I cannot believe how many websites I m finding for businesses that do not work properly on mobile devices!Major news organizations, attorneys and even Apple s own website that introduces people to their new 7 Plus iPhone requires a magnifying glass to read the text even on one of the biggest phones in the world with one of the largest display screens.There is also a side scroll bug on the Apple website that prevents the entire top navigation menu from being displayed properly in vertical mode requiring users to flip to horizontal to even see the selections.In other words, your website needs to be responsive.No matter whether a visitor to your website is browsing on a laptop, iPad or a phone it simply needs to work.Scott Web Media specialists can redesign your website so that it is responsive to all devices.
Since the inception of smartphones and tablets, people s love towards them has increased drastically.Considering more than 50% web traffic is coming from handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets combined, it creates enough room to remind smartphone users about the latest happening in your eCommerce venture and entice them to take follow-up or reach the portal through emails.ROI during email marketing is 38-4300% for every $1 spent on its campaign.Following are some of the ways that every market needs to know before investing energy in doing email marketing;Importance of Email Marketing It helps you in concluding a list of potential leads, warm leads, and current leads after you send emails to contacts from your list.Use Email Series Strategically and Cleverly Strategic emails campaigns are done to push the visitor to convert into your sales lead.In this mail, you show the gratitude for subscribing your company s newsletter and try to make contact and realizing the user about his importance for you by welcoming him to accompany in the company s venture.
SAP Digital Consumer Insight aims to help marketers tailor their efforts on the flySAP's Digital Consumer Insight service offers information about visitor demographics.Marketers can tap virtually limitless volumes of data about customers' online activities, but the offline world isn't nearly as forthcoming.Called SAP Digital Consumer Insight, the service taps consumers' mobile data to deliver details on where they're coming from, their age groups and gender, and the devices they're using.Equipped with the result, marketers can tailor their advertising, proximity marketing, location planning, and sales strategies and campaigns to the people currently present at a particular location.A crowd can change from night to night," said Emma Matthieson, director of marketing for Brooklyn Bowl, an entertainment venue with locations in New York, Las Vegas, and London.The service is currently based on U.S. mobile data, but SAP plans to add data from additional locations by the end of the year.
People walk past stores promoting the Apple iPhone 6S in the southern city of Shenzhen on January 26, 2016.Photo: ReutersGoogle and Apple, two of the world s most powerful technology giants, respectively unveiled deals with major Chinese technology companies Xiaomi and Didi Chuxing in the past week, fuelling speculation about their China market strategy - or, in the case of Google, China market comeback strategy.Apple has to wrestle with falling iPhone sales, while Google needs to first find its way back into China since pulling out in 2010.A visitor experiences virtual reality goggles of Google Cardboard at the 2016 Global Mobile Internet Conference at the National Convention Center in Beijing on April 26, 2016.Photo: EPAGoogle s search business could return via Sogou, the mainland s third largest search engine company, which is owned by Sohu.com, according to a person with knowledge of the matter, who asked not to be named The two companies have discussed a partnership where Google would perform some of the searches and Sogou would conduct the results screening.Meanwhile Apple s US$1 billion investment in car-hailing app Didi Chuxing is seen as a win-win deal that would help Apple score new growth in China.
Marketers should also consider creating behavioural segments.By analysing patterns of activity and defining segments based on this insight, organisations can profile customer behaviours, understand their stage in the purchase journey, predict future behaviour and estimate potential lifetime value.This customer is a frequent visitor to the site several times over days or even weeks, but waits for a sale or a discount before the purchase is actually made.Another advantage of using patterns of activity to define segments is that it allows for easy identification of more accurate trigger points that marketing teams can leverage.Marketers increasingly want to, and need to respond to customer behaviours and actions in real-time.I Know YouFrom here, we can evolve towards a one-to-one relationship, rather than appealing to a broader cluster of customers, and dynamically update the webpage for each customer based on their actions.
Maker Faire is an event in which inventors and really smart people show off their creations and ...SAN MATEO -- At this year's sprawling celebration of creativity and design -- which includes displays as diverse as drone races and masking-tape sculptures -- 9-year-old Omkar Govil-Nair proudly peddled his smart watch for kids, while wiping chocolate ice cream from his cheek.Omkar Govil-Nair, 9, describes the Smartwatch Kit For Kids he invented to a visitor during the annual Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Event Center in San Mateo, Calif., Saturday, May 21, 2016.The annual Maker Faire is expected to attract more than 150,000 visitors over three days, organizers said.The privately sponsored Maker Faire calls itself "The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth," providing a "family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness, and celebration of the Maker Movement.Since February, aided by a Kickstarter campaign, about 200 O Watches have already been sold for as much as $109 apiece.Omkar's parents know enough to stay in the background."Even when he was 2 or 3, he wouldn't let a laptop go; he wanted to play with it all the time," his mother said.
