Generation Y is unique in many ways, including the fact that they’re choosing to invest in experiences over things.Instead of buying fancy cars and homes as soon as they get their first big payday, millennials invest in vacations, weekends at music festivals, and other adventures.For businesses interested in engaging this valuable demographic, this trend brings great marketing opportunities.For experiential marketing campaigns, CMOs and Marketing VPs should carefully plan event-based marketing campaigns that help them connect with customers in fun, innovative ways.Then, using an experience relationship manager (ERM) like AnyRoad, brands can not only get insight into who participated in these experiences, but they can also start to measure the ROI on their experiential marketing efforts.Here are some of the unique types of experience that can help bring more customers to your brand.
Let’s look at how you can make a social network like Facebook and earn good money.This is certainly not pleasant, but when your product enjoys popularity, these all go into the background.Secondly, no one gives a guarantee that a good idea will have great success.Maybe you will find like-minded (co-founders), who will help in the development of the project.If you plan to launch a large social network that will have 500,000 – 5,000,000 users per month, I highly recommend using powerful servers, for example, VPS.Since the CMS does not provide a global customization.
From Procter & Gamble’s crackdown on wastage in its media buys, to question marks over the efficacy of media agencies, events over the last year have spotlighted just how little control marketers have had over their online advertising.Here is a look at how brand marketers’ are evolving their digital advertising strategies, in four charts.Marketers are still prioritizing reachThis year there’s been a lot of talk from marketers about reassessing their emphasis on scale in digital ads.P slashed its digital ad budget by $100 million in April, without seeing much difference on revenues.But since cutting the number of sites it runs ads on by 70 percent in April, P has steadily increased the number of sites it advertises on and in August there were 21 percent more sites it had ads on versus the same month last year.
The vast majority (95%) of chief marketing officers (CMOs) at some of the UK's biggest brands have overhauled their digital marketing strategy in the last 12 months in response to growing concerns around brand safety, transparency and fraud.It comes after a turbulent year for digital advertising, first triggered by Procter & Gamble's chief brand officer Marc Pritchard, whose call-to-arms for the digital supply chain to clean up its act in January set the scene for The Times' exposé on YouTube's brand safety issues later in the year.In response to these revelations research from Teads, the video adtech outfit, reveals that CMOs are demanding greater transparency from their partners, with nearly half (44%) of the CMOs surveyed reviewed relationships with suppliers this year, while 43% reviewed agencies.In the future, 93% of marketing heads will choose agencies or suppliers based on their ability to prove brand safety and transparency.Despite this action, brand safety concerns persist for CMOs.For these concerns to be overcome there are three main areas where CMOs want to see change.
Amazon Web Services is trying to lure more Windows developers by rolling out Windows private servers via its Lightsail service.Introduced in 2016, Lightsail offers old-school virtual private servers (VPS) lathered with SSD storage, DNS management and a static IP address.It is supposed to pitch AWS against hosting providers including DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr.The new Windows flavours include Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016, which Amazon said can be "up and running in minutes" for .NET and Windows applications.Prices range from $10/month (first month free) for 512 MB of RAM, 1 vCPU and 30GB SSD with a 1TB data transfer limit, to $100 month for the top-of-the-line box.Although we did report last year that there could be extra fees at the end of the month.
Apple takes its time to do new technologies “right,” not “first.” But if you watched Apple’s September 12 announcements for the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Apple TV 4K and Apple Watch Series 3, you might be wondering just how long it takes to perfect an animated 3D turd.While Apple acolytes inside the newly minted Steve Jobs Theater breathlessly applauded new “features” paraded on stage by Apple VPs, the rest of us were feeling a wave of déjà vu.OLED screens, wireless charging, 4K … haven’t we seen this stuff before?Even by its own standards, Apple dredged up some almost embarrassingly dated technologies for its latest round of refreshes.In case Tim Cook’s teary-eyed reality distortion field threw you for a loop, we thought we would provide some perspective on how long Apple’s new features have existed in competing devices.Put on some Black Eyed Peas, because we’re going back to a time people took
At the end of August was presented ARCore – sökjättens new investment in augmented reality (”augmented reality”) and its response to the institute for architecture from Apple.unlike the niche of the Tango which requires special hardware works ARCore on the ”millions” android phones.In a blog post now provides the Google example of what developers can use ARCore.Google, for example, shows how the architects or the people who build their own house can add models on top of the building to get an idea of how the finished result will look like.We will also see how to ARCore is used to show how an espresso machine works, and how users can move around within the Street View by physically moving in the room instead of pressing the arrows.another example is how ARCore and Google VPS (Visual Positioning Service) work together to create inomhusnavigering.
Today Google made a point to feature 6 new use-cases for ARCore.ARCore is Google’s augmented reality toolkit for developers, and their examples this week are quite impressive.The most powerful show of AR power comes with virtual positioning of a smartphone within Google Maps Street View, updating a system that’s already awesome.Below you’ll see an example of an ARCore app from Kelly Schaefer.Schaefer is Google’s AR and VR Product Manager, and she describes the project as such: “Google’s Daydream Labs built a way to explore Street View without having to click arrows – just walk forward in physical space to adjust your virtual position.”Schaefer also published a short feature on Google’s VPS beta.
