Both upper secondary and higher education students move into the general housing aid 1.8.2017 from, social affairs and the ministry of health told reporters.the STM according to the president of the republic Sauli Niinistö confirmed the housing benefit bill today, Thursday.the Law change does not affect the study abroad students, as well as in Finland, folk high school, physical education center or the Sámi training centre paid on line study and educational institution dormitory resident students.They also get in the future, the current student support system in accordance with the students ' housing supplement.following the reform of some of the students lose housing support altogether and part of the back of the housing subsidy amount is reduced, will increase or remain unchanged.General housing support for eligible students is estimated to be less than student housing for the additional eligible students, but the average general housing allowance amount is higher than the students ' housing supplement.
Ever since the computer and video gaming took hold in young people's everyday life in the early 70's, there have constantly been debates surrounding the many negative aspects.Now it is time that we start talking about the positive competitive advantage, writes Pontus Jonasson in a gästkrönika.To write about their playing CV:t five years ago was never on numbers, but if you ask today a recruiter if it can be useful to include in the CV the answer may well be yes.This is, of course, according to many a healthy and modern view on the subject - but also insufficient.This is also one of the main arguments among the now many schools that offer esportutbildningar at the upper secondary level to pursue education and training.the schools also have this knowledge in the back, they have begun to see it as narturligt for a student to focus on his career in esport as any other sport at any time.
the School's goal should be that all young people should commence and complete a secondary education.– No students fall between the cracks, " says the investigator in the investigation, which today handed over to the gymnasieminister Anna Ekström S .this report suggests, among other things, that a goal that all young people should commence and complete upper secondary education shall be included in the education act. " I propose an overarching goal that all students will begin upper secondary school.No youth falling between the cracks, " says Helén Ängmo, special investigator.Among the other proposals include, among other things, requirements on the mentor for all students, mainstream school with fewer håltimmar and extended instructional time in the vocational programs.
But to create a polarisation between training sessions creates more confusion and harm than it does good, " answers Magnus Höij, Technology and Designföretagen.In Stockholm's latest campaign to choose a school encouraged young people not to seek the natural or engineering courses.It is about the visibility of the upper secondary vocational programmes, which the Stockholm city schools call to choose with the heart .this is a message that we on the Swedish Technology and Designföretagen reacted strongly.In a response to our op-ed defends Jan Holmquist, gymnasiedirektör, the city of Stockholm, the number of applicants to vocational programmes is a record low.And that these professionals are at least equally important from the samhällssynpunkt as the engineers – He misses the point.
All students who attend a national programme in upper secondary school should be able to read programming, according to a proposal from the Swedish national agency for Education.the Authority would like to see several changes, including the broadening of the already existing courses and a whole new topic: applied programming.It is to connect programming with the subjects that the pupils read.”For example, students in the arts program is able to learn to program music while the students of the industrial engineering program should be able to learn to program robots,” writes the agency on its website.about a month ago, the government decided to change the wording in curricula, course and ämnesplanerna in primary and secondary schools to provide students with more digital content.the agency will now collect comments on the proposal.
Samsung may have the hottest flaggskeppstelefonen on the market right now in the newly launched Galaxy S8 – but the Swedish people still prefer Apple's Iphone.It shows this year's edition of the popularitetsundersökning which are regularly conducted by Novus on behalf of Sweden's Advertisers.the Distance down to the second on the list, which is just the Samsung, is in this year's survey 14 percentage points.Among those who prefer the Iphone there is a clear tendency of higher education (45%), self-employment (59%) and that they have been struck down bopålarna in the Stockholm (48%).Of the older swedes do not enjoy Apple's phones the same heavily fancied teams – only 25 per cent of pensioners, gives the Iphone a thumbs-up.Of those who prefer the Samsung, it is more common with upper secondary education as highest education, and that they live in the north of sweden.
