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A newly-detected piece of malware dubbed "Delilah" has been fingered as probably the first such code created with the intention of extorting victims into stealing insider data.The "Delilah" malware was found on exclusive crime forums by Israeli intelligence outfit Diskin Advanced Technologies, who say the trojan relies on a combination of social engineering, extortion and ransomware.Deliah is distributed in tight circles only and kept off open crimeware forums .Gartner fraud analyst Avivah Litan received information on the trojan and says it targets employees at their homes and offices."Once installed the hidden bot gathers enough personal information from the victim so that the individual can later be manipulated or extorted," Litan writes."This includes information on the victim s family and workplace.
Tizen-based smart watches Gear Samsung S2, which was launched a year ago, have received new software. The update is approximately 61MB large and provides gear S2 firmware version R730XXU2DPFB and Gear S2 Classic version R732XXU2DPFB. The unit has received several new features such as the ability to install new apps directly from the watch, without having to use the connected phone. Users can set any image as a background for the clock faces - either a fixed image or up to 10 images circulating. Built-in voice assistant S Voice has become more powerful and can be used to set the timers. Sleep Analyses are now fully automatic and the watch has a new connector application.
It seems like everything is getting smart today from watches to phones and now even our pillows.A new pillow has turned up on Kickstarter called the ZEEQ Smart Pillow and it has the ability to do all sorts of things while you are sleeping.Once you are sleeping, the pillow has tech to react to your snoring, analyze sleep, and wake you up when it's time to start your day.When you are sleeping if the pillow detects snoring, it vibrates gently to encourage you to try a new sleeping position.The pillow also promises softness, support, and premium materials in its construction.A smartphone app is used to collect the sleep data and can show you a snore score.
SECURE: Nest Outdoor Cam watches over the outside of your homeThere s already plenty of Wi-Fi connected cameras that beam live footage of the inside of your home to your smartphone.But burglars are about to face even more ways to get caught.Nest has just announced the launch of a new camera that now monitors the outside of your house.Called Nest Cam Outdoor this tiny camera clips to your wall giving you a full view of your property when you re not at home.WATCH OUT: The Nest Outdoor Cam is fully weatherproof
View photosMoreFILE - In this June 15, 2016 file photo, a spectator watches players trying out the PlayStation "Gravity Rush 2" video game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.A study released Wednesday by live streaming company Twitch attributed 25 percent of sales of releases like the fighting simulator "Punch Club" and the kill-or-be-killed multiplayer game "The Culling" to those games being played on Twitch.The study found that viewers were more likely to buy a game within 24 hours of watching a stream of the game in action."There's a clear relationship between viewing and purchasing behavior," said Twitch data scientist Danny Hernandez, who studied users who connected their Twitch account to online game retailer Steam for increased social interaction.Hernandez found that mid-tier Twitch streamers — those with audiences between 33 and 3,333 concurrent viewers — are responsible for 46 percent of game sales.While the majority of online gamers freely stream themselves playing, many of the most popular streamers with millions of followers are now regularly paid or sponsored by game publishers, a practice that was recently investigated by the Federal Trade Commission.
Power is a well-regarded market research company that has been compiling customer satisfaction reports for all sorts of products for years.You ve probably seen its surveys used to hate on Land Rovers, but the most recent results are about smartwatches.In the 2016 Smartwatch Device Satisfaction Report recommended bedtime reading if you have trouble sleeping , Apple comes in first place, with Samsung finishing second.Samsung Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV for $650Amazon Echo for $50 offThe survey was completed by 2,696 customers who purchased a smartwatch during the last year, with their device being assessed on 11 factors, including comfort, style, and ease of use.
