In the past few years or so, a wave of technological advancements is promising to take the world by storm, in the same way that the mobile internet redefined our lives ten years ago.In the world of AI, Atlas, the brainchild of Google and Softbank s prodigy Pepper, as rudimentary as they may appear for the moment, portend exciting realities to come, while in the realm of biotechnology, the improvements over the past few years have been slightly more subtle.These extraordinary individuals will offer their postulations.Zhao Ruilin--Illumina China Country manager Ruilin Zhao is the General Manager of Greater China at Illumina, Inc., which provides sequencing and array-based solutions for genetic analysis.Prior to joining Illumina, he was managing China Corporate Marketing and Commercial Operations for Thermo Fisher.Degree in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology and an MBA Degree from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania.Ti-Yichin–Head of R, Microsoft Cortana Mr. Ti Yichin was the founder of PTT, the largest  BBS in Taiwan, and is currently the head of R at Microsoft Cortana, overseeing Cortana s strategic cooperation across platforms, and helping Cortana better serve partners.Yu Kai–Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics Dr. Yu Kai is the founder of Horizon Robotics Inc., a recognized pioneer and leader in deep learning and artificial intelligence.
Chinese tech giant Alibaba on Monday reappointed the CEO of its video site Youku Tudou, as part of its newly founded cultural entertainment subsidiary, according to Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang on Monday.Zhang said in his email that the current president and CEO of Youku Tudou, Teddy Gu Yongqiang, will resign from his post.The president of Alibaba s mobile business division, Yu Yongfu, will be the president and CEO of Alibaba s cultural entertainment subsidiary, which will incorporate Youku Tudou.Besides Youku Tudou, Alibaba s cultural entertainment subsidiary will consist of the company s relevant businesses including mobile browser UCWeb, film, music, sports, games, literature and their digital entertainment division.After this change, Yu will report to Zhang, and Gu will be a committee chairman of Alibaba in charge of the company s investment in the cultural entertainment sector.Gu founded Youku in 2005.Youku merged with its rival Tudou in 2012, and Gu has been the president and CEO of the merged company Youku Tudou ever since.Alibaba acquired NYSE-listed Youku Tudou in October 2015, the privatization of Youku Tudou was finished in April 2016, and it officially became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alibaba.
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Alibaba Cloud, e-commerce giant Alibaba Group s cloud computing subsidiary, is looking to fire up its international expansion and narrow the gap with Amazon Web Services through closer ties with so-called managed services providers.The Hangzhou-based company recently named Datapipe, a privately held US information technology services provider, as its first international partner tasked to help ease the cloud set-up for Chinese organisations venturing abroad and multinational firms entering mainland China.Ethan Yu Sicheng, the general manager of Alibaba Cloud s global operations, said the company plans to add more managed services provider partners because of the large workload involved in moving enterprise applications over to the cloud.In this industry, we see customers relying on managed services providers to not only implement their mobile applications, but also to find the right cloud providers for them and manage their resources afterwards, Yu said.Scalability is one of the core benefits of moving to the cloudJason Singh, Datapipe s head of marketing
The new Prey game isn t just rebooting that franchise — it s also rebooting real-world history.Bethesda released a video today for the shooter from Arkane Studios that dives into the lore of the sci-fi world.While Prey takes place on a space station called Talos I in the year 2032, its backstory stretches all the way back into the late 1950s and deals with the space race between the United States and Russia.That will lead to players exploring an orbiting research facility as human Morgan Yu when Prey launches in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.Arkane and Bethesda present the clip as an in-fiction training video for TranStar employees that leaked out despite a scary nondisclosure agreement.And you should check it out by clicking play up above.In Prey s alternative timeline, USSR cosmonauts encounter extraterrestrial lifeforms.Unable to contain the threat, the Russians approached the United States to ask for aid in building a research station to contain and study the mysterious creatures living in Earth s exosphere.
Microsoft said on Wednesday that it has expanded the opportunity to purchase its HoloLens augmented reality headset to other countries outside the United States/Canada envelope.Developers and businesses interested in obtaining the device can now do so in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.Pre-orders begin now by heading here, with devices shipping sometime in late November.Unlike the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Microsoft s HoloLens mixes virtual with physical by presenting holograms in the wearer s field of view of the real world, whether it is a hologram of a human body with the meat exposed, a 3D representation of a city, the Martian landscape, or a handful of Yu-Gi-Oh!Right now, there is no consumer version of HoloLens, as the company is not sure when the device and its ecosystem will be ready for the masses.Microsoft originally hinted that a consumer model might not even happen, but the growing popularity of the AR headset and what we have seen thus far indicates that there will eventually be a platform accessible by everyone.
