Many britons want to see a ban for the hugs and kisses on the job.according to a new survey among 2000 employees in the Uk.To greet each other by hugs and unexpected kiss on the cheeks can create confusion and stress in uk workplaces, shows the survey made by the jobbsajten Totaljobs.One-third of the employees surveyed stated that they felt themselves affected by the uncomfortable greetings, and 25 percent say they avoid colleagues or customers on the basis of their approaches to health.the Survey also shows that three out of four employees would agree to a ban on physical contact in the workplace.− Regardless of whether it is an unwanted hug or a kindpuss at the inappropriate moment, shows our survey to greetings at work can be unpleasant and affect job satisfaction and productivity, says Totaljobs marketing manager Alexandra Sydney in an article in the british newspaper The Telegraph.