gold souk market.In this market, you will find quite 380 retail jeweller retailers.And some retailers here are older than four decades and some retailers are new.The major trade items throughout this market are gold, platinum, diamond, and generally silver too.Dubai’s Gold souk market is found close to the Deira area of Dubai.There is no entry charge.Timings :10 a.m to 10 p.m.(remains open)One important notice…In the gold souk market, wheelchairs and children are also allowed.3.Dubai mallDubai mallThe largest mall in Dubai is the Dubai Mall.Dubai mall is quite a big mall and it might take more or less a day to tour the complete mall.2.Desert safariDesert safariDubai desert safari is considered as the world’s best dessert.Desert Safari is 6-7 hours of the thrilling and amusing tour.It includes Dune bashing, camel ride, amusement shows like belly dance, and fire shows.This Desert Safari tour comes at the side of your buffet dinner, buffet lunch, and transportation additionally.Desert Safari starts with the cool luxurious car, a land cruiser that takes you to the desert.The timings of Desert safari starts from 3 p.m to 9 p.m if you opt for a half-day package.There are also packages for 2-3 days throughout that you may also camp among the deserts.One important notice…Dune bashing may be a notably rough sport therefore it isn’t well for pregnant girls and children.Although besides Dune bashing the alternative things are equally amusing and people of every age group will participate in those activities.Origin Tours and travels offer Desert safari – Dubai tour package.For 4 days at an affordable price.1.Burj KhalifaBurj khalifaSource :pixabayBurj Khalifa is the world’s tallest standing building.The height of that is 828 meters.It has registered seven world records on its name.And these world records embody it being the tallest building, tallest free-standing structure,The highest range of stories, highest occupied floor, highest outside observation deck,elevator with the longest travel distance and so the most important and tallest elevator service.And with these seven world records, Burj Khalifa registered its name in one of the best structures.It is settled among the downtown space of Dubai where you may glimpse Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain.If you are planning a trip to Dubai, visit origin tours and travels for the best tours and travels  packages. 
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A vaccination passport scheme to allow Brits who have been inoculated against coronavirus to travel abroad has led to fears over an intergenerational split with younger people feeling “sidelined” and “outraged”.Plans for a vaccine passport or “immunity passport” have been tentatively welcomed by the travel industry, a sector that has been particularly devastated by the global pandemic. In the UK, the success of the vaccination rollout has led to a surge in “vaccine confidence”.With more than 20 million people in the UK already been given their first dose, the government expects the first phase of nine priority groups – all those aged 50 and over, as well as adults in at-risk groups and frontline health and social care workers – will have been offered a vaccine by May.  The UK’s largest tour operator, TUI, has said the roll-out boosted summer bookings from those aged 50 and over, with that age group accounting for 50% of all online bookings since the end of last year. Since the government announced its roadmap out of lockdown on February 22, holiday package bookings have seen a “notable surge” from people over the age of 55, EasyJet told HuffPost UK.Simon Lowe, 60, from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire is scheduled to receive his first dose of a vaccine on March 16 and his second dose in the first week of June. “I had been avidly going on the Covid vaccine queue calculator to see when my age group would come up so it’s really terrific,” he says. An ardent traveller and mountaineer – he runs a Sheffield-based travel company that organises climbing trips to the Everest summit – Lowe has felt paralysed since the outbreak of coronavirus. “My favourite hobby in life is ski mountaineering and ski touring: the absolute freedom over an entire mountain range, the adventure of discovering what’s around the next corner and the camaraderie of being part of an expedition.”As soon as his vaccination appointments were booked, Lowe began making plans to travel. His first trip will be to the Alps in early July, just three weeks after his second dose. “I adore travelling, I always have done. It’s really important for me to go out to the Alps and further afield and I shall go as soon as I possibly can.”