Today, fifteen years ago, Apple opened the doors of its first two stores. The location was Tysons Corner, Virginia and Glendale, California. Virtually all pundits sawn concept altogether, but it was not long before the success was a fact. Here's what it looked like when Steve Jobs showed off the Apple store for the world: In the current situation, there are nearly 500 stores around the world, specifically in the US, UK, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United UAE. Altogether they have more than a million visitors a day.
According to Voice, OpIcarus has been in the making for five years and "is created with the input of many different Anons anonymous hackers over a number of years."Anonymous hacker claims OpIcarus was launched originally to coincide with the Occupy movement in efforts to digitise protestsThe inspiration and motives behind the OpIcarus campaignVoice revealed that the operation was "created to work hand-in-hand with the Occupy Wall Street movement.Website down: screenshots show bank targets offline after Anonymous cyberattacksOn the motives behind targeting banking systems, the Anonymous hacker revealed: "We want to bring people's attention back to financial terrorism which is caused by the elite rather than the corporate terrorism which created by the state.How Anonymous choose its targetsIBTimes UK spoke to ESET security researcher Cameron Camp about the Anonymous evolution as a hacktivist group and how they go about picking who to hit next.Since these attacks have shorter, less crippling lifespans before defences can be deployed, it is very difficult to continue a campaign long enough so the hacktivists can maintain their focus and retain media attention."The Voice provided IBTimes UK with several screenshots as evidence of having shut down various international banks, including the Reserve Bank of India, the State Bank of Hamburg, the Central Bank of UAE, the Vatican City Financial Services, the Rothschild Foundation and the World Bank.
This summer, Danish architecture firm EFFEKT plans on building the world s first off-grid village that would not only be able to produce its own energy but be capable of manufacturing its own food.Dubbed the ReGen Villages, these innovative communities would help address a growing need for regenerative housing as populations across the globe continue to balloon.The firm intends to start building an inaugural collection of villages in Almere, Netherlands, after showing off the concept inside the Danish Pavilion during the Venice Biennale.ReGen Villages is engineering and facilitating the development of off-grid, integrated, and resilient neighborhoods that power and feed self-reliant families around the world, saidd entrepreneur James Ehrlich, author of a Stanford University research paper that led to the development of ReGen.The time has come to redefine residential real estate development for the next three billion people coming to the planet.Should the first batch of villages prove successful, it s likely other pilot programs will begin to take shape in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, China, and the UAE while also potentially popping up on the continent of Africa.
Dubai says it has completed the world s first 3D-printed office building.And it s not just for show: The office is supposed to be a functional workspace, with phone hookups, water, electricity and air-conditioning.Situated inside Dubai s Emirates Towers complex, the single-story office measures 2,690 square feet and will be the temporary home of the Dubai Future Foundation, according to a press release.Government of Dubai The small, rounded buildings in the foreground are entirely 3D-printed.The building cost just $140,000 to erect, thanks to minimal labor and costs involved in the construction process.The UAE and Dubai hope to become leading global centres of 3D printing by 2030.
All Ahmad Ali wanted was a Chevrolet Corvette souped up to have enough horsepower to defibrillate God.The shop in Sealy, Texas between Austin and Houston pumped obscene levels of power into Dodge Vipers, Chevrolet Camaros, Corvettes and more, and even built what is technically the fastest production car in the world: the Venom GT.But for a long time, Hennessey has been dogged by claims that he s not trustworthy, that his tuning business isn t on the up and up.Ali agreed, but when the 2015 Corvettes were released, no car was purchased by HPE, as documented in the email chain.Photo credit Kurt BradleyWhen that first ex-Hennessey employee contacted me, he was familiar with Ali s plight and a number of other foreign clients in essentially the same position.He personally knows of five times this has happened, and they included buyers from the UAE, South Korea and other countries.Photo credit Kurt BradleyThese days Hennessey s Sealy facility includes a 1/4-mile drag strip, though it was recently offered up for sale.
Stealth Falcon s recent attacks involve using custom spyware spread via social media to infect the systems of those critical of the UAE governmentUAE journalists, activists and dissidents are being targeted with custom-made spyware by a cyberespionage group called Stealth Falcon.We discovered this campaign when an individual purporting to be from an apparently fictitious organisation called 'The Right to Fight' contacted Rori Donaghy UK based journalist and human rights activist .Circumstantial evidence suggests a link between Stealth Falcon and the UAE government," said Citizen Lab researchers Bill Marczak and John Scott-Railton.Once installed, the spyware would then transfer data and send it to numerous command and control severs."Stealth Falcon is only the latest example of civil society-focused threat actors impersonating NGO's and journalists to conduct espionage operations.The tactic has been used by a wide range of actors, including Bahrain's government, Packrat in Latin America, Iranian groups and China related groups, among others," the researchers concluded.
