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I am Amara Karan from New York. I am a writer. These days I am writing blogs for Yahoo Customer Service.

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Yahoo is known to offer the best services to the users who are looking for a reliable platform to store data in a large quantity. You can reach the professionals via Yahoo Customer Service Number and get help regarding the issues they are encounter while making changes to the phone number you have already saved on your Yahoo messenger. Follow the steps to change phone on your Yahoo messenger: Step 1: Open Yahoo messenger and then sign in using the correct credentials such as username and password of your account. Step 2: Now, move your cursor to the name of your profile and click “Account Settings” from the menu bar. Step 6: Now in the tab “Toll-Free Numbers” select “Add other” Step 7: Provide the new number in the option and click “Save” Step 8: You will receive the verification code you receive on the phone, and then type the same code in “verify mobile number”. But if you not so technically sound, it is advisable to the consult the experts in order to know the easiest possible way to make changes in the phone number.