to analyze road conditions and warn of hazardous events, has finally arrived on Android.Founded out of Israel, Nexar launched initially for iPhone users in February this year.The feature-rich app goes beyond the myriad alternative dashcam recording apps out there and is striving to create a network of crowdsourced data garnered from millions of smartphones glued to windshields around the world.The app uses machine learning and computer vision technology to interpret the direction, speed, and acceleration of every car it sees on the roads, as it looks to understand and predict potential mishaps.Not only does Nexar record road conditions such as accident blackspots, it can also track specific dangerous drivers by remembering their license plate and ranking them — you may receive warnings on your phone if the driver that has just pulled out in front of you has a track record of braking too hard.The app records everything and saves it to Nexar s servers, while automatically deleting the video from your phone if it s consuming too much of the available storage space.Nexar s aspirations follow what Waze has been doing in the navigation space, and the more data Nexar collects the smarter it should become.In fact, earlier this year, Nexar became one of the first companies to tap Waze s transport SDK, bringing the Google-owned company s crowdsourced navigation data directly into its dashcam app.And making Nexar available on Android should go some way toward helping it collect significantly more data.
Companies are getting in on this new marketing avenue and are already reaping its benefits.Zipcar has started offering free rides to players of the hit augmented reality game, Pokémon Go, which has already made record numbers in terms of users and is expected to make Apple three billion dollars in the next one to two years.Coincidence?As more and more youth and adults are gravitating toward technology it was just a matter of time before such a feature which was usually only seen as "futuristic technology" could actually be used as an everyday, relatable technology.If you are looking to advertise with or utilize virtual or augmented reality in your business, there are a couple of things to know:Related Article: HR Technology is Changing Fast: 5 Things You Should KnowThe Profitability of Virtual and Augmented RealityBoth Virtual and Augmented Reality are considered similar but they both have their own qualities.Augmented Reality is able to literally get potential consumers into physical buildings, which is why it is a valuable marketing strategy.This is a great resource for physical brick-and-mortar stores.The difference with Virtual Reality is that a store can come to you.An example would be, when placing an order, customers can be transported in the privacy of their own homes to an actual store where they can actually see what they want to purchase and also be able to view more options which gives greater convenience.How You Can Use Virtual and Augmented Reality Communication: Meetings can become a more real experience even when long distance.The ability for interactive communication can be made even more precedence than other ways which are available.Collaboration: Being able to transport virtually to a given location will give users the ability to work together and also allow the ability to cooperate together.Visualization: Prototyping a product or space to where you can see it live before its actual creation will give users the ability to save time and resources especially if changes will be needing to take place.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn vows to democratise the internet with funding, better public services, open source software and broadband accessJeremy Corbyn has pledged to deliver superfast broadband and mobile coverage to every home and business in the UK as part of a digital manifesto that also includes support for open source software.The Labour leader described a universal service network that would provide the connectivity, alongside online resources for education, a digital bill of rights and a digital passport that would be used as a secure online identity for public services.Public funding would be made available to make the cost of connecting citizens with services such as transport, accommodation, culture and catering and any Labour government would require all software and hardware paid for by public money to be made open source.The Bulgarian government recently made such a suggestion a legal requirement.Corbyn was quoted as saying the measures would democratise the Internet for Brits.
Next time you go to move house or buy a new home, as well as thinking about its price, its location, and its transport links, you may well find yourself asking about its operating system too.The market for smart home technology may be relatively modest today, but researchers are predicting a growth rate of around 15 percent over the coming years: analysts Markets and Markets expect the smart home tech market to be worth $121.7bn by 2022.For one, there are no customer acquisition costs, and putting HomeKit appliances directly into new homes overcomes the two elements that can put people off smart home tech: cost, as the price of the kit is built into the price of the home, and complexity, as the HomeKit devices are ready to go when they move in.Both homebuilders initially heard about Apple's interest in having new HomeKit properties through their existing suppliers, such as lock-maker Schlag.How many software updates does it take to change a light bulb?What happens when a blast furnace gets hacked?
