"Policies designed to replace lost income for unemployed workers ... have been very effective at preventing rental debt," researchers wrote.
Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rebuffed the coronavirus relief plan as it didn't do enough to tackle the pandemic.
The limited stimulus bill could leave out federal unemployment benefits for 26 million Americans receiving a jobless check.
At the end of September, about 1.5 million Californians were waiting for unemployment checks, according to LAist.
The coronavirus relief package is likely to be rejected in the GOP-controlled Senate as many Republicans argue against more federal spending.
"The worry is: 'How much wasteful spending will we have to swallow to do this?" asked Rep. Kevin Brady on Fox News.
The payments would be retroactive to mid-September, picking up where the administration's Lost Wages unemployment program left off.
McConnell said Republicans and Democrats were "very, very" far apart on another coronavirus relief package.
The amount is equivalent to 17 weeks of the $600 federal unemployment benefit many jobless workers received earlier this year.
The package also includes funds for coronavirus testing and contact tracing, as well as $436 billion in state aid.
The lack of new fiscal aid has an "immediate impact" on household earnings and will drive a contraction in disposable income into 2021, the bank said.
Pew Research Center also found that 60% of the people who took a pay cut early in the pandemic are still making less than they were before March.
The findings suggest the supplement was meant "to provide the income needed for households to make essential purchases and payments," the Fed said.
When Congress $600/week bonus lapsed in July, President Trump allocated $44 billion for FEMA to grant for states and US territories.
"I thought maybe there would be a positive side of all this, but instead it seems like everyone is nastier and more judgmental."
The National Retail Federation reported sales growth dipped month-over-month in August after unemployment benefits under the CARES Act expired.
The Lost Wages Assistance program aimed at supplementing weekly unemployment checks by $300 is ending this week.
At least four states are ending their federal aid programs after paying out six weeks of benefits. FEMA says other states will get the same amount.
Who blinks first: Optimistic investors expecting more stimulus, or lawmakers who don't feel urgency because the stock market is prospering?