(I choose to believe I manifested this and helped make it happen, because based on rumors no one was expecting a trailer this early.)In the new Westworld trailer, released Sunday just before the Game of Thrones finale aired, Paul walks along a futuristic bridge as Brain Damage by Pink Floyd plays.He sits atop a construction building with a robot -- at least one we all now would recognize as a robot, not a "Westworld robot."We see Paul in his everyday life (in which, to be clear, he seems like a not nice guy slash a criminal), until he meets Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores wandering, apparently hurt and wearing another version of her black dress, under a bridge, looking like she's ready to kill (and remember all the times forever).The trailer also gives us glimpses of a super tech-savvy world, with what appear to be self-driving cars and more.Plus we get to see season 3 cast members Scott Mescudi and Marshawn Lynch.
Every week, Parrot Analytics provides Business Insider the most in-demand original TV shows on streaming services.Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale" has seen a spark after a new trailer for its upcoming third season debuted earlier this month.The data is based on " demand expressions," the globally standardized TV demand measurement unit from Parrot Analytics.Discovery joining forces with Captain Christopher Pike on a new mission to investigate seven mysterious red signals and the appearance of an unknown being called the Red Angel.It gave in to every one of the show's most tedious instincts, substituting slow stares and endless montage sequences for any actual development or new interiority.Description: "DOOM PATROL reimagines one of DC's most beloved groups of Super Heroes: Robotman aka Cliff Steele (BRENDAN FRASER), Negative Man aka Larry Trainor (MATT BOMER), Elasti-Woman aka Rita Farr (APRIL BOWLBY) and Crazy Jane (DIANE GUERRERO), led by modern-day mad scientist Niles Caulder aka The Chief (TIMOTHY DALTON).
Activision revealed more information on the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile, a free-to-play entry in the popular shooter franchise for iOS and Android.Call of Duty: Mobile was unveiled in March as a mobile game that combines maps and characters from across the Call of Duty franchise.The announcement trailer hyped up the game because it looked like it was running smoothly,The publisher, in an official blog post, said that after players choose between a Match, a Rank Match with experience points and rewards, and a Private Match that only friends can join, they will select the game mode.The first modes to be revealed for Call of Duty: Mobile are Free-For-All, which is the classic deathmatch; Team Deathmatch, which pits opposing teams against each other; Frontline, a race between teams to reach a certain score; Hardpoint, in which players capture and hold the hardpoint to score; and Domination, in which players capture and hold certain locations to score.Free-For-All will support eight players, while the other four modes will support up to 10 players.
If you somehow haven’t heard, HBO’s megahit Game of Thrones is ending this weekend with its eighth season finale, but the premium network already has its next epic fantasy show lined up.His Dark Materials, which is based on Philip Pullman young adult series of the same name, is set to debut later this year, and the show’s first trailer hints that it’ll be just as dark and harrowing — if not quite as violent — as anything that the residents of Westeros served up.His Dark Materials stars Logan‘s Dafne Keen as Lyra Belacqua, who lives in a world where polar bears wear armor, people’s souls live outside of their bodies in creatures known as Daemons, and a mysterious particle known as Dust holds the secret to unlimited power.When Lyra’s friend Roger and a number of other children go missing, Lyra embarks on a journey that brings her in contact with her uncle Lord Asriel (fellow X-Men vet James McAvoy), a power-hungry socialite named Ms. Coulter (The Affair star Ruth Wilson), and Lee Scoresby, an adventurous hot air-balloonist played by Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda.The BBC started adapting His Dark Materials for television about four years ago alongside Bad Wolf, a production company founded by the same people responsible for BBC’s popular Doctor Whorevamp.HBO signed on as co-producer in 2018.
The previously announced Batwoman series featuring Ruby Rose has received its first trailer.The CW, the network where the show will air, debuted the trailer alongside the announcement of its Fall 2019 – 2020 television schedule.Batwoman will join the last season of hit CW series Supernatural, as well as the return of superhero shows The Flash and Arrow.The CW previously announced plans to launch a new Batwoman series amid its success with The Flash, which arrived in 2014, and Arrow, which debuted a couple years earlier in 2012.As with those shows, Batwoman will offer a modern take on a classic character, giving audiences their chance to experience the story from a modern perspective.The show’s first trailer introduces us to the general storyline behind Rose’s character, as well as the wider cast, and hints at a couple tense sub-plots.
