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Against a backdrop of severe financial hardship caused by Covid-19, Rishi Sunak is set to announce the government’s 2021 budget on Wednesday, March 3. There’s already been plenty of discussion around new schemes or extended support measures that could be implemented to help the nation recover from the pandemic, though we won’t know the full details until the chancellor officially presents the plans in parliament. But some schemes have already been announced, from a Covid fraud prevention unit to a new scheme for prospective homeowners. Here’s a quick guide to what we already know about Wednesday’s budget. Mortgage guarantee scheme to help buyers with 5% deposit Sunak is set to announce a mortgage guarantee scheme aimed at helping aspiring homeowners with small deposits as part of his budget statement. The chancellor plans to incentivise lenders to provide mortgages to first time buyers, and current homeowners, with just 5% deposits to buy properties worth up to £600,000.Boris Johnson said: “I want generation rent to become generation buy and these 95% mortgage guarantees help to deliver this promise.“Young people shouldn’t feel excluded from the chance of owning their own home and now it will be easier than ever to get onto the property ladder.”The scheme, which will be subject to the usual affordability checks, will be available to lenders from April.It is based on the Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme introduced in 2013 by David Cameron and George Osborne, that ran until June 2017.Aiming to reinvigorate the market following the 2008 financial crisis, that scheme – distinct from the Help to Buy equity loan scheme – was said to have helped more than 100,000 households buy a home across the UK.But there were also concerns that it artificially inflated prices and housebuilders’ profits.Shadow housing secretary Thangam Debbonaire raised concerns about the plan and urged Sunak to deliver a budget “with a relentless focus on jobs and growth”, with Labour having said now is the wrong time for tax rises.“What young people need to get on is the secure future that comes with a decent job and genuinely affordable new houses to be built for them to make homes of, not going back to the days of sky-high mortgages,” she said.Specialist unit to ‘crack down’ on Covid support scheme fraudsters A dedicated unit to crack down on Covid-19 fraudsters exploiting government financial rescue schemes like furlough is also due to be announced.The Taxpayer Protection Taskforce, underpinned by £100m and 1,250 staff, will investigate and hunt down people swindling cash through coronavirus income support programmes, said the Treasury.Sunak said in a statement: “Our coronavirus support schemes have helped millions of honest, hard-working people – but a small minority have seen this pandemic as an opportunity to defraud the taxpayer.“This will not be tolerated – which is why the new taskforce will crack down on this criminal activity.”HM Revenue and Customs has around 10,000 open inquiries into suspected Covid fraud and some criminal investigations are under way.£126m boost for traineeship schemesSunak is set to announce a £126 million boost for traineeships, enabling the creation of 40,000 additional schemes in England.At the same time, Sunak is set to promise to increase the cash incentives for employers who take on an apprentice to £3,000 – regardless of age.Currently firms can claim £2,000 for each apprentice they hire aged 16 to 24, or £1,500 for those aged 25 and over.The chancellor will also set out plans for new “flexi-job” apprenticeships, enabling trainees to develop their skills with a range of employers within a particular sector.Instead of having a single employer, they will be linked to an agency that will place them with various relevant organisations.From July, employers will be able to bid for money from a £7 million fund to create new agencies, with the first apprenticeships expected to start in January 2022.Ministers believe the scheme is likely to be picked up in sectors with flexible working patterns such as the television and film industries.Fast-track visa for ‘highly skilled’ workersMigrants deemed to be ‘highly skilled’ will be eligible for fast-track visas in a bid to attract new staff to fast-growing companies in the UK, under new measures to be announced in the budget. Migrants with job offers with so-called scale-up companies, which are innovative and grow quickly, will qualify for fast-track visas without needing sponsorship or third party endorsement, the Treasury said.“Now we’ve left the EU and taken back control of our borders, we want to make sure our immigration system helps businesses attract the best talent from around the world,” Sunak said.“This new fast-track scale-up stream will make it easier for fintech firms to recruit innovators and job creators, who will help them grow.”The scheme will open in March 2022, with the government set to release more details this July.The move is largely targeted at financial technology, or fintech, companies, such as Monzo and OakNorth, which contribute £11 billion to the UK economy every year.The country has a 10% share of the global fintech market, and attracts more fintech investment than the next four European countries combined.Around 42% of the UK’s 76,500 fintech workers come from overseas, an independent report released this week found.Related...Will JVT's 'Don't Wreck It' Message Be Heard By The Chancellor Too?Matt Hancock Pressed On Support For NHS Staff Beyond 'Asking Public To Clap'Can Keir Starmer Persuade The Public There’s A ‘Right Time’ To Increase Taxes?
