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How can bring your aged parents to Australia Permanently?If you are aged parent visa australia, you can apply from in Australia, you will be granted a Bridging Visa A (BVA).The BVA enables you to remain lawfully in Australia.
485 visas to permanent residency are 482 to pr - Migration to Australia, and ENS 186 transaction stream.This option provides lots of certainties as long as you have worked for a sponsored employer.But bear in mind that one of the eligibility criteria for the TSS 482 visa is to have worked in the nominated occupation, or a related field, for at least two years, which means you should have 2 years of working experience while you are holding visa 485.And it is an employer-sponsored visa.
Queensland (QLD) Visa 491- Best Australian Migration Agent/Lawyer is the most competitive stream for the pathway to permanent residency if you would like to move there 3 months before your apply for the nomination and live there for 3 years.