The entrenched eCommerce industry has left an ineffaceable footprint on society that goes far beyond the ability to buy an item anytime & anywhere.With mobile usage increasing rapidly in these recent years, businesses have to respond quickly to the burgeoning demand of services & products on portable devices.The online market place has made significant changes as to how companies reach & engage more and more users.Among these, there is a popular mobile app name called Dubizzle.Continue reading, if you are looking to build an app like Dubizzle.We are going to give a clear idea of the cost to develop the Dubizzle app.Before knowing the cost to the Dubizzle classifieds app, we will understand some features of the app and how the app is a Dubai based leading company & largest user-generated classified & community portal in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) that offers content in job offers and property listing.The Dubizzle website founded in 2005 by Sim Wheatley and JC Butler.In December 2010, the Dubizzle website was generating about 50 million page views per month, with more than 3 million hits.The app available in 11 countries & 31 cities across the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) with platforms available in Arabic, English, and French.The Dubizzle aim is to build an environment that is not related to the product and provides new methods that allow them to exchange efficiency, place, and material value without the need of intermediary and deal face to face with each other.You can download and install the latest version of the Dubizzle mobile app free on the Apple and Google Play Store.With the help of Dubizzle, you can:You can rent/purchase a room, apartment, in any neighborhood in the UAE and Dubai.Buy & sell furniture, electronics, baby care items, home appliances, and mobile phones.You can apply for jobs in the UAE.Why an app like Dubizzle?Right now, the internet is one of the fastest moving economies in the world, and the right way to promote your business is through classification ads/services.To be more precise, they are called classified apps because it acts as a focal point for both sellers and buyers.An entrant to build a prosperous communityAfter seeing the growth in the mobile industry, many app developers are paving the way for more creative and trending IOS and Android platforms.It saves time a user time also.2.It helps customers to understand the products, prices, and features easily.5.
Web applications are good for simple projects when you need to get the job done.This allows for more enjoyable user experience.Great show.Native apps are refined with a focus on platform specificities.Native applications must follow specific design guidelines.Having your product in the store will increase its innovation and distribution opportunities.Unlike other types of applications, parts of native code are not shared between platforms.
Given this changing nature of technology, it may be useful to revisit these topics from time to time to find out which of these options are currently at the forefront.Both native and cross-platform applications have a dynamic list.According to statistics, Apple has taken over most of the global market, and Android is the second largest.For example, the U.S. has a large iOS market share, which is 56 percent compared to Android’s 43.5 percent.Don’t forget, there are other smaller platforms like Windows.This means that if you select your app on global data, you may miss an important target area.You need to know where your audience is and increase your app presence on each of those platforms.Now there are two ways to do this you either create a native app for each platform or create a single cross-platform app that supports multiple platforms.Let’s see how this decision affects your app:The primary difference between native and cross-platform applicationNative applications are developed specifically for a specific platform.Due to the market share of Android and iOS, most cross-platform applications are limited to these two operating systems.There are many cross-platform application development tools that allow developers to create these applications with little trouble.Now that you know the difference between cross-platform and native applications, let’s see how they compare.Performance native vs. Cross-Platformnative applications make better use of resources and leverage the platform’s capabilities to their fullest potential.
There is enough Android app development frameworks that enable you to build an application in a few minutes.Here, we will discuss the top 5 Android app development frameworks for making a mobile app.Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Android app development frameworks that will become a major tool for app developers in 2019 and beyond.KotlinSince long we have known and used Java as the primary language for Android app development.With the fast-growing technology, different JVM languages have started gaining the attention of the developers and should be referenced that Kotlin is driving this crowd.Being a new language, community support is exceptionally less, but growing at a quick rate.Kotlin is required less coding in comparison to Java.With this, Kotlin allows us to use its features and ease of operation without changing the codes for the present project or switching to a new project.Without the ease of learning, implication, it is trusted that Kotlin will soon gain the eyeball and will supplant our custom programming language on a massive scale.Related Blog:  Why `Kotlin` should be very developer’s Choice?FlutterFlutter is a framework developed by Google to allow you to learn one language (Dart) and build excellent native mobile apps in no time.All you require is one codebase for the two platforms.Top advantages of Flutter:Faster code writingOne code for 2 platformsThe quality assurance process can be fasterFlutter apps work in a smooth and fast wayThe same app UI on older devicesRelated Blog: 5 Benefits of Flutter: That Make It Start-up FriendlyAdobe PhoneGapAdobe PhoneGap is a cross-platform app development framework using which the app developers can develop mobile apps in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
Of course, you are right because the budget is very important for any business.However, any mobile app development company will ask you a few questions before quoting you.Do you know why?Building a mobile app is like building your own home.Forget a moment of mobile app development and think about building your own home.Or, you want your office and entertainment options within walking distance.Then you can decide if you want a flat or a house.How much parking space do you need?Then, you need to work out the fine details, such as the use of materials, furniture, paints and tapestries, and sanitary ware.And, when deciding everything, you need to keep a constant watch over your budget and timeline.Well, the development of mobile apps is not that different.The rest of the decision-making process is largely the same.