The late 1990s were arguably when simulation hypothesis movies burst into the popular consciousness -- but now they're making a big comeback in 2021.
A crowd of Trump supporters and right-wing reporters were filmed following Jim Acosta around CPAC while chanting "CNN sucks!"
The family of Captain Sir Tom Moore have paid tribute to the veteran and NHS charity fundraiser at his funeral, saying his “message and his spirit lives on”.Sir Tom’s coffin, draped in a union flag, was carried to the crematorium on Saturday by soldiers from the Yorkshire Regiment while a Second World War-era C-47 Dakota performed a flypast.This was followed by a firing party of 14 each firing three rounds in unison before a small service got under way.The service, at Bedford Crematorium, was attended by eight members of Sir Tom’s immediate family – his two daughters Hannah Ingram-Moore and Lucy Teixeira, four grandchildren and his sons-in-law – all wearing masks.It opened with the charity single Sir Tom recorded with Michael Ball and the NHS Voices of Care Choir, You’ll Never Walk Alone, which reached number one in the UK singles charts in April last year.His daughter then paid tribute to Sir Tom, who captured the hearts of the nation with his fundraising efforts during the first coronavirus lockdown when he walked 100 laps of his Bedfordshire garden before his 100th birthday, raising more than £32 million for the NHS.Teixeira, 52, said: “Daddy, you always told us ‘best foot forward’ and true to your word that’s what you did last year, raising a fortune for the NHS and walking your way into the nation’s hearts.”She added: “Daddy, I am so proud of you, what you achieved your whole life and especially in the last year.“You may be gone but your message and your spirit lives on.”Ingram-Moore said that the world had become “enthralled” by her father’s spirit of hope, positivity and resilience, describing Sir Tom as a “beacon of light and hope to the world.” She added: “We are so proud of the way you handled everything that happened.“We have been so close as a family before this but we were thrust even closer together as the world became enthralled by your spirit of hope, positivity and resilience.“They too saw your belief in kindness and the fundamental goodness of the human spirit.”Sir Tom died at Bedford Hospital on February 2 after testing positive for Covid-19.His funeral cortege set off from his home in Marston Moretaine at 11.30am on Saturday.A number of special items were placed on Sir Tom’s coffin, including a replica of his service cap from the Second World War, a wreath from the Yorkshire Regiment, his campaign medals, including the Burma Star, and his knighthood medal stitched on to a cushion.There was also a specially-commissioned sword engraved with the motto of the Yorkshire Regiment on one side – “Fortune favours the brave” – and his own personal motto, “Tomorrow will be a good day”, on the other.Singer Michael Buble recorded a version of the song Smile which was played at the funeral, while other music included The White Cliffs Of Dover by Dame Vera Lynn, I Vow To Thee My Country by Alife Boe and My Way by Frank Sinatra.Members of the public were asked to stay at home and not attend the funeral, but many thousands of people have signed an online book of condolence instead.In acknowledgement of his fundraising, Sir Tom was knighted by the Queen during a unique open-air ceremony at Windsor Castle in summer 2020.His 100th birthday celebrations last year included a Spitfire flypast and he was photographed punching the air as it went past.The fundraiser served with the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment during the Second World War. The regiment later merged with two others from Yorkshire, becoming the Yorkshire Regiment, and Sir Tom was made an honorary colonel last August.A bugler sounded The Last Post at the end of the private service.Six representatives from the Army Foundation College in Harrogate, where Sir Tom was made an honorary colonel, also formed a ceremonial guard.There are plans to plant trees around the world in his honour, with Ms Teixeira hoping the Trees for Tom initiative will result in a wood in his home county of Yorkshire and the reforestation of part of India, where he served during the Second World War.Sir Tom asked that his epitaph reads: “I told you I was old”, in reference to comedian Spike Milligan’s famous epitaph: “I told you I was ill.”Once Covid-19 restrictions permit, the family will inter Sir Tom’s ashes in Yorkshire, with his parents and grandparents in the Moore family plot.Related...Old Captain, Our Captain: Why Sir Tom Moore Mattered To So Many Of UsOpinion: Want To Honour Captain Tom? Fight For A Properly-Funded NHS