Publisher Microsoft Studios revealed the PC specs required to run the latest entry in the Forza series, but first let s talk about the Warthog in the room.Yep, the Master Chief s signature ride is hitting the track in Forza Horizon 3, or rather a specially customized civilian variant tuned for off-road racing.According to Microsoft Studios, the 2254 AMG Transport Dynamics M12S Warthog CST boasts a twin turbo V8 and more than 70 cm of suspension travel and advanced damping for unrivaled power and stability as you race across the Australian outback.The Warthog will be available at launch for anyone who has played either Halo 5: Guardians or Halo: the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One.Download codes will be sent out, oddly enough, via an Xbox Live message starting the week of September 5.Players who haven t played either of the aforementioned Halo titles will have a chance to win a code for the Warthog during an upcoming Forzathon event in October.
Humans struggle with running an efficient train timetable on Earth: but a new space train could apparently get us to Mars in less than two days.An inventor from Montreal, Charles Bombardier, has designed the Solar Express train to shuttle passengers and products between planets in our solar system.The train would travel at roughly 1% the speed of light – 1864 miles per second – and allow people to travel from earth to the red planet in just 48 hours.As well as ferrying minerals and goods between space stations.The concept, which is still in its infancy, tries to eliminate the problem of how expensive it is to accelerate and decelerate a vehicle in space.Currently, the idea of running a train service between planets would just be too costly because of the frequent stops involved.
Going green and being eco-friendly, they are two things that don t typically go hand-in-hand with the world s big cities... or do they?With its target of being entirely free of fossil fuels by 2050, it seems that the city is well on its way to reaching its admirable aim.Geothermal energy already powers all of the buildings in the city and only around 0.1% of Iceland s electricity is actually generated by fossil fuels.Based on the many successes that Reykjavik has already made, the city is standing miles ahead of every other metropolis thanks to the fact that it is the only one in the world that has developed a district wide heating and electrical system that runs nearly entirely on renewable energy.Despite the fact that nearly 2 million people now live within the confines of the city, the government has worked hard to expand the amount of green space per resident, it has created an effective public transport system that is used on a regular basis by around 72% of the population and more than 1.5 million trees have been recently planted.Not only this but the city also recycles over 50% of its paper, metal, glass and plastic and the one initiative that the city is probably most famous for is its programme in which residents can exchange their rubbish for bus tickets and/or vegetables, something that has proved immensely popular and beneficial amongst the poorest of the residents.
Susanna Baltscheffsky, New Technology editor-in-chief.the New Technology's editor-in-chief Susanna Baltscheffsky thanks for your time.In nearly four years, I have written the leaders in the New Technology.It has been fantastic to be editor-in-chief for the journal in Sweden which has the widest coverage of the technology's front lines.Especially now, in a time when advances in technology are changing life so quickly.I'm thinking directly on the digital impact on our daily lives and on the economy, but the pace of innovation is high on a broad front: renewable energy solutions, smart grids, new super material like graphene, new engine solutions for more energy-efficient transport, computers self-learning, machines that communicate with each other, robots, space travel towards new goals.
The National Audit Office NAO has revealed that it still needs to work out whether or not the £4 billion super sewer that s set to be built beneath London won t actually, you know, flood the Underground transport network with shit and screw with the foundations of Elizabeth Tower.We've only just got the Night Tube, too.Construction on the 15-mile tunnel is due to begin in a matter of months, and the NAO says its findings will be ready to publish in autumn.The government, meanwhile, wants to get the wheels in motion as soon as possible, as it needs to prove that Brexit hasn t fucked the UK up.There are also concerns about the funding model behind project poo, which the NAO has described as unusual .Construction money is being raised through higher water bills, and any cost overruns will fall on taxpayers' heads.
