An unmanned expedition to the depths of Monterey Bay, California, discovered a baleen-whale carcass on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.The carcass still contained some blubber and internal organs.Bone-eating worms and scavenging eelpouts were devouring the remains, while octopuses and crabs explored the skeleton.More than 4,000 feet under the waves of Monterey Bay, California, sits an underwater volcanic peak called Davidson Seamount.Whale carcasses that sink to the bottom of the ocean like this are called "whale falls."In the case of this whale fall, which the researchers determined was a baleen whale, the ROVs' cameras saw octopuses, eelpout (eellike skinny fish), and bone-eating worms sharing in the feast.
The european space agency (ESA) are beginning to prepare to extract rocket fuel on the moon.It is the Ariane Group, which received a one-year contract to investigate the possibility to shoot up an unmanned expedition to the moon by 2025.the Goal is to be able to mine and process regolit from the surface of the moon.From the regoliten it is possible to extract water and oxygen, which in turn can be used to make rocket fuel.Something that can be important for a future manned base on the moon, and for expeditions further out in the solar system.”To use space resources can be a key to a sustainable way to explore the moon, and this study is part of ESA's overall plan to make Europe to a party in the global utforskningsinsatserna over the next decade,” says David Parker, head of ESA's space exploration in a press release.
Nine private aerospace company will help the Nasa to the moon, and the first unmanned expedition can be on the road as early as next year.Last year, Nasa's new directive of president Donald Trump.The u.s. space agency would once again take aim towards the moon.Now start the plan to take shape.Yesterday presented to Nasa, the nine private companies will contribute with technology and equipment to månexpeditionerna.The most famous name on the list is the defence and Lockheed Martin who are joined by eight more niche companies.
Elon Musks aerospace company Spacex has just completed the first tests of the rocket Raptor to use for the spaceship that could take humanity to the red planet.the Test run of the rocket Raptor was made on Sunday in Texas, USA.the Contractor and Spacexgrundaren Elon Musk was quick to lay out two Twitterbilder which turned up the flames and the wave pattern formed from the engine during the test.Musk has in the past been frugal with details about the metandrivna the Raptor engine, but yesterday took the he also to tweet out that the production target for the Raptor is to reach a compression force on the three meganewton and a specific impulse – a measure of how much force a rocket fuel can provide – 382 seconds.Spacex aims to send a human crew to Mars in 2014, which will be preceded by an unmanned expedition to start already in 2018.the Spacecraft, which according to Elon Musk will take humanity to Mars, has been named the Red Dragon, and should be driven by nine Raptor engines.The tests of the Raptor engine is an important pr victory for the Musk – especially after the accident that occurred at the beginning of september, when a Space rocket exploded during a testuppskjutning.