I was sexually abused as a child … and have dealt with the consequences of that my entire life.Imagine going through life with an ever-present shadow hanging over you, worrying if you too might be like the people who destroyed your childhood and life.It has infected almost every significant tech event around the world, said a 2010 article in Wired.An omniscient moderator leads players through the two alternating phases of the game – day and night.When Davidoff was growing up, most Soviet games were inspired by the us v them dynamic of the cold war, but Davidoff wanted Mafia to serve as a metaphor for the darkest years of the communist regime, when anyone – your boss, your neighbour, your lover – could be an informant.Unlike the high-powered tech whizzes who play the parlour game, the people who play Epic Mafia tend to be high-school and college students looking for a good way to waste time.
Even today, it s great fun, testing your reflexes at a constant clip as you try to leap between rooftops, into tight office windows, and over fast-falling alien ships.I vividly recall playing it daily for weeks and weeks, frequently delaying my bedtime as one more game before shut-eye ended up being an hour or more of lost sleep.Due to a back-and-forth legal battle with a notorious trademark troll, the game was pulled from the App Store a couple times and even renamed on multiple occasions.See larger imageSurely one of the all-time great iPhone high-score chasers, Orbital $3 challenges you to keep shooting balls into a tight game board—and once each stops bouncing, it expands until it touches something else.And so it goes, as you carefully shoot more and more balls into the limited space while trying to clear the ones already there, all the while ensuring one doesn t bounce the wrong way and end up below the line.See larger imageOnce upon a time, Words With Friends free seemed like the biggest mobile multiplayer game in the world, as the asynchronous turn-based approach was perfect for on-the-go play and fans often juggled several games at once.
GIFDJ duo Mashd N Kutcher get it?are known pranksters, so it s no surprise that they always have fun playing around with their fans.Here s a good one in which they set the crowd up with the perfect beat drop—only to cut right into Vanessa Carlton s A Thousand Miles instead.What they do next—disappearing from the DJ booth and then letting the poppy love song go on and on—makes the stunt even funnier.Watching the crowd bounce, and then groan, and then wonder when they can pump their fists again is the best part.Here s some more of their antics, which include playing Smash Bros in the DJ booth and collaborating with the pizza guy:
Interestingly, this coincides with the years of Corydoras' patents.Having a front-facing camera that actually captures your images is also newer but has become a profitable market of its own, which probably explains Corydoras' sudden interest.It is, at least, somewhat consistent as it also sued Samsung last March for the very same reasons.The case is almost laughable if it didn't bring to mind the also somewhat laughable state of the patent system in the US.Companies sue each other left and right over patents, and some companies like Corydoras sue larger companies for some easy cash.VIA: Patently Apple
Your browser does not support HTML5 videoPlayPausePlayPauseMute0%00:00 / 00:00FullscreenSmallscreen GoPro footage reveals horrific reality of what it's like to fight for IsisIBTimes UKThe Islamic State Isis is promoting the hashtag alfurqan, named after its media arm, hoping to create hype about a yet to be released announcement.The hashtag actually ended up going viral on Twitter, but the reason for that was not due to interest in the matter, but due to Twitter users trolling the extremist group.Although the hashtag was used around 17,000 times in tweets between 21 May early morning to 22 May afternoon Raqqa time , it was discovered that of all those who used the hashtag, five Twitter users used it most, not in support but in opposition of Isis.All five users were found to have posted hundreds of tweets using the hashtag, while referring to the extremist group as "Daesh" – an alternative Arabic translation of the terror groups' title, which it allegedly detests.The five users also took to tweeting an endless list of the terror groups' failures, including posting videos of alleged air strikes that show Isis members being taken down, tweets about Isis losing the war in Iraq and other emerging reports about the numbers and strength of Isis being cut down.However, although the hashtag was hijacked by trolls, the unfortunate flipside was that its rise in use and ranking appeared to have provided supporters with enough cause for celebration, mistaken though it may be.
