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ABM provides value added service relating to the formation of companies in the BVI.

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If you are interested in BVI yatch registration, know that there are certain procedures to be followed for getting registered.So, here you go!What Is BVI Shipping Register?The British Overseas Territory of the Virgin Islands, commonly referred to as the "British Virgin Islands", is the world's premier corporate domicile of choice which includes companies owning and operating ships registered in the British Virgin Islands.As part of the Red Ensign Group (comprised of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey and the 8 other Overseas Territories), the integrity of the registration of ships flying the Red Ensign is guaranteed with the ability to record and legally prove a ship mortgage and protection provided through international relations and the British Navy as well as the technical expertise of the UK Maritime and Coastguard which implements maritime law and safety policy in the UK.The Registration Process The registration process usually takes about 2 - 6 months and involves the following steps:Step 1: Name Reservation Before applying for registration, it is essential that the name of the ship is approved by the Registrar by making an application in the appropriate form.The name is reserved for 180 days to allow time for the survey.It is advised that at least 3 alternative names in order of priority be proposed to ensure availability and approval.Step 2: Survey The ship must be surveyed and measured to obtain descriptive particulars for purposes of registration by any one of the 7 Classification Societies authorized by the Shipping Registry.Step 3: Application After the completion of the survey, the BVI Representative will then submit the documents showing proof of ownership, the Declaration of Eligibility and the Appointment Forms.Step 4: Certificate Of Registry If the application is in order, the Registrar issues an Official Number and after being satisfied that the ship is eligible to be registered, the Registrar will issue a Carving and Marking Note.