In 2010, when scientists were preparing to smash the first particles together within the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), sections of the media fantasized that the EU-wide experiment might create a black hole that could swallow and destroy our planet. How on Earth, columnists fumed, could scientists justify such a dangerous indulgence in the pursuit of abstract, theoretical knowledge? But particle accelerators are much more than enormous toys for scientists to play with. They have practical uses too, though their sheer size has, so far, prevented their widespread use. Now, as part of large-scale European collaboration, my team has published a… This story continues at The Next Web
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Behind the perfectly ironed uniforms and flawless makeup is a long evolution of the profession and history of fighting for equality.o   It used to be a man’s worldDespite the fact that most flight attendants today are women, the job used to be exclusive for men.The first flight attendant in history was Heinrich Kubis, who attended passengers in 1912 on the DELAG Zeppelin LZ 10 Schwaben.When the stock market crashed near the end of the 1920s, the sons of entrepreneurs did this job, and they were called “couriers” and “stewards” then.Their jobs mostly consisted of helping passengers with baggage, serving food and drinks, and getting them on board.o   Flight attendants had to be registered nursesIt was only in the 1930s that the first female “stewardess” was hired.It was believed to help ease people’s anxiety over flying.o   Physical requirements were very specificAlthough it was one of the few jobs available for women, being a flight attendant came with strict requirements.Only petite single women aged 20 to 26 years old were hired.
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Sue Perkins has claimed Great British Bake Off contestant Iain Watters “really lost it” during the show’s infamous Bin Gate debacle. In one of the hit baking competition’s most infamous moments ever, Iain dramatically binned his Baked Alaska after it failed to set during the 2014 series. Reflecting on the incident, which made front page news when it aired, former Bake Off host Sue revealed there was also a lot going on behind the scenes that didn’t make it into the show. Appearing on Ed Gamble and James Acaster’s Off Menu podcast, Sue said: “I had to talk to him. Yeah, he was effing and jeffing. There’s a lot of effing and jeffing which was the first time we’ve had that on camera in Bake Off.“Obviously there’s a lot of it going on backstage, mainly because I’m just foul of mouth but normally it’s very mellow, as you know. He really lost it.“And in that moment I was with him, it was life and death, but then slowly this creeping contextualisation of just… I’m with a man in a tent, whose ice cream has melted. This is… Meanwhile in Syria…”  Sue continued: “I had to take him out, and we had to have a little chat, be nice guy, and just say, ‘Come on, let’s bring some perspective to this. Maybe, maybe not, somebody opened the fridge door, it might have affected the temperature.’“But I have to say the aplomb with which he just got the foot on the pedal of the pedal bin. It was like something out of Thelma and Louise, when you see that close up of it going up and down.”The ramifications of #BinGate were huge, mainly for Iain’s fellow contestant, Diana Beard, who found herself on the receiving end of a torrent of abuse, when she was accused of sabotaging Iain’s Baked Alaska.However a statement from the BBC insisted she was not to blame for the ice cream melting. “Diana removing Iain’s ice cream from the freezer for less than a minute was in no way responsible for Iain’s departure,” the broadcaster said at the time. Sue co-hosted the first seven series of The Great British Bake Off with comedy partner Mel Giedroyc prior to the show’s move from the BBC to Channel 4 in 2017. It is now hosted by Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding, while long-serving judge Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith cast an eye over the contestant’s bakes. The latest episode of the Off Menu podcast is available to stream now. READ MORE:Bake Off Unveils Star-Studded Line-Up For New Celebrity SeriesMel Giedroyc Did The Absolutely Unthinkable To Someone's Meal While Working In CateringSue Perkins Rages At 'Utter, Smirking D**k' Matt Hancock Over Squirming GMB Interview
Kelly Pichardo, 30, and Leeza Rodriguez, 29, were charged with disorderly conduct and Pichardo also faced an additional assault charge.
