Transport for London, the body which oversees the capital's bus network has today announced that 23 routes are going to face some major changes - because of the Elizabeth Line.The thinking is - quite sensibly - that with a massive new railway line going underneath London, it will change the way in which people travel, and the routes that people take.For example, the Number 3 bus is set to be diverted so that it no longer travels up Regent's Street, but instead goes to Russell Square via Charring Cross Road.While to non-Londoners, faffing about with the bus routes may seem trivial, the changes are significant because some London bus routes have been running for decades.The 3, for example, has been running on roughly the same route from Crystal Palace to Central London for around 80 years.A big part of the plan is to reduce the number of buses that travel along Oxford Street, and this makes a lot of sense: The road is already hugely congested and slow moving, and the street is notorious for exceeding pollution limits.
If you think GCHQ are the only ones that can view your browsing history you might want to think again.The newly enforced Investigatory Powers Bill gives 48 government agencies access to your internet connection records; a log of which internet services you ve accessed.These include which websites you ve visited and even when you ve used instant messaging apps.Thomas Trutschel via Getty ImagesNow that the Snoopers Charter has come into force the bill is being examined with a fine toothpick to find out just what it means for us and our personal information.In case you re wondering just what these organisations are then you can send your thanks to Chris Yiu, a blogger who has combed through the bill and discovered which government agencies will have access to this information.
The big battle between railway franchise Southern and the RMT Union that represents some of its staff is still besieging the expensive bit of the country with rail strikes, but help might be at hand.Brighton and Hove Albion wants to broker peace talks so men can get to the football a bit easier when the trains go back on again.Brighton and Hove Albion has asked both sides to attend talks at the team's Amex stadium over a pie and a beverage in a plastic cup, and the RMT has agreed.Southern says it's not coming, though, as it's already met the union countless times and the problems aren't arising from the settings of the meetings, and that further meetings are "pointless" unless the RMT yields in its position.The invitation came in a letter the club's executive director Martin Perry wrote to the transport minister, in which he said: "Rail passengers have suffered enough.They are at risk as a result of this dispute and your urgent intervention is required.
The International Energy Agency has just predicted a second natural gas revolution based on a boom in liquefied natural gas.Its annual World Energy Outlook forecast that gas demand would rise almost 50% by 2040, but long distance LNG trade would more than double.The analysis recognises that gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, and LNG its most flexible form, but misses another important quality: LNG is extremely cold.If this were properly exploited, the IEA s predicted LNG revolution could also provide a massive boost to the emerging cold economy .LNG is natural gas that has been refrigerated to -162 C - consuming large amounts of energy - to make it compact enough to transport by tanker.At the same time, current cooling technologies are energy intensive and highly polluting, already causing around 10% of global CO2 emissions, 3x that attributed to aviation and shipping combined.
Dronecode is a set of guidelines, which outline the procedures to fly drones safely and within the law in the UKTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.The Civil Aviation Authority CAA have launched a dedicated website, which contains a revised and updated version of Dronecode to help people fly drones safely and responsibly, in partnership with UK air traffic control body NATS.Dronecode is a set of guidelines, which outline the procedures of drone flying within the law in the UK.The rules, posted on the new website, are based on the suggestions from leading aviation players, drone retailers and manufacturers and the Department of Transport.
A UK auto company thinks it might have the answer to eco-friendly, affordable transit vehicles.Charge have designed an electric truck which can be built in just four hours and produces zero emissions in the first 100 miles of its journey, with a total range of 500 miles using a dual-power mode.The trucks – which go on sale next year – are made using ultra-lightweight materials to significantly reduce the vehicles weight, and this partnered with custom built hardware means the cost of operating the trucks is reduced by 50%.The company believe it is this reduced cost which means the trucks will be successful, in a market driven by price .We find trucks today totally unacceptable, said Charge chief executive Denis Sverdlov at a London technology conference.At Charge we are making trucks the way they should be – affordable, elegant, quiet, clean and safe.