Total War: Warhammer ReviewPrice: £40Developer: Creative AssemblyPublisher: SegaPlatforms: PCThrowing off the shackles of history and boldly going where no Roman general has gone before, Total War: Warhammer somehow manages to reinvent the bloody wheel of human conflict.It's no easy feat, when you consider it's a series with so many dizzying high points.Napoleon never needed to fight off a giant troll, or a spider with goblins hanging off it.It's hard to overstate quite how much of an impact these beasts have on combat, because they can achieve truly remarkable things.TweetIt all plays out to make the battles feel more dynamic and interesting than anything that's come before it, perhaps more interesting than most RTS games I've ever played.Somehow the team at Creative Assembly have managed to build a game that's the real deal both for the Total War faithful and the Warhammer fans coming to the franchise for the first time.
Apple, your iPhones are making phone calls so we're suing you: that's the substance of the latest round of patent-trolling attempt against Cupertino.The patent accumulator in the case is Texas-based Corydoras Technologies its filing explains that it's a subsidiary of Japanese company Anubias Technologies .Its sueball covers every iPad back to 2, and iPhones newer than 4.All of the patents are some trivial variation on communication device , variously with the ability to make phone calls, video calls, send messages, take photographs and other characteristics that are fundamental to smart phones.The patents name Iwao Fujisaki as the inventor, have filing dates from 2006 to 2010, and priority dates in 2001.Proving yet again that if the law is an ass, patent law attracts Sir Mixalot fans.
But Texas-based Corydoras Technologies LLC has taken the practice of buying old, generic patents and then claiming infringements to new lows.Specifically, Corydoras has launched a lawsuit against the Cupertino company as 20 of its devices are capable of making phone calls, FaceTime calls, and/or FaceTime Audio calls using voice commands, according to Patently Apple.The company wants Apple to pay up because some of the main functions of the 20 named devices - including the iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above, and iPad mini and above - supposedly infringe on these patents.In addition to the voice/FaceTime calls, Corydoras says other Apple infringements include sending and receiving emails, front-facing cameras, displaying geographic locations, a microphone and speaker, specifically assigned ringtones, call-blocking, and the virtual assistant because Siri can perform voice-controlled dialing .The case is set to be heard by Judge Rodney Gilstrap, and will hopefully be dismissed quickly.It brought an almost identical lawsuit against Samsung in March using the same patents, only to have the case dismissed in April.
It has been sued left and right by different parties, ranging from your usual patent trolls to Apple, in its most high-profile patent court battle.Chinese OEM Huawei has filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the US, alleging that the Korean consumer electronics giant has used several of its patents, mostly relating to the use of 4G technology and software, in its smartphones without paying a license fee.In China, Samsung already fell out of the top 5 brands, behind Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo.Superstar Xiaomi, for example, has yet to officially bring even one of its smartphones to the US.Huawei's formal lawsuit could just be the opening salvo in that new wave.To its credit, Huawei's tone is less antagonistic than most patent lawsuits.
Previously, VirnetX was awarded $625 million in the case after it convinced the jury that Apple committed patent infringement.If the judge grants the injunction, Apple will be forced to either suspend iMessage and FaceTime or find a last-minute workaround to the patented technology.In asking for the injunction, VirnetX argued that although forcing a company to shut down two of its most popular services may seem excessive, it s necessary because the infringement has done irreparable harm to VirnetX.VirnetX has been labeled as a patent troll, or a lawyer-led company that merely exists to acquire phony patents to take bigger companies to court and get hefty settlements.Why this matters: Although injunctions during patent infringement cases are not uncommon, they have become less frequent since a 2006 Supreme Court decision in favor of eBay.Because VirnetX s previous multimillion-dollar win was overturned on appeal, the company may be using this injunction to prevent that from happening again—basically to scare Apple away from contesting the $625 million decision.
Apple "argued that VirnetX is improperly trying to secure an overly broad injunction so that it can be used to extract a massive licensing fee," Law360 reported.However, VirnetX's post-trial demands PDF are in the public record.The dispute stems from a jury ruling in February that favored VirnetX in respect to the four patents at issue.VirnetX, according to a court filing, wants those services blocked because of "lost sales and reputational harm caused by Apple's distribution of the infringing features."VirnetX has been saying for years that it has plans to market various products, but for the time being, its income comes from licensing patents.It has about a dozen employees and leases a small office in Zephyr Cove, Nevada for roughly $5,000 a month, according to a recent yearly financial statement.
