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Eamon Charles Lowe

Eamon Charles Lowe started his career as a property valuer and soon developed a great understanding of the economic and property requirements

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Are you looking for ways to save property tax?Managing every aspect of the property business is not an easy task.Everything from trivial matters to significant business decisions must be taken care of by you.Managing the day to day business operations becomes a hassle, especially when the tax season is approaching.You have to pay tax from the profits earned from residential property.Tax expert ‘Eamon Charles Lowe’ has come up with some tips to save money on property taxes:Invest in another residential property: You can get an exemption from taxes if you purchase a house two years after the sale of the previous ones.
 Property investments are capital intensive and a single mistake can put the buyer in a lot of trouble.It is vital for the buyer to take extra measures while examining property documents.Proper legal advice followed by document verification process will give peace of mind and sense of security to the buyer.Eamon Charles Lowe from Gold Coast has come up with the list  that you must check before finalizing a deal with the seller :Physical survey and property access: You must take a physical survey to know about the measurement of the property.During personal visits, it is vital to demarcate the boundaries and give limited access to the property as they might impede you from enjoying the benefits of the property.Status of tax payments: Non-payment of the property taxes is a serious concern that affects the marketability of the seller.You can verify if the property agent hasn’t mix any tax payment of the property.
Property development has turned out to be a lucrative option for real estate investors because of its great revenue returns.Thus, choosing an ideal property developer similar to Eamon Charles Lowe isn’t easy.To carry the successful development of the property because you need to consider ample things.Here we have discussed the important things to consider in property development.You need to look at the property whose price is lower in comparison to others for generating great revenues.Get Finances in Order: The property development process requires money, and you need to have enough money before starting a development process.