Announced as an answer to Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore is positioned as the search giant’s augmented reality platform for developers.Since its announcement, various developers have already created quirky experiences, which range from two cars duking it out to the death to mini golf.Not to be outdone, Google highlighted six experiments of its own that were created by the company’s Daydream Labs team.Beginning with the two Street View-related experiences, the first lets you view The British Museum and get panoramic views of Great Russell Street, which is where The British Museum is located.Keep in mind that Street View will not act as an overlay over what is actually in front of you – it’s more like a real-time guide that displays various locations in AR.Continuing with the theme of navigation, the third experiment uses Google’s Visual Positioning Service (VPS), which the company announced during its developers conference in May.
Snowflake, makers of a cloud data warehouse service, announced a new virtual private product that should appeal to highly regulated companies like financial services and healthcare.In fact, the company also announced that one of the product’s earliest customers, Capital One, will be investing $5 million in Snowflake as a strategic investor as a result of this new approach.Most Snowflake customers use the product in a multi-tenant cloud where users share resources across the service, but the new Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS) service gives customers a dedicated set of resources, says company CEO Bob Muglia.“The key is that it’s dedicated.We are running the data privately and have encrypted computers fully dedicated to [the individual] customer,” Muglia told TechCrunch.Snowflake has created this private version of its product to meet the very specific needs of regulated customers.
Odds appear good that Apple will be joining Amazon and Google in the smart speaker competition with a Siri-powered device it plans to introduce at its World Wide Developers Conference next month, according to MacRumors, which cited a report by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.The new home-AI product will have excellent acoustics with one woofer and seven tweeters, and the processing power of an iPhone 6, Kuo wrote.Its price tag likely will be higher than Amazon's Echo, which sells for US$179.Rumors of an Apple speaker have been floating around for some time: The Information reported that Apple was preparing an Echo competitor a year ago, and Bloomberg last September reported that Apple had begun testing a prototype of the device.For more you can check: VPS Hosting Video
67% of lost sales are a result of sales reps not receiving properly qualified leads before taking them through the sales process.In this post, 42 CMOs, VPs and content strategists share how they have used interactive content to better qualify leads, and close more sales.
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Hey so I posted a week or so ago I was looking for a dedicated server in Netherlands or UK with ddos protection I am now interested in finding possibly a VPS instead.I only need basic protection of 1gbit, a 2 core CPU and 2GB of RAM and at least 20GB of Space, I have a budget of 100 EUR a month.Cansay that compared to our previous hosting company, was like a breath of fresh air. Their NL VPS hosting service is perfect! They upgraded the quality of my server WITHOUT raising my prices! Video Marketing Services I haven't been aware of any outages.
Fasthosts hasn’t exactly draped itself in glory during this week of the summer solstice, what with the four day blackout of its virtual private server service and a partial eclipse of webmail.The lights of the VPS went off on Monday evening as “system issues” with the storage platform on two VS clusters showed up and persisted after storage drive reconstruction, an update to customers - seen by us - stated.On day two, Fasthosts techies ran a proprietary disk repair process against the storage aggregate and tried to bring the VPS back to life on the backup storage.It also started migrating VPS server onto a newer cluster.This work continued through the night into Wednesday and onto Thursday when some customers also began experiencing “intermittent problems when accessing their mailboxes via an email client and webmail”, the company told customers.Simon Yeoman, UK general manager at Fasthosts, claimed the VPS outage had affected a “relatively small amount of customers” but added “we do recognise that disruption of this nature causes a lot of inconvenience”.
The host wanted to "upgrade" my account to a new server.I had long since stopped using the account for all but one client site that ran a legacy version of Django.It worked fine and the client was still happy with it.No big deal, I thought, they'll move it to a new server and it'll keep on running.Then I discovered my account was going to be involuntarily upgraded from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7.I opted to use my own migration guide to migrate to a different company, one of the many cheap VPS hosts that have come along in recent years.
Two more vice presidents are out the door at Twitter: vp of finance Jeremy Rishel.A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the departures to Kurt Wagner of his farewell.Poon had been with Twitter since March 2013, and Wagner reported that she assumed some of the company’s chief financial officer duties when was named chief operating officer last November.According to Wagner, Poon—who will remain with Twitter through August—will be succeeded by vp of corporate finance David AufderhaarAnd Rishel, who started working at the social network in February 2013, had most recently overseen engineering for Periscope, reporting to the livestreaming application’s CEO, Kayvon Beykpour.
We’re tasked with bringing in more traffic, more leads, higher rankings, better links and improved sales.Reaching these goals is challenging, but it’s the reason people pay us money in the first place.And it turns out, even after 13 years in the industry and 35 on earth, I still haven’t figured them out.What I have figured out is that there are certain challenges that arise more frequently than others, including things like employee turnover, management changes, executive requests and more.To help ensure you’re prepared the next time one of these “people” challenges arise, I’ve put together a few tips on managing management and how you can best deal with some common issues:As an account manager, you likely deal with Marketing Directors and VPs.
We’re tasked with bringing in more traffic, more leads, higher rankings, better links and improved sales.Reaching these goals is challenging, but it’s the reason people pay us money in the first place.These types of things can have a drastic impact on any program, especially for agencies, and without being properly prepared to address them, you increase your risk of losing the client.To help ensure you’re prepared the next time one of these “people” challenges arise, I’ve put together a few tips on managing management and how you can best deal with some common issues:As an account manager, you likely deal with Marketing Directors and VPs.Their goals tend to be focused on traffic, leads, sales and general site improvement.