Electric vehicle maker Faraday Future may not be able to make its first cars in time to hits its 2017 shipping deadlines, according to a new report by the Financial Times on Thursday.It s hard to ship a car when your factory itself isn t finished, is the main issue – FF s Nevada-based manufacturing facility broke ground in April, but construction has since been paused because, according to state treasurer Dan Schwartz speaking to the FT, it hasn t paid bills owed by the company to its construction partner.The delay is temporary, according to comments made by general contractor Aecom, which is working with Faraday on the project, and construction will resume sometime in early 2017.That s going to push out the completion date considerably, and will make it quite difficult for FF to make its previously stated production timeline.FT also spoke to an anonymous former employee who said deliveries to customers within the 2017 timeframe were not possible.Part of the issue may be that primary financial backer LeEco has publicly acknowledged difficulties related to available cash, and the large investment its made in building cars, both itself and via partners like Faraday Future, was cited as one cause.
A grand total of 67 Night Tube crimes have been reported to British Transport Police since the service launched on August 19th, equating to less than one reported crime every 22,000 journeys.It s a far cry from what many of us expected ahead of the launch of the booze express.Internal documents obtained in January showed that TfL feared that sex attacks, theft and rowdiness could become major issues.Users have either been behaving themselves, or victims have been far too drunk to notice their coats/bags/kebabs being nicked.TfL are investing £3.4 million in new police officers dedicated to the Night Tube, a spokesman for Mayor Sadiq Khan told the Standard.The service allows more people to enjoy London s ahem, ahem iconic night life, and also allowing thousands of night-time workers to get back home safely and easily at night.
A grand total of 67 Night Tube crimes have been reported to British Transport Police since the service launched on August 19th, equating to less than one reported crime every 22,000 journeys.It s a far cry from what many of us expected ahead of the launch of the booze express.Internal documents obtained in January showed that TfL feared that sex attacks, theft and rowdiness could become major issues.Users have either been behaving themselves, or victims have been far too drunk to notice their coats/bags/kebabs being nicked.TfL are investing £3.4 million in new police officers dedicated to the Night Tube, a spokesman for Mayor Sadiq Khan told the Standard.The service allows more people to enjoy London s ahem, ahem iconic night life, and also allowing thousands of night-time workers to get back home safely and easily at night.
To some extent, the new law merely legalises the current custom and practice as revealed by Edward Snowden.These include the British Transport Police, the Department of Health, the Food Standards Agency, the Gambling Commission, and the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust.You can avoid this by using one or more anonymous proxy servers between your PC and your eventual destination.For example, British people travelling or living aboard use UK-based proxy servers to watch TV programmes on BBC iPlayer, while people outside the US use American proxies to access Netflix and other services.If they encrypt all the traffic between computers in their British, American and other offices, they can send their traffic securely over the internet without paying for expensive leased lines.VPN service providers offer the same facilities to ordinary users for a small monthly fee.
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Uber plans to expand its UberCommute service across India, but the path it is hoping to travel is likely more complicated than it is anticipating.Early this year, Uber quietly began testing UberCommute in New Delhi and Bengaluru cities in India.The program allows anyone with a car to join its platform and share ride with fellow commuters for a fee.Shortly after its launch, the Karnataka government accused Uber of violating transport department rules by facilitating unregulated use of private vehicles for commercial usage.The company has been tight lipped on UberCommute's performance so far, but it is now eyeing a nation-wide expansion of UberCommute.Uber's India policy head, Shweta Rajpal Kohli, says the company is "keen to support the government in every way possible and help use carpooling and ride-sharing as solutions to address the rising pollution and congestion in the city."
A judge on Wednesday granted a temporary injunction requiring striking cargo airline pilots to return to work after their action delayed customer deliveries to Inc. and other shippers.Pilots at a unit of Air Transport Services Group Inc. struck Tuesday morning over longstanding contract grievances.In a complaint filed in federal court Tuesday, ABX Air Inc., a subsidiary of ATSG, said Christmas shopping and deliveries have already been disrupted and could worsen if the industrial action continues.A lawyer representing ABX said the Ohio judge had granted a temporary restraining order late Wednesday requiring the pilots to return to work.In a statement later Wednesday, Air Transport Services said it expects ABX Air flight operations to resume immediately.ABX Air President John Starkovich said in the statement that he expects the dispute that led to the walkout—the pilots claimed that short staffing had left crew members working without adequate time off—would be worked out in negotiations and through arbitration.
Government commits investment to tech R, broadband and 5GThe government has pledged £1 billion of funding to build out the UK s digital infrastructure, with a particular focus on 5G and full-fibre broadband.Some £400 million of the funding will be focussed on delivering fibre broadband cabling to the premises of homes and businesses rather than an exchange cabinet.From April 2017, the government will also provide a new 100 percent business rates relief for new full-fibre infrastructure for a five-year period.While the lion s share of the Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund will be used to fuel trials of the much vaunted 5G mobile broadband.Alongside funding productivity boosts, transport and housing, the fund will look to bolster digital communications and research and development which will almost undoubtedly cover tech aspects.