The Moto 360 2014 was arguably the first truly stylish Android Wear smartwatch and it was followed up by the even better looking and far faster performing Moto 360 2015 .Both watches secured four star reviews from us, but now that we're deep into 2016, they're both old news, with increasingly stiff competition from rivals like the Samsung Gear S2, while the Apple Watch 2 sits intimidatingly on the horizon.So far nothing is known about it, but we're almost certain it's coming, given the warm reception the last two got.We'll bring you all the news, rumors and updates as we hear them, so keep this page bookmarked, but for now there are a few things we can speculate about, and far more that we hope for.Moto 360 2016 news and rumorsSo far, the Moto 360 2016 has managed to remain shrouded in mystery, which is quite an achievement, given how much the Apple Watch 2 and most other high profile tech in the wearables sector has leaked.
Now Twitter is making it easier for more brands to access that information.On Tuesday Twitter-owned data platform Gnip officially opened up its Audience API so that any brand can use the analytics tool to get a cheat sheet of demographic and interest data about any group of Twitter accounts.And it s making it easier for any brand using the tool to find out about people who may have come across the brand s tweets or stumbled onto its website.So it s not like a brand will be able to use the tool to find out that Tim Peterson is a male who lives in Los Angeles, likes surfing and watches Pretty Little Liars not like I would ever admit that on Twitter .Twitter first unveiled the tool in October 2015 but limited its availability and usage.It s not hard to get someone s Twitter ID — Twitter has an online tool and instructions for how to get the IDs for everyone who follows or is followed by a given Twitter account — but it was enough of a hassle to be a limiting factor.
Still driven by 200-year-old technological principles of cogs, springs and flywheels, it keeps worse time than the plastic digital that fell out of your cereal packet this morning.So, rather than reinventing said wheels, Switzerland's tweezer-wielders are keeping their time machines Alpine-fresh by tinkering with the packaging.By switching up from the usual steel or gold to high-tech, lightweight materials, a watch's case is becoming the most innovative part of the piece as a whole.Materials scientists are the watch industry's newest recruits.Carbon fibre leads the super-light revolution, as pioneered by Richard Mille and Audemars Piguet.Its shiny black weave looks cool while reflecting the tech underpinning two of watchmaking's favourite sporting partners: motor racing and yachting.
Image Source: Zach Epstein, BGRAmazon s huge Prime Day 2016 shopping event has definitely lived up to the hype.With more than 100,000 different products on sale across every single category you can possibly imagine, it s probably more difficult to find something that s not on sale than it is to find something that s on sale.Of course, if you stick with the BGR Deals team and follow our Prime Day coverage, you ll have a much easier time finding the best bargains of the bunch.Here s a perfect example: With just two links, we re going to show you all the best smartphone deals Amazon has running right now for Prime Day.Samsung Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV for $650
The evidence is growing that Google is building its own pair of watches to set the bar high for the next version of Android Wear.Android Police created its own set of renderings, defining them as, recreations of primary source material for the sake of anonymity of our source.So while they re not actual images of the watches, they re a reproduction that is supposed to look as close to the actual things as possible.Beyond that, we have to glean what details we can from the leak.The Angelfish model is the larger of the two, and sports a watch face in line with the increased customization and app visibility in Android Wear 2.0.The smaller watch, called Swordfish, has a thinner bezel and less content on the screen.
The other day it was claimed that Google will release two own Android Wear watches: Angel Fish and Swordfish. The picture above, which are based on rumor, can give an idea of ​​how smart watches looks. The larger unit to the left in the picture is the Angelfish. It has three buttons to the right and can be used completely independent when it is said to offer both LTE and GPS. The time is right Swordfish which looks to be a cheaper option without SIM card support, GPS and possibly even without a heart rate monitor. According to rumor, these watches will be launched sometime after the autumn Nexus phones.
We recently reported that Google may be working on making its own Android Wear smartwatches.Today, we have rendered images of what those Nexus watches could look like.An unnamed source told Android Police about the company's plans, and the site recreated its own rendered images from the physical description provided by their source.Android Police is fairly confident about its renders, but notes Google is still in the prototyping stage, which means the real watches could look dramatically different.Looking at the renders, you can see the watches look pretty standard, although the larger model, codenamed Angelfish, sports two extra buttons.It's unclear what these two buttons do, but they could be customizable to launch apps and settings.