The company just won a $626 million court battle over FaceTime and iMessage, but is now asking a federal judge to order that both of those services be shut down, according to a report from Law360.VirnetX made the request on Wednesday, also asking the judge to increase the damages by another $190 million — Apple, for its part, is asking for a retrial, saying that VirnetX s lawyers misrepresented evidence, and that the evidence presented at trial did not support any claims of infringement.This particular case stems from a ruling in February that Apple had infringed on four patents owned by VirnetX.Because of this, VirnetX wants those apps and services shut down due to lost sales and reputational harm caused by Apple s distribution of the infringing features.VirnetX as a company only has around a dozen employees, who work at a small office in Zephyr Cove, Nevada, according to recent financial statements.Hopefully you won t soon wake up to find iMessage wiped from your phone.
Technology giant Apple, already hit with a $625 million patent-infringement award, will have to shut down iMessage and FaceTime if the company that won the award succeeds in an additional court action.Apple in February was ordered to pay Nevada holding company VirnetX $625 million over infringement of four patents addressing secure communications.On Wednesday, VirnetX asked an East Texas federal district court to block Apple from operating its messaging and video-chat apps, and to add another $190 million to the award because Apple was a poster child for unreasonable litigation, according to Law 360.VirnetX has been referred to as a patent troll, a label describing a company existing solely to win patent-infringement awards and settlements without producing products.However, VirnetX claims Apple s patent infringement damaged business opportunities for VirnetX s video-chat and messaging apps, according to Law 360 s report.The suite of apps, called Gabriel, appears to be available by subscription on the company s website.East Texas district courts are notoriously friendly toward patent trolls, with almost half of U.S. patent-infringement lawsuits filed in the district, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.Apple told Fortune magazine in February it planned to appeal the $625 million verdict.The Cupertino firm in 2013 had complained to the Federal Trade Commission that it was the world s biggest target for patent-infringement suits, having been dragged into court 92 times in the previous three years.Photo: Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple headquarters in Cupertino Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group Tags: $625 million, Apple, FaceTime, imessage, lawsuit, patent infringement, patent troll, Patents, VirnetX
Characters like Mercy don't need to kill to be effective in Overwatch.Many of the development staff on Overwatch were transplants from Project Titan, Blizzard s ambitious but ultimately canceled MMO that would have let players choose between combat and pacifist roles.That concept was rolled in to Overwatch—so, in some sense, the game s been in development for almost a decade.In the clip, the hoodie-cloaked cynical child jeers at his younger brother, pointing out that Overwatch has disbanded.In a recent post to the Overwatch subreddit, a player with cerebral palsy describes how they were able to play as a sniper for the first time thanks to the game s extensive control customization options.More than anything else, playing Overwatch is about sharing an experience and working together, no matter who you re with, Kaplan says.
Luisa BrentonAnyone trying to get a startup going and growing knows having a strong social media presence is crucial.Yet it seems some businesses get great results from their social media efforts while others are largely ignored.The best content for LinkedIn tends to be longer and focussed on business related topics.Twitter, on the other hand, is more about trending topics, communicating thoughts and opinions in relatively short blurbs and engaging in conversations.It is a great platform to weigh in on trending topics that are interesting to the audience.Simply posting or repost a few things each day that you believe are relevant is not enough.Marketing managers need to get the audience excited and hopefully looking forward to posts.To achieve this goal, try a few of the following ideas:Post quizzes and pollsAsk audience members to submit stories and pictures related to products or servicesPost content appealing to all types of customer personas such as students, retirees, or thirtysomethings.Hold contests and giveaways to involve followers sharing content or posting a particular hashtagAlign the company with a charitable causeUse images and videosTouch the audience s emotions by sharing content that is funny, surprising or inspirationalFor ideas and inspiration, look at brands such as Chipotle, Taco Bell, Mod Cloth, Jack Daniels, and Coca-Cola.Each does an excellent job with social media engagement.Proactively deal with any negative social media publicityNegative social media publicity is going to happen and the best way to handle it is by being as proactive as possible.In fact, some companies might want to actively look for negative publicity.Then, look into it any important issues and find ways to resolve the problem to make the complaining parties feel better about their experience.In some cases, people will use the latest social media posts a launching pad.
