• Some individuals, like Beyoncé and Steve Jobs, had already made it big.While working as a secretary for the London office of Amnesty International, Rowling was fired for daydreaming too much about Harry Potter, and her severance check would help her focus on writing for the next few years.During these years, she got married, had a daughter, got divorced, and was diagnosed with clinical depression before finally finishing the book in 1995."When I got to Dallas, I was struggling — sleeping on the floor with six guys in a three-bedroom apartment," Cuban writes in his book "How to Win at the Sport of Business."He went on to study business at Baruch College and served in the Army until the age of 24 when he left to work for Brooks Brothers.Her relationship with Levin eventually ended because he did not want to marry or have children.
the Finnish centre for Pensions ETK report Statutory pensions – long-term calculations of 2016, that the pension investments, the real expected return for the next ten-year period is three per cent and after this the real rate of return return rate of 3.5%.the Writing of "the pension bomb is ticking" trade magazine 3.11. I would argue that the realistic decades the expected return is no more than two per cent.the Years 2017-2026 with regard to the report presented in the following table under the figures.pension assets real expected returns by investment type 2017-2016, %I view only the interest and equity investments long-term yields, which is easy to evaluate.ETK uses a ten year inflation-expected 1.6 per cent.
the true finns, Terhi Kiemunki has been sentenced to fines for ethnic agitation to the Pirkanmaa district court.Judgment entered islam on its blog post.Kiemunki published in march blog post, where he believes that islam is a danger to destroy democracy and cause violence.the Tampere region, the finns of the district government fired Kiemunki vice-chairman of the task lack of faith.Kiemunki is, however, more people representative of the Lea Mäkipään ps.
5 Little-known Shopper Segments that Boost Email Marketing is a free, 30-minute webinar.The sponsor is Klaviyo, a innovative marketing platform to accelerate ecommerce email and Facebook campaigns.The live webinar will occur on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time, 11 a.m. Pacific.Targeted Email Produces Highest ReturnsPersonalized, segmented emails produce the highest returns.Common segments include geography, gender, and pricing preferences.
Google engineering director Erik Kay talks about the new Allo messaging app and Duo video calling app during Google I/OGoogle has revealed its latest project to the world - an app which can effectively write your text messages for you.Allo learns over time from your style of writing and emoji use, and will present replies accordingly.Its Smart Reply feature is capable of analysing pictures sent to you - for example, a dog or a baby - and generating suggestions such as "Aww, cute dog!"will return results without the need to clarify who 'he' is.Clever feature Whisper Shout is an amusing way to enlarge or downscale your text in order to convey your emotions more clearly, and you can write and doodle on photos using Ink - similar to the way you can draw over Snapchat photos.Alongside Allo, Google launched new video messaging app Duo, which provides a live video preview of the caller in order to make the call feel less intrusive.
Google has released a preview version of Android Wear 2.0 which, however, at this writing is only compatible with the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition and Huawei Watch. The interface has become darker and support alerts have been expanded. The platform has also received support for standalone apps that can run completely independent of the smartphone. They thus functions even when your phone is not connected. Spotify, for example, able to run on their own and play offline music. Android Wear 2.0 provides a new API for dials - all dials can display information from any installed application whatsoever.
A video has turned up that shows the Nexus 5x smartphone that normally runs Android running the Windows 10 Mobile operating system.All of the text is in what appears to be Chinese writing on the video so most of us can't understand what is being said.We also can't read much in the way of what the icons and settings menus seen.Whoever made the video doesn t offer any detail on what exactly it took to get Windows 10 installed and running on the Nexus 5x hardware.One big feature missing is a memory card slot.Power comes from a 2700 mAh internal battery good for ten hours of surfing the web on LTE connections.
