That wasn't nearly enough to make it worth recommending at the time.The Sync module helps the camera and the app communicate and it's required.That only saves you $10; standalone Blink XT2 cams cost $90.I clicked on "Add Sync Module" in the app to get started and scanned the QR code on the back of the module.The firmware automatically updated, which took a few seconds, but then the module was connected.I set it away from the ledge by about five inches, buffered by the railing in front, but some heavy rain and gusts of wind swept through while I was out getting lunch.
Ad tech has transformed the way the industry has thought about how outdoor ads can be bought and sold, but it is still grappling with the issue of how to verify such executions can be used to achieve marketing KPIs such as brand uplift, etcetera.Recent months have seen digital billboards of all shapes and sizes effectively plugged into programmatic pipes, making that inventory as easy to buy—and geo-target—as a typical banner ad you’d find on the web.The one flaw in the field, of course, is that unlike the cookies and trackers of the web, the outdoor world is difficult to measure uplift.Now, it looks like companies are trying to steer that ship.This week, OOH ad platform AdQuick and taxi ad-tech outfit Firefly separately announced initiatives to transform the way each company measures audience uplift and attribution in the OOH space.“I never really understood how in the world these out-of-home guys got their impressions, or understood if something’s worked or not,” said Firefly’s chief analytics officer Taylan Yildiz, who was brought onto the company this week after a 10-year tenure at Google.
Hennessey Performance builds some weird, wild stuff, especially when it comes to trucks.After building the VelociRaptor 6X6 as sort of an American equivalent to the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6, it followed that up with the Silverado-based Goliath 6X6.When it debuted, there was only a rendering included with the announcement, but now, we finally get to see the real thing.Hennessey this week unveiled its first production Goliath 6X6.Based on a 2019 Silverado Trail Boss Z71, Hennessey hacks the thing to pieces, slapping in a whole 'nother rear axle with wheels, tires and brakes.The rear suspension has been totally revised, along with the body panels and truck bed.
Microsoft has created a hologram that will transform someone into a digital speaker of another language.The software giant unveiled the technology during a keynote at the Microsoft Inspire partner conference this morning in Las Vegas.Microsoft recently scanned Julia White, a company executive for Azure, at a Mixed Reality capture studio to transform her into an exact hologram replica.The digital version appeared onstage to translate the keynote into Japanese.Microsoft has used its Azure AI technologies and neural text-to-speech to make this possible.It works by taking recordings of White’s voice, in order to create a personalized voice signature, to make it sound like she’s speaking Japanese.
Prime Day 2019 might seem dominated by tech deals, but Amazon also offers something for the outdoor person.Expect to see great discounts on camping gear during this summer’s most-awaited retail event.This whopping 50-percent discount on this eight-person tent is only available from July 15 to 16.Measuring 16 x 7 feet, it has enough room to fit three queen-size beds.The Elite Montana features snag-free, continuous pole sleeves and Coleman’s patented pin-and-ring system.This helps reduce pitching time to only 15 minutes. At Byers Subaru - Columbus you will certainly find your preferred Subaru designs at a competitive rates.Take a test drive at our greater Columbus Subaru dealership in the new Impreza, Wilderness, Tradition, Tribeca, Forester and much more.The Byers Subaru - Columbus sales individuals prepare to answer your inquiries regarding a specific model and find the Subaru in Columbus that meets every one of your assumptions.For a big option of brand-new and also used Subaru vehicles in Columbus, see our car dealership today.
Smart security cameras are quickly becoming a standard technology to help protect properties.Whether you’re planning to build a video surveillance system in your home or looking to expand your existing setup, you may want to check out the Kasa Cam Outdoor by TP-Link (KC200).This Kasa camera is compact in size, allowing it to be tucked away out of sight.It has an IP65-weatherproof rating which promises protection from both rain and dust, and magnetic mount and wall plate that ensure simple installation.Packed with a bunch of imaging tricks, you can expect this outdoor security camera to capture bright and well-saturated pictures.Resolution is set to 720p by default but can be easily switched to 1080p without issues.