The world is mobile and so is the service sector.On-demand taxi booking app With the popularity of Uber, the service sector is rapidly adopting on-demand service applications.For example, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda, Freshmenu, and a thousand other apps offer more or less the same on-demand food delivery services.There are plenty of services you can order from the Go-Jek app.Features of the Go-Jek appUsing the Go-Jek app, you can book tickets for a two-wheeler, taxi and movie, and events.He can order food, send couriers, find nearby businesses, order groceries, medicines, and other items to cater to his hunger woes and call for a cleaner, mechanic, beautician, and massage.One can pay his bills, recharge his prepaid mobile, send money and find deals and discounts.
Smartphones have changed our lives so dramatically that we no longer need to consider the smartphone as a luxury.Most of the time food comes to us through an on-demand food delivery app such as Uber Eats, Seamless, GrubHub and DoorDash.If you are a restaurant, the on-demand food delivery app is a must for your business.Excellent statisticsRevenues for the 2020 online food delivery segment will reach US $ 19,558 million by the end of this year.Revenues show an annual growth rate of 7.3% (CAGR 2019–2023).It will have a market size of US $ 18,382 million by the end of 2020.It is estimated that by the end of 2023, the number of customers in the restaurant delivery segment will be 86.7 million.37.1% of users in this segment were aged 25–34 in 2019.China is expected to generate $ 42,451 million in revenue in 2020.China is the top producer of income worldwide.These statistics prove that if you own or run a restaurant or fast food joint, there must be an on-demand food delivery app for your business.Whenever the question of cost estimation comes up, the example of building a house is always on my mind.First thing first, do you want to build a home on some land from scratch, or buy a ready-made flat that you can move immediately?What amenities and furniture would you like to include?There will be an infinite number of questions and “it depends” on your budget and your needs.
Certainly, everyone who comes to the stores often faces many problems: long waiting lines, painstaking search for the right medicine, high prices.However, these negative factors should concern not only shoppers but also pharmacy owners.In the end, everything we have listed can ruin your company’s image and alienate your potential customers.even if your pharmacy is completely and positively different from your competitors, you still need to find a way to report your benefits and prove that your drugstore chain is worthy of public attention.You need a really powerful marketing tool to gain customer trust and overcome the difficulties we have pointed out.And this leads to the development of medical applications.By the way, online pharmacy is beneficial not only to customers but also to business owners!And your store shop will benefit from it.As you’ll soon find, online pharmacy is good here:Attracting more paying customers;Obtaining consumer feedback;Maximizing your profit;Such data may be used to improve the quality of services provided by your vendors by collecting information on consumer behavior;Which ultimately makes you a market leader.The benefits of having a mobile app in a pharmacyThere are many advantages to having a pharmacy mobile application and we want to make a major name for it.An effective marketing toolAfter ordering medical mobile app development, you are getting a marketing tool that allows you to contact your customers directly.In fact, most of the other benefits logically follow from these main ones.High competitivenessHealth Can’t deny the high competitiveness of the healthcare market, which also covers many companies.
