The hashtag BoycottAmazon was trending on Twitter in India on Saturday, when users discovered doormats with images of Hindu gods and goddesses on the platform.Amazon has since removed the doormats in question, according to Mashable.People were upset at the retail giant for allowing the sale of items that place sacred symbols — including images of the deities Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna and Ganesha — on doormats, or that thing you use to wipe your dirty feet.BoycottAmazon UninstallAmazon— Badri Mission265inUP @techie badri June 4, 2016Though many of the items called out were sold by a handful of sellers — including Rock Bull and Mr Kill Ganesha doormats — people were unified in the call to take down Amazon, as the retailer allowed the products to stay up on the site.Some pointed out the discrepancy between allowing products that insult Hindu gods and goddesses, but not seeing everyday items like doormats or undergarments featuring Allah, Jesus or other religions deities:Most called for users to stop buying Amazon products and to uninstall the app:But some criticized the BoycottAmazon movement, stating that there were bigger issues to be enraged by:Childish trend, BoycottAmazon.Our tradition, Hinduness too big to be belittled by it— Abhijit Majumder @abhijitmajumder June 4, 2016Incredible India: Where losers hoping to BoycottAmazon never get upset with honour killings and female infanticide in the name of religion.
A long distance relationship in college had Li Lingxiao feeling that despite copious messages, stickers and video chats with his girlfriend each day,  something was still missing.Without the sense of touch, everything else fell short of getting an intimate message across.That was when his idea for smart, or to paraphrase – vibrating, underwear was hatched.Now, three years later, he s finally ready to unveil Cueme, the haptic undergarments that allow you to be touched , when you re apart, and want a more tactile feeling of being together.Paired with the Cueme app, couples can activate the vibrating nodes on pair of underpants or bra halfway across the world by tapping each of the corresponding spots on a smartphone screen.You can even program a signature  set of moves for yourself or significant other when you really want to get someone s attention.More pragmatic needs are also answered.The massage yourself function can do much for those who want to bump up their cup size, purports Li, saying the nodes are aligned with acupuncture pressure points.However, these crazy function are best tried at home, as buzzing from genital areas in quiet libraries and offices generally draws strange looks.It s not exactly a fresh concept, but Li and his Shenzhen based startup Cueme are taking the product beyond the conceptual stage, making it available at the consumer level.
Have you ever played a video game so utterly terrifying that, post-shat, you wondered why you didn t have the foresight to put on a pair of adult diapers?If you happened to answer yes, the company behind horror game Outlast has the solution: Underscares, a pair of adult diapers with the game s logo, an ultra-mesh sewage suppressor butt-grid, and liquid-lock thigh portals.Yes, this is a real project.Underscares comprise what may be the most fun project to launch on Kickstarter, one Red Barrels says is completely real and not at all a ploy to raise funding for Outlast 2.Whether the undergarments end up heading into production depends entirely on whether the campaign reaches its near-$30k funding goal.You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.
Death nets downloads.Publisher GungHo Entertainment announced today that its free-to-play hack- n -slash game Let It Die has surpassed 1 million downloads since coming out for the PlayStation 4 on December 3.Those could translate into potential customers that could spend money on in-game transactions.GungHo s best known for its biggest hit, the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons.Let It Die is the publisher s first PlayStation 4 game, although it did publish the mobile version of Galak-Z.Grasshopper Entertainment developed Let It Die.Goichi Suda, also known as Suda 51, is the chief executive officer of that studio, known for violent, over-the-top games like No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw.Developed by the creative minds at Grasshopper Manufacture, Let It Die is set in a post-apocalyptic Japan that starts players with little more than their undergarments to survive, GungHo detailed in a press release sent to GamesBeat.
After rolling out private clothing labels for women and recently launching a private-label men s clothing collection named Buttoned Down , Amazon is now reportedly venturing into the intimate apparel segment.However, its private label undergarments appear to be based on the strategy of securing market share through lower prices, even at the cost of sacrificing margins.Selling lingerie online is not an easy proposition, given that consumers look for fit and feel of the garment before a purchase.However, Amazon s strategy to offer the garments at a much lower price compared to competitors can attract customers to try the garment through an online purchase and eventually stick to its platform based on the quality of the product.Attracting Millennials Through An Intimate Shopping ExperienceMany millennials find shopping for intimate apparel in departmental stores frustrating and intruding.
Amazon is a clothing powerhouse — just not the way you might imagine.Though the company is hoping to become the go-to shop for everything high fashion, it mostly sells practical, unglamorous items like work pants and socks.Men's and women's undergarments, including socks, accounting for a total of $415 million in sales, were two out of five of Amazon's top-selling apparel categories last year, according to a report by One Click Retail.The top five individual apparel items sold on Amazon last year were also all either pants or socks, according to the report.What do most of these categories have in common?Socks are one-size-fits-all, underwear is lettered sizes, and in pants, denim, and workwear you likely know what size you'll be and how they'll look without even looking at the garment.