Imagine you re a car owner for whom money were no object, or not much of one, but even so, you couldn t get anything fixed locally.That wouldn t feel all that great, but you might go ahead and get the car anyway and take your chances.The owner group is specifically appealing to Tesla to open service centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.There are no Tesla stores, service centers, or Superchargers anywhere in the UAE, so anyone in country who buys a Tesla today will have to seek non-Tesla service and support.Market demand, along with Tesla s goal to increase production of all models, is likely to draw the company to the country.Perhaps this will be the way Tesla will expand in other countries: wait until enough enthusiastic owners make an impressive video plea that s also a powerful marketing piece.
The United States and the United Arab Emirates UAE announced an agreement Sunday that would allow the two nations to collaborate on matters of space and aeronautics research, including the potential journey to Mars.NASA announced the news on its website, saying that officials who met in Abu Dhabi are looking forward to the partnership that they hope will not only strengthen the relationship between the two countries, but also contribute to the field.NASA is leading an ambitious journey to Mars that includes partnerships with the private sector and many international partners, said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.I am confident this new framework agreement with the UAE Space Agency will help advance this journey.The reason why cooperation and collaboration are important to the UAESA is because we believe that working alongside international partners is the best way to accelerate the development of space technologies and the space sector within the UAE, said UAE Space Agency Chairman Dr. Khalifa Al Romaithi.Space News had previously reported that Bolden was interested in cooperating with international organizations on NASA s space mission, which he said was losing momentum compared to more Earthly exploits.
The agreement will see both nations collaborate on a range of space project and aeronautical researching — including the possibility of a cooperative mission to Mars.NASA is leading an ambitious journey to Mars that includes partnerships with the private sector and many international partners, said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.I am confident this new framework agreement with the UAE Space Agency will help advance this journey.NASA, for its part, wants to land American astronauts on Mars sometime in the 2030s.Speaking to Digital Trends about the newly-announced collaboration, American astronautics engineer and co-founder of The Planetary Society Louis D. Friedman said that the exploration of Mars should be a human mission — and not confined to any one nation.It must be that of Earth, not just of any single nation or company, he says.
This agreement will see NASA and the UAE Space Agency cooperating in the use of airspace and the exploration of said airspace for peaceful purposes, said the space agency, with the deal ultimately serving to aid NASA s ambitious plan to get humans to Mars.Yesterday in Abu Dhabi, NASA Administrator Charles Boden and the UAE Space Agency s chairman Dr. Khalifa Al Romaithi signed the deal.According to Bolden, experts from both space agencies have already been in talks about mutual interest categories; this deal will see the two working together in the areas of aeronautics, space operations, space science, operational Earth observation and Earth science, mission assurance and safety, and more.As well, both the UAE Space Agency and NASA have signed an Implementing Arrangement that, among other things, aims specially to open the doors for talks about future projects that will get humans to Mars.The first collaboration between the two agencies will focus on getting to explore Mars.The reason why cooperation and collaboration are important to the UAESA is because we believe that working alongside international partners is the best way to accelerate the development of space technologies and the space sector within the UAE.
The OnePlus 3 invite OnePlus ForumsChinese smartphone maker OnePlus is expected to reveal its latest flagship, the OnePlus 3, at a VR launch tonight 14 June .A formal press conference is to be held on 15 June in China.It has already sold 30,000 OnePlus VR headgears earlier this month.Users with non-OnePlus VR sets like the Google cardboard-based van also watch the device in VR.Why advertise with usThe OnePlus 2 was also launched in VR but this time, instead of the OnePlus office, the company is going to release the new device at its Loop Virtual Space Station.The global timings for watching the event online live:EuropeLondon, UK – 17:30 BST, June 14 Tuesday Paris/ Berlin / Barcelona / Amsterdam, EU – 18:30 CEST, June 14 Tuesday Moscow, Russia – 19:30 MSK, June 14 Tuesday North AmericaLatin AmericaRio de Janeiro, Brazil – 13:30 BRT, June 14 Tuesday Mexico City - 11:30 CDT, June 14 Tuesday AsiaBeijing / Taipei / Hong Kong / Singapore – 00:30 CST/ HKT, June 15 Wednesday Seoul / Tokyo – 1:30 KST/ JST, June 15 Wednesday Jakarta, Indonesia – 23:30 WIB, June 14 Tuesday New Delhi, India – 22:00 IST, June 14 Tuesday Middle EastAbu Dhabi, UAE – 20:30 GST, June 14 Tuesday OceaniaCanberra, Australia – 2:30 AEDT, June 15 Wednesday Wellington, NZ – 4:30 NZST, June 15 Wednesday
Etienne MalapertRelated GalleriesInstagram's Bro-iest Chef Turns Junk Food Into UPPER NEXT LEVEL CuisineThe World s Refugees Find an Unlikely American Sanctuary: IdahoFather's Day Gift Guide: 12 Perfect Presents for Stay-at-Home DadsClear Some Wall Space and Download These NASA Recruitment Posters NowA Park Like No Other for an LA in Constant FluxTen years ago, the UAE embarked on a $22 billion mission to build a zero-carbon city powered by the sun, cooled by the wind, and entirely dependent upon mass transit.Renowned British architecture firm Foster Partners developed the Masdar City plan in 2007, combining historic Arabic architectural cues with sustainable technology.Their revised master plan pushed the completion date from 2015 to 2030 and said that low-carbon is good enough.Everyone shops at the organic grocery, relaxes at the coffee shop.He marveled at the sights, chatted with construction workers, visited the Masdar Institute, and took a ride in one of those weird pods.Nothing about Malapert s eerie photos suggests Masdar City will ever be a model of sustainability.
