Ever since Marvel s All-New, All-Different universe began, tensions between the Inhumans and Mutants of the Marvelverse have been high.Scott Summers supposedly died doing something to majorly tick the Inhumans off.Terrigen mists are sterilizing and poisoning mutants.And now, those tensions are boiling over.Announced at today s Cup O Joe panel with Joe Quesada at San Diego Comic-Con, Inhumans vs. X-Men will be a six-part miniseries by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule, with art by Leinil Yu.The story will see the current situation with the Terrigen mists reach its climax, as the mists—the biological gas that contact with triggers latent Inhuman genes in humans, beginning their transformation into Inhumans, vital to the continuation of the Inhuman race and responsible for the current rise of prominence in the Inhuman population—achieving complete global saturation in the Earth s atmosphere.
Acacia Partners LP, an investor in Baidu Inc., criticized the search company for considering a sale of its video unit to a group led by its chairman at a price that is far too low.IQiyi.com, a Netflix-like streaming platform, should be a valuable and important contributor to the company and a sale is against Baidu s interests, the hedge fund said in a letter to Li that was made available to Bloomberg News.It cited valuations on the business of $5.8 billion compared with the $2.8 billion valuation suggested in a buyout offer put forth by Li and iQiyi.com chief executive Yu Gong in February.Acacia said it owned more than 2.6 million shares in Baidu worth over $400 million, according to a letter distributed to media by the Finsbury Group.Baidu declined to comment, verify it received the letter or confirm Acacia is a shareholder.Calls to Acacia s New York office outside of normal business hours were directed to voicemail.Your offer to buy out iQiyi is rife with conflicts of interest that we believe in a few years will paint a picture of Baidu corporate governance that is much uglier than the current admiring and respectful view, Acacia said.
Cho Hyun-chun, the chief of South Korea's Defense Security Command, said this month that its neighbor to the north was running online gambling operations and other businesses that bring in roughly $866 million per year, according to a report from United PressYu said the hackers running the sites were directly linked to North Korea's intelligence unit, which hosts its cyber division,
That s a good statue.This 158-foot-tall bronze figure depicts Guan Yu, an ancient Chinese general, and majestically towers over Jingzhou, China.Shanghaiist says that over 4,000 strips of bronze have been stuck onto the body of Guan Yu and he stands atop the 86,000 square foot Guan Yu museum.All that is great but damn, I just can t get over how fantastic the statue looks.It s like he s looking at the oncoming waves of people?and saying, come at me, I dare you.
As of late June, 32.5% of page one Google results now use the HTTPS protocol, according to a new study from Moz.The esteemed Dr Pete published a blog post this week on the data they ve been tracking in the two year period since Google announced HTTPS was to be a light ranking signal in August 2014.The results are definitely enough to give SEOs pause for thought when it comes to considering whether to switch their sites to a secure protocol.In case you need a refresher, here is Jim Yu s explanation of the difference between http and HTTPS:HTTP is the standard form used when accessing websites.HTTPS adds an additional layer of security by encrypting in SSL and sharing a key with the destination server that is difficult to hack.
A new environmental monitoring technique may help limit the damage, by quickly counting all the species upstream using only DNA pulled out of the river.That information could be used to influence dam locations at the planning stage.Traditional surveying methods would take years to identify ecological hotspots that dams should avoid – time developers don t want to waste.Yu hopes to speed up surveying by gathering the fragments of DNA littered throughout the environment and identifying the species they belong to with DNA sequencing.He wants to work with Chinese ecologists to carry out eDNA surveys in the Mekong, building up a picture of where rare and vulnerable species live.The idea is based on recent research that suggests every river acts as a conveyor belt for genetic material released from cells shed from the species living there – what s called environmental DNA eDNA .
Within five years, the Chinese company Huawei have snatched the jersey and passed Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. It says Richard Yu, who is the head of the company's consumer electronics division, the Wall Street Journal. Yu clarify with the company in five years will have a 25 percent share in smartphones. - We want to be number one in smartphones in the world. Read also: Google's mobile may soon be here - "they are trying to gain greater control" And it should be said that Huawei keeps shrinking the spacing of the two dominant engines. The first quarter of this year, Huawei's sales by 59 percent in volume, while Samsung was pretty quiet compared to a year ago, and Apple dropped 14 percent, according to research firm Gartner.
Within five years, the Chinese company Huawei have snatched the jersey and passed Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. It says Richard Yu, who is the head of the company's consumer electronics division, the Wall Street Journal. Yu clarify with the company in five years will have a 25 percent share in smartphones. - We want to be number one in smartphones in the world. Read also: Google's mobile may soon be here - "they are trying to gain greater control" And it should be said that Huawei keeps shrinking the spacing of the two dominant engines. The first quarter of this year, Huawei's sales by 59 percent in volume, while Samsung was pretty quiet compared to a year ago, and Apple dropped 14 percent, according to research firm Gartner.