Despite the rise of smartwatches, Fitbit's devices are still very popular among fitness enthusiasts, and those who just generally want to get in shape.But what if I told you that you don't even need one of their devices, to get many of their features?No, I'm not writing about some Fitbit knockoff device made by another company.This feature takes advantage of phones with low-power coprocessor chips to track your movements.Both the Nexus 5X and 6P now work with the app to track footsteps, and other physical activities.If you have one of the compatible phones, this might be a nice way to ease into fitness tracking, as you don't have to actually spend any money to get started.
The vulnerability CVE-2016-4010 is fixed in version 2.0.6 issued overnight.Magento handed the flaw a 9.8 out of 10 severity score explaining that the platform installation code is no longer accessible once the installation process is complete."I recommend all Magento administrators to update their installations to the 2.0.6 patch."The chained attack combines smaller vulnerabilities which Rubin has detailed in full, and relies on REST or SOAP being left enabled from default which is the case in most installations.Much of the fault lies with the sizeable and dynamic API for each Magento module that customers use to run things like shopping carts.Rubin praised Magento for its code overhaul which has seen vast re-writing, code improvements, and a bolstering of security.
The 2in1 tablet Chuwi Hi12 is one of the best options among the Cherry Trail tablets especially thanks to the excellent 2160 1440 pixel resolution screen and the useful, but rare 3:2 aspect ratio.But until today one of the lacking features has been the stylus support, well not anymore because the Chuwi HiPen H1 just launched in order to fix that.Chuwi HiPen H1 is an active stylus designed specifically for the use with the Hi12 tablet and on paper it looks really good.Featuring 256 pressure levels software adjusted even 512 levels , aluminum metal body with 1.2mm/1.6mm writing tips, under 2mm precision limit, 30-degree writing angle support and palm supression control technology just does the trick.The pen has two buttons capable of mimicking the mouse buttons and being powered by the dry AAAA battery it can be used for up to 250 hours.The auto sleep function helps to preserve some power so the battery exchange won t be a common occurence.Chuwi HiPen H1 is a pretty handy addition to the Hi12 tablet accessory family and with the official retail price of $29.99 it s also nothing crazy expensive and out of the reach.So for those looking to use the great 12-inch tablet screen fully with some active stylus then this is the way to go.You can get it for example here for even a dollar cheaper.
Entertainment veterans from DreamWorks Animation have started their own virtual reality startup with $3 million in funding.The Santa Monica, California-based Spaces is headed by chief executive Shiraz Akmal and chief technology officer Brad Herman, two veterans who worked on DreamWorks Animation s early VR experiences through 2015.Spaces is already working with such companies as Microsoft, NBCUniversal, Big Blue Bubble and The Hettema Group, among others, to develop and produce a wide range of projects across all VR and mixed reality platforms.Among the target platforms are the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR and Google Cardboard.Virtual reality spaces offer creative challenges we ve never seen before: to build fully dimensional spaces in which viewers can completely interact, Akmal said, in a statement.Herman also said, In every respect, VR is creating new horizons, and we re eager to help companies explore them.Spaces is combining remarkable capabilities, tools and creativity to push the boundaries of the VR frontier.Akmal has been the vice president of operations-product development for the now-defunct video game company THQ, and executive creative director Dean Orion has a career that has included writing for television and creating interactive, location-based attractions for DreamWorks Animation and Walt Disney Imagineering.The Spaces team has the ability and the background to make an enormous impact on VR and MxR, and I am eager to see what they accomplish, said Kai-Fu Lee, founder and CEO of Sinovation Fund, in a statement,The Spaces advisory team includes Dan Offner, attorney, angel investor and former general counsel for Oculus; Keith Boesky, former president of Eidos Interactive and the principal of Boesky & Company; and Indian film actor and entrepreneur Rana Daggubati, star of Baahubali: The Beginning, the highest-grossing film in India s history.