Only Fools and Horses fans were nearly granted a revival to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary, one of its stars has revealed.John Challis, who played Boycie in the hit BBC sitcom, said that writer John Sullivan was working on a comeback episode but died before completing the script. The episode would have seen Del Boy celebrate his retirement in the Nag’s Head.Speaking to The Sun, Challis said: “The 30th anniversary was coming up and John was in the process of getting together a Christmas special or something.“It was going to be Del Boy’s 65th birthday, he was going to retire and there was going to be a bit of a get-together in the Nag’s Head. But unfortunately he (John) got ill and didn’t come out of it.”Sullivan died after contracting viral pneumonia in April 2011, five months before the 30th anniversary of Only Fools And Horses’ debut. Recalling his death, Challis said: “It was a complete shock to everybody. We got a phone call from the producers giving us the bad news.”Sullivan wrote all 64 episodes of Only Fools And Horses, which ran between 1981 and 2003. Over 19 million people tuned in to see its final episode on Christmas Day in 2003. Sir David Jason, who played Del Boy in the show, recently admitted he had watched an old episode of Only Fools And Horses during lockdown, and was left in fits of giggles at the iconic moment when his character fell through a wine bar hatch. He told The Mirror: “It gave me great joy. The hatch scene still makes me laugh out loud. Normally I’m very critical of what I do, I don’t enjoy watching very much. But that one just works.”READ MORE:Why Only Fools And Horses Bosses Had To Keep One Of Its Most Iconic Episodes Secret From The BBCSir David Jason Nearly Played A Very Different Character In Only Fools And Horses
Anas Sarwar has won the race to be Scottish Labour’s next leader. The Glasgow MSP beat health spokesperson Monica Lennon, with 57.6% of the vote to 42.4%, the party announced on Saturday. Sarwar strongly opposed Scottish independence during the contest and has taken the helm ahead of Holyrood elections on May 6 crucial for the party. He said: “I want to say directly to the people of Scotland, I know Labour has a lot of work to do to win back your trust.  “Because if we’re brutally honest, you haven’t had the Scottish Labour Party you deserve. “With rising injustice, inequality and division, I’m sorry we haven’t been good enough.  “And I will work day and night to change that, so we can build the country we all need.” Sarwar is also the first minority ethnic leader of a major political party in the UK.He said: “That doesn’t say something about me. That says something great about Scotland and its people. “But the fight for equality is far from over.  “And I’ll work with all our diverse communities in Scotland to rebuild the country we love.” While Scottish Labour trail in the polls, will be hopeful of clawing back support amid the explosive row between SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and her predecessor Alex Salmond. The former first minister said on Friday, in his evidence to the Holyrood committee investigating the Scottish Government’s handling of sex harassment complaints against him, that Sturgeon’s leadership had “failed” and the government was not fit to take the country to independence. Despite the high-profile row, the SNP are still predicted to make gains at the next election and will put a second referendum at the heart of their pitch to voters. Labour leader Keir Starmer said: “Huge congratulations to Anas on his election as Leader of the Scottish Labour Party. I look forward to working with him to secure our economy, protect our NHS and rebuild our country.”“We will fight the Scottish Parliamentary elections by making the case for a socially just Scotland in a modern United Kingdom. Under his leadership, Scottish Labour will focus on what unites us - not what divides us.“I know Anas will do the hard work that is necessary to win back the trust of the Scottish people and build for the future as we emerge from this pandemic.“The latest poll, by Ipsos Mori, predicts that the SNP will win 72 of the 129 seats in Holyrood, nine more than now and giving the party a majority of 15.The poll also said the Tories are expected to fall to 26 seats, while Scottish Labour dropped to 17. The Greens and Lib Dems were also forecast to make gains. Related...The Candidates Set Out Scottish Labour's FutureYoung Scottish Indy Backers Have Only Known Tory 'Brexit Chaos', Says Anas SarwarCould There Be Another Scottish Independence Referendum? Here's The Latest