The National Audit Office NAO has revealed that it still needs to work out whether or not the £4 billion super sewer that s set to be built beneath London won t actually, you know, flood the Underground transport network with shit and screw with the foundations of Elizabeth Tower.We've only just got the Night Tube, too.Construction on the 15-mile tunnel is due to begin in a matter of months, and the NAO says its findings will be ready to publish in autumn.The government, meanwhile, wants to get the wheels in motion as soon as possible, as it needs to prove that Brexit hasn t fucked the UK up.There are also concerns about the funding model behind project poo, which the NAO has described as unusual .Construction money is being raised through higher water bills, and any cost overruns will fall on taxpayers' heads.
Show me the way to go OhmThe ampere, a perpetual embarrassment to the world of scientific standardisation, is due to get a measurable physical standard in 2018, and America's National Institute for Standards and Technology NIST hopes to help provide its definition.Most SI base units have a clear physical definition – the metre is defined by the distance light travels in a given time, the second is based on oscillations of caesium-133, the mole is based on counting carbon-12, and so on.But the amp is System of Units Base units problematic: it's he constant current which, if maintained in two straight parallel conductors of infinite length, of negligible circular cross-section, and placed 1 m apart in vacuum, would produce between these conductors a force equal to 2 10 7 newtons per metre of length.So that the ampere is no longer based on hypothetical infinite conductors, the new definition will count the electrons passing a point – and that's difficult.NIST's latest contribution to the development of a real ampere is to try and improve a device called a single electron transport pump SET pump : just enough energy is applied to a source to make one electron jump a high-resistance junction barrier, to land on a quantum dot.
Having produced quality memory modules since the 80s, today Kingston offers an extensive line of flash media products including enterprise and consumer grade SSDs.Kingston is now ready to take their next step into gaming peripherals with the HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical keyboard.Late last year we looked at over a dozen of the best affordable options and since then dozens more have appeared on the market.Kingston has opted for a compact minimalistic design that the company says is ideal for first person shooters.The thinking being that the space-saving layout maximizes desktop space for the mouse to run wild.However, this isn't a tenkeyless board, so there are certainly more compact mechanical options out there if that's what you want.
Two more lines will join the fun in the fall.Fewer paying riders means spending more public money to subsidize each person s trip.In practice, though, a four-hour nightly shutdown can get eaten up by logistics, leaving workers with much less time for actual work.New York, which runs subways 24 hours periodically shuts down sections of track for intensive repairs.One of the things that affects people s decisions to use transit is the amount of time they have to wait at a stop, even more than an in-vehicle time, says Brian Taylor, director of UCLA s Institute of Transportation Studies.Forget Elon s Batteries—Fix the Grid With a Rock-Filled Train on a Hill
Researchers with France's INRIA are warning that 64-bit ciphers – which endure in TLS configurations and OpenVPN – need to go for the walk behind the shed.The research institute's Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Gaëtan Leurent have demonstrated that a man-in-the-middle on a long-lived encrypted session can gather enough data for a birthday attack on Blowfish and triple DES encryption.They dubbed the attack Sweet32 .Sophos' Paul Ducklin has a handy explanation of why it matters here.The trick to Sweet32, the Duck writes, is the attackers worked out that with a big enough traffic sample, any repeated crypto block gives them a start towards breaking the encryption – and collisions are manageably common with a 64-bit block cipher like Blowfish or Triple-DES.They call it a birthday attack because it works on a similar principle to what's known as the birthday paradox – the counter-intuitive statistic that with 23 random people in a room, there's a 50 per cent chance that two of them will share a birthday.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates AP -- Ride-hailing service Uber and competitor Careem have unexpectedly suspended services in the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi.San Francisco-based Uber said Sunday the move was temporary and that its "goal is to resume operations as soon as possible."It declined to say what prompted the suspension.The state-backed daily The National reported that rival car service Careem also halted services in the capital starting Saturday afternoon.In a statement to The Associated Press, Careem said the suspension came after some of its cars were stopped by authorities."Until we have further clarification on the situation, Careem has decided to temporarily limit services in Abu Dhabi to avoid any inconvenience this may cause," the company said.It did not elaborate.Officials at the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport could not be reached for comment.The companies' operations in the Emirates' largest city of Dubai, which has a different transport regulator, were unaffected by the suspension.
