You're on an island, completely alone, and it's a beautiful day.There are structures all over the island that appear to be human-made.But often, they're in sets:Everything I've just described about "The Witness," a new PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive game from acclaimed game developer Jonathan Blow and his team at Thekla, Inc., is factually accurate on paper.Factually accurate, yes, but not anywhere near as fascinating as the game itself.You walk around, unable to do anything more than walk, look, and activate a puzzle solution mechanism — pressing the X button the PlayStation 4 controller freezes your character in place and presents him with a white dot you can move around the screen.
According to Google, the focus is on simplicity and the app should be reliable and fun to use. Video calls takes a maximum of 720p, and one of the subtleties called Knock knock. Recent articles on GOOGLE IO 2016 Visit Androidarkivet 1 We were the unable to load Disqus. 6 comments Comments Community Swedroid Sign in Forums Disqus Facebook Twitter Google Recommend Recommended Discussion Recommended! I'd rather post as a guest mortuus • 4 hours ago what's the point? Then you useless sight I would say .. Read more 0 • Swear • Share Twitter Facebook Link Show more comments Powered by Disqus Subscribe Add Disqus to your site Add Disqus Add Secrecy
Circuit breakers broke bad, workload moved but array flipped out under heavy has revealed that a bug in the firmware of its storage arrays was behind last week's data loss incident.That mess took the company's NA14 instance offline, so it took steps to move it into a Chicago data centre.Once these timeout conditions began, a single database write was unable to successfully complete, which caused the file discrepancy condition to become present in the database.The data loss came about because while Our internal backup processes are designed to be near real-time, however the local copy of the database had not yet completed.Salesforce says the circuit breakers that started the mess passed March 2016 tests, but have been replaced anyway.We do know, thanks to a 2013 post by site reliability engineer Claude Johnson that Salesforce has in the past used ZFS and Solaris-powered servers for storage.
Back in October 2014, Bing enabled searching by emoji, but Google was unable to return any results when you used emoji characters.Now that has changed — You can now search on Google desktop or mobile using emoji characters.Try it by searching for or or other characters, and Google will no longer show you that there are no results; instead, Google will show you results for the emoji character.Here are some screen shots:It also works on mobile, as you d expect:Again, the key difference between how Google handles emoji searches and how Bing does it is that Google shows you a result set for the emoji character with emoji results, and Bing just shows you for the character.Hat tip to David Naylor for spotting this.About The Author
Measuring beyond surface metricsTraditional content marketing performance data is limited in its depiction of valuable user engagement.Demonstrating valuable ROI return on investment means marketers must measure beyond conventional vanity metrics to better understand if, why and how the content is providing emotional value.The takeaway: To measure digital emotion, focus on metrics that show the impact the content is having on the viewer.Synthesizing the viewer and the content in this way lays the groundwork for a unique emotional experience that standard linear video is simply unable to deliver.This interactive dynamic also helps marketers pinpoint opportunities for improving their strategy, helping to identify specific areas for increased investment.About The AuthorErika Trautman, founder of Rapt Media is passionate about the evolution of online storytelling.
In 1982, a tainted drug caused a handful of young Californians to become mysteriously frozen, unable to move.There was this big argument that broke out on the ward, remembers William Langston, chief scientific officer and founder of the Parkinson s Institute, a clinic and research center in Sunnyvale, California.In time, two more frozen patients, Connie and Toby, found their way into Langston s clinic.A mass spectrometer adds charges to molecules and then separates them according to their mass using a magnetic field, creating a spectrum from a complicated chemical mixture.He managed to do this successfully for a while, but he got sloppy with one batch.Connie s response to levodopa was limited, suggesting that her illness may have been too advanced to benefit from the procedure.
Firefox, Chrome and Opera are fantastic browsers in their own right, and are made even better by the wealth of extensions available in their respective stores.However, for various reasons, not all add-ons are available in the official stores, and must instead be installed manually.Take care to only install add-ons downloaded from legitimate sources, and remember that you're doing so at your own risk.You can still install extensions by dragging and dropping a downloaded CRX file onto the Extensions list, but it will be greyed out and you'll be unable to activate it.Last year, Google extended this policy to the developer version of the browser, closing down that possible avenue.Drag and drop the CRX for extensions designed for Chrome or OEX extensions developed for Opera file onto the list of installed extensions.
iOS 9.3.2 update bricks 9.7in iPad Pro AppleThe latest iOS 9.3.2 update that was aimed at addressing a bunch of bug issues seems to be causing problems for owners of the 9.7in iPad Pro who noticed the issue soon after installing the over-the-air update.According to the Apple support site, error 56 could be due to a hardware issue, for which users are advised to ensure their iOS device is running on the latest version of iTunes; check for issues with third-party security software; make sure the USB cable, computer and network are reliable.Even after doing all these, if you still see the error, you must contact Apple support.Those unable to restore their device through iTunes should contact Apple support."Apple rolled out the iOS 9.3.2 for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners recently to fix bugs and improve the security of the iOS devices.A few of the notable fixes are for issues such as Bluetooth accessories experiencing audio quality issues when paired to iPhone SE, dictionary definition failing, typing email addresses when using the Japanese Kana keyboard in Mail and Messages and issue with VoiceOver using the Alexa voice and MDM servers from installing custom B2B apps.