Smartphones have the same security flaws as additional internet-connected devices.And the good thing is nearly most of the people will daily access corporate data from; it means keeping sensitive info out of the wrong hands is an increasingly intricate puzzle.Not just that, even the professional aspects of life as well have been influenced quite much by the digital revolution, especially since corporations have encouraging Bring Your Device (BYOD) policy.Then a personal and professional data that we carry in our devices all the time are at obvious risks from security threats.Technically, when you use an open WiFi network, the data that you transmit over the network during chatting, internet banking, emails etc., can always be intercepted and decoded by malicious entity and can be used in accessing sensitive information.According to a report, mobile users are more vulnerable because they are often monitored their emails in real-time, opening & reading emails when they received.The security threat level of Phishing depends upon the kind of data the hackers are trying you siphon off your hard disk.Phishing is a type of cyber-attack that includes an email disguised as something useful to you so that you are tempted enough to fall for the clickbait.Usually, a simple website is replicated and inserted in the link within the email.The link that you click on takes you to a webpage embedded with a particular type of script, coded to steal your credentials.The best way to avoid Phishing is to identify phishing emails.So always check the link before you follow it.And if the matter isn’t urgent, then let the response or action items wait until you are at the computer.Recommend: Trends that will boost the future of mobile app development 3 .MalwareThere is a reason why Google Play Store and App Store recommend downloading only from them because you download an app from an external app store, chances are you may unknowingly download an app, which is spyware – a type of malware that collects and sends over your personal information to a malicious server.Here is a graphical representation of what Nokia stated in its malware report 2017.Some of the apps will not even ask for permission and discretely steal data in the background.Data LeakageMobile is often the cause of inadvertent data leakage.For example, take ‘riskware’ apps, which create a problem for mobile users who grant them full permissions, but they always do not check the security.You can find these apps in official app stores that perform as advertised but also send personal & potentially corporate data to a remote server, where advertisers and most of the time mine it by cybercriminals.Another way of data leakage is though hostile enterprises signed mobile applications.These mobile malware programs use distribution code native to popular mobile operating systems such as Android & IOS to move valuable data across corporate networks without raising red flags.To save from these kinds of mobile data security issues, only give apps permission that they needed for proper functioning.
The year is 2020, and we are far deep into digital technology.So deep that, whether already being used or not, mobile apps within an enterprise of any size is a necessity.Some may be still be surviving without mobile apps, but that does not change the fact that the need for smart solutions is loud & clear.And this hasn’t happened just of out the blue; the change has been gradual & all so predictable, and every enterprise should rethink app development processAs per the findings of a survey by Appdexa, 77% of mobile app development companies say that the demand for mobile applications in business applications has amplified since 2016.Apart from user-centricity, the efficacy of mobile applications has gone internal as well, because most of the enterprises today, use mobile business applications/purpose apps for in-house operations and to assimilate employees through a single and always-accessible app development company in uae/dubai.The same report by Appdexa also comments that while 69% of enterprises today are using at least one good enterprise app, 27% of the enterprises are using more than 6 mobile enterprise apps to incorporate their businesses enhanced.The stats here speak of the best mobile applications have in altering the game for enterprise app development.If you are still pondering over the essence of enterprise apps in your business, here are some of how the best enterprise apps that can help your business:Collaborate, teams, because they shouldThe bigger your company goes, the number of organizations you will have to set up.In that case, the need for association would be inevitable.For years, there has been Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that has been acting as a common link between teams & departments of a company.It has been witnessed that more than three million businesses are downloading office apps like G Suite to work together on various tasks.So far, the protagonist of ERPs in enterprises has been of real-time record maintenance and audibility, but in terms of communication & collaboration, ERPs have been useless.This is where top enterprise applications have ascertained to be tools for operative communication & project synchronization.Though the functionalities of mobile apps have been limited to a mobile platform and are, in no way a standby for ERP solutions, most of the enterprises today have application suites that comprise of mobile apps for dealing with each characteristic of the organization like human resource, sales, production, CRM, marketing, and many more.However, what makes these app solutions distinctive is that they can also be entrenched with internal communication features such as internal chat, meetings manager, etc., to benefit people to communicate commendably in real-time.
We start making apps ahead of our competitors and we don’t rest on our skulls.There are only a few countries that do not exist.We have more than 400 clients and we are still counting.We have never disappointed any of our clients before because we will take them along and we will follow their specifications to the letter.Over the years, we have been able to build a standard application development process.Although our app development teams have different offices in different parts of the world, they all follow the same process.Regardless of who builds your app on our team, you still get the same quality.Here is the app development process that has earned Fugenx many awards, accolades, and clients in different parts of the world.Required collectionWe start with a detailed meeting to help our clients understand exactly what they need.We also find the app’s goals.
