Kaspersky white hats have again ruined the Cryptxxx malware by offering victims a free decryption tool that will unwind all variants of the menace.The infuriating researchers have followed their first decryption effort that busted up the earlier Cryptxxx variant causing VXers to re-write and reissue a patched ransomware release.Stranger contacted me via tweet.Thanks to @kaspersky RannohDecryptor, I have his files back.— ɹǝʞɐɯuıɐɹ @R41nM4kr May 9, 2016Researches may find themselves in an arms race with Cryptxxx should the authors weather the decryption storm and keep producing fixed variants.Or they may like Linux.Encoder seemingly succumb to the barrage of attacks by meddling white hats some of whom go as far as to release surreptitious deliberately-weakened ransomware blueprints in a bid to waste the time of copy-and-paste VXers.
When you re founder, and have spent a ton of your time building your operations, it can be tempting to try to be the hero who does it all.I ve learned all these things myself as I ve grown my leadership and my companies over the past several years, so I m not telling you anything I haven t learned myself.The tighter I held onto aspects of my business, the more I stifled their growth.I had to have a serious conversation with myself and with my wife and co-founder about what we really wanted our businesses to be, and what we wanted our leadership to mean.Once I got out of their and my way, my businesses and my leaders flourished at levels I hadn t even dreamed of.If you want to be big, you ve got to let everyone else be the hero and empower your team to help grow it.
Donald Trump revealed Wednesday he would consider nominating Texas judge Don Willett to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court.He was nominated to the Texas Supreme Court by Rick Perry in 2005, and has been re-elected twice.But Willett is also the self-proclaimed Tweeter Laureate of Texas, and has spent the last year mocking Trump on Twitter.For instance, when Public Policy Polling found that 9 percent of North Carolina voters would choose Deez Nuts over Hillary Clinton or Trump, Willett responded on Twitter with this gem:In March, Trump tweeted that he would spill the beans on Sen. Ted Cruz s wife, Heidi, and Willett responded with a tweet that was much more favorable toward her:Twitchy noted in April that after South African pro golfer Louis Oosthuizen got a hole-in-one after ricocheting off another golfer s ball, Willett had this to say:I hit within inches of the hole & then Lyin Louis gets a hole-in-one by banking off my ball?!pic.twitter.com/a1mGbY8a9p— Justice Don Willett @JusticeWillett March 9, 2016— Justice Don Willett @JusticeWillett November 9, 2015Willett has not yet commented on Trump including him in the handful of jurists he d consider to appoint to the Supreme Court.Neither flash nor html5 is supported!
Two buildings at the site between Ravenswood and Oak Grove avenues will be demolished, and former tenants Iberia restaurant, Los Salonez and Cindy's Nail Spa 2 have already relocated or shuttered their businesses.According to Pike & Co., the 25,000-square-foot building will be built to a LEED Platinum rating, the highest standard issued for energy-efficiency by the U.S. Green Building Council.AdvertisementThe Schmidts are known for their work on sustainability and climate change issues through their Family Foundation and the 11th Hour Project.Pike & Co., as well as Lane Partners and Hillspire, declined to divulge details about the acquisition, referring to a news release."Maybe looking at opportunities where we can perhaps provide facilities for them to reach into the community."Following the Schmidts' purchase, Sares Regis Group of Northern California was made the project's development manager.The project includes a secure bicycle storage room with showers in the first level of a two-story underground garage; two public electric vehicle charging stations on a public right of way; three public bike racks along Alma; and an indoor-outdoor conference room separated by a large, operable glass wall.
You can go right now to your nearest shop, slam down a credit card and purchase Nathan's Drake's last adventure.No one cares whether Indiana Jones does his own laundry or which Chinese takeaway is his favourite.Yet, somehow, Naughty Dog have managed to make a short domestic sequence Drake shares with his wife Elena one of the most exciting and engaging parts of the whole Uncharted 4 package.When you consider that this is a game where you travel the world looking for hidden pirate treasure in an effort to save your estranged brother, that's quite an achievement.Based on all of the crap Nate and Elena leave lying around in their bedroom, and the towel hanging over the shower curtain in their scruffy bathroom, the couple seem pretty comfortable in each other's company.Dirty plates sit in the sink ready to be washed, a pet hate of mine that caused me to judge Nate and Elena appropriately.
