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Whilst the freedom of having your online business from home or working from home often means that you are able to dictate your own hours, attend school sports day or work in your pajamas if you so wish…..it also means that you will need to develop super-human skills in self-motivation and how not to become easily distracted whilst working,If you find your mind wandering to the clogged up drain or whether the dog needs a haircut, then it’s high time to read our top tips on keeping your attention focused on your business and regaining your work mojo!Set up a dedicated ‘Office’ spaceSet aside an area in your home – it doesn’t have to be a separate room – where you can stay ‘on task’, avoid interruptions and be ‘at work’.Although comfort is important, you will feel more productive working at a desk than slumped on a sofa or bed with your laptop.Build a Schedule or Routine
You want to sell, you want to show your products or services to their full advantage, and you want your customers to trust you.Customers will decide very quickly if they like your store or not and move onto another website with a more attractive home page if they don’t.This is the age of instant gratification and if you cannot give that, you may as well be saying bye to your customers.Tell your customers upfront if you are a secure site (display relevant logos or certificates clearly), how they can pay, (what payment options you accept) when they should expect to receive their product and what they can do if they need to return it.To put it in perspective, about 30% of all products ordered online are returned and almost 92% of consumers will buy again if the return process was easy.Offer free shipping if you can; time and again this has proven to be a draw for online customers.
Now an idea on the same theme is developing fast and could help to get your business recognised.Although these mini-clips disappear after one hour – their impact is still great.Young people in particular seem addicted to the more ‘closer to life’ aspect of a video – living candidly in the moment.Rather than staging a photographic shot of carefully laid out products, a live clip could be an inspirational thought or just capturing an interesting moment.Because of the urgency of Instagram Live, people are compelled to watch it; they know it will disappear soon.At the end of your session try asking your viewers to sign up for more information or to pre-order a product to encourage them to act immediately and capture the moment.
If you are looking at the small number of visitors on your website, knowing you deserve more and wondering how to get more people interested, you can do a few things to help yourself right now! The path of an entrepreneur is never an easy one but keeping up the steady focus on your goals is among the best help you could give yourself So here are some quick tips to help you bring in more people to your online store Link up to a Facebook page where you attract your target audience and begin a meaningful exchange around your product to increase website traffic.. Don’t look only for promoting yourself; that is not what your customers want to read. Be willing to engage about topics that are beyond your product or service, yet still relevant to your industry. Facebook provides the ability to ‘retarget’ your ads; that means you show on pages of people who have viewed products similar to yours.
But by the time they have converted into buyers, there are many valuable lessons they can teach and it is worth your time to keep eyes and minds open for these lessons.Look beyond the teething issues, the setbacks and the heartache you might have had securing your first few customers and understand instead what those challenges teach so you know how to stay on the right side of positive performance.However, your product or service might appeal to an audience quite different or perhaps there was another set of people you didn’t consider would appreciate your product as well.Say, for instance, that you are selling unique wooden DIY craft signs with messages designed to appeal to young adults and you find interior designers very interested in them too.So keep an eye open to find out what your first customers find special about your product.Yes; that’s what your funnel is – sending them down the ever-narrowing path that leads only to buying from you; again and again.
It is the first impression that your customers will take away with them.It has to look professional and articulate your business ideals and standards – and inspire trust.If your website looks dodgy, it is a reflection of your business – the chances are it will immediately put customers off.Fortunately, Shopmatic website theme comes to the rescue with pre-designed themes guaranteed to attract attention for the right reasons!For products and fashion, these Shopmatic website templates would be perfect – giving a clear layout and showcasing your wares expertly with clear precise images.● Think ‘Services’ and ‘Events’
Your perks are unique and many; you create online store where you develop and sell products you love, solve problems you care for, create your own environment of suppliers, vendors and co-workers, work on your own schedule, create your own opportunities and destiny, make a real difference in the world and for yourself, be the boss, influence people’s thoughts and actions, and stand up for what you believe in.The challenges of being an entrepreneur especially of running an online store are unique too; you are plagued by self-doubt, it is a lonely place to operate in, you don’t have the same opportunity to develop a relationship with your customers as you would through a traditional brick-and-mortar store and you may even lack expertise on the computer.Thankfully though, there are some things you can do to help yourself along the path of success.If you ask people what their problem is and show them how your product can solve their problem, you are setting the stage for a great marketing plan and ultimately great product sales.You build confidence, enhance your reputation by delivering on a promise, increase the efficiency of your own operations, and form a base for long-term relationships.There is a lot that on-time deliveries impact
10 Places to Find Awesome Free Images for your WebsiteStunning images that make our website attractive.If you are taking photos of your product for your store, here are some awesome tips to help Showcase Your Product Like a Pro.Some of these are available under the CC0 – Creative Commons Zero (Public Domain) and can be used for personal or commercial use for freeHowever, please do give credit wherever due; it is a generous community after all!For a wide range of artistic images; good resolution and relatively easy user interface.
So, being an online entrepreneur itself gives you the potential for fantastic growth in the next few years for sure.By its very nature though, the internet is a fast paced place forever updating itself and you do need to keep abreast of latest trends to stay relevant; you know that!Global phenomenon like the growing role of an online marketplace, however, is an important trend that must be looked into carefully and evaluated before you create online store for your continued online success.If you want to broaden your online reach to more customers and boost sales, you might need to look at selling through more channels than your own website.Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Lazada and Facebook help you reach more customers; a more global audience evenThey are a good place to test how people react to your products in different price sensitivity spaces.
This could be the name of your product, its description, a call out to a visitor, what your customer reads as they checkout or just the words that come up when they first enter your online store.You engage digitally with your customers in four different stages during their online buying process.Studies now show that over half of the visitors that come to your page will spend less than 15 seconds looking at it.However, there are some general considerations to keep in mind that will serve you well and help you create more impact with your messaging and copy.No self-serving sales pitch to promote your product, please!You will build trust in your business by putting the power of choice and understanding in your customer’s hands.