You re trying to find somebody who sees your banner and thinks it s interesting enough to click on, and most companies that have put together traditional digital marketing campaigns know exactly how dismal that ROI can be.But social media advertising is the key to amplifying traditional digital marketing—and vice versa.It s because they re feeling comfortable with you, says Wright.Retargeting, Wright says, is one of the reasons that sales people are becoming less relevant in some companies than the marketing team — because it s marketing that s really driving ROI.For example, Facebook and Twitter allow you to add a conversion-tracking pixel to your website.Once your visitor stops by your website, you have a bead on them as they move across the Web, through the social media sites they love.Get on board with a retargeting platform like Perfect Audience or Adroll, and serve relevant ads to your potential customer as they traverse the social media sites they spend so much time on.Retargeting technology also helps you develop custom audiences that allow you to microtarget and interest-based target in a way that older types of display advertising could never do on its own.It boils down to your relevance, how creative your creative is, and if your demographic targeting is on point.
One of the primary goals of web marketing is to drive new, targeted traffic to the website.But if you want to increase your conversions, you want to focus more heavily on those who are already ready to buy.In the race to get clicks from the search results, you have three tools at your disposal:The ranking itself.Match content to visitor s needAssuming, finally, that you got the click to your website, you still have a ways to go to turn that click into a conversion.Finally, perhaps the most important way you can build trust is to have your past customers build it for you.Don't Neglect What Happens Before & AfterAre Your Customers Risk-Takers?
Today, the Austin, Texas-based company is releasing Page Performance, which it describes as the first managed WordPress platform to offer a web page speed performance tool integrated into the user dashboard.Its mission: monitor how long it takes for pages and all content to load, determine if there are issues relating to site speed and make recommendations for improvements.The report includes cacheability, render start, visitor complete and render complete, as well as access to raw data and a breakdown of domains.Here s a sample recommendations screen:Before the launch of Page Performance, CTO Jason Cohen told me, WP Engine did not offer such a tool, as it recommended one of the popular external ones, like Yahoo s YSlow, Google s PageSpeed, or WebPagetest.org.But those tools, he noted, weren t specific to WordPress s approach to, say, loading multiple CSS files or structuring JavaScript.WP Engine says it serves 47,000 customers and agency partners in 133 countries and sees about 150 million unique visits daily.
First and foremost, you'll need to create content that's relevant and valuable to your visitors.Words and phrases like "free," "trial," "try," "exclusive," "download," "limited-time offer" and "access" are commonly used on popular sites to attract the eye of the visitor.For example, "limited time offer" is not good copy if you're offering a download that people can access at any time.One more thing to consider is position.By tailoring the items discussed above for your specific audience, you'll be able to boost performance significantly.Another worthwhile option is to buy a lead-generation website, particularly if you can find one that already serves your niche.
A little-considered but significant subset of that data is the proportion of abandoned carts.Any visitor to your website who goes to the trouble, not only to look at your products, but to add them to their cart, proceed to checkout, but then, for one of several possible reasons, fails to purchase.These abandoned carts represent a significant portion of lost revenue.Do you have a valid SSL certificate, are you using the https:// protocol by default, and is your cart showing a friendly padlock icon to visitors?If the honest answer to any of these are no, rethinking some of these components might earn you sales, not just from abandoned carts but also from visitors who never get as far as entering their contact details.Shopify surveyed a range of online stores and visitors to find that 39% of visitors reported leaving a store after experiencing a technical problem like a crash or network timeout.
View photosMoreFILE - This July 3, 2014, file photo, shows the Microsoft Corp. logo outside the Microsoft Visitor Center in Redmond, Wash. Microsoft is cutting jobs announced Wednesday, May 25, 2016, as the company continues its attempts to salvage a rocky entrance into the smartphone market.AP Photo Ted S. Warren, File NEW YORK AP — Microsoft will cut up to 1,850 jobs and book an approximately $950 million writedown as it attempts to salvage its rocky entrance into the smartphone market.But by last summer it had slashed the value of that business severely and it eliminated 26,000 jobs.Microsoft, under former CEO Steve Ballmer, attempted to leverage its software knowhow to take on increasingly powerful tech rivals, but the company has beat a quick retreat under new CEO Satya Nadella, with the venture taking on water.Nadella has redirected Microsoft to better focus on software and Internet services.The bulk of the jobs cuts announced Wednesday, up to 1,350 positions — are at Microsoft Mobile Oy in Finland.
After years of crash-and-burn growth met with copious scandals and user complaints, Reddit is getting back to basics and trying to scale like your average Internet company, albeit one that boasts around 234 million unique visitors powering 8 billion page views per month.Instability everywhereIn February of last year, Weiner met over lunch with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian just to chat about how things were going at each other s companies.Soon Reddit would have quite a bit more to worry about than just the quality of their code and the growingly insurmountable amount of tech debt that was causing long-promised features like search and the ever elusive official Reddit mobile app to fall by the wayside.Through a somewhat cataclysmic turn of events that followed the firing of Reddit Director of Talent Victoria Taylor, users went wild and moderators began shutting down communities on the site in protest.CEO Ellen Pao resigned shortly after and another Reddit co-founder, Steve Huffman, returned to lead the site he had helped build in 2005.What came from later conversations with Huffman was the formation of what Weiner frames as a very clear focus on paying down a lot of tech debt, building a great platform, starting to build products for our mods and users, and then starting on some of our crazier ideas — the rocket science that we re not to yet, but will be soon.
