Fang Binxing was forced to use a VPN to circumvent the Great Firewall of China Photograph: Kevin Frayer/Getty ImagesThe Father of China s internet censorship infrastructure, known as the Great Firewall of China, has been caught having to circumvent his own creation after attempting to display a website during a talk at the Harbin Institute of Technology in the Heilongjiang province of China.According to local reports, Fang Binxing attempted to display a South Korea website, which he said showed the views of South Koreans attempting to build similar infrastructure to China s firewall, but was blocked by said censorship system.Fang then had to resort to setting up a virtual private network VPN to circumvent the censorship, in full view of the lecture attendees, to display the site.Using VPNs to effectively make a tunnel through the Great Firewall of China to the outside internet world is a common, but frowned upon, practice used by many within China wishing to access western sites such as Facebook and Twitter.The UK also operates a system of censorship through court-ordered blocks of piracy sites by internet service providers, including the notorious Pirate Bay, which requires users to employ similar techniques such as VPNs to access.
It's Borg Bug Day, and this week Cisco's issued patches of interest to users of its Adaptive Security Appliances ASAs .The two newly-announced bugs are CVE-2016-1379, a VPN block memory exhaustion vulnerability; and CVE-2016-1385, a problem with the ASA XML parser.The software has a bug in how it handles ICMP errors in IPsec packets, and crafted packets sent either through LAN-to-LAN or remote access VPN tunnels can deplete available memory .That results in a denial-of-service, either because the system becomes unstable or it stops forwarding traffic.The software is vulnerable if the user's using IKEv1 or IKEv2 for LAN-to-LAN VPNs, or remote access VPNs using Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol and Ipsec; and if the system is validating ICMP errors.The XML parser vulnerability is less serious, because it can only be exploited by an authenticated user.
The internet has been a remarkable development for humanity, allowing people worldwide to quickly access information.Information flows both ways, however, and many people have realized that when they browse the internet they are not merely seeing information displayed on those sites; the sites themselves and even outside observers can follow a user s online activity.Despite the large amount of network theory behind the development of VPNs, they are remarkably simple to understand, and even easier to use.As mentioned earlier, campus and office networks are examples of VPNs, and they re fine if you are simply looking for a secure connection to the internet.There are some things to consider when choosing a VPN.In order to keep foreign users from accessing its U.S. library, Netflix routinely blocks users if it detects they are coming from a VPN.
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TunnelBear VPNA free VPN app is always a good place to start, so here s TunnelBear, which, rather excellently, has a roaring bear as its official mascot.There are also options to browse anonymously, as well as unblock proxy sites – and with 400 million downloads in the bank, it s evidently an app that people have put their trust in.It s glad you asked: offering multiple servers across four different continents not Antarctica – sorry, penguins , round-the-clock customer support and unlimited bandwidth, it also won t throttle your internet connection when performing its duties.Offering high-speed and encrypted connections, VPN Master may be trying to cash in on its name alone – but, given its strong rating on the App Store, it may be a sales tactic that s working handsomely.Cloud Ark VPNLooking for the smartest VPN around?This free well, mostly – we ll get onto that VPN app gives you at least 10 VPN hours a month which apparently is enough, say the app s makers , as well as promises of high security, unlimited data transfers and the fastest VPN servers around.
The victims of a major financial scam in China are bypassing the Great Firewall and using Twitter to contact human rights organisations and the media to try to get help about their plightThousands of people affected by one of China's biggest financial scams are starting to use virtual private networks VPN to bypass the Great Firewall of China in order to spread word of their plight to outside media over social networks like Twitter and Facebook.In April 2015, the FanYa Metal Exchange, a rare metals trading platform-turned-asset manager that has partnerships with many of China's biggest banks and metal companies, suddenly suspended trading and froze all its members' accounts after running into liquidation problems.About 220,000 people invested their life savings into the platform and their funds have been frozen, but the Chinese government doesn't seem to have taken much official action to get their money back, and the regulators have remained silent.They have been protesting outside public buildings and banking regulators across China in places like Shanghai, Yunnan and Kunming since September 2015, and although the protests eventually led to the Kunming police starting an investigation in December 2015 and finally arresting the head of FanYa in January, nothing has been done to help the victims get their money back.Instead, some investors have been arrested for protesting in Beijing, so the victims have now turned to the internet, using VPNs to bypass the infamous Great Firewall to tweet their plight to the outside world.One Twitter account, @554013604a, has a profile picture that says "Help!"