That's the shortest bus tour available in Denali National Park.But there's no better way to immerse yourself in this great landscape's natural beauty.There's only one road that runs through Denali, and it winds its way along hillsides, the majority of which are closed to public vehicles.The rest of them can be seen only on these bus tours, making them one of the most popular attractions for visitors.The longest tour lasts up to 14 hours and takes visitors to the farthest reaches of the park.Every season, eager sightseers board the buses hoping to catch a glimpse of Denali's peak through the clouds.And to ensure that visitors continue to enjoy this magnificent place, it s important that greenhouse-gas emissions are limited.Fortunately, Aramark saw an opportunity that would improve the visitor experience while lessening the environmental impact — powering the buses with propane.At Denali National Park, where the air is cleaner and glaciers create streams that trickle through the valley, propane has potentially game-changing implications.It's an alternative fuel with benefits for both Aramark's partners at the park and the half-million people who visit each year.Propane is cleaner than traditional diesel fuel and helps reduce carbon-dioxide emissions.And in an age when greenhouse gases are higher than ever, it helps preserve the integrity of this 6 million-acre natural treasure.But what's truly unexpected is the difference it makes for visitors.And while environmental efforts typically come with a higher price tag, propane is the more cost-effective choice: It's cooled and stored at a lower pressure, making it more efficient to transport and store.The liquid propane injection system is much quieter, ensuring the wildlife isn't as disrupted by the buses, so visitors might be more likely to cross paths with one of the many graceful creatures that call this place home.
If you travel with a lot of expensive camera, video, or music gear, there s a good chance you stuff it all in a Pelican case to ensure it arrives unscathed.The company is known for its nearly indestructible cases, and now that it s made a cooler, you ll never have to worry about something happening to your drinks.Outfitted with locking latches that will foil everything from a raccoon to a bear, the Pelican Elite cooler also features freezer-grade seals and extra-thick insulation to keep everything inside chilled for as long as possible.Drop it off a cliff and the cooler will not only survive, but your beers will still be cold by the time you climb down to rescue it.Available in two capacities—30 quarts for $275 and 70 quarts for $400—the Elite also comes in four different color combos, includes a drainage spigot, cup holders on the lid, and a bottle opener tucked under its rim.And there s no reason you can t also use it to transport expensive gadgets when filled with enough bubble wrap to stop your toys from bouncing around.
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This GIF shows the heartbeat of the London Underground, pulsing as passengers make their way around the city over the course of a typical weekday.UCL researcher Oliver O Brien took data published by Transport for London TfL to create this stunning visualisation of the city s underground railways.TfL recorded the exact number of people exiting and entering tube stations every 15 minutes to build a map of the daily journeys of the city s millions of commuters.As you d expect, the Tube lines pulse from 8:15 - 8:30 and 17:00 - 17:15 as people working in the capital begin their journey to and from work.Nearly five million journeys were tracked in a single day to create the data visualisation, but users can also select individual Tube stations to see how passenger traffic varies from place to place.Leicester Square, for example, only reaches its passenger peak from 22:15 - 22:30 as theatregoers make their way home after evening performances.
Click on the yellow arrow for larger graphics Graphics: Jonas AskergrenAfter two months of repairs has Södertäljebron opened again.the Swedish transport administration and the motorists can breathe a sigh of relief.this Summer's big traffic event, lastbilsolyckan on Södertäljebron, led to the shutdown for eight weeks and long queues.– The first few days, I sat the whole time on the phone and got reply on your email.I really wanted to be on the spot and check how it looked at the bridge, " he says.