The Splatoon 2 World Championship will follow and lead into the Super Smash Bros.The remake of 1993 Game Boy classic (and 1998 Game Boy Color classic), which is one of the weirdest and best Zelda games, will be played from an isometric perspective.Based on what we saw in the reveal trailer, it looks like a 1:1 remake, at least so far.Then you’re off on a traditional Pokémon adventure across the new Galar region, complete with random battles, gyms, and a whole new set of eighth generation Pokémon to capture and train.Nintendo aired a Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct in May outlining all of the exciting new features in the sequel.PlatinumGames’ latest action game, Astral Chain, was revealed during the February Nintendo Direct.
Thanks to the BBC, which has HBO on board to distribute the series worldwide, Philip Pullman's classic British trilogy of novels will set sail for the small screen for the first time, following the 2007 movie that didn't fare so well with critics.But will this new creation make up for Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman's foray into the fantasy epic, the movie's unmade sequels leaving hero Lyra (literally) up in the air?Our Alethiometer readings are looking good so far, with James McAvoy and Logan's X23 (Dafne Keen) slated to play the silver-tongued Lyra.Pullman took the title for his book trilogy from a poem by John Milton -- another work with big themes about religious deities -- but let's not go too far down that rabbit hole, with the basic plot of the first novel Northern Lights following Lyra as she attempts to save her best friend Roger from the Gobblers, nefarious people stealing children and bringing them to an icy fate.Tony Award-winning writer Jack Thorne has eight episodes to tell Lyra's story in Northern Lights and another eight-episode season for second-part, The Subtle Knife.He's proven himself on the epic fantasy front, after adapting Harry Potter and The Cursed Child for the stage, based on a story both he and J.K. Rowling developed.
The GMC Sierra 1500 receives a handful of equipment changes for the 2020 model year, this generation of the truck's second year on the market.Big news for the 2020 model year is the greater availability of the optional CarbonPro Edition carbon-fiber pickup truck bed and 3.0-liter Duramax turbodiesel inline-six engine.Both were only added late in the 2019 model year, but for 2020 will be much more readily available to buyers.Like the new Sierra HD, the 1500 model can now be optioned with GMC's Enhanced ProGrade Trailering system, which features 15 cameras.The truck's Trailering App has also been updated so, for instance, owners can pre-configure trailer lengths and profiles through the myGMC app and send them to the truck remotely.Other tech additions include camera-based adaptive cruise control, which becomes available on the SLT, AT4 and Denali trim levels.
There's just one episode remaining of Game of Thrones, and a teaser released after Sunday's controversial episode, titled "The Bells," gave viewers a sneak peek.The footage didn't revealed much, but a few shots of the survivors of the bloody second-to-last episode reminded viewers of the turmoil we've endured so far.If you're cool with spoilers or are all caught up through the May 12 show, you can read our recap to discover what happened in the bloody King's Landing battle, or check out the reaction to a certain brotherly clash, learn about the origin of Daenerys' dragons and find out what kind of Mother's Day Cersei Lannister had.The blockbuster hit show has offered up a short final season -- just six episodes -- but some of them have been long.Episode 5 and the upcoming episode 6 are each an hour and 20 minutes.Game of Thrones' final episode airs May 19 on HBO.
Last week, Mojang and Microsoft started teasing something very interesting ahead of Minecraft‘s 10th anniversary: an AR game.Today, the first public release of Minecraft turns 10 years old, and the two companies are celebrating by ever-so-slightly pulling the veil back on that AR game, which is called Minecraft Earth.Making the jump to AR worked wonders for Pokemon, so can it work for Minecraft too?At this point, it’s probably too early to call.Mojang’s reveal of Minecraft Earth doesn’t delve into many specifics, and indeed, the trailer that you see below doesn’t show off much gameplay.It seems we’ll need to wait longer for the game to be fully detailed, but there are some important morsels of information that Mojang did share today.