When you first considered opening a business – what were your initial thoughts?Did you think you would be in a draughty warehouse surrounded by boxes & fulfilling orders or standing in a shop chatting with your customers face to face?Many small business owners realize that employing a digital marketer, copywriter or blogger is a costly business but by employing a coach or trainer in social media they can include this and determine the best tactics and optimum posting schedules for their business.Pet owners are becoming increasingly fussy over what their furry friends are eating!And rightly so, cheap food can make your pet sick or even have more unfortunate and lasting consequences.Online stores offering a healthy alternative are booming right now.
Maybe it’s a good thing that we can’tThere is however, one mindset out there which could provide positive learning to all of us from businessmen to babysitters; and it’s especially useful to an online business owner.Let’s analyze what goes on in the mind of a startup company’s founder/s and look for our learnings there.For this reason, the founder/s must be steadfast believers and unerring in their opinions of their product or service.Founders find themselves faced with problems from the onset including doubt, bankruptcy, and loneliness working as a sole proprietor or partner in a business.However, by their very nature, they are often of a personality type which is optimistic, open to new ideas, constant racing thoughts and invariably – little need for sleep!
If you are the child of parents who name you after fourteen members of a soccer team or even one ‘thoughtful’ Dad who named his daughter ‘Lanesra’ (which is in fact ‘Arsenal’ backwards), then this simple choice could have serious life changing effects!A name can be an integral part of your brand and help to define your business identity so it is important to give it some thought and put in the right research to develop a good fit.Try writing out a sentence or mission statement and then making the sentence shorter and shorter until you are left with two or three words.They have the first-hand experience and will make up your customer demographic so value their opinions.Try doodling your name on paper & as a sign to see how it looks?You will have narrowed down to certain geographical locations – of where you will be selling to, so make sure what you pick from available online store name suggestions is easy to pronounce in these regions and compatible with varying language pronunciation and cultures.
To survive and thrive, business owners need to be able to make better decisions, faster; this is where analytics come into their own and can help you out.You can expect to get a better handle on some key aspects like-Without understanding which marketing activities are working and which are not – you are wasting time and money by trying to cover all bases as you are unable to find ways for how to check website performance!Use the data to focus on your profitable areas and improving the bad.Referral traffic will come to you from another website such as via a link on another webpage.Campaign traffic is usually something that you have created or marketed and tagged.
Enhance your online presence and let’s start to show the world that you are out there.Ensure that a standard of professionalism is kept and that any link you use follows through to a relevant, trusted website.One good example of this is Wikipedia.If you don’t have a website yet, you can create online store and follow the steps to be discovered online and taste success.By identifying the problem and addressing how your product fixes this you can create a useful, informative blog.Understand your customer’s needs, provide information and answer questions.
It helps to reach more clients, maintain relationships with your current customers and establish the credibility of your product or service offering.User-generated content including Influencer Marketing (YouTubers) will increase, making your product or service more credible.It could be something simple like customers posting pictures of themselves in a particular product, posting comments or liking your shares, or sharing their stories with you.Messenger, WhatsApp, and other personal message apps are increasing in popularity for chatting privately with the brand as well as for sharing content.Placing ads is as importantIn 2019 the ads will continue to become more personally targeted and story-based.
An amateur looking photograph could send your customers away – most customers would not bother to click to find out more about the product if the picture is a blurry thumbnail.So, make the time to learn how to present your products expertly and you could see your sales figures rocket!Fortunately, you don’t need to hire expert help or spend thousands on a studio to achieve this end effect.Here are our tips for creating that professional looking shot for your online store:Tips guiding on ways to promote a product for your online store:Nature provides the perfect light for taking photographs especially if you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy enough sunlight in the day!
You’ve created your online store (if you haven’t yet, you can take help of an online website builder), taken some amazing photos of your products and activated an appropriate payment platform.Show your most popular and best selling products first as a way to draw people in to start exploring your site.Use large bold text for your contact number and make information simple to understand.If you are able to – calculate shipping costs before the checkout basket as one of the major sources of ‘abandoned baskets’ in the ecommerce world, is customers getting a nasty ‘shipping price’ shock when they reach checkout stage!.Many companies shy away from reviews but they can be a clear indicator to a customer of your credibility and people love to feel that a product or service has been trialed by others first.By selling a limited quantity of products for a short amount of time you can generate new interest and increase your client base.
In bricks and mortar shop, sometimes your only chance of selling something is having a decent salesperson willing to go that extra mile.Include photographs, instructional videos or just informative information details related to your product or service.Write a short, snappy informative copy of your product giving as much detail as you can and give clear, precise instructions to your customer on how to buy online.This could also come under the heading ‘ low-cost advertising’ as it’s easy to send out ‘remember me’ prompts via Facebook other social media or an email.The products you offer, presentation of your business online and your relationship with existing clients allows them to form a positive image of your company.To have a fully functioning, professional looking website gives you certain credibility and helps to create a positive image of your company and brand.Is your head planted firmly in the sand when it comes to thoughts of trying to create website online for your business?  
Making money from a hobby is entirely different from just enjoying a pastime – will you still enjoy it if you are doing it all the time?This could be in person or even as a youtube clip or presentation that could be emailed to potential customers.‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ – capture your customer’s attention with beautiful photographs of your carefully arranged products.Tip: Package beautifully so that customers feel that they are buying into that ‘ultimate pamper spa experience at home’Promote your brand and style of yoga and/or meditationUse visuals, including photographs and instructional videos to connect with your customer and convey your thoughts and ideas