On Tuesday, the live-video app Periscope, owned by Twitter Inc., TWTR 0.79 % began rolling out comment moderation that will use a group of randomly selected viewers to decide if flagged comments are actually abusive.Unfortunately, what we realized almost as soon as we launched the product is with that intimacy also came the potential for Internet abuse in a pretty significant way.Unlike Periscope s previous anti-troll methods, in which broadcasters could kick out specific viewers, restrict commenting to those they follow, or turn off commenting altogether, this approach doesn t involve the broadcaster at all.Those viewers will then see the flagged comment with a row of three options to choose below: abuse, looks OK and not sure.Mr. Wasserman said the flash jury concept is something his team has been working on for the last six months.Since these comments are flying by and in some ways superimposed over a broadcaster s face, the damage it can do is visible, it is live.
Jess Phillips spoke out after a wave of abuse was launched against her, apparently after she replied to one person who said: I wouldn t even rape you.The MP for Birmingham Yardley tweeted on Monday:— Jess Phillips MP @jessphillips To see the attack of a pack on here check out my mentions 600 odd notifications talking about my rape in one night.You would need someone employed full time to block the amount of people who have been in touch with me over the weekend.She said: Until Twitter makes this sort of thing stop happening and stops accepting that this sort of dogpiling and mass bullying can happen, their business model is totally flawed.Its head of trust and safety, Kira O Connor, said: Hateful conduct has no place on the Twitter platform and is a violation of our terms of service.In addition to our policies and user controls, such as block, mute and our new multiple tweet reporting functionality, we work with civil society leaders and academic experts to understand the challenge that exists.
Credit: Adam Patrick MurrayThe iPhone doesn t even get announced at WWDC—well, not typically, anyway.One is that we may finally see the end of the era when iPhone storage started at a paltry 16GB.Show notesApple is said to be extending iPhone refreshes to once every three years by Martyn WilliamsiPhone 7 rumors: Say goodbye to 16GB model by Caitlin McGarry and Oscar RaymundoQuestions and answers on the new study linking cellphones and cancer in rats by Andrew Pollack for The New York TimesSenate proposal to require encryption workarounds may be dead by Grant GrossPatent troll wants Apple to shut down iMessage and FaceTime by Oscar RaymundoCrowdfunding tech can serve backers poorly, even when the thing gets made by Glenn FleishmanTalk to us!We love feedback, suggestions, howdys, and hellos!Tweet Glenn at @glennf, Susie at @sfsooz, email [email protected], or leave a comment below.You should also tweet at Susie soon if you would like an invite to the Macworld WWDC Happy Hour, which is happening at our office in San Francisco on June 15.
If you thought Apple s legal troubles ended with a patent troll s recent victory over the Cupertino-based company, then you might want to cover your eyes.More specifically, Apple knowingly violated four of Caltech s patents, which are reportedly vital to the 802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards, in all of its major products from 2012 onward.Every major Apple product from the iPhone 5 onward, including iPads, MacBooks, and the Apple Watch, used Broadcom chips that seemingly utilized the university s patented decoding and encoding technology.This technology allows for faster data transmissions and performance while minimizing the hardware necessary to offer Wi-Fi.In October 2015, Apple lost a patent case against the University of Wisconsin-Madison over the company s mobile processors, specifically the A7, A8, and A8X processors.Going back even further, in July 2013, Boston University sued Apple for patent infringement and sought a sale injunction against many of the company s major product lines.
That said, his newest gig shouldn t prove all that challenging.According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor will play an internet troll named i-R0k in Steven Spielberg s upcoming Ready Player One, which tells the story of a video game console creator who uses a virtual contest to determine who will inherit his billion-dollar fortune.The story is an adaptation of a sci-fi novel of the same name by Ernest Cline, and the film is set to begin filming by the end of June.Perhaps no actor in Hollywood is better suited to this role than the man who brought Silicon Valley s insufferable entrepreneur Erlich Bachman to life, and — though we re already cringing — we can t wait to see him needling the rest of the cast.For the uninitiated, Ready Player One has spent years in development, and is a labor of love for Spielberg, who is himself an ardent gamer.Though less publicized than his film work, he has assisted in the development of several video games, including Boom Blox and the Medal of Honor series.