Have there been any innovations in the dental subject in the last 150 years considering that the cosmetic dentist edmonton Civil Conflict?Not merely have today's dental components, techniques and instruments sophisticated to a much remarkable level, but also we have advanced in recognition and understanding of the human body and the effect of these materials on our health.Mercury is currently regarded as one of the very most poisonous elements on the planet.Mercury fillings are normally called "amalgam" fillings or even "magic" fillings, although they contain small silver.The fillings are made up of 50% mercury.The main reason exactly why is since no one would want the filling if they certainly were conscious that they certainly were putting hot molten mercury within their mouth to remain there for many years.We were all taught as kids never to perform with thermometers or break thermometers due to the risk from the mercury.Therefore, by contacting it a "magic" stuffing, people often is unaware of the character of the material that's being utilized in their filling, although public consciousness is growing.For this truth alone, the very best Dentists prevent the usage of mercury fillings, aka silver fillings or amalgam fillings, and find instead the usage of more superior and healthy modern materials.
Thousands of Exeter residents have been evacuated from their homes as authorities attend to a possible unexploded Second World War bomb, police said.Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed a 400-metre cordon was in place with 2,600 properties evacuated for the examination of the device, which was located at a site on Glenthorne Road on Friday morning.The device was found on a building site on private land to the west of the University of Exeter campus, close to thousands of student flats. An initial 100-metre cordon was put in place, with evacuations taking place on Friday evening and Saturday morning.The evacuations were at the request of the Royal Navy bomb disposal team, who worked through the night to establish a walled mitigation structure.A police spokesman said: “The examination and detonation of the device has been passed to the army.“Examination of the device is due to commence at 10am and could take several hours.”It is hoped the work will be completed by the end of Saturday.Road closures have been put in place between Cowley Bridge and Exe Bridges, with diversions in place and motorists advised to avoid the area.The force spokesman added: “Residents should be reassured that military, police and partners are working to maintain public safety.“Exemptions in Covid-19 social distancing rules exist for matters of public safety such as this.”Related...Lady Gaga's Dogs Safely Returned After Armed RobberyVagrancy Act Should Be Repealed, Government Says Of 19th Century LawTiger Woods Taken To Hospital After Being Injured In Serious Car Crash
Garage Door Service San Antonio has been one of the most infamous scam companies during the past years.Most consumers who have been the victim of this type of company over the years would certainly agree to that.Ask your family and friends, neighbors and even work colleagues who they used for Garage Door Services they recently had.It is best to select two or three of them and ask them for their opinions regarding the garage door repair service they used.The person who gave you their feedback should be able to tell you with certainty that they were satisfied with the services they received.Another good indicator is if they showed a receipt for the entire payment including the charge for repair.Secondly, you should always remember to read the fine print.