Caption: The "Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100" is a wild-eyed concept aimed at the 22nd century oligarch.Rolls RoyceRelated Galleries Light Rider Motorcycle Weighs Just 77 Pounds But Costs, Um, $56KInside Masdar, the UAE s Zero-Carbon City That Will Never BeA Park Like No Other for an LA in Constant FluxInstagram's Bro-iest Chef Turns Junk Food Into UPPER NEXT LEVEL CuisineGet Ready for Quieter NYC Subway Stations Yes, It s Possible Rolls-Royce s new concept is here and it s….Dubbed the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100, a name we will not use again, the wild-eyed concept imagines—and satisfies—the self-glorifying demands of the 22nd century oligarch.To announce the car, the BMW-owned luxury automaker wrote up a Proustian press release that s light on practical details it drives itself, somehow; it s zero-emissions, somehow but heavy on Rolls-Royciness.Really, the best way to understand what the Brits are going for here is to focus on how they describe the car.So for your edification, here s a not-quite exhaustive list of all the adjectives Rolls-Royce uses to describe the concept car and its many opulent features:EffortlessAutonomousSpaciousBeautifulRevolutionaryAuthenticNo-compromiseCoachbuiltPersonalizedZero-emissionsBespokeExquisiteHelpfulDiscreetVigilantPowerfulAdvancedPreciousContemporaryNaturalSensualLuxuriousRegalOpulentFuturisticArtfulSensualGracefulExpressiveDramaticBoldSmooth-bottomedUnruffled
Kuwait practices Sharia law, and while homosexuality is not specifically outlawed, Article 193 for the penal code punishes debauchery, which is defined by the courts as male homosexuality.Sharing views about homosexuality, which is a sin, could also be seen as going against the Quran, which would mean that the individual could face the death penalty for blasphemy introduced in 2012 .The death penalty would be taken off the table as long as the defendant agrees to publicly repent and apologise for their 'crime'.Trolls reporting users' tweets to authorities across the Middle EastHowever, some trolls on Twitter are still hoping to silence Muslims who support the LGBT community by deliberately reporting them to authorities, as seen by The Daily Beast.The trolls were seen doxing young Muslim women on Sunday 19 June and Monday 20 June by screencapping tweets they found offensive and retweeting them so that other users could insult them.So far, the most serious case of blasphemy involving social media in Kuwait was in 2012, when a man was jailed for 10 years for insulting the Prophet Muhammad, as well as Saudi Arabian and Bahrainian officials, on Twitter.
Apple knows that the battle for people s pockets is going to be fought in part in the photography space.With iOS 10, the company is making it even easier to get to the camera in a hurry, but in an effort to remind people that they re already carrying a great camera around with them, Apple is launching a new round of its popular Shot on iPhone advertising campaign.Chances are that the answer is never don t have a SLR camera in your laptop bag , and always i.e.The new featured images are focusing on the bright, vibrant colors you ll find in the world around you, and the campaign is focusing on highlighting photography local to where the billboards are going up.The campaign — dubbed Colors by the Apple creative team, can be found in what has got to be one of the broadest-reaching art exhibits in the world, across billboards in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, UAE, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Korea, China, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand.