Google s biggest hardware event of the year kicks offs at 9 a.m. Pacific 12 p.m. Eastern on October 4 in San Francisco.Rumor has it Google will unveil as many as six new products at the event — from Pixel smartphones to a full-fledged Amazon Echo competitor.Here s everything Google may, and may not, announce on Tuesday.Google s Nexus smartphone line is reportedly no more.Instead, we expect to see two Pixel phones — the Pixel and the Pixel XL — with branding borrowed from Google s Pixel C Android tablet and discontinued for now Chromebook line.Codenamed Sailfish and Marlin, the Pixel and Pixel XL reportedly feature 5-inch and 5.5-inch screens, respectively.The XL is said to ship with a higher-resolution display and a larger battery.While the Nexus line will be taking the backseat in 2016, and while the Pixels will sport the increasingly pervasive G logo rather than the familiar Nexus branding, Google is not believed to have parted with its years-long strategy of calling in seasoned phone makers to build phones on Google s behalf.HTC is the one behind the Pixels.A report today from Android Police says that Huawei was originally supposed to be the company making the Pixel but talks fell through, apparently after Huawei chief executive Richard Yu responded negatively to Google s desire to leave the device maker s logo off the phone.
View photosFrom left: Jean-Bernard Levy chairman of EDF Group, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, Greg Clark Secretary of State for Business, Chinese Energy Minister Neur Bekri and Energy and Industrial Strategy and He Yu chairman of CGN at a signing ceremony in London to finalise the deal to build Hinkley Point, England, the first new UK nuclear power station in a generation.The green light for the 18 billion pound, $23.3 billion/20.8 billion euro project in southwestern England, will now lead to thousands of jobs bring created during the building phase.Philip Toscano/PA via AP MoreLONDON AP — Officials from China, Britain and France have attended a signing ceremony to mark the final approval for the construction of the new Hinkley Point nuclear power station in southwest England.The 18 billion-pound $23 billion project will be financed by Chinese nuclear power provider CGN and French energy group EDF.It will be Britain's first new nuclear plant in more than two decades.
As long as there have been marketplaces to sell goods, there have been scummy people looking to rip others off.Most, however, aren t as creative as what happened to Mimi Jiang, a Chinese woman who tried to purchase a rose gold iPhone 7 online.What Jiang got, however, was something else entirely.Inside the package were two iPhones — an iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4 — both of which are all but worthless today.The surprise came with the inclusion of a Yu-Gi-Oh card called Polymerization.When played, the Polymerization card combines two monsters to make a larger, more powerful beast.
We ve seen a number of uses for Microsoft s HoloLens augmented reality headset, ranging from training soldiers on the battlefield to playing a virtual game of Yu-Gi-Oh!Now Microsoft s technical marvel is being put to use at the Kennedy Space Center to send visitors to Mars.Given that most humans will never set foot on the toxic Red Planet, this virtual trip will be their only means of visiting the neighboring world.The exhibit is called Destination: Mars, and will showcase the Red Planet until January 1, 2017.It s based on images captured by NASA s Curiosity Mars Rover, which is a car-sized robotic rover that began rolling across the rocky Martian surface on August 6, 2012.At NASA, we re excited to apply mixed reality technologies to the challenges we re facing in space exploration, says Jeff Norris, project manager at NASA s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Usually one monster can be a bit problematic for a group of superheroes to handle.Now all of Marvel s monster big and small are banding together to squish Earth s champions, right when they re stuck in the middle of Civil War II.Nothing heals the wounds of a superhero schism quite like a monster attack, right?First mentioned earlier this month, Marvel has finally revealed through Entertainment Weekly some details on its new crossover event series from Cullen Bunn, with art by Steve McNiven, Leinil Yu, Adam Kubert, Greg Land and Salvador Larroca.Inspired by the old classic monsters comics of the same name Marvel published during the 70s, the event will see a multitude of Marvel s monsters—and that s whether they re good monsters like Groot or Devil Dinosaur, or villainous ones like Fin Fang Foom—teaming up to conquer the Earth.And despite the fact Marvel s heroes are currently more divided than they have ever been, they re going to have to put aside their differences to keep from being turned into Avengers-shaped pancakes.
