David  salehan

David salehan

Dr. Salehani's training and skills allow him to perform wide range of procedures from minor including wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, oral pathology etc.

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Changes in the lining of the mouth can indicate the beginnings of an oral pathology.Immediate treatment can prevent permanent damage.To learn more about oral pathology services in California, and schedule your consultation with our dentists.Please contact us so we may help.
David Salehani, DDS, MD offers Dental Implants procedure in West Hollywood, CA to replace your missing teeth.Call us more appoitment.We are a one of the best dental implant center in West Hollywood, » CA.We are offering full mouth dental implant service by experienced & qualified dentist.
Knowing what kind of headache you have can help you find relief through proper treatment.Migraine headaches can cause debilitating pain, but preventive and abortive Migraine Headache treatments are available to help you manage migraine attacks.
Botox Treatment in West Hollywood is injected into targeted facial muscles to smooth lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive expressions.Schedule appointment so you can get repeat injections at the right time and maintain your look.Visit our site to see how we can help you!