Donald Trump's win has got investors to believe that euro rate will fall to the same level with the dollar.the Last time the currencies were at parity years in 2002.Investors, the probability that the euro will sink to parity by the end of 2017, 45%.Yet a week ago the probability was estimated at only half of this, when the market was Hillary clinton's victory in the Us presidential election.Trump promises the U.s. economy accelerated, and a tax cut of now add to expectations the federal economic growth and increase pressure on the United states central bank fed's early rate hike.Deuche Bank strategist George Saravelos predicts the euro will drop to 1.05 to the dollar for the end of the year and 95 cents by the end of 2017.
Donald Trump the choice of the next president was confirmed last night.Trump wins the electoral college vote was generally considered certain, but in theory the situation could change if less than 40 electoral votes would have changed its position, telling The Business Insider.Completely without the gravel sound, the vote is still going, as two of the electors slipped out of the front.One of them voted for John Kasich and the second to Ron Paul.the Final vote was 304 votes Trump, 227 Clinton and seven votes for other Win the vote, Clinton would have needed a total of 38 electoral votes, the translation "unfaithful".
the next president of the rising Donald Trump has appointed former campaign director kelly ann Conway, 49, advisor to the president, told the Reuters news agency.Conway said to have been a strong Trump of the election campaign vakavoita imaging scenes.Trump, according to Conway, this was a vital role in his victory possible."He's my agenda tireless and tenacious advocate, and he has the exact näkymys about how our message is communicated to effectively move forward."New job in Conway will be the president's key advisors, particularly in communication.
Donald Trump's election victory has boosted u.s. consumer economic confidence to its highest level since January 2004, told the university of Michigan.the University published by the confidence index reading in December was 98,2, when it in November was a 93.8, and in December last year 92,6.Up to 18% of the respondents mentioned spontaneously it expects Trump's actions to affect the economy positively.the university of Michigan, this is an all-time high: for example, Ronald Reagan received in 1981 to less than half the number of similar mentions of positive expectations.Almost same amount of respondents, 16 per cent, although was waiting for Trump economy from the negative effects.
future Us president Donald Trump's administration possible support of the European union degradation would be "madness", said in his post to stop the United states, the EU-ambassador Anthony Gardner reporters in Brussels.Gardner said the news for example Time.He among other things says that Trump's administration has already inquired, what states will follow britain's example and leave the European union."it Is madness to think that by supporting the European fragmentation we drive our interests.It is absurd," Gardner criticized.the Brexit campaign frontman Nigel Farage was the first british politician, who met with Trump in his election after his victory in November.
Hackers suspected Russian Pyotr Levashoc was arrested on Friday in Barcelona, the american authorities on request.levashovin have shown to have links with the Us presidential elections, the outcome of the vote, told Reuters news agency.Questioning police accused Levashovin developed a computer virus, which should contact Donald Trump to victory in the elections.the Suspect was arrested currently in Barcelona on vacation with his family.He is accused to have created multiple trojans viruses and spam programs.Levashovin is believed to be Peter Severa -under a pseudonym.
Photograph: Jeff Chiu/APMark Zuckerberg on Wednesday held a wide-ranging discussion with a group of conservative commentators who said afterward the Facebook CEO acknowledged the giant social network has a problem reaching conservatives.To acknowledge that Facebook has come up short and that the company needs to improve – acknowledging there s a problem and saying they re going to resolve it is the right approach.Moffatt, co-founder of Targeted Victory and head of digital for Mitt Romney s 2012 presidential bid, said that the Facebook founder stopped short of making any concrete promises besides internal reviews that were already underway but had acknowledged a problem of trust.I wanted to hear their concerns personally and have an open conversation about how we can build trust.There has been a serious issue of trust within the conservative movement about this issue, but everyone in that room, on both sides, wants to see it restored, he said.Topics that appear as trending can have a self-fulfilling effect, as more Facebook readers see and share the items, and other news organizations decide to write their own stories.
In case you were wondering what John Fanning was up to these daysThe US Federal Trade Commission FTC is claiming victory after the US Court of Appeals upheld a verdict it won over reputation site court ruled that John Fanning, the former Napster CEO and chairman, deceived customers about data collection and membership benefits of, a social networking/smear website that was shut down in 2014.The FTC said in a summary decision that the site was misrepresenting the source of its data by claiming another individual had created the pages it was generating itself, and lying to customers about the benefits of purchasing the membership packages."This ruling makes it clear that the defendant's misrepresentations in this case were harmful to consumers," FTC consumer protection bureau director Jessica Rich proclaimed."We are pleased with the ruling, and will closely monitor the defendant's compliance with the order, as we do in all our cases."Specifically, the court struck down personal monitoring provisions placed on Fanning himself, finding that the FTC has no grounds to order the Jerk founder to tell officials about each and every job he holds.