The robots are programmed to get shot in gunfights and to rent themselves out for sex in the downtown whorehouse, but suddenly they start killing their human customers.The original Westworld is ultimately about how amusement parks are disasters waiting to happen, a concern that showed up again in Crichton's 1990 novel Jurassic Park which became the basis for the eponymous blockbuster movie franchise .The new Westworld series is helmed by Lisa Joy a producer on the cracklingly fun Burn Notice and Jonathan Nolan, who recently wrapped up his creator/producer duties on the final season of AI thriller Person of Interest.As you can see in this trailer, they've preserved the basic premise, which is that people will pay to interact with robots in theme parks.Westworld is very much an adult theme park, with sex and violence serving as the primary lures for people bored with their high-tech lives.Plus the writing team includes Charles Yu, author of the incredible novel How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe.
Huawei CEO Richard Yu did not directly deny that the company is developing its own operating system. China's Huawei to use their smartphones now Google's Android operating system, but the choice is not necessarily long-lasting, writes Cellular News. Gave impetus to the claim Huawei CEO Richard Yu, who sent a relevant message Weibossa. Yu said korulausein that Google is fine, extensible, users benefit from importing ecosystem. As long as Google keeps the system open, the company uses Yun According to it, and at the same time improve its EMUI through the user interface. Its code name is apparently Kirin.
It has continued to build an impressive lead over iOS and the countless stragglers who can t even top 1% of the market share, but that hasn t stopped some of the industry s leading Android phone makers from planning for a future that is significantly less dependent on Google s mobile OS.DON T MISS: Forget 2016 Nexus phones, Google is said to be making an iPhone 7 killerJust last week, The Information reported that Huawei had put together a team of engineers to build a new operating system that could one day replace Android as the company s go-to software for smartphones and tablets.Although Huawei hasn t directly responded to the report, the company s CEO Richard Yu took to social media site Weibo over the weekend to confirm that his team will continue to use Android as long as Google keeps it open.This is not exactly an outright denial, but it should be Google at ease for the time being.Tizen has been in various stages of release since 2012, but you d still be hard-pressed to find someone on the street who had ever even heard of it.The smartphone market will continue to have a decidedly green tint for the coming years, but don t be surprised if other operating systems begin to rise up in the wake of fragmentation and dissatisfaction with Android.
Photographer: Imagine China / All Over Press Korean Samsung tries to make itself more independent of Google and focusing more on its own operating system Tizen. Now it looks like that the fast-growing Chinese competitor Huawei does the same thing. According to a report by research firm The details of the week's Huawei in the process of developing its own OS, Kirin OS. Huawei has not confirmed it all, but CEO Richard Yu has been in a discussion on the Chinese social media service Weibo said that Huawei will continue to use Android, as long as it is open. He also said that Huawei will continue to make their own adaptations of Android. Get track of the digitization of society and companies with the newsletter Digital Technology!
Company "Rotating" CEO Yu Chengdong Richard Yu has taken to Weibo to express continuing solidarity with Android.Of course, that has been the point of contention in the first place, so, in a way, Yu does confirm that the company foresees the possibility of Google somewhat closing the doors to tighten its grip on the platform.Google is believed to be making some subtle moves to corral the Android ecosystem into a more coherent whole.It might be platform suicide for Android if Google starts to curtail OEMs' freedoms, but it is also arguable that checks and improvements need to be set in place to improve the status quo.For now, however, Huawei is still banking heavily on this "crutch", but not without its own personal touch.Huawei continues to develop its own EMUI to supplement, if not supplant, the Android experience.
China s central bank will study shadow banking activities at Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. as it tries to ensure a fair environment exists for competition in the industry, Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said.Alibaba engages in activities that fall under the Financial Stability Board s definition of shadow banking and are subject to different capital requirements than traditional banks, Zhou said in a meeting with International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde in Washington."We encourage the development of internet companies, but under the current situation they need to comply with existing rules when engaging in financial activities," Zhou said, according to a transcript on the central bank s website.Controlled by billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma, Zhejiang Ant Small & Micro Financial Services Group has evolved from an outsider in a tightly controlled industry to an online finance giant.The company runs China s biggest internet payment service, Alipay, with 450 million users, and controls the business that manages Yu E Bao, the nation s largest money-market fund.It also holds a stake in MYBank, a private online lender.— With assistance by Jun Luo
The details of how the Brexit will be enacted by the British government is yet to be determined, but it is no doubt a decision with ramifications for much of the wider world.The completed referendum has become a hot topic among Chinese netizens, especially since UK is the European country with the most students of Chinese nationality–as many as 150,000.The Japanese Yen, the safe-haven currency, is soaring.Finally, a major event happened in one of these years.Now the UK has left the EU in the first half of 2016, Trump has to win the presidential election in the second half to make the atmosphere of the whole year consistent.Here comes the winter for the stock market in the height of summer— Yang Yu NDRC researcher For reference only, the recent situation implies an unprecedented trend of the two-decades of globalization since the end of the Cold War.And that is also the reason why even the Queen, who has never taken a stand when it comes to national decisions, has implicitly encouraged the UK to leave.