“I’m 60 years old so I know I’ve only got so many seasons left in my legs before I have to hang up my skis,” he continues. “By the time I go back, I’ll be a year older, the legs are going to creak a bit more.”The father of three twenty-somethings, he questions whether vaccine passports will create much resentment among the under-50s, most of who will not be able to get hold of one in time for the summer. “Young people just want to get back to work. “That’s not to say they wouldn’t want a summer holiday, but they’re pragmatic and realise it’s about opening up the economy which will also open up hospitality here so they can holiday in the UK.”A vaccine passport makes complete sense to him. “It’s inevitable. There are some countries you can’t travel to unless you can prove you’ve had a yellow fever vaccination, so this is nothing new.” The scheme would also be a lifesaver to his business, which has been hit hard over the past year. “If you ask everyone in my office who are all younger than me, ‘Do you want people to travel or wait until we’re all vaccinated before our business can start again?’ they would be like, are you crazy. People want to know their jobs are guaranteed, which is based on people like me going travelling.” A vaccine passport would result in a two-tier society, where some people can access freedoms and support while others are shut out. On Tuesday EU leaders announced plans for a “Digital Green Pass” which would detail proof that the person has been vaccinated against Covid-19, as well as test results for those who haven’t yet been vaccinated.The scheme would be open to British travellers in time to save the summer holidays, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen pledged. “The Digital Green Pass should facilitate Europeans‘ lives. The aim is to gradually enable them to move safely in the European Union or abroad – for work or tourism.”On Friday, Cyprus also revealed it would allow vaccinated Brits to travel in from May 1 - more than two weeks before travel restrictions end here. And despite repeated denials from cabinet ministers saying there were no plans to introduce vaccine passports in the UK, on Monday health secretary Matt Hancock told reporters the government was “working with international partners” on the issue. Consultant Jo Brianti, 52, from Ealing in west London is eagerly awaiting her vaccine invitation so she can press on with plans to travel to Switzerland for a friend’s wedding in July. Afterwards, she and her husband and two teenage sons intend to spend three weeks in northern Italy. “I’m keeping my fingers and toes and everything else crossed,” she tells HuffPost UK.  The hard reality is life isn’t fair, as Covid isn’t fair. Where do you draw the line? Although everything has been provisionally booked, she’s readied herself in case something goes wrong; the family lost hundreds of pounds after a holiday last February was cancelled because of Covid-19. “We would be absolutely gutted if we missed the wedding, so that’s always in the back of our minds.”Last summer, instead of renting a place in Tenerife, Brianti spent the summer holidays in a cottage in Yorkshire. “It was gorgeous and we had a really lovely time, but it rained. That’s a normal thing in the UK so it doesn’t feel like a real holiday.” She has missed being able to go abroad sorely. “It’s a time away from home and from work and school. It’s a chance for us to do something different as a family, whether it’s sitting by the side of a pool or going to a restaurant where somebody else cooks lunch. I don’t need to cook, or clean, or wash.”To those who argue vaccine passports are unfair and discriminatory, leaving a generation of under-50s unable to leave the country while older people brush the dust off their passports, Brianti’s response is: “You know what? Life isn’t fair.“The hard reality is life isn’t fair, as Covid isn’t fair. Where do you draw the line? ” She believes vaccine passports should have been introduced in the UK “a long, long time ago”. “They’ll be good not just for the UK but other countries. We’re a global place, people travel for holidays all over.“It might sound like a very hardened view, but I don’t see the point in saying, ‘it’s not fair’. I might not get my passport by the time I want to travel in July, in which case I’ve got to suck it up. And if I have to suck it up, then so should other people. In the grand scheme of things, life moves on.” We are starting to see these intergenerational splits – and that is definitely something that could be happening here as well.” Professor Melinda Mills, a sociologist at the University of Oxford, worries that the idea of a vaccine passport as a “silver bullet” to saving summer holidays means important ethical, scientific and behavioural questions are being neglected. In a report to the Royal Society, she submitted 12 criteria that would need to satisfied in order to make the scheme feasible.Alongside issues surrounding the extent to which current Covid-19 vaccines stop transmission, length of immunity and effectiveness against emerging variants, Mills points to how a vaccine passport scheme could affect groups who have been shown to be less likely to be vaccinated: people with allergies, pregnant individuals, people from ethnic minority backgrounds and areas of deprivation in the UK.