21 August grenade attack case verdict, announced to the center, the BMW, the BMW, the passenger in a moving bus in the petrol bomb has cast into the. The incident in the bus, 3 women passengers roasted, has been. However, in the event the immediate police chased the Nour Mahmoud name in one attack, user interception.On Wednesday (10 October) at noon, in Shajahanpur upazila of Nilphamari from leave Dhaka sailor transporting a bus happened at.Roasted three passengers if - Upazilla of Nilphamari of Santander village Mozammel Hawkeye, wife, Anju Ara (55), in the same district, glance at simulare village, Nazrul Islam's wife movie Begum (40) and Tangail of Shantinagar village of Shams Hawkeye girl, Shamim, or Begum (27). Roasted 3 people a Bogra Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital were admitted to the.Police know the verdict announcement half an hour of in the noon, to respond to 12 o'clock, bombing, threw the beating phenomenon occurs. Nilphamari from bus to Dhaka in going to. Bogra's Shajahanpur upazila set area to exceed the time, a motorcycle from the bus, the inside of the petrol bomb, leaving. Of the bus, front seats have three women passengers charred're.Shajahanpur police station, upper secondary (SR) summon the leadership of the patrol, a police team chased the attackers to one of the bars.The crime triggered, nor suffering to talk directly in daily right to e-mail - [email protected] your information sent to the objectivity of the verification that we publish it.
The police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) new unit debut as going to ‘Cyber Police Centre’. On Thursday(11 October) the Ministry of Interior's Public Security Division, this approved.This new centre, 342 members of the structure will be. And center the responsibility to be in the CID, a deputy inspector general.Across the country, the social media rumors, to prevent a will this new unit of original responsibility.Election schedule announced before a center structure of the work will be finished, said told reporters CID, Special Police Super Mollah Nazrul Islam.342-member after the other will have two additional DIG, three police Super, Six additional police Super, Assistant Police Super (ASP) 18, John, visitor, 45, John, upper secondary (SR) 140 John, Assistant, Upper Intermediate (ASI) 30 John, Constable, 75 John, system analyst, a programmer, A and maintenance after the engineer one.This unit for the members of 49 the vehicles is approved.
Levels are likely to worry businesses relying on a skilled pipelineOver 70 percent of both lower and higher secondary school students within the European Union never or “almost never” engage in coding or programming at schoolThese are the findings of a survey conducted by the European Commission on the current state of ICT in education and published today.The striking report, which surveyed 85,000 head teachers, teachers, students and parents from the EU’s 29 member states, Norway, Iceland and Turkey, also found that a gender divide is alive and well, with girls less likely to be coding.The report shows the “urgent need to scale-up events such as Code Week, a grassroots movement promoting programming and computational thinking in a fun and engaging way”, European officials said today, adding that the Commission wants to see 50 percent of schools in Europe taking part in Code Week events by 2020.Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society said in the report: “The fact that 79% of lower secondary school students and 76% of upper secondary school students never or almost never engage in coding or programming proves the relevance of our policies to fill the existing gaps in skills and digital connectivity.”
Greta Thunberg warn of an existential crisis.During Friday attended by people in more than 2,000 locations around the world in klimatdemonstrationer.Only in Sweden was conducted more than a hundred different demonstrations for the climate, from Abisko in the north to Trelleborg in the south.Then formed all together human snowflakes, as a symbol of the importance of arctic snow and ice, reports the SVT News, Norrbotten, sweden.– It is terrible that we need to do this, at the same time, it is very cool that we are here, " said Signe Brümmer, a student at the upper secondary school Spyken in Lund, sweden.She and her friends Julia Andersson, Anja Nikolic and Channa Törnlund see Greta Thunberg as an icon.
Expressed in terms of percentage, it was 8.7 per cent, of the students who missed out on a study grant 2018/19, compared with 8.5% in the previous academic year.According to the Central student aid (CSN), the students in the stand-alone upper secondary schools, which accounted for the increase in the past year.In this group there was a 10 percent cut class with the withdrawal of bursaries as a result.the Major difference between the the past, there are more boys than girls who stay home from school: 64 percent of the skolkarna boys.In the programme science received 4% of the studiehjälpen involved, the ministry of trade and administration, a total of 16.4 per cent.
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