Nocket first came to wide public attention on the site Modern Hiker, but internet parks lovers everywhere were so infuriated by Nocket s drawings that she became a popular subject on Reddit.An investigator from Yosemite named Steve Yu even reached out to Reddit users for help identifying Nocket s work.3 - Please don t try to fix this type of vandalism yourself, either in this case or others.Nocket pled guilty last week to seven misdemeanor counts of defiling rock formations in seven national parks.Judge Sheila K. Oberto sentenced her to 200 hours of community service, and a hearing about financial restitution has been scheduled for a later date.Nocket has also been banned from 524 million acres of public lands for a two year probationary period.
The first drone shipments to customers will be made within four weeks.The drone has the RealSense R200 camera pre-installed and an Intel Atom processor controls the works.A pair of batteries are included along with extra propellers in a specially designed backpack for carrying the works to and from the launch zone.Downward facing sensors help improve stability and enable flights outdoors and close to the ground even if GPS reception is poor."Intelligent navigation and obstacle avoidance in complex environments powered by Intel RealSense Technology expands creative possibilities and enhances safety for our customers," said Yu Tian, chief executive officer of Yuneec International.The controller is Android based, has a 7-inch touchscreen, and shows 720p video from the drone camera in real-time.
Story below includes links to some of the defacements.A woman who defaced national parks with graffiti was nabbed with the assistance of online outrage and, ultimately, the Reddit community.The defendant, 23-year-old Casey Nocket from San Diego, was handed two years of probation and 200 hours of community service for using magic markers and acrylic paint PDF to deface rock formations in several national parks—from Death Valley in California to Zion National Park in Utah.What got her into trouble was her cavalier attitude about the vandalism on an Instagram post, which spread across the Internet and eventually to a hiking site and Reddit.Nocket s devil-may-care attitude came back to haunt her, however, when outraged Reddit users tracked her down and reported her to the National Parks Service.Ultimately, National Park Service investigator Steve Yu saw a post about the vandalism on the subreddit Yosemite, which ultimately led to the woman being charged.
When the story was picked up by Casey Schreiner, who took screenshots of Nocket s Instagram and Tumblr accounts and posted them on his site Modern Hiker, things really began to snowball.Yu reached out to Schreiner, who shared his screenshots of Nocket s artwork with the investigators.When there are acts of destruction and you make them known at large through social media, that is a powerful tool of investigation, he said.A family member spoke with the hiking blog Trailmob, and said that they were concerned for Nocket s safety.Nocket must also make a formal written apology to the National Park Service; and she has been banned from entering public lands administered by the National Park Service, United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and US army corps of engineers – some 549m acres, totaling more than 20% of the landmass of the US.Cuvelier said that he was not in a position to speculate whether in Nocket s mind she believed she was committing an act of vandalism, or art, but said: I think a lack of understanding of why parks exist is a concern.
A security researcher has found a critical vulnerability that affects every version of Windows over the last 20 years starting with Windows 95A security researcher from Tencent, China's largest internet service portal, has discovered a critical security flaw in Microsoft's Windows operating system that affects every single version of Windows over the last two decades, from Windows 95 all the way to Windows 10.This allows hackers to intercept and decrypt traffic being sent between vulnerable clients, such as smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets and servers.The hacker tricks the victim into visiting a malicious webpage using the Internet Explorer IE or Edge web browsers, opening a malicious email attachment such as a Word document or installing a malicious USB memory stick."This vulnerability is caused by a series of seemingly correct implementations, which includes a transport layer protocol, an application layer protocol, a few specific usage of application protocol by the operating system and several protocol implementations used by firewalls and NAT devices," Yang Yu, Tencent's director of Xuanwu Lab told cybersecurity news site Dark Reading.Microsoft has awarded Yu $50,000 £39,000 in bug bounty for spotting the vulnerability and sent out a patch for the security flaw on 14 June's Patch Tuesday.However, for people who are still using Windows XP on any of their systems, you will need to disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.