Sundar Pichai, the company s chief executive, demonstrated one use case: asking Assistant what movie he and his wife should see.Assistant responded with the film s rating on Rotten Tomatoes.It s still less secure than iMessage or WhatsApp, however, requiring users to actively opt-in to end-to-end encryption through an incognito mode .Instead, that s the built-in chatbots, including Google Assistant itself: Allo users will be able to use Assistant to find extra information or send auto-generated replies.Google already has a VR platform, Cardboard, but that s a deliberately limited beast, designed to let users trial a VR-lite experience through nothing more than their existing smartphone and a piece of laser-cut cardboard.Photograph: Stephen Lam/Reuters… and finallyGoogle didn t actually save the most surprising thing for last – that s an Apple thing – but alongside the reveal of Daydream came a second announcement: the company has created a VR headset.
On the TV front, there is once again no new originals from the digital network this month, but Amazon does offer subscribers quick-and-easy access to two new series from CBS.The company gives access to the network s latest summer shows American Gothic and Braindead, making episodes streamable just days after they first hit TV screens nationwide.Noteworthy films coming to Amazon Prime in June are largely blasts from the past, including classic comedy Wayne s World, Clint Eastwood s The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, and the romantic comedies Runaway Bride and Rules of Attraction for those gearing up for wedding season.Those looking for something newer on the long-play format are encouraged to check out two relativelty recent biopics: The Brian Wilson biopic Love & Mercy, and Trumbo, a Brian Cranston-helmed drama about Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted in the late-1940s for his political beliefs.Follow us below for the list of the best new titles coming to Amazon Prime Instant in April.TVDownton Abbey Season 6 Lego Ninjago Season 1 Mr Robot Season 1 Braindead Season 1 The Good Wife Season 7 American Gothic Season 1
The next frontier in the battle between the FBI and technology companies over encrypted communications will be more legally complicated -- and messy -- than trying to get into the iPhone of a dead terrorist.Messaging tools like Facebook Inc. s WhatsApp and Internet services that automatically encrypt the content of texts, phone calls and other data while they re being sent are increasingly becoming a problem for national security and criminal investigations, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.Capturing that data while it s in transit is essential, the agency says.Supporters of Islamic State and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula have already found alternatives to U.S.-based apps, potentially limiting intelligence gathering on terrorist plots after a year in which scores were killed in attacks in Paris, Brussels and San Bernardino, California.Although the FBI found workarounds for two high-profile cases involving data on locked iPhones, law enforcement agencies confront unique legal challenges to compel companies to provide access to encrypted communications, including laws written more than two decades ago when the Internet was just emerging.And as players in the debate stake out their positions, the results of new cases are likely to define the rules for digital rights for several decades."This is the new frontier and it is a much more expansive frontier in terms of its effect on law enforcement investigations," said Edward McAndrew, a former federal prosecutor who s now a partner with the law firm Ballard Spahr LLP.While the FBI and other law enforcement agencies can seek court orders compelling companies to comply with wiretap orders, at least two issues make it harder for agencies to get the data they re seeking in cases that are likely to come:WhatsApp on April 5 finished giving its users encryption by default as well as complete control over the keys for all its messaging services, including photos, phone calls and group chats, said spokesman Matt Steinfeld.Apple Inc. said it began offering full end-to-end encryption for its iMessage platform and FaceTime video service about five years ago.WhatsApp s encryption arose as an issue in Brazil this month, when a judge shut down the service for a day for not making data available to law enforcement.While Telegram has blocked public message channels used by Islamic State, it has said it won t limit encrypted private messages, which can self-destruct on a timer.Sometimes the only way to obtain the content of communications is when it s in transit because companies don t retain it on their servers, according to the FBI.In a limited number of cases, even encrypted information can be useful to the bureau.