One of the most popular games in existence is getting the Pokémon Go treatment.Microsoft has announced a new AR mobile game called Minecraft Earth, slated to arrive on Android and iOS this summer.Well, not so fast — the closed beta version will be available on both mobile platforms this summer, but Microsoft is remaining quiet on full release details.As with other closed beta programs, there will be limited spots available.You also have to be 18 or over to join.The reveal trailer attached above is more of a promotional trailer, so we haven’t seen any actual gameplay yet.
The 'Global Semi-trailer Market Outlook 2019-2024' offers detailed coverage of semi-trailer industry and presents main market trends.The market research gives historical and forecast market size, demand, end-use details, price trends, and company shares of the leading semi-trailer producers to provide exhaustive coverage of the market for semi-trailer.The report segments the market and forecasts its size, by volume and value, on the basis of application, by products, and by geography.The report has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from key industry participants.The global semi-trailer market has been segmented into five major regions, namely, North America (U.S., Canada, and others), Europe (U.K., France, Germany, Russia, and others), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Australia, and others), South America (Brazil, Argentina, and others), and Middle East & Africa (South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and others).Furthermore, the report also includes an in-depth competitive analysis of the key vendors operating in this market.Request For Report Sample: https://www.trendsmarketresearch.com/report/sample/3756Key Regions- North America- Europe- Asia Pacific- Middle East & Africa- South AmericaRequest For Table of Contents: https://www.trendsmarketresearch.com/report/toc/GCC/semi-trailer-marketKey Vendors- Anhui Kaile Special Vehicles Company Limited- Ashok Leyland Ltd- Avtopritsep-KAMAZ OAO- Beijing Jingtuo Weiye Trailer Co., Ltd.- Bernard Krone Holding GmbH- CIMC/China International Marine Containers- Facchini S.A.- Great Dane Trailers, Inc.- Hebei Hongtai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.- Hebei Lutong Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.- request free sample to get a complete list of companiesReport Description: https://www.trendsmarketresearch.com/report/analysis/GCC/semi-trailer-marketKey Questions Answered in This Report- Analysis of the semi-trailer market including revenues, future growth, market outlook- Historical data and forecast- Regional analysis including growth estimates- Analyzes the end user markets including growth estimates.- Profiles on semi-trailer vendors including products, sales/revenues, SWOT, and market position, recent developments.- Market structure, market drivers and restraints.View More: https://www.trendsmarketresearch.com/reports/category/Automotive-and-TransportationAbout Us:Trends Market Research is one of the leading digital services provider and a result-oriented company based in U.K.. We are a team of enthusiastic-driven individuals with top notch skills in SEO , Market research.Trends Market Research is a one stop shop to all your business needs.
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a report on Thursday confirming Autopilot was engaged during a recent, fatal crash involving a Tesla Model 3.This isn't the first documented crash that involved active use of Autopilot, and while it's easy to point fingers at the system or at Tesla, these incidents are much more complicated.The NTSB's report states that 10 seconds before the Tesla Model 3 collided with a semi-trailer in this most recent March incident in Florida, the driver engaged Autopilot.Two seconds after that, the system registered that the driver's hands weren't on the wheel and they didn't register as being back on the wheel before the crash.Now, at first glance, it's easy to blame the driver because the vehicle's data tells us that his hands weren't where they should have been.But if you've driven a car with a system like Autopilot, those systems rely on the driver applying torque to the wheel to register that the driver is doing their part.
A Tesla Model 3 sedan that crashed into a truck on a Florida highway in March, killing its driver, had its Autopilot semi-autonomous feature engaged, according to a new report from the National Transportation Safety Board.The truck pulled out of a private driveway on the right side of the road, heading across the highway and intending to turn left, going north.The truck slowed as it crossed the southbound lanes, the report says, “blocking the Tesla’s path.”The Model 3’s Autopilot system had been turned on about 10 seconds before the crash, and the car didn’t detect the driver’s hands on the steering wheel for the eight seconds immediately preceding the impact, the NTSB report says, which a Tesla spokesperson confirms.The car struck the trailer at 68 mph (the speed limit is 55 mph) without making any evasive maneuvers.The report does not say how far away the Tesla was when the truck pulled onto the road, nor does it note any weather conditions that would have affected the car’s braking capability, so it’s unclear if a driver not using Autopilot would have been able to stop safely.
