Justin Blau, otherwise known as 3lau, is sitting with The Verge on the floor of a green room trailer at a festival.Known for his melodic-leaning dance songs, along with other endeavors — like blockchain-powered festival OMF and non-profit record label Blume — Blau’s reach extends far beyond music itself.In the past year he’s collaborated with the likes of HYO from Girls’ Generation, worked on a track with Ninja for the gamer’s NINJAWERKS Vol.“Wow,” he says in admiration after The Verge has arranged his array of cables on the trailer’s carpet.A CDJ setup is like, four grand, and there were no clubs for me to go check it out.So this is my pride.
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How important is web design?In fact, once your website page loads, users form an opinion within .05 seconds.As a business owner, it is critical that your website exceeds customer’s expectations and customers are being told in a concise and compelling way about your business.There are a few rules pertaining to web design that can be pointed out but let’s be honest, design is subjective.What might look amazing to you, looks terrible to another.In this modern technological era, traditional design practices are scrapped, and personalization becomes the current trend.About creating a website that engages a new prospect, there are a few aspects a business owner must consider.The user experience of a website is largely dependent on how we showcase it.
A new bag-squeezing device company is on Kickstarter, promising to save people hundreds on household cleaning products like hand soap and dishwasher detergent.It’s called Cleanyst, and press coverage of the device so far has breathlessly repeated the company’s line that it’s the “SodaStream for cleaning products.” On their Kickstarter page, Cleanyst says its device “delivers the convenience of a Keurig or Nespresso appliance” and “the environmental benefits of a SodaStream.” Wow.Yes — at first glance, it may indeed dispense Keurig-like things into a SodaStream-shaped bottle — but it’s also very obviously a Juicero.Here’s a side-by-side image comparison:Juicero was a doomed company that shut down in 2017 after people realized you could just squeeze the juice bag without needing the assistance of a $700 Wi-Fi-connected machine.Cleanyst is at least a less costly bet on bag-squeezing technology, and customers can buy into its ecosystem starting at $99.
A reliable and well-known corporate film maker, Bangalore, doesn't just make simple videos.They have a broader canvas and a global view of things to make things more creative and clear.The WOW factor that can be embedded in business must be established by experienced Corporate Film Makers.
Nostalgic World of Warcraft (WoW) fans have been calling for game publisher Activision-Blizzard to release World of Warcraft Classic for years, and they're finally getting their wish.Party like it’s 2004 with WoW Classic starting August 27WoW Classic seeks to recreate the "vanilla WoW" experience—that is, WoW as it existed before a series of seven game-altering major expansion packs from 2007's The Burning Crusade to 2018's Battle for Azeroth.To achieve this, Blizzard has rebuilt the game based on archived data from back in 2005 and 2006 (patch 1.12 is the goalpost—the current game is on patch 8.1.5).The company has committed to meticulously presenting the experience exactly as it was back then—warts and all—with only a small number of unavoidable or critical changes.It's an approach that shows Blizzard believes (at least to some degree) that WoW doesn't just belong to its creators but to its fans.
Blizzard released a “not a bug” list for World of Warcraft Classic, after beta testers kept sending in reports for what were actually features for the MMORPG back in 2006.The original World of Warcraft was released in 2004, and World of Warcraft Classic aims to recreate the state of the MMORPG before its first expansion, The Burning Crusade, was rolled out in January 2007.Previously, players looking for a “vanilla” version of the game were only able to experience it on custom servers such as Nostalrius, which Blizzard shut down in 2016 to protect its intellectual property.World of Warcraft Classic is currently in its beta stage, and it appears that players who are helping test the game have either forgotten or do not know how the MMORPG ran over a decade ago.“As we’ve discussed before, the nature of WoW Classic sometimes invokes different memories for different players, and this leads to certain misconceptions for some about what is or isn’t working as intended,” Blizzard wrote in its official forums.While the developer did not reveal the specific numbers, there seemed to be too many bug reports for things that were actually working as intended.
Days later, Blizzard has published a list of non-issues that players keep reporting as bugs, advising these players that ‘the nature’ of the game ‘sometimes invokes different memories for different players…’ Those discrepancies have resulted in some players perceiving normal gameplay as buggy.The currently closed-beta World of Warcraft Classic game offers a mostly vanilla WoW experience, enabling players to enjoy the game as it existed more than a decade ago.The World of Warcraft that actually existed in 2006 is different than the game some players remember having played, though, and it included elements that many fans now view as bugs.In a post on Battle.net, Blizzard’s community manager ‘Kaivax’ said, ‘As we’ve discussed before, the nature of WoW Classic sometimes invokes different memories for different players, and this leads to certain misconceptions for some about what is or isn’t working as intended.’The company has provided a list of the most commonly reported gameplay elements that Classic players are reporting as bugs, including warrior health regeneration rates, the lack of quick objectives and POI tracking on the map/minimap, the presence of a dot as the marker for completed quests on the minimap, fast running NPCs, and slow creature respawn rates (full list below).The advisory highlights the fact that World of Warcraft is a 15-year-old game and that its earliest form contains elements that are best left in the past.
