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iOS 14 is the fourteenth iteration of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. for its iPhone and iPads range of devices.It is the successor to the iOS 13 operating system and was announced on June 22, 2020, by the company at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference.This version of iOS supports various features, like App Clips, CarPlay, CarKey, Widgets, App Library, Compact UI, Search and Siri, and privacy.Along with all this, it also supports other features like:The emoji keyboard that has been updated with a search bar for quick access.User’s email and browsing apps which were earlier set to default Safari and stock mail apps can now be changed.Videos can be played in 4K resolution.The weather application can now show minute to minute updates with its newly acquired service Dark Sky.Earlier it was showing the updates with the help of The Weather Channel.The Apple Arcade now has an integrated Game Center.It is now easier to find the notes on the Notes app with an improved on-device Intelligence and many other features with improved technology have been added to the operating system.This upgrade has a new feature in the works called “App Clips” with which you can use an app without even downloading it.If you are stuck at someplace and want a bike ride so that you can reach your home on time, you may use App Clip for any riding application.
Now, managing your photos with Google Photos will become an easy task.For several years, Google Photos was one of the leading apps for storing and organizing the images, and people have used this app for several years.A statement released by Google stated that people have been using their app over the years when they see any old photo saved in Google Photos, they feel nostalgic.Soon, it will become the house of lots of memories that you have stored in the Google Photos.They have simplified their app by adding a three-tab structure in the app.The photos part has all the images and videos that you have received or shot from your phone.
Nobody loves being disturbed while he/she is sleeping.To wake you up early in the morning, there is a wide range of free online alarm clocks for you.Here is the list of some of the great online alarm clocks that will enhance your wake-up experience and will make it easy for you to rise before the sun so that you don’t miss the bright morning and fresh air.It is hailed for being the best alarm online clock thanks to its amazing features.You have plenty of options you can use such as making a selection of a clock, selecting the color of numbers, and setting an alarm sound of your choice, moreover, you can set a background image or a wallpaper so that it appears on your computer screen.You can give it a try and decide how good it is at waking you up.TimeMe Alarm ClockTimeMe Alarm Clock is the best and second close to Onlive Clock.
Well if your answer is yes, then this article is for you because today, we are going to share with you some of the best Google extensions that you can use to save your browsing history so that you can easily revisit the website on which your favorite article was published.The extension creates and uses a local database on your system where it saves all your browsing history.The extension also allows you to search your browsing history based upon keywords, and can also be used to sync your web history to another computer too.Additionally, the extension also allows you to analyze your web history through its interactive charts and stats.Once your analysis is complete, you can also save or export your results in a CSV file.History Search (Price: Free/$2.99 per month)History Search is another great extension that all you to keep track of your information online by storing it in encrypted cloud storage.Using the extension, you can find articles, documents, or webpage that you read in the past from your search history using keywords that you remember.
If your answer is yes, then it is time you start using a VPN software on your device.What is VPN software?VPN software is a program that allows its users to create a secure and encrypted connection to a computer network over the internet to access blocked or restricted websites without getting tracked by ISP.How to find a good VPN software?When it comes to VPN service providers, there are many softwares in the market, which makes it very difficult to find a secure and reliable VPN.So, let’s learn about them in detail.ExpressVPN (Price: $ 12.95 per month)ExpressVPN is one of the most popular and trusted VPN service providers in the market.Using the software, you can easily bypass any restrictions, access any website, do unlimited streaming using its high-speed VPN servers all this without compromising your privacy and data.Additionally, the software comes with many other great features like:IP address marking.160 server locations.AES-256 encryption.VPN split tunneling.Zero-Knowledge DNS.24/7 live chat support.30-days money-back guarantee, etc.Surfshark (Price: Free 30-day trial/$11.95 per month)Surfshark is another great VPN service provider in the market and can be very easily installed on all major operating systems or platforms.However, if you don’t want to use a VPN on some sites, you can whitelist them using Surfshark.Additionally, the software has many great features like:Strict no-log policy.Kill switch.Camouflage mode.AES-256 encryption.Private DNS and Leak protection.24/7 chat support.Secure protocols, etc.30 days money-back guarantee.IPVanish (Price: $10 per month)IPVanish is a fast, secure, and reliable VPN service provider that you can install on all your devices like your computer, mobile, and laptop.