Advanced users can use virtual machines or multiple browsers isolated in sandboxes.Preshared keysWhite offered a quick list of VPNs that have preshared keys posted online: GoldenFrog, GFwVPN, VPNReactor, UnblockVPN, IBVPN, Astril, PureVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, TorGuard, IPVanish, NordicVPN, and EarthVPN.Among these alternatives, IPsec can be set up without installing extra software, but some believe it was either compromised or intentionally weakened by the NSA.VPNs aren t exempt, and many make claims that lack credibility offering 100 percent online security, for example .Any VPN service that respects their customers privacy will self-host all systems that interact with customers, such as third-party live chat scripts, support ticketing systems, blog comments, etc.Many users will skip these optional and time-consuming enhancement steps if they are configuring OpenVPN by hand.
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Kyle McDonaldIf you re connected to a wireless network, odds are high that little bits of data are trickling out of your device like water from a leaky faucet.Recently at Moogfest, a music and technology festival in Durham, N.C., McDonald with the help of fellow artist Surya Mattu created an installation called WiFi Whisperer that called attention to all that data your phone is giving away for free.By partnering with Festify, Moogfest s wireless internet provider, the artists were able to grab even more data—things like the names of networks you were previously connected to, your device s MAC address, the host name of your laptop or phone, the server your http traffic is aiming for, and even text from whatever website you re visiting.And finally, if you really want to be safe, use a virtual private network, which will help safeguard against HTTP traffic leaking but not against hardware and network-level leaking.That perspective has shifted over the years, especially in our post-Snowden era.Now, he says artists don t need to be whistleblowers; rather, he believes they need to help people understand the immediate impact of security issues.
The most popular version of this involves you providing your password, along with a verification code that's sent to your smartphone.When activated, websites are requested not to use tracking cookies.With a simple browser extension like Disconnect, you can see who's tracking youSpot the spiesThe problem is, even when web tracking is legitimate, the fact it happens without your knowledge provokes lack of trust.If that sounds like overkill for sending a couple of anonymous messages, then consider a disposable email address instead.The gatekeeper of your identifiable details is your internet service provider.Before signing up to a Virtual Private Network, read the reviews at www.bestvpn.comGoing virtualThough networks such as Tor and Freenet are useful for protecting privacy, their slow and limited functionality hardly makes them ideal for everyday anonymous internet usage.
We're not going to tell you how to get your work done.These apps can help you get some serious work done without a computer.Whether you re on a business trip and forced to connect to random Wi-Fi networks, or you re spending the day at a local coffee shop for a change of scenery, you can remain productive while keeping your data safe and secure.Protect your dataSomething we hardly think about when we re at home or in the office is someone snooping on our Wi-Fi traffic, looking for bits and pieces of personal information as we go about our daily tasks.From there, Screens does the rest.Sure, they can be frustratingly common, but at least your coworker telling you about his weekend plans provides a quick break from the task at hand.
It's based on the same code as Firefox, and guides you through the process of getting online.Read on to discover four more of the best proxy and VPN tools for anonymous browsing.It's a VPN tool that's available in two flavors – a free, ad-supported one, and a paid-for version that offer unlimited bandwidth.The paid-for version, Hotspot Elite, only costs a few pounds or dollars a month, but it's worth trying the free edition first before opening your wallet.Its additional features, including ad-free browsing and dedicated customer support, make it a tempting proposition.The downside of using the free version is that there's a limited numbers of spaces on the servers, so you may have to wait to gain access although you're unlikely to be kept hanging for long .
That said, CyberGhost does run a reasonably limited number of servers, with selections mainly focused in Europe – at the time of writing, the free version offers no location option for Canada or any servers located in Asia.There's a pretty big kicker: the free version only offers 500MB of data transfer per month, so it's going to be reasonably useless if you're using it as a location-spoofing tool to watch geo-restricted video.Being rough-and-ready, though, VPNBook does have its issues.Make no mistake, though: building your own OpenVPN server is enterprise-level stuff, certainly not for the faint-hearted given the amount of configuration required, and its absolute overkill for most purposes.Hotspot Shield FreeA promising VPN tool, but the ads and toolbars are overbearingIt's been around for a while and has something of a mixed reputation: Hotspot Shield is a cracking VPN, but suffers some pretty heavy drawbacks that are required to contribute to its upkeep.While you'll have to put up with a decent number of ads and frequent pleading to upgrade to its Elite version, some of the more insidious aspects – browser toolbars, page-injected advertising – are on the outs. went on to say: "The warrant canary has been particularly designed to make sure we could still move without being legally able to answer questions in a more detailed manner.Another site,, which seems to have been the first to notice the withdrawal of the warrant canary, pointed out that despite's warning, "The France 8 server coupled with their French servers in general continue to be some of the most utilised of their network."The article was less than impressed with its overall policy on handing over user data and protecting user privacy—it quoted Nate Cardozo, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as saying it was the "single worst policy" he had seen.Significantly, the policy now includes the following section: "We are based in the Republic of Seychelles and if any domestic law or constraint contradicts our mission and values, we will not hesitate to relocate into another location.We will close business and provide refund to all our present customers within the cash budget we have at our disposal."Earlier this year, Ars' sister publication Reddit also removed a "warrant canary" from its latest transparency report, in another sign of the growing use of such indirect signalling mechanisms—and of their necessity.