Back in 2011, unable to cope with competition from Android and iOS, Nokia famously switched to Windows Phone as the operating system for its smartphones.Now Nokia Technologies has granted HMD global Oy -- a new company based in Finland -- exclusive rights to make Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets for the next ten years.HMD plans to spend $500m over the next three years to support the global marketing of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets, funded via its investors and profits from the acquired feature phone business.After the deal with Microsoft is completed, Arto Nummela will become HMD's CEO: he has previously held senior positions at Nokia and is currently the head of Microsoft's mobile devices business for Greater Asia, Middle East and Africa, as well as heading up Microsoft's global Feature Phones business.Branding has become a critical differentiator in mobile phones, which is why our business model is centered on the unique asset of the Nokia brand and our extensive experience in sales and marketing."HMD is owned by Smart Connect LP, a private equity fund managed by Jean-Francois Baril, a former Nokia executive, as well as by HMD management.
In two days, the hottest trends and the shops will be kicked around. If you are not able to be there - follow the whole event live via Breakit. Today, more than every fifth purchase online and the red-hot and growing e-commerce industry had a turnover last year of 50 billion, according to figures from the Swedish Federation of Trade Digital. If you are unable to be present at the event, which takes place at the Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg for both Thursday and Friday, you will be able to follow everything here. Hope you will be inspired! Sponsored post is part of Breakits ad deal.
This is a big deal for a device meant to act as a tracking device for elderly people who might have some sort of dementia that causes them to wander off and be unable to find their way home.The chances of a confused senor walking taking off a watch and then wandering off is much less than a confused senior simply not picking up a smartphone when they leave.The watch features a one-touch SOS buttons that can identify the location of the wearer using WiFi or 3G connectivity and alert the contacts in the phone.The screen is a 1.54" color capacitive touch screen with 320 x 320-pixel resolution.Omate also bakes in a reminder system that can help seniors keep up with complicated pill taking routines.Charging is done with a microUSB cable and this is the biggest shortfall of the device.
Many tech companies in Silicon Valley like to blame the lack of diversity on what they call the pipeline.Of the people graduating from top engineering programs, 9 percent are black and Latino, but representation at tech firms typically falls around 5 percent, according to the EEOC s recent analysis of the 2014 EEO-1 data the agency collected.Orrick Partner Erin M. Connell at the EEOC teleconference in San Francisco.However, only five percent of the large tech firm employees are from one of these groups.This presents the unlikely scenarios that either major employers in the field are unable to attract four out of nine under-represented minority graduates from top schools or almost half of the minority graduates of top schools do not qualify for the positions for which they were educated.Among leading tech firms in Silicon Valley, 57 percent of executive employees were white, 36 percent were Asian American, 1.6 percent were Hispanic and less than 1 percent were black, according to the EEOC s 2014 data analysis.Although the meeting took place in Washington, D.C., I was able to sit in at the teleconference at the EEOC s San Francisco district office, where Connell participated via the livestream.
Starbucks Free Wifi Security ConcernsWalk by any Starbucks within 100 miles of your house and chances are that you ll see several people sitting at a table, drinking coffee and enjoying the free Wi-Fi.Starbucks and free Wi-Fi have become synonymous with one another over the past few years — one unable to exists without the other — but the next time you log on to a public coffee shop hotspot, you might want to consider the risks you re taking.Of course, there s nothing special about the Wi-Fi at Starbucks specifically, but it s a place where nearly everyone has connected at some point.give me 1-4 hours or less and close enough distance to a wifi antenna, I ll break your WPA2… but give me 15 minutes and I ll break your WEP.One the other hand, computer security engineer David Seidman explains that the chances of being targeted on a random hotspot at a random hotspot is unlikely: However, the truth is that most users will never be targeted because such an operation is risky and, more importantly, time consuming for the attacker, because the attacker needs to be physically present.Thanks to the sharing economy, living in five different cities in five years has never been more doable.
Project Mainstream is global project targeting areas of sustainability thwarted by complexities such as e-waste, using a circular economy model.One example, IBM is working to keep industrial products in continuous loops to maximize residual value and ensure that end-of-lease and client-owned IT equipment is refurbished, resold, disassembled or sold as parts, to be used for repair and maintenance work.The fishermen, many of whom are unable to read or write, are being trained to use the smartphones and are being provided with local charging facilities.The research is being led by CSIRO and aims to improve honey bee pollination and productivity on farms, as well as help understand the drivers of bee Colony Collapse Disorder CCD , a condition decimating honey bee populations worldwide.Using proprietary algorithms, TreeTAG generates a one-time code that captures precise data on the potential maximum yield of each tree, as well as the species, time, date, and exact location where each tree is felled.In Italy, researchers at SUNRISE are also working to enable seas, lakes and rivers to be digital highways for data transfer from sensors, robots, and underwater vehicles capable of performing tasks too dangerous for humans.