Regulatory captureCanada's internet is regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission CRTC .Only when heavily funded, well-coordinated campaigns by civil liberties organizations are put together does the CRTC even seem to consider regulating against the interests of the incumbent providers.This concept of regulatory capture is important.Even when the people win a victory, it is often pyrrhic, or at least very limited in scope.Also, we have laws that make the WiFi owner responsible for all traffic on their network, and the algorithms for the passwords are provider units and well known and discoverable remotely.Incumbent providers are thus unable to charge the "heavy users" more than a few hundred dollars a month.
While it may lack the grand, historic sense of scope you may get from commanding a Roman legion into a decade-long crusade across Europe, or the barbarism of pillaging and raiding as the hordes of Attila, or seeing your first Arachnarok spider charge its way into a fray.There are only four playable factions at launch, five if you count the free Chaos Warriors add-on, but I haven t had access to them.While this pales in comparison to Attila s playable ten, Warhammer swaps a breadth of shallow cosmetic differences for actual mechanical depth, which makes for a far more diverse, more replayable strategy game.Or the Greenskins, who lack the ability to trade with other races but benefit greatly from raiding other provinces, receiving combat buffs the more victories they win.Finally, the Dwarfs, who focus heavily on diplomacy and trading to reach victory.The multiplayer campaign is very much like it is in the Civilization games – slow paced, and a huge time-sink that isn t particularly viable for the average player; but it provides a fantastic way for purists to play friends over the course of a few days, weeks or months.
These are the wives of Silicon Valley: women who are integral to the continued success of the Valley s multibillion-dollar computing industry – but also entirely invisible to it.Of the 125,000 H4 dependent visas granted in 2015, 80% were issued to Indian passport holders.A year ago, H4 visa holders won a partial victory: the US government decided to allow those who had been approved for green cards permanent residency to apply for work permits.But unlike their husbands – whose engineering skills mark them out as highly desirable global migrants – many have less-immediately transferrable skills, and so continue to struggle to find employment.Yet the impact of tech s gender bias on families is not limited to H4 wives alone.I could never have gone to grad school if he didn t work in tech … but I am also the one holding the baby.
The Google cofounder was questioned by attorneys from both sides, reiterating his company's argument that the Java APIs developed by Sun and later acquired by Oracle were open tools that Google believed were not subject to copyright."No we didn't pay for the free and open things," Page was quoted as saying.Among those who have been following this latest installment in the case between the two Silicon Valley giants is Parker Higgins, activist with the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF .With Google resting, the case looks to be entering its home stretch.Higgins said that, given the size and resources of both parties involved, he expects the appeals process to carry on for some time, regardless of the outcome."This trial has been long, and the litigation is probably not ending any time soon, given the stakes and how contentious it has been," he said.
Time magazine s Matt Peckham joins Jake Muncy and me to talk about our reactions to the Uncovered event that seemed to be a six-months-early victory party for the next Final Fantasy game, plus our feelings about Quantum Break and Miitomo.Game Life Podcast: Hold on to Your Butts—Dark Souls III Is Almost HereBandai NamcoThe voraciousness with which the Internet set upon those faked photos of the Nintendo NX is our first topic of discussion on this week s Game Life podcast, followed by Jake Muncy s initial explorations into Bandai Namco s highly anticipated Dark Souls III.Specifically: Jake Muncy and Time gaming editor Matt Peckham have been playing Superhot and Far Cry Primal, and have an enjoyable discussion about those, largely without me, who didn t play them.Game Life Podcast: It s Finally Safe for Everybody s Gone to the Rapture SpoilersSonyWhat was going on in Everybody s Gone to the Rapture, the PlayStation 4 game by The Chinese Room released last year?Everybody s Gone to the Rapture tackles one of the great questions of human existence—coming to terms with the inevitability of death—and gives us a metaphor to help us think about it.It can be a profound experience, aided by one of the greatest and most impactful, in terms of its literary connection to the game s message original musical scores in recent memory.
In a wide-ranging interview conducted by Guillaume Goubert and The WorldPost s Following Francis columnist, Sébastien Maillard, the pope demonstrates once again his wise and mature grasp of the issues.Francis cites an unjust global economy in which, the great majority of humanity s wealth has fallen into the hands of a minority of the population.If Pope Francis represents the inclusive universal spirit, Donald Trump and his xenophobic counterparts in France, Austria — where elections this weekend will likely see the victory of the far-right — and elsewhere represent the exclusivist nationalist spirit that searches for scapegoats instead of solutions.Now these two waves — the one coming from biology and the other coming from computer science — are merging around this master concept of the algorithm, and their merger will create a tsunami that will wash everything in its way.Last week the Brazilian Senate ousted President Dilma Roussef from office by initiating impeachment proceedings.Alexandra Ma reports on a couple that spent their wedding night copying out the Chinese constitution as a gesture of loyalty to the Communist Party.