One such attack, recently observed by researchers from Web security firm Sucuri, targeted the website of one of the company s customers: a small bricks-and-mortar jewelry shop.Around half of the devices displayed a generic H.264 DVR logo on the page, while others had more specific branding such as ProvisionISR, QSee, QuesTek, TechnoMate, LCT CCTV, Capture CCTV, Elvox, Novus, and MagTec CCTV.The botnet seems to have a global distribution, but the countries with the largest number of compromised devices are Taiwan 24 percent , the U.S. 16 percent , Indonesia 9 percent , Mexico 8 percent , Malaysia 6 percent , Israel 5 percent , and Italy 5 percent .Back in March, a security researcher found a remote code execution vulnerability in DVRs from more than 70 vendors.Back in October, security vendor Imperva reported seeing DDoS attacks launched from a botnet of 900 CCTV cameras running embedded versions of Linux and the BusyBox toolkit.If remote management or monitoring is needed, users should consider a deploying a VPN virtual private network solution that allows them to connect inside the local network first and then to access their DVR.
But with virtually unlimited access to knowledge and entertainment comes great risk, especially if your personal data isn t secured with a Virtual Private Network VPN .With a VPN Forever: Lifetime Subscription, you can safeguard your internet activity, achieve unlimited bandwidth and unlock geo-blocked data no matter where you may be in the world.And for a limited time, lifetime access is available at 92 percent off from TNW Deals.Though most people understand the dangers of connecting to a public Wi-Fi, they re still unaware their information is ripe for the taking from their own home network.Whether you re looking to sidestep government censorship or simply make it harder for pesky online advertisers to track you, VPN Forever provides the privacy you crave.Choose between static and dynamic IP addresses for a full range of features.
Symantec report says people are aware of the dangers of public Wi-Fi but can t gauge security.And some take the risk anywayWi-Fi users are aware of the dangers of sharing personal information across public networks, but many place far more faith in the security of hotspots than they should – putting their credentials at risk.Research from Symantec found two thirds of respondents can t tell the difference between secure and insecure Wi-Fi networks despite four fifths aware of the dangers.Indeed, as many as a quarter of the UK s most popular Android applications transmit data over an unencrypted connection.But even despite this awareness three quarters fear having their passwords sold more than having intimidate pictures of themselves shared online , 78 percent admitted to sharing sensitive information over a public Wi-Fi network and more than a half have logged in on unsecured networks.We know many consumers believe that using a password to access public Wi-Fi means their information is safe, but that s not necessarily the case, said Nick Shaw, general manager of Symantec s Norton antivirus product, who suggests a Virtual Private Network, such as its own, can help protect people on unsecured networks.
BT has hopped into bed with Oracle in a deal that promises to provide the underlying network connectivity for Oracle s hybrid cloud.BT Cloud Connect for OracleFastConnect is built on BT s IP Connect virtual private network VPN and will link customers' on-premises IT to Oracle data centres in London or Amsterdam.The deal is the latest in a series of partnerships by BT Global Services to push itself forward as a cloudy integrator, having launched its so-called "cloud of clouds" last year.BT already has similar agreements in place with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and HPE Helion.But Martin Courtney, an analyst at TechMarketView, noted that the former state monopoly still needs to win more business."Partners are one thing but customers are another, of course, and BT s cloud integration strategy now needs the seal of approval from high profile contracts," he said.
Using the internet in China is hard if you want to go beyond the Chinese web.Not only are many popular websites and services blocked in the country, such as Facebook or Twitter, but the general speed of international websites is painfully slow.VPNs essentially build a tunnel to let you use the internet as if you are in another country, where, for example, Facebook isn t blocked.It s the nearest thing and not a full a solution because, in many cases, regular run-of-the-mill VPN don t work in China, where a very particular type is required.Even when you find one that does work in China, reliability is a major issue.The Chinese government has cracked down on VPNs and the web more than usual over the past two years or so, that has included nullifying popular services and, in one case, visiting a developer in person to have software shuttered.
In today s world, data breaches are becoming a common occurrence.There are countless ways our privacy can get violated, whether it s government agencies tracking our every click, or ad networks bombarding us with remarketing ads.As a result, public Wi-Fi has become a playground for digital criminals.So has your supposedly private Wi-Fi, come to think of it.VPN exists to effectively mask your online activity.A two-year subscription to this premium service is now $69.99, or a whopping 55% off from TNW Deals.