Whether you are a recent graduate, or are searching for a career change, I hope the following is just as helpful for you as it is proving to be for me!Writing is a muscle, but you must be able to write a clear email, pitch ideas, and know how to incorporate visuals/graphics.Along the same lines, having a hunger to learn and desire to challenge yourself i.e.Start at an agency:Agencies provide exposure and experience in a variety of industries and client needs, which allows you to learn a lot quickly.Familiarization with marketing automation tools is a valuable skill, and will definitely set an entry-level candidate apart from most peers.Keep it brief, but also personal by following up on a point from the conversation or mentioning something specific to your new connection.
Update: The Google IO liveblog keynote is being updated continually as the two-hour press conference rolls on.11:50 AM: Sundar is back on stage talking about deep learning and machine learning, and focusing on advancements like curing diseases.Google is making web development through Android Studio smarter and faster, going as far as writing some of the code.11:30 AM: Google is now shifting to Chrome with over 1 billion active users every month, and its touting its accelerated mobile pages, saying these pages load almost instantly.10:00 AM: Google IO has started with music, but not just any music - it looks to be music played through Project Jacquard, which put all sorts of sensors in clothing thank to Google's ATAP division.Here are your humble hosts for this Google IO liveblog, Global Editor-in-Chief Darren Murph, and Senior Mobile Editor, Matt Swider.
Color theory might sound like nothing more than a cinematic buzzword you last heard in your 300-level fine arts course at university.As of this writing, the account has 256 screenshots and accompanying color palettes displayed; everything from the 1957 Aubrey Hepburn film, Funny Face, to Ridley Scott s 2015 space adventure, The Martian.Browsing through the collection, it s interesting to look at the various themes that come across when viewing a movie s color palettes at a more macro level.Alejandro González Iñárritu pic.twitter.com/pmKaXyjkjU— CINEMA PALETTES @CINEMAPALETTES March 5, 2016Blue Is the Warmest Color 2013 dir.Hayao Miyazaki pic.twitter.com/hGsSIPZWKw— CINEMA PALETTES @CINEMAPALETTES April 10, 2016Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998 dir.Sofia Coppola pic.twitter.com/xnlrVcIlCW— CINEMA PALETTES @CINEMAPALETTES May 17, 2016The Blues Brothers 1980 dir.
Google is expanding its virtual reality ambitions with a new system called Daydream, which encompasses a range of VR-capable Android smartphones, a headset design, a controller and applications.The Alphabet Inc subsidiary will release Daydream this fall, said Clay Bavor, Google s vice president of virtual reality, at its I/O developer conference near its Silicon Valley headquarters Wednesday."Daydream is our platform for high-quality mobile virtual reality," Bavor said.Daydream is designed to make VR ubiquitous by working with current and future versions of the company s Android mobile operating system, the latest of which is code-named Android N."What that means for developers is there are going to be a lot of Daydream ready phones," Bavor said.Companies including Samsung Electronics, Alcatel-Lucent, Asustek Computer, HTC, Huawei Technologies, LG Electronics, and Xiaomi are building phones compatible with Daydream specifications, Bavor said, noting that several will be ready this fall.The company is working with companies like Netflix, CNN, HBO, and Hulu to build new applications for Daydream, he said.Also it s re-writing Google s own software, including Photos, Google Play Movies, Street View, and YouTube, to work with the system.Along with that, Google has created a new controller to help people interact with the VR software and content, for instance sending a virtual dragon swooping up and down in a VR video game.Google s first public foray into virtual reality was Cardboard, which lets people turn phones into virtual reality headsets using a lattice of plastic, Velcro, and compressed paper.It also made enhancements to Android to let the operating system support VR-friendly content, like 360 degree videos.Meanwhile, rivals like Facebook Inc. and companies such as HTC and Samsung Electronics produced their own high-end standalone devices, betting that better graphics and precision would encourage people to shell out several hundred dollars for their own devices, versus as low as $15 for Cardboard.With Daydream Google is taking on rivals using a similar strategy to the way it has used Android to compete with Apple in smartphones -- build great software, marry that to cheaper hardware, and then attach it to an ecosystem populated by as many developers as possible.Today, it s hard to get your hands on a premium VR headset, even if you re willing to drop the $1,500 or so needed for the headset and corresponding computers.