If you re heading to a potluck dinner or on making your way to a big family meal, this spill-free transport technique will keep your hot dish nice and warm.You can have somebody hold your dish, or set it on your seat, but when it gets dropped all over the floor of your car all that hard work you put into goes right out the window.That s why Sheela Prakash at The Kitchn suggests a better transport alternative.Get an empty cardboard box, line with thick bath towels, then rest your dish inside.The food will keep warm sitting all snug in the towels, and it will be almost impossible to spill anything on the interior of your ride.If there are any spills, they ll be safely contained in the box.
the Finnish transport safety agency in the united states will soon publish guidelines for how manufacturers can bring out a förarläge to prevent distracting use.the mobile usage today lies behind many car accidents, when people do much more than just talk on the phone.In the Uk recently sentenced a truck driver to many years in prison for extreme reckless driving and involuntary manslaughter when he plowed into a stationary passenger car, after having scrolled through his playlist in the phone and not paid attention to the traffic in front of stood still.this is something trafiksäkerhetsmyndigheter around the world to contend with, and the american authority to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will today publish new guidelines that ask mobile manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple to develop a förarläge , writes the New York Times.Förarläget shall be equal to the airplane mode but instead limit the use so that the drive can not be tempted to read messages, check Facebook or browse music.The major mobile manufacturers have already efforts to make it easier and safer to use your cell phone in the car: Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
EE has called on rival mobile networks and the industry's regulator Ofcom to provide "greater clarity" about signal coverage.Most operators cite population-based figures but do not state how much of the UK landmass they cover.EE said that from January, it would clearly cite only its geographic coverage on its website and adverts.Most of the UK's mobile operators boast coverage figures of up to 98% - but these numbers are population-based.Coverage is usually good in major towns and cities, where a large number of people live, but the percentage does not reflect how much of the country as a whole gets a signal."Our view is that the industry needs to be clearer on coverage, and geographic is the most important metric," EE's chief executive Marc Allera told the BBC.
Bethesda fans are extremely passionate about the Fallout series, with cosplay helping them to share their love for the apocalypse with the world.What the cosplaying super-fans don t yet have, however, is this custom-made laser rifle, complete with rotating parts and sounds that transport you right into the middle of Diamond City.Built by Chris Wolfe of Combustible Props, the laser rifle s barrel spins at a ludicrously high speed, while an LED light at the very front of the weapon flashes quickly in unison.Using a soundboard, Wolfe was able to include realistic audio, as well.When fired in single-shot, semi-automatic fashion instead of the rapid-fire mode seen throughout most of the video, the shots appear to ring out a bit more.More: Fallout and potentially other Bethesda games are coming to Zen Pinball
Karl-Johan Persson has pumped money into the Fidesmo-the investor 41:an invest.the Fidesmo was founded in march 2013 by three engineers with a background at Ericsson.the Company has developed a solution that makes it possible to merge the functions of different plastic cards in a community other words, can Fidesmo make it possible to use the same card to travel with public transport to go into the gym.the Technology relies on an app in my phone and a card that communicates with the card reader and the mobile through the near field of the NFC .Last year, the Dagens Industri report to 41an Invest NTL , where, among other things, H's ceo Karl-Johan Persson, has invested sek 4 million in the company.
Connectivity collaborators Macom and Applied Micro Circuits have decided to tie the knot, with Macom laying out US$770 million in cash and shares to seal the deal.In September, the two companies got together with BrPhotonics to show off a 100 Gbps pulse amplitude modulation PAM4 module running on a single wavelength.Macom reckons technologies like that, along with APM's other networking kit Ethernet and optical transport , fit well enough to justify the acquisition; another chunk of APM that makes ARM-based server processors, will be sold off.The compute business pulls in $165 million of revenue compared to $99 million for the networking products, and that leaves the company confident it could put the sale through within 180 days.In particular the PAM4 products fit well with Macom's photonics products to create data-centre-targeted products that reach from the switch to the fibre.Macom will now be able to provide all the requisite semiconductor content for optical networks -- analog, photonic and PHY -- from the switch to fiber for long haul, metro, access, backhaul and Data Center.