After the trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, it was like a million voices cried out in laughter, then were suddenly placated.We reached out for clarification from Paramount about whether this was happening or how long it was expected it to take, and the studio declined to comment.Everyone at Paramount & Sega are fully committed to making this character the BEST he can be... sonicmovie gottafixfast Of course, that announcement came with even more backlash – how could the visual effects team be forced into “crunch mode” to quickly change a character they’d already spent months crafting and perfecting in the lead up to the movie’s November 18 release?Given the recent backlash against video game studios like Rockstar for fostering a culture of crunch, this seemed like a bad solution to a bad problem.Ilion Animation Studio character supervisor Juan-Luis Sanchez (Paddington), who spoke out on Twitter about Fowler’s decision, told Gizmodo he was surprised when he heard that the fan backlash was leading to what could be a partial or complete character redesign.
In said trailer, we see a Gotham where Batman himself is absent.Rose, as Kate Kane, finds her way into the Batcave and laments that no one is afraid anymore.Looking at the Batsuit another character tells her: "The suit is literal perfection,""It will be when it fits a woman," Rose says.The CW has described the character as "an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city's criminal resurgence."Originally published May 16, 8:53 a.m. PT
King’s Landing is ashes, and the Mad Queen has emerged victorious, but there’s still one episode remaining in the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.The fires are still burning in both the hit show and in fans’ debate over the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, and the network has now released a pair of photos and a preview of what’s to come when one of the most popular series of all time concludes its eight-season run.Titled The Bells, the most recent episode saw Daenerys Targaryen’s army — but mostly just her dragon — win the battle for the Iron Throne, but at what cost?After deciding to rain fiery death on a city full of innocent civilians despite the city’s surrender, the newly christened “Mad Queen” now looks poised to take the Iron Throne for herself, concluding a narrative that saw her rise to power, only to become a villain greater than the one she deposed.The first photo released by HBO shows her overlooking the ash-covered remnants of the city, while the second photo puts Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) front and center.The trailer takes a brief look at the aftermath of Daenerys’ rage and features a brief shot of Arya Stark, one of the characters who saw firsthand the terrifying toll it took on the city’s most vulnerable inhabitants.
Welcome to today's edition of The Monitor, WIRED's look at all the news in the world of pop culture.Well the Upfronts are still going on, so there's a lot of talk about new TV shows—and the fates of some previous ones.Also, Hannah Gadsby is doing a terrible job of quitting comedy and Miley Cyrus is in the new Black Mirror trailer.Hannah Gadsby Is Getting Another Netflix SpecialFollowing her breakout role as Someone Who Totally Upends Comedy with her special Nanette, Hannah Gadsby is coming back to Netflix with a new special.Fox Has a New Show About an Evil Alexa
Agents of SHIELD's sixth season will premiere in the UK on E4 on May 26, at 9pm, reports GeekTown.The first trailer for the newest season of the show dropped in January and you can refresh your memory by watching it below.Season 5 revolved around the MCU's Infinity War and sees the team struggling to deal with the loss of Coulson.It saw them dropped into a grim future that they desperately wanted to avoid, and by the end of it, they had multiple time lines and alien threats on their hands.Agents of SHIELD has already been renewed for a seventh season, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that whatever happens during this coming season, you'll be guaranteed to get any loose ends tied up next year.Ghost Rider, who reared his flaming head in season 4, will be getting his own show, and while we'll see Gabriel Luna reprise the role, it'll be new iteration of the character, unrelated to his appearance in Agents of SHIELD.
Tesla’s advanced driver assist system, Autopilot, was active when a Model 3 driven by a 50-year-old Florida man crashed into the side of a tractor trailer truck on March 1st, the National Transportation Safety Board states in a report released on Thursday.Investigators reviewed video and preliminary data and found that neither the driver nor Autopilot executed evasive maneuvers before striking the truck.NTSB issued preliminary report Thursday for its ongoing investigation of the fatal, March 1, 2019, highway crash near Delray Beach, Florida.The preliminary report is available at; https://t.co/KsUmeOFh2p— NTSB_Newsroom (@NTSB_Newsroom) May 16, 2019The driver, Jeremy Beren Banner, was killed in the crash.