As per the report of Nielsen, 92% of consumers around the globe say that they trust earned media, which includes recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising.In simple words, businesses know that if you are able to get your existing customers to recommend your product or service, it’s become very easy to acquire their friends as leads.Many companies with Dropbox, have found out ways to gain the advantages of the customers.Rewards are introduced to the customers for referring to other people.The strategies of referral marketing can be effective for companies ranging from small single-owner and entrepreneur companies to large corporates in nearly any of the industry.Here is how Dropbox grew 3900% with the simple referral programs?This is the third stage of the process, “ How the hell did they pull this”?It is not an official thing, here the naming can be done.As numbers are important,  therefore Dropbox referral program is defined as one of the most famous boxes of referral marketing.They were constantly improving their product and with this,  they put a battle in order for VCs to pool the money in the form of trust to them.The functioning of dropbox’s referral program The philosophy of the program was a very simple one.In simple words, it can be said as it is a 2-side referral program for promoting the product or service.The step is not limited to this, referring the customers will continue on its path to earning the points for any succeeding purchases made by their referrals.
Gogglebox star Pete Sandiford has revealed he is engaged as the show returned for a new series on Friday. He and sister Sophie were seen discussing his engagement to girlfriend Paige Yeomans on the hit Channel 4 series. Sophie asked him: “Do you feel any different now that you’ve got engaged?”“Yeah, I think,” Pete said. “I feel like an even bigger responsibility. I don’t know why. I’m going to have a wife.”“Yes, you’re going to have a wife,” Sophie replied.  View this post on InstagramA post shared by Pete Sandiford (@sandifordpete)Pete revealed Sophie will serve as his best man at the wedding, saying: “Well it’s going to be my best wo-man, isn’t it? It will be you.”“Correct,” Sophie said. “Course it will!“I’ll not be wearing a tux, I’ll be wearing my own dress,” she insisted, before adding she had no desire to cop off with any of Pete’s friends at the wedding. Sophie is also close to Paige, referring to her as her best friend in a post she recently shared on Instagram.  View this post on InstagramA post shared by Sophie Sandiford (@sophiesandiford1)Pete had previously kept his relationship private from Gogglebox viewers, only sharing his first picture with Paige on Instagram in October. Pete and Sophie joined the Gogglebox family in 2018, and have established themselves as firm favourites with viewers. Last year, fans were also shocked to learn of the siblings’ very famous relations. Gogglebox airs on Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4. READ MORE:Porn, Pouffes And Politics: 50 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From The World Of Gogglebox36 Times Gogglebox Had Us Absolutely Roaring With LaughterGogglebox Favourite Announces They're 'Putting Down The Remote' And Leaving Hit Show
The global coronavirus pandemic severely affected the functioning of many industries.People lost their jobs, industries were forced to shut down, and many governments were forced to announce economic stimulus packages despite a cash crunch.Tokenization can be a game-changer as businesses adapt to new processes to stay relevant.Acceleration in digitization will lead to a huge growth in Asset tokenization.Any asset like real estate, fine art, wine, gold, commodities, intellectual property, sports contracts, metals, and financial instruments like bonds and stocks can be tokenized easily.
If you are a social media freak, of course, everyone is nowadays, but let’s go with the flow.So, assuming that you’ve been hanging out on social media platforms like for a few weeks (again, just thinking, you know why), you would have heard this buzzword called ‘Clubhouse.’After spending some time on Google, we assume that you are here to know about it in detail.The answer to what the Clubhouse app is right here.What Is The Clubhouse?It is the new and highly-exclusive social media app that is available for only those members who are invited in, unfortunately.Out of which, many of them are celebrities like Oprah, Ashton Kucher, and Jared Leto.The Silicon Valley obsession had just 3,500 members worldwide at the start of December, and it’s not even the end of month, now it has over 100k members.Oh, and not to forget that the app is still just in private beta mode.How Does The App Work?Listing out the social media platforms, we can count on Twitter for its words, Instagram for its pictures, and Clubhouse for revolving around audio.This year, where we all were connected via Zoom, Clubhouse acts as a platform where all the backgrounds, walk-ins, and visual interactions can be forgotten as it solely focuses on the conversation.Inside the app, you can see ‘rooms’ of groups talking, where you could join in or hop out anytime.