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BikeKeeper makes the highest quality bike racks on the planet from hot-dipped galvanized steel, inside and out. Learn more about our product and warranty here.

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Original Source: Outdoor excursions and adventure trips often include bikes kike mountain bikes and aero bikes.But, the transportation problem lingers, bikers prefer to transport their bikes with safety and proper precautions.It is because often bikes get damaged during transportation.Here you will find the detailed guide in this matter-Understand what you will be carryingThe first thing you need to consider is what you are going to carry.Because, your car has limited space, And if you install a separate rack for each accessory, you may not get enough space.Check if your vehicle has already some fitting  You need to check if your vehicle comes with some fitted racks like roof crossbars or trailer hitch.
Original Source: Ultimate Bicycle Stands are used in order to either store your bicycle or for working on your bicycle for repair.If you are a cyclist or not, you will require good quality bicycle stands anyway.It should be stable and the design should be sleek which is considered ideal.It should not be unstable and badly built.Never compromise on quality The ultimate bicycle stand should be purchased only after you are ensured that they are of good quality.There should certainly be no compromise on the quality of the stand at all!
Original source: like a shelter is important for living beings, the same it is for non-living things also.A bike also needs shelter and it is useful because it protects the bikes from getting damaged by the harmful UV rays of the sun.In many places these days, bike racks are also available but when a bike is parked under a proper bike storage shelter known as the covered bike shelter then it offers more protection and these shelters are durable also and can be used for more than 10 years or more.The business industries, schools, and other office areas can establish bike shelters so that the employees can keep their bikes there.This is the best way to show to the employees that their owners care about their vehicles.Moreover, street furniture like such shelters for a bike is a great addition to any kind of establishment and it also helps to enhance the appeal of the property and makes its infrastructure look more innovative.
Original source: stands, as the name suggests help a bicycle to stand at rest.Whenever you park a vehicle like a car, you put it on neutral and it doesn’t need to take any support since it is a four-wheeler.Therefore it is a must that whenever one goes to buy a bicycle stand, it is of the best quality.The bike stand must be such that it helps to support your vehicle when you pump its tires, lube your chain, replace its wheels or clean the bike.A stand must be such that it supports the vehicle adequately.Moreover, a bike stand that allows the pedals to rotate either forward or backward so that one can lube their chain is the most idealized.Portability is an important issue that must be considered before choosing any bicycle stand.If you want to take your bike to some other place and you transport it via your car, the stand must be strong enough to support it throughout the journey.
It’s good that people have switched to these options. It is also helping in keeping a good environment. But what about the bike parking shelter and safety there are many shopping malls and public places where there is no proper shelter for these bikes. From large office buildings to condos, parks, recreational areas, clubhouses, gated communities, urban shopping centers, and any house or place you can easily place this bike parking shelter anywhere. So, this bike shelter is longer lasting and can survive up to 10 years. It has a triple-level of protection- one is that it keeps your bike safe, second, you can lock your bike, third is that due to its shelter it can survive any form of harsh weather condition, be it snow, rain, hailstorm, extreme heat, cold, etc.