Now in its eighth year, the competition received an unprecedented 4,500 entries from over 80 countries.Overall Winner: Baily s Beads, Yu JunChina s Yu Jun captured the Baily s Beads effect during the total solar eclipse of March 9, 2016, as seen from Luwuk, Indonesia.Winner of Aurorae: Twilight Aurora, György SoponyaiA stunning Aurora Borealis as seen above the Adventtoppen Mountain in Norway.Winner of Our Moon: From Maurolycus to Moretus, Jordi Delpeix Borrell
Although we have no idea when or even if Microsoft plans to release its HoloLens augmented reality AR headset to the general public, that hasn t stopped creative individuals from imagining the technology s gaming potential.One such clan of developers is Gold Team Productions who are currently working on bringing Yu-Gi-Oh!Once placed on the field, HoloLens would thus generate a static, 3D representation of each card s illustrated monster.The second update, released on July 5, showed the same in-air lineup of cards, only this time when the monster was generated, it actually roared.Special cards even received their own soundtracks along with bigger, life-sized monsters which notably reduced the overall performance .The group even added the Egyptian God Cards for testing, which comprises of ultra-rare Yu-Gi-Oh!
Collectible/Trading Card Games have long been popular even before the mobile gaming revolution, but while most of the franchises n the West, like Magic The Gathering, are your run of the mill card-based games, in Japan they have taken a life of their own.There, CCGs like Yu-Gi-Oh extend to multimedia, especially manga and anime, that portray the game as more than just cards.The advent of virtual and augmented reality gear offers the opportunity to make those fantasies real, like this real-life Yu-Gi-Oh made possible by the Microsoft HoloLens.This isn t of course, the first nor the only attempt at bringing such fantasy cards to mixed reality.Oculus also teased its own take on delivering a real-world experience of playing card games like Yu-Gi-Oh.Of course, being a virtual reality platform, its limited to expressing that in a totally fabricated VR world, akin to when the characters in the anime series were sucked up into a similar VR world.
Alibaba Group, China s largest e-commerce company, will invest more and expand its business further into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN region.Jack Ma, the founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, spoke on Sunday at the opening ceremony of the 13th China-ASEAN Expo, saying that he saw ASEAN as the most promising and most dynamic region in the world economy.The China-ASEAN Expo is co-sponsored by the Chinese government and 10 ASEAN member states, including Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.The expo is being held less than a week after the landmark China-ASEAN Summit, which took place on September 7 in Vientiene, Laos.Jack Ma said that the China-ASEAN relationship is one of world s most important economic partnerships and that Alibaba will expand investment and business development in the ASEAN region .The world today has two main opportunities – technological revolution and further globalisation, both of which will help developing countries grow in leaps and bounds.I believe e-commerce, fuelled by the ASEAN economy, will play an important role, said Ma.About one million registered ASEAN suppliers are trading with China on an Alibaba platform, according to Yu Yong, vice president of Alibaba Group.ASEAN is in the centre of Western and Eastern culture.Neither the Western world nor the Eastern world will win in the future.
Chinese smartphone brands are gaining ground in less brand-sensitive European markets like Spain and Germany.Hampered by a sluggish market at home, a growing number of Chinese smartphone makers are turning their attention to greener pastures on another continent altogether: Europe.But in recent years, they ve been making a far more significant push into Europe, pumping copious amounts of money into staging dazzling, high-profile product launches and sponsoring some of the world s most famous football stars.IIn a little over three years, Huawei has steadily climbed the ranks, overtaking brands such as Sony, LG and Microsoft to become the world s third-largest smartphone maker behind Samsung and Apple.Earlier this year, it signed Argentinean football star Lionel Messi as a brand ambassador in a deal reportedly worth a cool US$6 million.I think that for the technology side, we are better than Samsung …we are leading, Yu said, pointing out that Huawei incorporated dual-camera technology into its P9 flagship handset before its competitors.