For one man in the US state of Florida, a long shark bite saga is finally over.Thanks to scientists at the Florida Museum of Natural History, Jeff Weakley was able to find out the identity of the creature whose tooth was lodged in his body for over two decades: a blacktip shark.Though the bite left him with a deep cut and joint damage, Weakley was back in the water within weeks and continued to surf and stay active in the years after.In the summer of 2018, though, he noticed a blister-like bulge in the same foot.But after learning that scientists at the museum had identified the species of shark behind a recent victim’s bite, he decided to ask them for help in IDing his erstwhile attacker.“I was very excited to determine the identity of the shark because I’d always been curious,” Weakley, who is also an editor of Florida Sportsman magazine, said in a release from the museum.
What direction is the campsite anyway?Download one of these trail-mapping apps to make sure you can always find your way, whether you have cell service or not.The app catalogs over 75,000 trails across the United States and Canada, with handy filters to search trails by skill level, accessibility, or dog-friendliness.And if you get really lost, the app's Lifeline feature sends a status update to your designated safety contact with your location after a certain amount of time.Whether you're on a day hike, a mountain biking trip, a hunting excursion, or deep in the backcountry, the app is built to get you where you're going safely and with as much information as possible.There is a free version, but it’s well worth it to get the premium membership ($40 for a year, iOS and Android), which lets you download maps and offers NOAA weather forecasts and layers to designate private land, public land, and recent wildfires.
Whether you're camped out in a friend's backyard, or retreating deep into the woods, you should celebrate our nation's birthday outside.It has deals on everything from apparel to tents to water bottles on sale through July 4th.These deals do not extend through the holiday weekend, as far as we can tell.Note: When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we may earn a small affiliate commission.The North Face's Tekno Ridge hoodie is a combination of both a fuzzy, insulating fleece and a wind-repelling rain jacket.REI Co-op Flash 18 Print Pack for $28 ($23 off): This is a tiny, attractive, full-featured daypack that conveniently crams down into a stuff sack if you're traveling with a bigger backpack.
These measures assume that we shift our focus from infinite economic growth to building a more sustainable society and achieving environmental goals," says Gibran Vita, a researcher in NTNU's Industrial Ecology Programme and at the University of Kassel in Germany.First, let's take a look at what tactics fall short or could even make matters worse, at least in some areas.True enough, transitioning to more renewable electricity may lessen our carbon footprint by around 3 per cent, but at the same time land use could increase by more than 3 per cent, which is no doubt apparent to anyone who has been following the debate on wind turbines in Norwegian wilderness areas.To exhaustively repair and renovate the existing building stock might help energy efficiency but also, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, increase land use by over 10 per cent.If we want to reduce the impact of Europeans on the environment, then we need to know what we're doing.Specialists in consumption and how different choices affect emissions of greenhouse gases, land use, water consumption and toxicity were part of a research group that analysed two different main directions, with several sub-scenarios, that the world can take.
There once was a Seattle-born beer that intimately understood the definition of “wild life.”Decades ago, Rainier Beer staked its claim as the beverage for those who wished to enjoy a “mountain fresh” experience.The wild Rainier—a two-legged Rainier bottle that freely roamed the Pacific Northwest wilderness—stood as its reluctant mascot.Even Mickey Rooney had the great fortune of spotting a wild Rainier in all its majesty:But now the Rainiers live a modernized (and dull) existence.They’ve ditched the forest and apparently taken up life in urban civilization, which includes getting office jobs and gym memberships.
Rajasthan Car Rent welcomes you to explore Rajasthan and witness the great variety this Western state of India has to offer.In Rajasthan, you will find large diversity of flora and fauna.Where a part of the state has a great and vast span of desert, the other part is rich in green cover and there is variety of birds, animals and wilderness.It is perhaps the only state in India that has a lot to offer.You will find empty, dried, barren land, sand dunes in the Western Rajasthan and lush green forest in the South Eastern part of Rajasthan.Rent Cars In Rajasthan There may be a lot of ways to explore this vast land, but rented cars are the best and most preferred means as you would be able to witness the true beauty that lies within this desert state at your ease and in the best possible manner as per your choice.Rajasthan Car Rent provides Rajasthan Car Rent services and has the largest fleet of rental cars manned by the most experienced drivers.
Scientists exploring an area that's thought to contain an ancient lost city in the Honduras rainforest have discovered a vast ecosystem of rare and endangered species, including some animals that were supposedly extinct.The team was exploring the so-called 'City of the Jaguar' area within the supposed complex of the legendary lost White City.This lost ancient settlement is also known as Ciudad Blanca or the White City of the Monkey God.CLICK ON THE SUN FOR MOREAncient folklore from the 16th Century tells the tale of the Monkey God, who resided in the city and preyed on human women.Archaeological discoveries have been made in the area but no conclusive evidence of an extensive city has ever been found.