Overwatch - a first-person shooter - also marks the first time the studio has launched a title worldwide on PC and consoles simultaneously."Blizzard has a huge following on a global basis and is one of the best renowned publishers," said Piers Harding-Rolls, head of games at the IHS Technology consultancy.Thomas Tippl, chief operating officer at Activision Blizzard, said Overwatch would be "Blizzard's biggest launch since Diablo 3 in 2012" and hoped it would "resonate well in e-sports".If it captures the attention of e-sports competitors, it could have a very profitable future."We value the input of the community and we have been changing things here and there, addressing player concerns.""There was a victory pose that we felt like we could make better and more exemplified the character.
Might want to put down a tarp now, because your shit is going to fly everywhere after you watch this:You re probably thinking now, what the hell did I just watch?That s OK, that s a normal reaction; you re just in shock.Mike Senatore, a senior at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, N.C., blew the roof off his school talent competition yesterday with the truly incomprehensible performance you just witnessed and are still recovering from.On the sign-up sheet, his talent was listed as battle flipping, which is maybe a typo but I hope not.Mike whose Twitter banner is, naturally, an action shot of The Flip and his friends are taking a well-deserved victory lap.Give some thanks that you, against all odds, were alive to see this moment.Hold on to your butts, here s the thing again:Miracles are real.
Back row: Ivo Batkovic, Johan Bergstrom, Bjorn Borg Nguyen, Mauro Bellone, Fredrik von Corswant, Ola Benderius. Front row: P Björn Mattsson, Mats Svensson Not pictured: Christian Berger, Arpit Karsolia, Federico Giaimo Photographer: Henrik Sandsjö, CC license With inspiration from the animal world hope Chalmers team on victory in the competition The Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge. Right now Ola Benderius, researchers in automotive and autonomous systems in place in the Netherlands where the competition The Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge will be held on Saturday, May 28 Here are competing 10 teams from European universities with their self-driving vehicles. The competition approach is a bit different, it is not to run the fastest is most important. - The teams get more points by helping each other, says Ola Benderius. So far, no outsider has contributed to the program, but Ola Benderius hope that the contest can spark interest in the project.
Home Secretary Theresa May has agreed to a review on the proposed Investigatory Powers bill.Labour, which had previously abstained from voting on the second reading of the bill on 15 March, welcomed the review.The bill will provide the UK Government with new far-reaching abilities to legally conduct surveillance on citizens, including tracking their activity online.The Government claims that the new powers will help it prevent terrorist attacks.It has attracted significant criticism, including from the Intelligence and Security Committee, particularly over a lack of clarity in the definitions included in the text.Hanna Thomas, Campaign Manager at SumOfUs, told CBR in an interview prior to the bill's reading that the bill's requirement for records to be collected and stored will "leave us wide open to leaks and hacks of our data".
The trustee has so far found SEK 50 million not included in Trustbuddys bankruptcy - and therefore can be divided between those who lent money through lending platform. These are loans that we felt did not belong to us, but the lenders. The bulk will go to them, said the bankruptcy trustee Lars-Henrik Andersson Breakit. Money will instead be distributed to creditors - which includes a number of collection companies and investors are found. Since they are not included in the bankruptcy have instead a group of lenders - representing 92 percent of outstanding loans - taken the help of a collection agency to try to collect money that way. One of the group's spokesperson Glenn Sundhagen, who was CFO of TrustBuddy for two months just before the bankruptcy, and who himself lent money via the platform.
Michael Slaby, who worked on both of Barack Obama s presidential campaigns, founded a company in 2013 called Timshel that offers Democratic political candidates software to reach supporters, raise money and host grass-roots events.Backed by Alphabet Inc. Chairman Eric Schmidt, Chicago-based Timshel is working with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton s campaign, which has paid more than $460,000 for the services, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.On the Republican side, companies include Targeted Victory, a digital advertising company co-founded by Zac Moffatt, who served as digital director for Mitt Romney s 2012 presidential bid, and i360, a data and technology firm backed by the Koch brothers, Charles and David.To survive and grow many startups have sought to broaden their client base.The same technology that helps political campaigns reach specific groups of voters and donors can be put to work for a car dealer trying to contact new customers or a movie studio seeking publicity, Mr. Moffatt said.Blue State Digital Inc., a Democratic digital media and technology company founded by veterans of Howard Dean s 2004 presidential run, started out with a pure political focus, but made a concerted push to broaden its client base in 2008, said founder Joe Rospars, who worked as chief digital strategist for the 2008 and 2012 Obama presidential campaigns.