It has customers including Boeing, Marks & Spencer, Target, Unilever, MasterCard, Audi, ESPN, Coca-Cola, Unicef and News Corp.Mason: "The thing that we have capitalised on is that we have stayed laser-focused on connectivity."The company was founded by Ross Mason, who is also VP of corporate strategy.It was the genesis for starting the company and the first time that I had worked in an investment banking environment.I used to go home in the evenings, very late at night and complain to my girlfriend now wife and I think two months into it she got frustrated and said, 'Well, if it's that bad, do something about it'.They were connecting to back-end systems and every time they went to connect something they had to re-invent the wheel.It means being able to compose, re-compose, plug-in, plug-out based on the business needs and the changing needs of the consumer and our platform has evolved to just crush that niche, which now is not a niche but a very big market.
An Arizona TV journalist on assignment covering the alleged sacrifice and smoking of a family poodle was arrested earlier this week for allegedly dropping his pants and dumping a load in public.According to the Phoenix New Times, CBS 5's Jonathan Lowe is alleged to have been caught short in the Phoenix suburb of Goodyear, whereupon he simply exited his news van and allegedly emptied his bowels in someone's garden.The report continues that when confronted by an officer, Lowe said: "I know what you want to talk to me about.Lowe has been charged under the Goodyear code violation of "public urination or defecation", punishable by "a fine of up to $2,500 or six months in jail".If Lowe has been flushed, then his last assignment concerned the bizarre case of the former Arizona State University football player who, according to court documents, "burned a shirt that belonged to his 17-year-old daughter in the industrial-size smoker in a trailer in his side yard, saying he didn't like the shirt because he believed it had to do with the devil", then declared "in front of his wife and four children that he had to make a sacrifice of a male, either himself, his 6-year-old son or the family dog".According to court documents, he told officers that he chose the dog, broke its neck, and police later discovered the poor poodle "dead in the smoker".
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and now live in Washington DC with my wife Lori and our rescue mutt Piper.To say that I consider myself lucky is true but I also have hefty reserves of energy and curiosity.The professional experiences that have shaped me blend entrepreneurial, investment, advisory and executive leadership roles in companies big and small, including McKinsey & Co, Booz Allen, Abbott Labs, Bridgewater Associates, The GEM Group, Pacific Community Ventures, Paradigm Ventures and Air America Media.Augmenting my private sector background, I had the incredible privilege to have served in President Obama s administration as a senior official focused on innovation, investment, finance and high-growth entrepreneurship.A few days ago, I began the latest chapter of my career and joined venture capital firm Fenway Summer Ventures as Managing Director.Nos vemos pronto en California!
Credit: Rob SchultzThis morning, the unthinkable happened: My wife, an avowed PC user who long ago swore to never touch an Apple device, started shopping around for a Mac Mini.The changeIn December, the Get Windows 10 GWX pop-up changed it s verbiage in a way that mimicked malware: The only immediate options were to Upgrade Now or Start download, upgrade later.But here's the icky part: The redesigned GWX pop-up now treats exiting the window as consent for the Windows 10 upgrade.So after more than half a year of teaching people that the only way to say No thanks to Windows 10 is to exit the GWX application, and refusing to allow users to disable the pop-up in any obvious manner so they had to press that X over and over again during those six months to the point that most people probably just click it without reading by this point, Microsoft just made it so that very behavior accepts the Windows 10 upgrade instead.By now, every existing Windows 7 and 8 user has seen and declined the Windows 10 update numerous times.Again: I personally use and love Windows 10.