The primary one for ecommerce stores is that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to maintain the HTML, beyond a few dozen pages, for a complete site.In fact, since the early days of the Internet, people have used programs to help generate code for websites.A visitor navigates to a page in her browser.All of this happens in less than a second, ideally.require 'sinatra'require 'active record' Setup the databaseActiveRecord::Base.establish connection YAML::load File.read "database.yml" ActiveRecord::Schema.define docreate table :products do table table.column :name, :stringtable.column :price, :decimaltable.column :description, :textend unless table exists?That is an increasingly viable option for companies that want to use a specific platform but still need to customize, say, 10 percent of it.
--FILE--A visitor is seen at the stand of China Mobile during an exhibition in Shanghai, China, 16 July 2015.China Mobile, the world's largest telecom carrier by subscribers, said on Monday 14 December 2015 it aims to reach 500 million 4G users next year.As of September, China Mobile has built over one million base stations and its 4G subscribers stand at 248 million.At a news conference, China Mobile also unveiled its first VoLTE-enabled gadget that boasts strong security functions by partChina Tower Corp, a joint venture between China s three state-owned telecom companies, is slated to go public next year in China, according to a senior China Mobile executive.The company is estimated to manage telecommunication towers valued at 270 billion yuan US$41.2 billion , according to Chinese media reports.In February, China Tower general manager Tong Jielu was quoted as saying that proceeds from the company s IPO would be used for diversification into ventures such as charging stations for new-energy cars and a surveillance camera business.
ABITA SPRINGS, Louisiana—To the uninitiated, folk art seems decidedly lo-fi.As opposed to the classical techniques and aesthetics shown off at a fine art or modern art museum, folk art runs a gamut of adjectives: utilitarian, decorative, junky, profound, recycled,, crafty, and more.But at the Abita Mystery House, artistic curators have increasingly embraced the idea of our vintage technology taking on second life as folk art.Art Deco style robots or bots made from more unused circuit boards stand at attention to take visitor tickets.While a fair amount of the Mystery House aims to represent local tradition—kinetic dioramas depict things like Mardi Gras and road-side BBQ joints; an entire chicken coop-like structure doubles as shrine to hot sauce—just as much feels devoted towards a trip down electronic entertainment memory lane.On a recent cycling trip to visit Abita Springs' more well-known export, Ars couldn't help but take a peek.
I'm Matthew Barby, Global Head of Growth & SEO at HubSpot.I'm an advisor for a number of tech startups and have helped businesses around the world scale up organic traffic to their website s ; from new startups helping take them from 0 to 1 million visitors in under a year through to FTSE250 companies.Outside of HubSpot I run my blog that has seen a significant amount of success over the past couple of years, with content being regularly featured in the likes of Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Guardian and many more.You've probably read some of my content if you're a regular visitor to GrowthHackers.Alongside this I've built out some small tools and work with a bunch of cool startups on an advisory level.Looking forward to hearing your questions; whether it's to do with SEO, scaling traffic growth, content strategy or something completely different : You can follow Matthew on Twitter: @matthewbarbyHe will be live on June 23 starting 930 AM PT for one and half hours during which he will answer as many questions as possible.
1.65 billion users is not enough, Facebook wants to sell ads to every Internet visitor. The goal is to sell targeted ads to a wider audience. The social networking giant wants to sell relevant advertising even to non-users, and have therefore decided to start mapping their internet habits. We used to use it not when it did not come from Facebook users. Now we will use it to better understand how to direct us to the people, says Facebook's ad vice director Andrew Bosworth to the Wall Street Journal. One explanation for Facebook's new strategy may be that the social network would be better on mobile marketing.
Do you use the jetpack from the creators of WordPress, Automattic? Then it is best to update the plugin when a serious security holes have been found which makes it possible to insert malicious code in the comment fields. By using so-called short codes or short codes in Swedish, you can add malicious code that runs in the visitor's browser and computer. Security bug has existed since November 2012, but it is only now that the bug reported in and a bug fix has been developed. To shore up your website, you should promptly update the plugin to the latest version 4.0.3. In addition to the security hole is blocked also has other potential exploits fixed, making it important to immediately update.
The other day I had a wonderful conversation the Neil Patel who is the founder of *takes a breath* KISSmetrics.com, CrazyEgg.com, NeilPatel.com, and QuickSprout.com.I talked to Neil about his journey as he grew Neilpatel.com from 0 visitors to well over 130,000 unique visitors a month in less than a year, and the struggles that he s had to overcome along the way.In this conversation Neil laid out the exact strategy he used on how to promote your blog and consistently grow his traffic by tens of thousands every month to hit his goal of 100,000 unique visitors a month.