Since mid-2016, Apple’s iPhone Photos app has used metadata analysis and image-recognition technology to sort users’ photos automatically and tag them for easy extraction.The categories include everything from various animals to inanimate objects like furniture—but as Twitter user @ellieeewbu noted on Monday, it also includes the archaic term “brassiere.”ATTENTION ALL GIRLS ALL GIRLS!!!Go to your photos and type in the ‘Brassiere’ why are apple saving these and made it a folder!!?!!?In a limited straw poll, female Gizmodo employees universally confirmed suspicions this term is archaic.Some users noted that Apple’s image-recognition technology seemed to be struggling to determine what should be included under the tag.
Since mid-2016, Apple’s iPhone Photos app has used metadata analysis and image-recognition technology to sort users’ photos automatically and tag them for easy extraction.The categories include everything from various animals to inanimate objects like furniture—but as Twitter user @ellieeewbu noted on Monday, it also includes the archaic term “brassiere.”ATTENTION ALL GIRLS ALL GIRLS!!!Go to your photos and type in the ‘Brassiere’ why are apple saving these and made it a folder!!?!!?In a limited straw poll, female Gizmodo employees universally confirmed suspicions this term is archaic.Some users noted that Apple’s image-recognition technology seemed to be struggling to determine what should be included under the tag.
Samsung has built a solution with the FlexDry DV60M9900, a $1,300 double machine that boasts a delicate dryer on top, and a large capacity tumble dryer below.Standing at 47 inches tall (20 inches taller than the Whirlpool Hybrid Care), with a depth of 32.5 inches, and a width of 27 inches, the appliance is sleek, black, and gorgeous.At first we were intimidated by the sheer number of buttons on the display (24 on the bottom dryer and 10 more on top for 34 total), but we soon realized that the buttons were much more user friendly than the dial that you see in appliances like the Maytag MED855DW.If you’re expecting a small tumble dryer, forget it.This is more of a drying rack with a fan.Samsung recommends placing one or two sweaters or shirts, six undergarments, or four accessories — like neckties — at most.
The FoldiMate was first introduced at last year’s CES to a surprising amount of interest, racking up 8,000 pre-order reservations according to the company’s blog.I say “surprising” because it was a laundry-folding machine that was expected to cost around $850 and took up about as much space as an actual washer.Now the company has just opened up pre-orders for its latest version, which will be available at the end of 2019 through a partnership with European home appliances group BSH.The new model aims for a target price of $980 and features a sleeker redesign, though it’s still just as huge.FoldiMate can fold shirts, buttoned-up blouses, and pants from children’s clothes to adult size XXL.The new model can now fold towels and pillowcases, though socks and undergarments are still strictly off the menu.
Ladies’ lingerie brands are the latest in the fight to fend off digital upstarts.For years, Victoria’s Secret has been the dominant brand, with roughly 50 percent of the women’s underwear market share, but last year its sales reportedly saw a drop-off with each passing month (as much as 10 to 14 percent from month to month in early 2017, per Women’s Wear Daily).Now a new wave of undergarments, from Tommy John to ThirdLove, is starting to garner attention and win over consumers thanks to new marketing tactics and product innovation.“These competitors have the advantage of being a new voice in this market while Victoria’s Secret is really stuck trying to turn the Titanic,” Valerie Aurilio, executive creative director at Landor, said.The product is the focus of what they are selling.”That’s not to say Victoria’s Secret is going away.
No matter how many times you travel by air, you will always find that luggage always creates a problem.We face issues; we get hassled immediately, find a solution immediately and then completely forget about it in my next travel.Carry at least one extra pair of clothes, fresh undergarments, basic toiletries, tampons, sanitary pads, a towel, important medicines, laptop, phone, chargers, power bank, a scarf, and swimsuits.Basically, you need to keep everything that will be hard to replace immediately in case you lose the rest of your baggage or in case of an emergency landing.It’s silly when people travel hundreds of time via airplanes and yet end up making the same mistakes over and over again and cursing themselves under their breath.
The Men's Underwear Market Research report clarifies the past experience and trends, on the basis of these past experiences, it offers the future prediction considering other factors influencing the growth rate.This worldwide report offers the detailed analysis of the important factors such as market dynamics (DROT), PEST, and PORTER which assists the growth of the Men's Underwear Industry.These past experience and factors assist to build the strategy and future planning of Men's Underwear Market and hold a place in the competitive world.The Men's Underwear industry Market report offers the competitive scenario in the Men's Underwear industry based on the type of product, applications, and the companies that are present in the Men's Underwear market, and covers the company profiles, their development policies, lined up products and recent launched along with the SWOT analysis of companies.To get a complete report sample from this link: report studies the global Men's Underwear market status and forecast, categorizes the global Men's Underwear market size (value & volume) by key players, type, application, and region.This report focuses on the top players in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia India and Other regions (Middle East & Africa, Central & South America).Undergarments are items of clothing worn beneath outer clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin, although they may comprise more than a single layer.They serve to keep outer garments from being soiled or damaged by bodily excretions, to lessen the friction of outerwear against the skin, to shape the body, and to provide concealment or support for parts of it.In cold weather, long underwear is sometimes worn to provide additional warmth.