Next week he and his co-founder, 37-year-old Oliver Beddows, will launch their company, Lisk.And Lisk is such an exciting idea that during their 30-day crowdfunding campaign, nearly 4,000 people chipped in a total of $6 million in bitcoin to fund their seed round, Kordek tells Business Insider.Lisk is two things: a new kind of app store, and a a new form of internet money, similar to Bitcoin.Lisk will take a fraction of each financial transaction that takes place.For instance, if a developer builds an app that lets coffee shops sell cups of coffee by subscription, every time a customer uses the app and money changes hands, Lisk takes a tiny fraction of the Lisk coin that changes hands.A new kind of internet coinSecond, Lisk is a new kind of internet money, similar to Bitcoin.Our own network, with our own cryptocurrency, you have to wait 10 seconds," he says.In fact, its crowdfunding campaign sold off the first batch of Lisk coins.Kordek believes that many of the people that invested were less interested in the app store, and just "speculating on" the price of the new coin, he says.It's crazy," Kordek says.Since Crypti was releasing all of its code as open source software, Kordek and Beddows took many parts of the Crypti's code as a basis for Lisk.Its founders said they supported Lisk and would soon be turning the project over to its community of users to use and update as they pleased.Their history caused another odd situation.We thought about creating an office in Berlin but he has a wife and I have family as well, so we decided to stay decentralized in the spirit of our network," Kordek says.The history of Crypti demonstrates that Lisk, as a company, is still a long shot.But this idea that the next generation app store will be built on blockchain, whether by Lisk or someone else, seems increasingly likely.
Frequent "Shark Tank" guest judge and billionaire tech mogul Chris Sacca is saying that he didn't throw a tantrum after being turned away from "Hamilton."Sacca denied a report that he allegedly threw a fit when he and his wife, Chrystal English, were denied admission into Broadway's biggest hit show when it was discovered that the tickets he bought from StubHub were counterfeit.According to the New York Post, Sacca didn't take no for an answer when he was denied entry because of the fake tickets.The newspaper's source said that Sacca repeatedly asked, Do you know who I am?"The unnamed source said that Sacca proceeded to cause a scene with the person scanning tickets, and then asked for a manager.But thanks for the shoutout.— Chris Sacca @sacca May 23, 2016Sacca — who, through his venture capital fund Lowercase Capital, was an early investor in companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram, and Kickstarter — said he took selfies with the theater's staff and threw the blame on StubHub, a digital person-to-person ticket marketplace.My wife of five years is my "girlfriend" and taking 20 selfies with staff is a "tantrum."
In case you were living off the interwebs this weekend, a woman named Candace Payne rocketed to viral fame after buying herself a Chewbacca mask and livestreaming the hysterical joy of trying her purchase – sound effects and all – for the first time.Now, as is tradition with all the best viral videos, Payne s euphoric episode has been autotuned by the geniuses of Schmoyoho, also known as The Gregory Brothers.That is to say, the same minds behind the infamous Double Rainbow and Bed Intruder hide yo kids, hide yo wife!It s another instant classic:Sure to join other seminal works like Beethoven s Symphony No.Not that she needs it; at over 137 million views and counting, her video has already become the most watched Facebook Live video of all time.Just make sure you re not in a quiet place and be prepared for contagious laughter:Read next: This hoverboard with a cereal bowl is the future of transportation
Photograph: Kim Kulish/Corbis via Getty ImagesA new school funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, is facing delays in construction due to a water crisis in East Palo Alto, a Silicon Valley city that has struggled with poverty amid the region s tech boom.The roughly $45bn pledge came several years after Zuckerberg partnered with the city of Newark, New Jersey, in an effort to help improve its public schools.The school initially declined to comment, but after publication of this article, spokesman Brent Colburn released a statement saying the school would open in a temporary space in the fall, adding: We look forward to continuing to work with the city on permits for a permanent location.When the city was incorporated in the 1980s, officials allocated East Palo Alto far less water than surrounding cities, according to local paper the Peninsula Press.The disparity and water shortage remains a problem today, according to East Palo Alto assistant city manager Sean Charpentier, who noted that the city receives roughly 76 gallons of water per day per capita – a significantly smaller amount than the 114 gallons surrounding municipalities receive.We cannot entitle projects until we can prove there is a water supply available for them, Charpentier said, adding: We have a water allocation that is inadequate for the size of our city in terms of allowing it to grow.