“Before you introduce a vaccine passport scheme, you really have to think about who you’re going to exclude and who you could inadvertently discriminate against,” she tells HuffPost UK.A digital vaccine passport would be inaccessible to people who do not have – or cannot afford to own – a smartphone and could exclude people in the homeless community or who are undocumented. Then, of course, there are young people.“We’re definitely seeing intergenerational issues coming up,” she says. “We’ve already seen riots happening in some countries, for example in the Netherlands in relation to the curfews.″ Dutch officials have claimed teenagers and youths were to blame for the violent scenes that swept the country in January. Mills believes the main narrative of the pandemic has left younger generations feeling alienated by their own governments. “I think we’ve forgotten the voice of the younger generation. “This is the generation that had their exams messed with, who had to enter university or into a job market where they can’t find jobs. Their jobs, their education, their social contacts, their relationships have all been affected. This is the period when they could be finding a relationship, starting a life or buying a house – and these things will all be severely disrupted for a long period of time.As in other countries that have seen rioting and protests, Mills believes we could see some fallout from over the focus on protecting older people. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see a backlash. We are starting to see these intergenerational splits – and that is definitely something that could be happening here as well.”Human rights organisation Liberty has also rejected the vaccine passport scheme, which they argue would lead to “exclusion and division”.Sam Grant, head of policy and campaigns at Liberty, said: “We all want to get out of this pandemic as soon as possible – but any form of vaccine passport or certificate would result in a two-tier society, where some people can access freedoms and support while others are shut out.“Who can go on holiday isn’t the only way this would change our society. Even the introduction of a voluntary passport to prove if you’ve had a vaccine could result in many being blocked from essential public services, work or housing – with the most marginalised hardest hit. This is because once these passports have been created for one purpose – like travel – it would be all too easy for their use to be extended and abused.“To get through coronavirus, we need to pull together and demand a response that protects us all. That means rejecting strategies like immunity passports which are based on exclusion and division. Instead, we must work to bridge divides with strategies that protect everyone.” The sneering contempt of the sacrifices we’ve made and childish delight at seeing millennials suffer has become endemic. PR consultant Madelaine, 25, from Newcastle, is one of the many young people who are fed up with feeling neglected and ignored. “My generation isn’t just upset now, we’re on the brink of revolution over being constantly sidelined and never acknowledged in legislation, policy and restrictions,” she tells HuffPost UK.She describes the UK as “a nation of angry Edina Monsoons trying to punish their children”. “The sneering contempt of the sacrifices we’ve made and childish delight at seeing millennials suffer has become endemic.“Many young people have lost everything and borne the pressure to keep older people safe. Those who have lost their jobs are retail workers, hospitality staff: all young employees on a low, vulnerable income. Those who have lost irredeemable years of education are young people too.”As a person who lives alone, Madelaine has not seen a single friend in more than five months as well as her parents, who live in Europe. “It feels like solitary confinement,” she says. “The truth is younger people are the real victims of global travel bans: we’re the international generation. It’s not just a holiday for us, it’s being able to see our families and partners.“I have seen close friends lose their jobs, their homes, their mental health and their relationships in the wake of lockdowns and seeing older people crow about ‘millennials having their turn’ to suffer from restrictions in the pandemic riles me.”“I don’t mind the odd avocado-on-toast joke, but it is an outrage to treat the generation that really did give up everything for others with utter indifference. I’m all for being safe, but we must be fair. It’s not a big ask for the UK government to wait until everyone has had the chance to be vaccinated before rolling out freedoms to a few. “Don’t offer freedoms to people that others can’t have out of bureaucracy: this is a democracy, we are equals.”Related...New Vaccine Passes Could Be Coming. Here’s How They Might WorkWhat Are The Covid Variants In The UK? Here’s How They’re SpreadingRevealed: Drug Gangs Are Stealing Children From Loving Families – Even In Lockdown
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