Famous for directing “Nier: Automata,” Yoko Taro is coming out with another mind-blowing action game, called “SINoALICE”.The game will be available on iOS and Android phones.The game is set in a location called ‘The Library’ where hundreds of ‘souls’ have lost their ‘character’ in books and stories.The game is inspired by fairy tales and calls upon famous story-book characters like Little Red Riding Hood and Alice from the wonderland fighting and wielding swords to kill off monsters so that they can ‘save their author’.Fairy Tale characters seem like an odd choiceAlthough the set-up is intriguing and mystifying, the reason that Taro chose fairy-tale characters is that there was no copyright issue with using them.He said, there’s no cost involved since the copyright has expired.“What a convenient world we live in,” He said.Gameplay“SINoALICE” will be a collaboration of Square Enix and a new Japanese mobile game studio Pokelabo.Artist Jino does the detailed character designs provided while Keiichi Okabe who also composed the soundtrack of “Nier: Automata” comes back for this.Character InsightSince it is a dark fantasy-themed game, every character represents some aspect of darkness.
Here is a list of some of the best Android phones in 2020:OnePlus 8 ProOnePlus 8 pro is an IP-certified waterproof and wireless charge enabled phone after a lot of anticipation for the brand to incorporate these features in their phones.But otherwise it is a modern looking phone jam-packed with great specs.Samsung Galaxy S20+Every upgrade that Samsung made this year with the S20+ makes it a phone worth recommending.The sensors were made larger, ensuring that more light flows in and automatically helps capture better low-light photos.Users get a solid 5X zooming capability, with the ultra-wide camera intact for a shooting variety.Moto G PowerMotorola decided to skip the G8 model release in the USA, but the latest Moto G Power was more than compensated for it.But it was surprisingly disappointing to see that it lacks NFC and faces Motorola’s standard slow software updates.All these issues depreciate the value of an otherwise superior phone.Google Pixel 3aGoogle Pixel 3a has, not one, but several attractive features making a buyer eager to try it out.
Alexa assistant is found on every Amazon Echo speaker.The similar Amazon’s AI-powered Alexa voice assistant can now be installed in your car.You will be able to turn on the AC, change the temperature of the thermostat, turn off the oven directly from your car.A lot of Alexa assistants are now marketed to be connected with your car regardless of how old or new your car model is.It will identify your voice accurately as it is powered with two integrated microphones for noise cancellation.You and the person on the passenger seat wouldn’t have to worry about your device’s battery as Roav Viva Pro has a dual charging port along with powerIQ technology for providing charging speed at lightning rate.You can find it online for $30 approx.Amazon Echo AutoIt provides multiple controls as it has 8 microphones and far-field technologies so that it can recognize and hear your voice commands over music, A/C, road noise, and other sounds.
but also to podcasts and radio stations.Follow these steps once you have set up your account on Spotify from your desktop:Go to Settings and search on the toggle for Show Local Files.Click on Add a Source and select the music folder that you want to play.From the ‘Your Library’ section on your left, give them the access to play on Spotify.Stream Radio StationsAs mentioned earlier, Spotify also has some great radio stations to help you find the songs and albums of your choice.You can also rate those songs by tapping on either thumbs up or thumbs down icon.Rating them will ensure that you get better-improvised recommendations and results, the next time you open the app.Spotify will bring out a list of songs famous in that period.For better results you can also add the following advanced search strings:Label – music released by a specific company or labelUPC – Universal Product Code number to match your search for the albumISRC – International Standard Recording Code number of the songsNOT – to exclude the songs or titles on which you write ‘NOT’ before the title.
No matter how much Apple claims it to be an open-source app, it is still accessible to only iPhone, iPad, MacOS users, and these users can video call to other iDevice users.One can also do Group FaceTime with up to 32 people at a time, using the FaceTime app, but the users will need iOS 12.1.4 or higher.You can begin Group FaceTime from the FaceTime app and iPhone Messenger app as well.This is how you can start a Group FaceTime from FaceTime:From the Settings of your device, go to FaceTime and switch on your FaceTime.Go to FaceTime app and click on the add (+) button given on the top-right corner of your screen.Enter the username, Email IDs or phone numbers you want to add for a group video call.After setting things up, tap on the audio or video icon to begin your call.Begin Group FaceTime from Messenger app:Open the Messages app and create a group conversation adding all the people you want to start the group video call with or just go to the existing group.Tap on the group name given at the top and click on the FaceTime icon to begin.But one drawback to FaceTime is that it enlarges the window of the speaker on the call, which means that despite having other participants in the group, you will not be able to see other participants.But this issue is now resolved in the latest versions of iOS, MacOS and iPadOS.Here is how you can tweak the settings in different iOS devices.On MacOSFirstly, make sure that your Mac is running on Catalina 10.15.5 and then follow these steps:On the bottom left corner of the menu bar below, click on the Apple icon.Tap on System Preferences and click on Software Update.Update the software, if available.After the software update, let’s move on to tweaking settings for the resizing issue.Go to FaceTime and on the left side of the screen on the menu bar, click on ‘FaceTime.’Press Command (⌘ ) key or click on Preferences.A pop-up window will appear on-screen.If not, then follow these steps:Update the FaceTime app and go to Settings.Tap on General and click on Software Update.Update the software, if available.Your software is now updated and now make sure that the device is running on iOS 13.5 or iPadOS 13.5.