But, as the fantasy series' creator George R. R. Martin explains in a Galaxy s Edge Magazine interview, it's never gratuitous, however bloody the demise may be.Particularly if you re writing about war, which is certainly a central subject in Game of Thrones.You don t get to live forever just because you are a cute kid or the hero s best friend or the hero.And certainly, the blood continues to be spilt in the latest season of Game of Thrones, with season six seeing a significant character being 'offed in pretty much every episode so far.Interestingly, the show hasn't lost its bloodlust despite now outpacing the source material – the next entry in the book series that covers the contents of season six was due for release back in January, but as of May 2016 Martin admitted The Winds of Winter still wasn't ready.Galaxy s Edge Magazine via Independent
Nokia, the makers of most people s first mobile phone, is poised to make a comeback after finalising a deal to license out its brand onto a new line of phones and tablets.The Finnish tech firm today announced that it has signed a licencing deal with a newly formed company called HMD Global, which will work on a new line of Android-powered Nokia smartphones and tablets that will go on sale in the coming years.FIH Mobile is the firm that has actually picked up what s left of Nokia from Microsoft, who bought the company in 2014 in a move that descended into disaster – failing to gain any real traction with their Lumia line before writing off billions of dollars relating to the acquisition.Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Nokia brand in an industry where Nokia remains a truly iconic name, Ramzi Haidamus, president of Nokia Technologies, said.Working with HMD and FIH will let us participate in one of the largest consumer electronics markets in the world while staying true to our licensing business model.Nokia will even have a place on the board of HMD, and will set mandatory brand requirements and performance-related provisions for the new products that appear.
Today at the Upfronts, where networks tease shows coming next season, CBS offered a shiny glimpse of the worlds where its new Star Trek series will take us in January 2017.It almost has the feel of the Doctor Who credits sequence, with its kinetic ride through spacetime.This trailer does confirm that we'll have "new crews," which was something many had suspected but had not yet been confirmed.So don't expect the Seven of Nine spinoff we were all hoping for.The good news is that Nicholas Meyer who wrote and directed Wrath of Khan is in the writing room, and smartypants Bryan Fuller Hannibal, Pushing Daisies is the showrunner.The bad news is that the show's pilot will air on CBS, but all subsequent episodes will only be available on CBS streaming.
Android Studio 2.2 has been unveiled, and it brings with it numerous changes, with Google saying the new version focuses on "speed, smarts, and Android platform support."All sorts of speed boosts are found, including emulators that are three times faster than previously, with Google teasing that developers have access to emulators that are faster than the physical devices.This time around, the software can push out faster builds, as speeds have been accelerated.As well, Google has made it easier to run tests, with, among other things, the software writing Espresso test code as the developer taps around.The new version features a rewritten Layout design; there s a new APK Analyzer, a new Layout inspector due to ample requests, no less , integrated IntelliJ 2016.1, and expanded Android code analysis, with it surfacing many of the common issues Google says it sees in Android apps.The new software version also features the option of adding Firebase with apps using the Assistant window, with a Firebase plugin bringing the features straight into Android Studio.
Because of this, we can squeeze more operations per second into the silicon, use more sophisticated and powerful machine learning models and apply these models more quickly, so users get more intelligent results more rapidly.Intriguingly, Jouppi says a board with a TPU fits into a hard disk drive slot in our data center racks.He also says Google moved from first tested silicon to using the silicon in production within 22 days.Performance is "an order of magnitude better-optimized performance per watt for machine learning," Jouppi says, or "roughly equivalent to fast-forwarding technology about seven years into the future three generations of Moore s Law ."Jouppi also sheds light on all those reports about Google developing silicon, writing ... great software shines brightest with great hardware underneath.TPUs therefore can account for some of Google's ads that ask for silicon designers.