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Google Pixel 3a XL XL162.6 × 75.9 × 8.8 mm (6.4 × 2.98 × 0.34 inches)160.1 × 76.1 × 8.2 mm (6.3 × 3.0 × 0.3 inches)3120 x 1440 pixels (516 pixels per inch)2160 × 1080 pixels (402 pixels-per-inch)2160p at 60 fps, 1080p at 240 fps, 720p at 480 fps
The Blizzard faithful have been waiting for World of Warcraft Classic to get a release for quite some time.WoW Classic was first revealed back at BlizzCon 2017, and ever since then, Blizzard has stuck to a rather vague “summer 2019” release date.Today the long wait finally ended, with Blizzard revealing that World of Warcraft Classic will be out in August.When in August depends on where you live in the world.If you live in the Pacific timezone, for instance, the game will launch at 3 PM on August 26th, which means that those in the CEST time zone – much of Europe – will see the game unlock at 12 AM on August 27.Have a look at the image below to see when the game will go live in your region.
Blizzard Entertainment made it official on Tuesday when it revealed World of Warcraft Classic will launch in August.WoW Classic is a "vanilla" version of the once super popular MMORPG launching on August 27.Players will be able to play the 1.12 version of the game known as the "Drums of War" update.Before the game goes live there will be both beta and stress tests.As the popular MMORPG saw millions of players leave over the years, WoW fans began creating their own private servers offering the "classic" WoW experience that didn't include any of the multiple expansions or updates over the course of the game's lifetime.In April 2016, Blizzard began closing down classic WoW unauthorized servers to the dismay of fans.
Rewind to those halcyon days of 2004, when cries of "for the Horde" and "for the Alliance" were still novel, with the return of World of Warcraft Classic on August 27.Blizzard announced the release date in a lengthy news post that also spells out a range of closed beta and stress-test periods over the next three months.Blizzard shuts down “legacy” WoW fan server hours after it goes upThis release date will place the game's launch nearly two years after Blizzard Entertainment confirmed it would release and maintain the game's "vanilla" version as a live service.That decision followed years of fans doing the same "behind" Blizzard's back, though their attempt to do so was an open secret—one that Blizzard battled aggressively."Select WoW players will be invited" to the classic version's first closed beta period beginning May 15, though Blizzard didn't confirm what makes particular WoW fans more eligible than others (perhaps the ones who signed certain petitions get bumped to the front of the list).
Samwise Didier has been creating art for the company since joining it all the way back in 1991 (back before it was even called Blizzard, instead known as Silicon & Synapse, Inc.).Kaeo Milker joined in 2001, first working on Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.Samwise Didier: To me it shows a quarter of a century of growth in my art style, and my company’s ability to make good games.We started out very small with [Warcraft:] Orcs and Humans, where it was basically just orcs and humans.That set the stage for World of Warcraft, giving us that first taste of persistence in characters that we’re leveling up and growing.There was that RPG element added to our RTS that paved the way for WoW.
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This week, I published a piece called the “The master list of PR DON’Ts (or how not to piss off the writer covering your startup).” The problem, of course, with writing a “master list” is that as soon as you publish it, everyone takes the opportunity to point out all the (hopefully) long-tail stories that you didn’t include the first time.And wow, startup founders and PR folks find some funky ways to pitch journalists.That original master list had 16 entries, ranging from not using pressure tactics to force a story to not changing your company’s name capitalization multiple times.Now, here is a list of 12 more PR DON’Ts from the TechCrunch staff, who have turned our Slack thread on this subject into a form of work therapy.DON’T send severed heads of the writer you want to cover your storyIt’s weird to send someone’s cranium to them.
The recently-launched Samsung Galaxy A80 boasts a novel feature: three cameras in a slide-up panel which could rotate to face either the front or back.Tri-cam rear setups are nothing new, with recent phones like the Huawei P30 Pro packing four snappers, but the Galaxy A80’s 'wow factor' was that its three cameras could spin around to the front and take selfies.That raises the question: are we going to see phonemakers pivot their focus from rear-mounted cameras to front-facing snappers?The first two of these can be used to take great solo selfies – by sensing depth the main camera can take pictures with the perfect level of background blur.Selfies taken with a setup like this could be second to none (although the specific post-processing processes play some part too, and an overabundance of filters of course).Many devices nowadays, like the Huawei P30, briefly illuminate the entire front screen in bright white to simulate a flash-effect in a dark environment.
We've only just found out that beloved world leader Donald J. Trump is coming to the UK for a state visit, which as you can imagine was met with rapture and delight.Now, he's made himself even more welcome by rehashing "unproven and unverified" accusations that we've been spying on him.Speaking in a tweet – of course – the Great Orange One responded to an item on One America News Network, a cable channel with a conservative viewpoint, repeating an old conspiracy theory:“Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson accuses United Kingdom Intelligence of helping Obama Administration Spy on the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign.” @OANN WOW!It is now just a question of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, it will be a beauty!While GCHQ doesn't usually get involved in this sort of thing because it's too busy saving the world or whatever, this time the intelligence agency issued a statement saying:
Here are some early reactions – you’ll see some themes emerging.Lots of big emotions (but fear not, no plot spoilers):– Germain Lussier (@GermainLussier) April 23, 2019Chris Evans’ review of AvengersEndgame: “I cried like six times.”What an absolutely perfect ending to the journey that began over a decade ago.AvengersEndgame is everything & yet nothing you expect.
Most of us won't get to see Avengers: Endgame for a few days yet, but those lucky few who got an early glimpse started sharing reactions on social media Monday night.And so far, it's looking like a superpowered success."Avengers: Endgame is a masterful epic -- a true culmination of 22 films that not only concludes the story, but expands upon it," tweeted Erik Davis, managing editor at Fandango."You'll learn more about the other movies while this one unfolds.If Infinity War is the brawn, Endgame is the brains.And wow, what an ending!"