Can programming lead to something that imitates human intelligence and consciousness?Chinese artificial intelligence AI company Turing Robot works to build brains for robots, and envisions putting an AI robot in every household.AI in the spotlightThe future when every household lives with an AI robot could be nearer than you thought.In 1997, IBM s chess-playing computer Deep Blue defeated world champion Gary Kasparov.Less than 20 years later, in March of 2016, Google s deep learning computer program AlphaGO gained victory over champion Lee Sedol at Go, a game which is widely considered to be the most complex board game in the world in terms of total possibilities and game permutations.For there to exist AI that can compete with and even show signs of surpassing human intelligence, or that computers in general can exist – without which our world today would be quite different – we must pay tribute to the father of theoretical computer science and AI, Alan Turing.I respect Alan Turing because he was determined to make things happen, even when faced with great difficulties from all sides, said Yu Zhichen, founder and CEO of Turing Robot.Yu Zhichen, founder and CEO of Turing Robot Photo from Yijian Yu and his team have been working on the upgraded AI , something which was defined by Yu as the AI that actually makes a robot capable of reasoning and solving problems.The entrepreneur, still in his 30s said, Before I retire at 60, I would devote my last 30 years to make the future happen, a future when upgraded AI comes true.Two major products: a brain and an OS for robotsYu and his team have been working to integrate robotics with AI and internet.
Huawei presented the new Nova-model series to the previous parallel.Huawei has unveiled in Berlin two new middle price range phone, Huawei Nova and Nova Plus model.Nova has a five-inch screen and a 3020 mAh battery, while the Plus has a 5.5-inch screen and 3340 to mAh battery.– Nova-phone battery lasts five hours Pokemon Gon gaming, insurance Richard Yu, huawei's consumer products ceo.Huawei Nova 32 gb of internal memory pay Yun, according to the tax 399 eur, while the Nova Plus the price of the same size of memory is 429 euros.the Phone's back cover in the center is the fingerprint sensor, which Yu ad more safer: It also recognizes the fingerprint of the grooves depth, so it is not Yun, can cheat, for example, finger images.
BERLIN—Huawei Technologies Co. aims to become the world s second-largest smartphone maker by 2018, Richard Yu, the chief executive of the company s consumer business group, told The Wall Street Journal in an interview in Berlin on Thursday.This year and next will be critical for the success, we are working very hard, Mr. Yu said.When the company is number two is the time to predict when it will become number one, he added.Mr. Yu reiterated statements he made at last year s IFA consumer trade fair in Berlin, that he is still aiming for Huawei to become the world s largest smartphone maker in four or five years from now.Despite a flattening overall market, Huawei is targeting huge growth.The company plans to ship 140 million devices in 2016, a 30% increase over the past year.
Alibaba Pictures, the entertainment arm of the Chinese e-commerce giant, is investing RMB 100 million US$15.2 million for an 80 percent stake in a movie theater operator in its hometown of Hangzhou, as it takes on rival Dalian Wanda.The company will acquire around 61 percent of Hangzhou Xingji from shareholder Hangzhou Kunwei for RMB 39 million $5.9 million , as well as invest RMB 61 million $9.2 million in the company, according to a filing earlier this week.That amounts to an 80 percent equity interest once the deal is complete.Hangzhou Xingji owns, operates and manages the Hangzhou Star Cinema, which houses eleven theaters, including one 4D cinema and one China Film Giant Screen CFGS theater.The company s profit grew 416 percent to more than RMB 563,000 after taxes last year, the statement said.The news comes a month after the company announced it was partnering with Wuhu Gopher Asset Management on a new $300 million film and TV fund.That investment comes in the face of mounting losses for the company, expected to be RMB 400-450 million for the first half of 2016.Competition in China s cinema industry continues to heat up with new players entering the field.Last week, Wanda Cinema Line, China s biggest movie theater operator, confirmed it in talks with CJ CGV, South Korea s largest movie theater chain, with industry watchers speculating the two companies are considering joining forces in China.That followed a deal earlier this month between Wanda Cinema Line and IMAX to construct 150 theatres in China over the next six years.Wanda Cinema Line, China s largest cinema chain operator, is a subsidiary of property and entertainment conglomerate Wanda Group, which is controlled by China s richest man, Wang Jianlin.The tycoon told Reuters on Tuesday he plans to close two, billion-dollar film industry deals in the U.S. this year.China Film Co. and Shanghai Film Group, two major state-owned enterprises also floated this month, and have indicated they intend to use the funds raised in their successful initial public offerings to build new cinemas.Alibaba Pictures has previously invested in several high-profile Hollywood projects, including Star Trek Beyond and Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation.Star Trek is due to hit cinemas on September 2.Other movies the studio has invested in include Ferry Man 摆渡人 , Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom 三生三世十里桃花 , and Ao Jiao Yu Pian Jian 傲娇与偏见 .This article originally appeared on China Film InsiderAbout the Author: Fergus Ryan is a reporter at China Film Insider and previously worked  as a journalist for the News Corp. publications China Spectator and The Australian