The word “Mobile app” is the most trending word in which we are listening for a decade.If you are a tech person or using the smartphone, you will be aware of mobile apps.If you are not, then this article will help you in getting knowledge about mobile apps and its creation.Before going to learn how to make an app from scratch, let us know some basics about mobile apps.What is a mobile application?Definition:“It is a software application, which is designed to work on mobile devices like a watch, smartphone, and tablets”.The mobile devices use the apps to do things in a faster and easy way and also used for entertainment.Currently, in the market, most people use apps based on Android, IOS, Amazon, Windows, and Blackberry.Some apps are compatible with all operating systems, while some apps will run on IOS only.Make a mobile app that is compatible with all operating systems.You got a doubt that why mobile apps are better than mobile websites?A perfectly designed mobile application will perform actions faster than a mobile website.So, we need to design a simple app using the systematic approach.How can create an app in 10 minutesIn the search results, you will find many articles like this only.Many of the people think developing a mobile app is easy, but they don’t know how hard is it to make an app is.You can build an app in 10 minutes by using some of the mobile app development tools like Phone Gap, but the final result will be something which you did not expect.If you want to build an app that is in your imagination, you need to follow the below steps for building an app from scratch to make it a viral.Let me ask something before we start with how to make a mobile app.Mobile app development is Science or Art?Many will raise their voice to say it is an art!Based on the research, we can say it as a combination of both.The key elements you should need to target the audience gender, age, education, location, and many more based on the app.Apart from the demographic elements, we need to consider mobile platforms on which we want to develop and smartphones software and hardware configurations.That’s why it’s better to analyze your competitors to go ahead of them.Information Architecture involves both art and science.In this, we can decide how to represent and construct the information.In the AI process, it will start with the writing features and sketches which emphasizes where we need to display and how it should flow.In this process, we prepare some flowcharts and user journeys, which used for creating the wireframes.Wireframe:Wireframe also called a page schematic.
They can be used in virtual or augmented reality, barcode scanning and more.At the same time, the hardware on smartphones and tablets does not match that of laptops and desktop computers, meaning mobile application development must be designed to show optimal app development in UAE/Dubai.For example, the gaming app is limited in its graphical content due to less powerful graphics processors on mobile devices.This means creating code specifically for the hardware on a particular device.For Android devices, however, every smartphone and tablet runs on different hardware and different versions of the operating system.Web-based applications, on the other hand, are not device-dependent; They get out of the web browser, making them cheap and easy to access.iOS uses Xcode and Objective-C, while Android uses Eclipse and Java.
Asocial media app for travelers allows a user to make notes about their journey and share such notes, create photo records on the app, recommend places to visit, search for hostels and rent rooms in another city/country.Cool animations with the option to edit and add friends’ faces, create fun and boost the spirits.9 out of 10 user friends of the user who share funny animations, follow the example and build their own.According to research, smartphone owners are actively using an average of 5 apps on their device, shooting up to 300 times a day.Messengers, games and online maps are the highest.The relevance of social media appsAdvantages of developing single-purpose social media (network) applications:Hitting your target audience 100%!It is easy to find the necessary and relevant informationNetwork app development builds a channel to promote a specific product, brand or service and engage with your customers 24/7.This is a unique opportunity for brand ts to gather together and create a circle of like-minded people.For users, it is possible to create helpful, interesting, entertaining media content and share it with your friends, colleagues, and community members at any time, anywhere.The main thing to know about app functionality before you start creating a social networking appTraditional social networks tend to be more functional.Initially, social services were created with one goal so that users could find each other and communicate online.In recent years, consumer response has changed dramatically.There are new qualifications for a million watchers, no developers are building new services and functionality.A full range of services have been implemented and successfully implemented to search, process, sort, and store many types of information (texts, images, video).Broad sections of the Internet audience are fully involved in the most active activities on social networks.In addition, the popular networks of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have improved their functionality so that their users can connect their favorite social network with the entire Internet.