He was especially delighted that a husband had just voted to kill his wife.Since the station set up shop in 2001, it has provided short-term housing to more than 1,200 cabin-fevered people pretending to be astronauts—participants in various projects simulating life on the Red Planet.They hole up in the Hab for days, weeks, or months.And the man was taking it seriously: That’s why he didn't want to let his wife, or the others just beyond the airlock, back inside.In this fictional scenario, she and her companions had been contaminated with radiation, and the insiders were debating whether to let the particle-drenched crew come home.In the past, space agencies took extremely healthy people and sent them to space for a little while.
This past week, the summer edition of OR went down in the Mile High City, and as expected there were plenty of new products on display.Goal Zero Sherpa 100 PD Battery PackGoal Zero has been at the forefront of making durable, efficient, and reliable power options for use in the outdoors for more than a decade.The latest edition to their line-up is the Sherpa 100 PD, a battery pack that offers 25,600 mAh of power in a compact and lightweight design.But best of all, the Sherpa 100 PD includes a 60-watt USB-C power delivery port as well, which means you can recharge gadgets such as cameras or an iPad Pro while on the go.As you would expect from Goal Zero, this battery pack can be charged via a solar panel as well, making it perfect for backpacking, camping, and travel.
The latest outdoor tech helps us stay safe, eat like a human, and recharge—even deep in the backcountry.Goal Zero Nomad 5 Solar PanelGoal Zero’s new Nomad 5, its smallest solar panel yet, is durable and waterproof, weighs a mere 12.7 ounces, and measures just 7 by 9.5 inches.With the sun shining, the panel can charge one of the company’s Flip 12 battery banks ($25) in four hours.With this device in my backpack, an out-of-office message saying “off the grid” doesn’t mean I’m SOL if things go sideways.The light and durable Somewear relies on the Iridium network (subscription required, $15 a month and up), the super-low-flying satellite system that blankets every inch of the globe with coverage.
Nar Phu Valley Trekking is a striking short journey in the Trans Himalaya, just behind the north face of Mt.Sky towering peaks and adventure passes, glaciers, remote ancient villages, ranging river making deep gorges, lovely forests, amazing rock configuration, herd of yaks and wild goats, Gombas and medieval unique Tibetan culture handover from their ancestor are main features of the trip.Nar Phu Valley was officially opened in 2003 for the trekkers and developing as tea house and home stay concept.The trail goes through the narrow path and forest with frequent glimpse of mountains view.Finally Kangla Pass Short Trek ends at Chame the Annapurna Circuit main trail via Ngawal (3675m), from where drive backs to Besisahar and onward to your destination.Comparatively this trekking is chipper then other restricted area of Nepal.
Welcome to Swipe Right, an online dating advice column by me — Erin Carson, CNET staff reporter, resident young-enough-person, refridgerdating correspondent, curator of odd stuff on the internet, most likely to leave you on "read."I'm out there just like everyone else, a machete in one hand, pocket knife between my teeth, hacking through the dating wilderness, wondering how this all happened, and why I didn't pack bug spray.However, I subscribe to the philosophy that tech is a tool, and if folks can have tacos delivered to their apartment, hitch a ride, and shout their desire to know the weather into the ether and get a response, they should be able to find someone to drag along to that random free arts event in the park.So, if you've got questions about how to pick an app, craft a bio or how not to sink into an existential mire whilst on , hit me up.If I've just destroyed your entire dating profile photo strategy, pull up a chair and we can chat.One study found that guys come off as more attractive and trustworthy if they have a dog in their profile, which is great news if you're like me and like looking at pictures of dogs (and dreaming of stealing said dogs).
While we think of this as a gradual process, a new drone survey of a portion of Herschel Island in the Canadian Arctic shows just how quickly once-frozen coasts can be erased.Herschel Island, also known as Qikiqtaruk, is a pretty special place.Caribou and grizzly bears range across its rolling tundra hills, while ringed seals, belugas, and bowhead whales frolic offshore.Historical and archaeological sites, including the oldest building in the Yukon, erected by whalers in the 19th century, can be found here.So can the remnants of the much older dwellings of the Inuvialuit people, whose ancestors have used the island for centuries.Today, Herschel Island is a protected wilderness park that locals venture out to in the summer to connect with a piece of their history.