Even though there are several strategy-based games available in the market right now, but gamers are still crazy about Civilization 6.The game is nearly four years old, but again, it remains in the list of trending games.There are several factors for its immense popularity, but its rare Victory aspect is the most significant one.The game requires a lot of construction from the gamers, which includes libraries, colonies, dams, water reservoirs, universities, monuments, and much more.In this article, we are mainly focusing on building monuments in Civilization 6.Below we have provided a proper workaround that will help the gamers in understanding these guidelines alongside it will brief them about the best time to build Monuments in Civilization 6.The gamers need to know that monuments are a national heritage, and the natives of their city will visit it more often; thus, it will benefit them a lot to earn extra money.
The horror genre video game is quite trending nowadays; following the trend, several games have already been introduced in the past decade, and many are going to arrive soon.However, still, there is no match yet to be found for Dead by Daylight.However, despite being nearly four years old, players still face a lot of intricacies to play Dead by Daylight.He possesses various potent supernatural abilities that allow him to transform himself into a giant monster.While Pyramid Head senses any fear, his trails begin to grow and keep on growing until they touch the ground.These trails also help Pyramid Head to know about the location of the gamers.
It will display somewhere to the top of the taskbar; you can place it to the sides or uppermost section of your desktop screen.The app keeps you updated with recent briefings that are even related to the corporate sectors and financial markets.It’s one of the top customized applications that provide the ability to its users to customize the appearance of the News bar theme, selecting text or picture previews, supports more than two monitors, etc.Here is how to customize and modify the News Bar directly on your system screen on Windows 10 OS:Specs for Downloading New BarThere are some essential specifications that one should know just prior to the downloading and installation process:Make sure that the device is running on Windows 10 edition 17134 or above.Ensure that your device must have a minimum disk space of 183.89 MB in a free condition.Downloading News Bar Application To download the New Bar App directly on your device, you should follow these guidelines:First and foremost, open any desired browser and then reach the site of the New Bar Beta edition.After that, hit the Get tab and once the prompt box appears, you have to tap the Open Microsoft Store tab.When the Store app launches on your screen, hit again on the Get tab.Once the download completes, your system will inform you regarding the same.Then, hit the Launch tab to begin using your app just on your device.It will include various configurable options such as stock, appearance, auto-restore, edition, and much more.First and foremost, launch the News Bar application, and then it will display at the right-hand side edge of your screen.Once the app opens, then hit the grey cog shaped icon to expand the Settings section.In case you wish to view various tools and its subsections, then move to the left-hand side section of the Settings pane.Here is how to do this task:Firstly, navigate towards the left-hand side section and then hit the Appearance tab.After that, move to the right-hand side section and then hit the pull drop icon located under the Position section.Now, choose the desired side to place the News Bar.Customizing Visual Effects of News Bar ApplicationUsers may view the news feeds by scrolling the page as text or image preview.In order to read the entire news, you should move your cursor over the title and then select it.First of all, select the “Appearance” tab to see the news in the form of text; otherwise, the entire news feed will display as images.Hit the pull-drop option “Visualization” located at the right-hand side section and then choose the Image or Text option as your preference.
Windows 10 gives various options to sign in to your account but you may face some problems at the initial stage if you have purchased a brand new Windows 10 PC or laptop.There are multiple ways that you can choose to login to your device with ease.Face Recognition is also there but it sometimes doesn’t support on various Windows 10 devices.Here is how to get signed into the device without any extra equipment or software:Accessing your Sign-In SettingsFirst and foremost, hit the Window logo located at the lowermost left hand side section of your display.It helps you to launch the Start menu.Now, press the gear shaped icon to expand the Settings page.Next, tap the “Accounts” section.After that, press the Sign In tab there.Now, you can easily manage all your login settings for your respective device.Then you have to hit the Next tab.Now, you will be requested to type your Microsoft related passcode and you have to do the same.Type the passcode carefully and then hit the “Sign In” tab.Now, select PIN and then type it in the relevant boxes.In case you wish to use symbols and letters as per your choice, then you have to hit the box to mark it.