Regulatory captureCanada's internet is regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission CRTC .Only when heavily funded, well-coordinated campaigns by civil liberties organizations are put together does the CRTC even seem to consider regulating against the interests of the incumbent providers.This concept of regulatory capture is important.Even when the people win a victory, it is often pyrrhic, or at least very limited in scope.Also, we have laws that make the WiFi owner responsible for all traffic on their network, and the algorithms for the passwords are provider units and well known and discoverable remotely.Incumbent providers are thus unable to charge the "heavy users" more than a few hundred dollars a month.
Toxic behavior from certain sections of online gaming communities isn t a new phenomenon, but after a black Hearthstone player became the target of racist abuse during a Twitch livestream last week, gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment has vowed to work with the streaming site to block abusive comments.There were ten chat moderators were working during the match, and more were called in to help with the volume of hateful comments, but they were unable to stem the abuse aimed at Miller.Responding to the incident, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime issued the following statement to Polygon: "We're extremely disappointed by the hateful, offensive language used by some of the online viewers during the DreamHack Austin event the weekend before last.One of our company values is 'Play Nice; Play Fair;' we feel there's no place for racism, sexism, harassment, or other discriminatory behavior, in or outside of the gaming community."We're also updating our esports tournament partner policies with a stronger system of checks, balances, and repercussions to provide a better chat experience around our content, explained the Blizzard co-founder.Blizzard and Twitch won t want to censor the former, as it s part of what makes the platform enjoyable for so many people; it s the latter they re trying to eradicate.
A couple of cacodemons in Doom BethesdaUltra Nightmare is the toughest difficulty level in id Software's Doom revival, and less than a week since the game launched on 13 May, one player has already conquered it.It's a feat even the developers weren't able to manage during the game's development, and to make it even more impressive, the player did it without dying once.Developer id Software's Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin revealed to IGN back in April that even those who made the game have been unable to beat Ultra Nightmare – a new difficulty mode tougher than the series' famed Nightmare difficulty.It's the hardest of five difficulties in the game – which start with a super-easy "I'm Too Young To Die" mode.Doom is the first game in the series in 12 years and has been heralded as a return to form for the series.Our own reviewer enjoyed it more than the classic original, and heralded it as "the most finely crafted, technically impressive pure shooter in over a decade".
The sci-fi blockbuster would have to get from script to special effects at warp speed.When he was 8, the Lins invested their life savings in a fish-and-chips shop in Anaheim, California, and moved to nearby Buena Park, where they worked nonstop, overstayed their visas, and lived in fear of deportation until President Reagan s Immigration Reform and Control Act granted them amnesty in 1987.Unable to speak English, Lin was sent to the Boys Club of Buena Park, where Coach Bob tapped him and his younger brother, John—the only Asian kids—for the basketball team.He envied his neighbors, the Klug brothers, who had a trampoline and all the Hot Wheels cars I couldn t afford.Last year, Lin coproduced Hollywood Adventures, an American action comedy about Chinese tourists in LA, created for a Chinese audience.Now the team has set up a comedy with Jeremy Renner at HBO and a Bruce Lee-themed series at Cinemax, and they re developing the classic samurai graphic novel Lone Wolf and Cub, among many other projects.
This system has come at a cost of one billion dollars.Each sensor has an accelerometer that measures tremors and algorithms that detect earthquakes.When an earthquake is detected a signal is sent to a server in hundredths of a second.The damage maps are sent via email to fire departments within minutes of the earthquake and are downloaded to battery-powered devices in case power is interrupted.IoT standalone sensors are augmented by Zizmos smartphone apps Zizmos eQuake that are available free-of-charge for iOS and Android.Every second that passes, thousands of messages are sent from the sensors to servers for analytics and alerting.
CDC staff show two plates growing bacteria in the presence of discs containing various antibiotics.The isolate on the left plate is susceptible to the antibiotics on the discs and is therefore unable to grow around the discs.In an ominous description, the report suggests that by 2050, antimicrobial-resistant infections could sop up $100 trillion from the global economy while killing off 10 million people per year—about a death every three seconds.The report only accounts for a handful of types of antimicrobial infections, and it is limited by poor infection records.Still, the projections were just a first step in the much larger comprehensive report on the state of antimicrobial resistance and its threat to human health and the global economy.The steps focus on curbing current use of antibiotics and antimicrobials, incentivizing the development of new drugs, and informing the public via coordinated global campaigns.