John Jameson saw the world through normal eyes until a histoplasmosis fungal infection caused his vision to blur.A follow-up laser surgery to reverse the fungal infection damaged his vision even further, leaving him legally blind.After 40 years of limited vision, however, Jameson now can see again thanks to a breakthrough eye telescope and fine surgical work by Dr. Christopher Shelby of the WK Eye Institute.Developed by Dr. Isaac Lipshitz of VisionCare, the Implantable Miniature Telescope was designed for those suffering from macular degeneration, a common and debilitating eye disease that results when the retina begins to deteriorate.Working along with the cornea, the telescope can enlarge images to approximately 2.2 to 2.7 times their average size.With his vision restored, Jameson now can see things he could only picture in his mind — including his wife, whom he has now seen for the first time.
It stands for wife acceptance factor and means that something is so neat that it will be on display in the living room. Soundbar speakers solves partially the problem of the front channels, but there is still a need for rear speakers. Philips' latest solution is Fidelio E6. The necessary rear speakers are not only completely wireless, you can also set them back at a discreet location when not needed: on top of the front speakers! The upper sections are removable and can be placed anywhere in the room immediately surround sound. Photo: Philips / Gibson A charge of sections lasts up to five hours and besides the TV audio speakers can be used for portable entertainment throughout the house, because they have the Google Cast and Spotify Connect built Fidelio E6 has a specified amplifier power of 270 watts RMS to the front channel, 90-watt subwoofer and 180 watts to each of the two rear speakers.
If you start seeing long worm-like vehicles swallowing up cars on Chinese highways, don't be alarmed.But in a country with over a billion people, even a mild interest in driving still equates to hundreds of millions of cars clogging the roadways.What's worse, emissions from all this traffic in addition to the heavy manufacturing that goes on in China has led to some of the worst pollution in the world.In December, Beijing issued its first-ever emergency alert due to dangerous smog levels.The proposed straddling buses would be all-electric, travel approximately 40mph, and give seven feet of headway to cars traveling underneath.Song Youzhou, an engineer from the company leading the development, Transit Explore Bus, says the first tests on a life-size model could take place in July or August in the Chinese province of Changzhou.If the tests actually happen, it'll be the first time straddling buses become more than just thought experiments.Spectators got to see firsthand just how the buses would straddle the existing highways on a specially designed track.Read the original article on Tech Insider.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.More from Tech Insider:Tesla cars have clocked in 100 million Autopilot milesInside the US military s war for domination of the InternetHow a guy who climbs 2,500-foot cliffs without ropes deals with fearScott Disick's big Instagram flub raises an important question: What the heck is teatoxing?Researchers created a robotic hand that is eerily human-like and can learn on its ownNOW WATCH: What the Chinese saying 'The ugly wife is a treasure at home' actually meansLoading video...
That s a pretty big accomplishment for a company that was torn apart when the Russians annexed Crimea in the spring of 2014.Jessica Rovello, chief executive of casual web game maker Arkadium, will be on the cover of the magazine in the inaugural awards for the 50 Best Workplaces in the U.S.Inc. s list focuses on companies that are less than 500 employees.They specialized in casual games and built a business providing advertising-based web games for the web sites of major media companies like Microsoft, CNN, Comcast, and The Washington Post.The company reaches more than 500 million users a month, and its games were played 2 billion times in 2015 across Windows, iOS, Android, and the web.Rosenblatt and Rovello wanted to create a company with an environment that celebrated successes, big and small.At 6 pm at night, our office is a ghost town, Rovello said.So Rovello, who had recently become the CEO and changed titles with her husband, had to decide what Arkadium would focus on, now that it had only half of the developers that it had before.