With the extensive utility of mobile devices and improvements in tech clarifications, people want to know how to create a social media app.Consumers from a total across the world are going in social networking applications, waiting in touch with friends and distant relatives, building their professional network, searching for their Soulmate and sharing all kinds of information and experiences.As social media continues to be an integral part of our daily lives, it is worth considering closely how evolution has taken place, what impact it has had, and how modern trends in social media app development can affect its ongoing development.Social media development, at a glanceHuman beings are always social beings.All these methods of engaging with each other make up the history of social media application development and are best illustrated by the following diagram.New types of social media platformsWhat are social media apps?The term has become synonymous with web-based and/or mobile technology-enabled forms of communication.Therefore, the term can be attributed to a wide variety of interactions and recent social media applications, including:Social media sitesContent-generating communities and sharing sitesCollaborative projectsAssessment platformsMagazinesInternet forumsSocial blogsMicrobloggingWikisVideo-blogs (vlogs), video ratingPhotographs or picturesSocial bookmarkingVirtual social worldsVirtual game worldsCrowdsourcingStatistics behind technology-enabled social interactionsInformation technology (IT) has narrowed the communication gap around the world, both in the personal and professional fields.The list includes YouTube (1.5 billion), WhatsApp (1.2 billion) and Facebook Messenger (1.2 billion) global social media dominators.How to make a social appWhile the giant companies like Facebook and Google seem to be capitalizing on the market, in fact, new social apps development are being created every day to lure consumers into better, more innovative solutions.App developers and publishers should look at these trends to get a better idea of how to launch a social media site.Social messageUntil recently, the focus of social app development has been on building social networks for the desktop environment.These types of social applications can attract large audiences and provide tailored solutions for individuals and brands, especially when it comes to e-commerce and client support.Telling a social storyWe also see a shift away from blogging towards social stories.
Creating a mobile app for your business is a game-changer because it gives you the power to reach your customers with big opportunities such as informing, educating and engaging them.Whether you are a mobile app development company or a freelance developer with big ambitions, if you don’t have social media buttons in your app, you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity.According to a survey by TechCrunch, smartphone users spend more than 3 hours on mobile apps, and 80% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from mobile apps.It shows that integrating social media into apps helps you stay ahead of the competition and learn the power of social platforms.How to integrate social media platforms into appsNow that you know the way to integrate social media into app development, here are the specific steps to follow:Add click-to-add (CTA) social media buttons that are clearly visible in your app so users can view them and share posts/articles straight from the app.Connect your app with social media feeds so that your users can get engaged, see that their friends are using your app, and even make purchases from you.Social media is the best place to find new users for your app, so come up with some fun and interesting ways to invite people to download your app.For example, offer an additional discount, gift or voucher if they use mobile apps to buy your products.Once you make a great user base, you can work on more extra actions.Encourage them to make in-app purchases and give friends the gift of inviting them to try out the app.Why integrate social media in app developmentSocial media integration improves app functionality by allowing users to login with their Facebook account.The app pulls data from their social media accounts and uses them to connect with like-minded users.Social Media Integration allows features like adding favorites, creating a wishlist, and finding favorites to add more credibility to a favorite or like product.
Of course, the market is already serving a diverse audience with existing social media.In this article, we outline the main things you should take care of when planning your social media app development.We hope our experience helps you to build a welcoming space where people love to come.How to create a social media app?As with any project, there are a few basic steps you can take to develop a quality product that your customers love by developing a social media app.Make a strategyHaving an idea to start development is not enough.Developing a complete strategy includes complete market analysis, the definition of your target audience, and competitive research.Now, Buffer has evolved into a comprehensive social media management application where you can manage, schedule, and analyze a variety of content from many social platforms.Build and develop an appOnce you get customer feedback and MVP results, you can develop a complete product.the purpose and business worth of your app may need certain specialties; however, for greatest social applications, the basic set of highlights is more or less the same.Mobile versionPeople prefer mobile apps.
From way, this region remains densely penetrated with dominant players, but the fast development of technology is constantly opening up new possibilities for the realization of new ideas.The leading social media place dates back to the 1970s at the University of Illinois developed the PLATO system, which involved online forums, bulletin boards, instant messaging and many other features.Fast forward to 2020, and we have thousands of social media platforms to choose from (with top leaders like Facebook or Twitter).Select your future social media app typeGet acquainted with the main reasons for creating a social networking appFollow the 5 steps to start a social media businessBuild the MVP of the social media appKeep up with the major trends to improve your social networking appChoose your way to attract users to your social media app1.Connecting with Existing Social Media NetworksThe fewer steps separate(mobile app development company in UAE) the user from a full-scale interaction with the app, the better.It’s a good idea to “connect” to a new experience or to “log in” using one of the existing apps.2.Opportunities for self-expressionEvery user wants to feel special and show the world how creative, unusual and out-of-the-box he is.Therefore, social media app developers have to work through the exact algorithm of the friends’ graph and the system that allows them to invite friends with a single click.4.For example, is a network for music lovers and Goodreads for literary lovers.It should likewise be regarded as an opportunity to combine your service crossed all existing systems so that users’ publications in your social media app can be cross-posted to other social networks.