To drive the point home, the undergarments maker is betting most people won’t notice stacks of money and free underwear hidden nearly in plain sight in various locations in New York City and online.A new campaign by CP+B is built on the fact that people don’t acknowledge advertising, and plays off various marketing tropes that try to grab attention but now go mainly unnoticed, like QR codes and posters with fine print.CP+B started by putting the packaged underwear all over New York City along with stacks of cash, free for the taking in broad daylight, to see who, if anyone, would notice.The team behind the creative filmed the locations from a van and waited…and waited, until a few people finally stopped and realized they had something good.“We took advertising tropes, like the big sign on a billboard, the wailing arms tube man, the QR code…we wanted to make that part of our social experiment, but show that people can get rewarded for paying attention,” said KT Thayer, creative director at CP+B.That’s the year Fruit of the Loom was founded,” he said.
Global Lingerie Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2023 Report “ Provides In-Depth Analysis Of Parent Market Trends, Macro-Economic Indicators And Governing Factors Along With Market Attractiveness As Per Segments.Introduction:Lingerie is fashionable and typically alluring undergarments.Lingerie includes undergarments using flexible, stretchy, sheer, or decorative materials like Lycra, nylon (nylon tricot), polyester, satin, lace, silk and sheer fabric.Certain cotton or synthetic undergarments are also lingerie.Scope of the Global Lingerie Market ReportThis report focuses on the Lingerie in global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa.This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers, regions, type and application.Request a Sample of this Report @ worldwide market for Lingerie is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly xx% over the next five years, will reach xx million US$ in 2023, from xx million US$ in 2017, according to a new GIR (Global Info Research) study.China is the world's largest lingerie producing country, therefore, the various multinational companies eager to enter the Chinese market, also focus on the Chinese market as the main market.Price and service quality war is inevitable; Lingerie competition will be fierce, the big companies have business cost and technical advantages.Global lingerie market is in a period of rapid development, the market capacity continues to increase, but at the same time also began intense competition.With the development of the global economy, the future of the consumer market will show M type, focused on high-end and low-end, mid-market will be narrowed, the competition fierce.Browse the Full Report @ report covers Analysis of Global Lingerie Market Segment by ManufacturersHanesbrands IncFruit of the LoomJockey InternationalTriumph InternationalVictoria's SecretWacoal HoldingsUniqloCKCalidaAimer GroupMani FormEmbry FormSunfloraGracewellGujinJialishiFarmanlHoplun GroupSunny GroupCosmo-ladyEssentieTiovaVeniesOleno GroupOrdifenAudreyMiiowGlobal Lingerie Market Segment by regional analysis covers North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy) Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia) South America (Brazil, Argentina, Columbia etc.
Not in the standard understanding of the term, at least.Seismic CEO Rich Mahoney wants to make that much clear.“Exoskeletons are what the public understands, with regards to wearable robotics,” Mahoney told TechCrunch in an interview ahead of the product’s debut onstage this week at Disrupt.Part of our insight we saw is that everyone is wearing clothing and no one is wearing robots.”Around the TechCrunch office, we’ve taken to calling the product “robotic underwear,” something that paints a bit more accurate a picture of what you’re getting yourself into.The product is designed to offer similar assistive functionality to what you get with SuitX or Ekso, albeit on a smaller scale, in a more discreet package.
Kosmochem offer a wide variety of Adult incontinence products, These include pull-on style diapers, adult swim diapers, belted undergarments, absorbent underwear for women, booster pads, adult cloth diapers, and a whole variety of featured products.For more details, Visit at-
November 21, 2018: Global Sexy Lingerie Market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR in the upcoming years as the scope and its applications are rising enormously across the globe.Lingerie is a garment that is a part of women’s clothing, which comprises lightweight robes, undergarments, and sleepwear.It looks good on every woman, no matter her size, shape, and proportions.Sexy Lingerie Market is segmented based on types, product types, material, distribution channels, and region.Types such as the corset, closed-crotch drawers, sheer nightgown, teddy, camisole, bustier, chemise, and others classify Sexy Lingerie.Corsets help shape the figure of women creating slim waist and large bust.However, babydoll is a sheer lingerie, which is flirty and sexy in style and is comfortable for all figures from curvy to small.Product types such as Shape wear, bra, loungewear, knickers and panties, and others classify Sexy Lingerie.
If they wear lingerie of poor quality, then they can develop different skin problems.So, they wear lingerie that is made of rich materials such as satin, silk, pure cotton etc.The other types of clothes that women constantly require are panties, hosiery, nightwear, shape wear, etc.Lingerie The dealer deals with different types of lingerie’s.The different type of bra type is balconette full, quarter cup, push-up, soft cuf, bridal lingerie, evening lingerie, etc.They are available in various types such as semi-padded, soft-cup balconette with thongs, suspenders, and different garter sets.They are also available in different colors such as red, black, blue etc.Hosiery They deal with all types of hosiery items that are worn to the lower leg areas and thighs.
Jock itch is an itch around the genital and buttock areas, common in athletes and people who build up large amounts of sweat in these areas.It can also be treated by washing the affected area with soap and warm water.Change clothes and undergarments daily for preventing yourself from this disease.Call us now for Jock itch treatment in Delhi, India.