Here are highlights of Sunday s top breaking stories from around the world:U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne wants to lower the corporate tax rate to 15 percent to keep companies from leaving after the country voted for the separation from the European Union.French leaders are working to induce entire markets, such as euro clearing, to leave the U.K. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said that the U.K. should take its time about leaving, and that the will of the people is entitled to change.One of London s law firms said only Parliament, not the prime minister, can invoke the clause necessary to leave the EU and is threatening to sue if the executive branch acts on its own.And just as quickly as Theresa May emerged as the favorite to succeed David Cameron as prime minister, opponents pounced, wondering whether she had any standing to seek the job since she backed staying in the EU.Notwithstanding that his signature anti-Wall Street proposals made it into the Democratic Party platform that Hillary Clinton must run on, defeated primary opponent Bernie Sanders is unhappy he didn t get more.In a newspaper opinion article, he said he ll push for opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- a point on which Sanders agrees with Clinton s presumptive opponent, Donald Trump.Abu Dhabi s two largest banks at last sealed the deal on a merger that had been on the cusp for weeks, creating a Middle East lending powerhouse with  $175 billion of assets.The one unexpected wrinkle is that both CEOs will step aside.Tesla Motors s second quarter deliveries fell well short of its own forecasts, which didn t stop the electric-car maker led by billionaire Elon Musk from making another ambitious forecast: 50,000 deliveries in the second half of 2016.
Ramasamy, speaking about digital health and big data opportunities in the region at the Building Healthcare Middle East conference in Dubai, raised an issue that is felt globally: how best to leverage the data that is being generated.From patient feedback on their hospital experience and blood test results on cancer patients, to data on a user s Fitbit, information is being scooped up by the healthcare industry constantly.When hospitals start combining multiple data sources like medicine data, treatment data, geographic patient data, social data of patients, data on doctors and in the future even genome data, the result is a lot better, says Mark van Rijmenam, founder of Datafloq, a Netherlands-based matchmaker of data scientists and industry stakeholders.Dr. Aaron Han, AHD s acting chief medical officer, says the challenge is the amount of data.For example, in the UAE and wider MENA region Han says this could include data sets around diabetes and obesity.Ver2 Digital Medicine CEO Brian de Francesca believes rubbish data is the biggest problem with big data in healthcare lies at the moment.
Reuters – Authorities in the Gulf Arab states of Kuwait and United Arab Emirates on Friday warned of security dangers to playing the wildly successful new smartphone app Pokemon GO.Users must resist the urge to point camera phones at Pikachu popping out in front of the Kuwaiti Emir s palace, mosques, oil facilities or military bases, Kuwait s Interior ministry said.The danger in dealing with this game is that it involves the user photographing areas nearby with … smart phones which transfer the pictures of the sites to third parties, Kuwait interior ministry undersecretary Suleiman al-Fahd said.The interior ministry has informed security men to show zero tolerance to anyone approaching such prohibited sites, deliberately or not, Fahd said in a statement.Officially launched in only five Western countries, Nintendo s Pokemon GO is set to be released to 200 more relatively soon, according to the company.Accessing the app by a VPN connection or foreign app stores, Mideast users too have become addicted to Pokemon, which involves walking in search of the pocket monsters which emerge superimposed on the phone screen via the camera.Now the colorful creatures have been sighted at landmarks such as Egypt s pyramids and Jerusalem s al-Aqsa mosque.Relatively wealthy and phone-obsessed, Gulf Arabs are no exception but ply their devices under the wary eye of states keen to prevent sectarian or seditious ideas.The UAE s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority said in a statement that waiting for the game s official launch in the country would save budding Pokemon traders from violation of user privacy.Criminals can deploy malicious software posing as these applications … before their release in app stores, using this technology to damage smart phone operating systems or spying on their owners, the statement said.A main driver of 2011 pro-democracy uprisings in 2011 dubbed the Arab Spring , social media and its widespread use by the region s growing youth population has vexed traditional Arab authorities, both secular and spiritual.Egypt s cabinet spokesman said on the news show 90 minutes on Wednesday that authorities were investigating Pokemon GO and sought to minimize the dangers of these games.Abbas Shoman, undersecretary of Cairo s Al Azhar mosque, the foremost seat of Sunni Muslim learning, despaired.It s the utmost kind of manic harm for the future of those people enamoured with this game, searching for Pokemon through the streets … like drunkards, he told Youm7 newspaper.
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According to the agency, UAE is hot favorite destination for millionaires in the Middle East.$310 billion of this wealth is circulating in wealth management companies and out of which UAE had $90 billion share in 2015.High Net Worth Individuals or HNWIs normally spend their money on prime real estate, expensive collectibles, luxury watches, cars , dining and traveling.Buying behavior of this segment is going to hold the attention of marketeers.I am sure most of the millionaires are going to stay loyal to Brand Dubai and would choose Dubai as their favorite destination.However, other emirates, such as Abu Dhabi, have equally become competitive and attractive in the recent years.