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 The growing power of iPhones has driven businesses to constantly being on the lookout for the best iOS app development company.Is it enough to have iOS app development companies create a customized app for your company and then forget about it?Regular app updates help businesses retain their competitive edge.This may have already been incorporated into your mobility strategy right from day one.App updates are also a great marketing tool, as they allow your business the opportunity to attract new users and reengage with existing users.This is particularly useful if your app is for communicating with customers.
Developing Enterprise Apps is a Time-Consuming ProcessTraditional techniques and methods used for creating software are indeed time-consuming.There are now several innovative techniques, like low-code mobile app development platforms, feature-driven app development, and rapid web and mobile development which enables robust development and deployment.However, the basic concept of having a mobile app is delivering focused and specific functionality to targeted users.Most of the mobile apps that want to kill multiple birds with a single shot, end up being bloated, slow and consume a lot of mobile memory and battery.While high-end graphics are very helpful, users of the business app are looking for ease of use and functionality in the app.There are several other factors which contribute to the success of an app and bring excellent ratings.
 Here’s a list of all the benefits you can reap by hiring the professionals:    Better Technology Access Apart from having access to skills, an Android app development platform like HokuApps features an automated platform where 90% of the app needs zero coding.This will help you hold someone accountable in case some kind of delay, mistake, or mishap occurs.They Have Access to Existing Libraries When it comes to Android app development, a number of features, as well as modules are quite standard.This will help you save a lot of time, and a whole lot of money, while ensuring an engaging, functional, and fully-customized Android app.This is important as if they’ve worked on different kinds of mobile applications, it means they’ve got more exposure and are far more experienced than an in-house team of developers.In addition to this, professional Android app developers are always up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the world of Android app development (like Google’s every changing design guidelines), and so, will be able to use those technologies to build your app, and incorporate trendy features into it, so that it is able to stay ahead of its competition.
Hackers can fire up SQL injections to trespass rudimentary security and tamper with users’ account data.Hence as a developer, you must make it a habit to always validate fields and further employ technologies such as DEP and ASLR to manage security concerns in existing apps.Secure Your Android Apps with SSL and HTTPSMost Android app developers are choosing Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is encrypted using Transfer Layer Security (TLS) for secure communication over the network.This ensures that the Android application does not divulge user’s private information through an automated screenshot since all communication happens over a secure server.The HokuApps mobile application development platform offers a robust and on-demand scalability infrastructure with sophisticated security features that build secure app environments that are safe from external attacks.Since Android users have multiple apps downloaded on their phones, the latter may have access to phone data and neighboring app data that is stored on other connected devices for future access with or without authorization.
Design GuidelinesIn comparison to other mobile app development platforms, Google has outlined a clear framework for its developers when it comes to design, which results in some smooth functioning UX and intuitive UI.Two decades ago, cell phones were used by business executives alone, but now they are used by everyone for interpersonal communication.This open-source platform is free to use, distribute, and transparent to modify.Another benefit of the platform being free to all is that a thriving community committed to reaching powerful outcomes together surrounds it.Once this is done, the Android app development platform furnishes a Software Development Kit (SDK), which contains simple and easy-to-use tools for app development that are free, sans any licensing fee.Moreover, the Android approval process is a lot less complicated when compared to other operating software, a perk that can increase the time-to-market of the product.
And that is exactly what an Android application developer can help you achieve.This allows the entire app development process to become more economically feasible.In-app advertisements are among the greatest sources of income for businesses, through apps.This influx is further augmented by the Freemium feature of Android Ads, which according to top developers, is extremely favorable for profits.This means that the source code is made unanimously available to all programmers/app developers.The main implication of this is the advantage that Android application developers and programmers are able to afford the benefit of indirectly working with others, in a cohesive environment that benefits from collaboration.Additionally, the open source feature also yields a royalty-free (mentioned previously) SDK, which boosts the cost-based feasibility of the business.
 Let us have a look at some of the most important ways in which professional iOS app development can help.With strict deadlines to follow, rest assured that your app would be developed within a fixed timeframe.Combined with their expertise and latest tools, your dynamic iOS app would be better equipped to cater to the needs of your target users.Cost-EfficiencyAs compared to hiring an in-house team and investing in resources required for app development, hiring a dedicated iOS application development company also proves cost-efficient.With the increasing competition across every sector, the savings can be invested in other critical activities to grow your business.Allows You to Focus on Business ActivitiesIf you do not have an in-house app development department and you are planning to hire staff for the same, know that you’ll end up spending a lot of time in the development process.
 Here are some best practices that can increase your app adoption and improve its chances of success.If your iOS app development is customer facing, you can segment your audience on the basis of location, preference and/or in-app behavior.Incorporating features focused on these would boost app adoption.Use the Latest OS Version: Apple's iOS 11.3 for iPhone and iPad is a big deal as it fixes issues with iOS 11 while adding a battery health function to track and halt performance throttling activities.Use Xcode: Xcode is an IDE provided by Apple that has all essential tools needed foriOS mobile app development.This helps any developer to understand the coding and update it seamlessly.
What follows, are seven of the top practices that have been adopted by the best mobile app developers all over the world to create apps that are loved, and widely accepted: Focus on Your Target AudienceEvery mobile app is created for someone.Make Sure Your Core Is SolidWhen an enterprise hires you as a mobile app developer, what it really expects is for you to be able to create an app that has a strong core.Once you’ve done this, your interface will automatically follow.This is likely to result in them having a bad experience while using the app you’ve developed.Don’t Take Mobile App Security LightlyWhen hiring a dedicated mobile app developer, enterprises want to know that the app’s security is going to be taken seriously.Fool-proof security practices used by the best mobile app developers comprise encryption of data in transit, user authentication, and encrypting all private data that is stored in the cloud.
Challenge #1: Limited Skill Set and Limited Access to TechnologyWhile your in-house team of developers may be great, nothing can compare to the skills possessed by Android app developers from a professional Android app development company.They’re completely well-versed with the programming languages required for Android application development, as well as the various trends in the market.And so, instead of going through the trouble of trying to overcome the aforementioned challenges, just hire a professional Android app development company.Here’s a list of all the benefits you can reap by hiring the professionals: Better Technology Access Apart from having access to skills, an Android app development platform like HokuApps features an automated platform where 90% of the app needs zero coding.They Have Access to Existing Libraries When it comes to Android app development, a number of features, as well as modules are quite standard.This will help you save a lot of time, and a whole lot of money, while ensuring an engaging, functional, and fully-customized Android app.
 Here are the major challenges businesses face with enterprise mobile app development: User AuthenticationUser authentication requires users to provide sensitive data such as a login ID and password.To create a stronger user authentication system, it’s necessary to integrate the app with the LDAP directory of the enterprise, as this will ensure that the authentication is as accurate as possible.In addition to this, an appropriate single-sign-on (SSO) is delivered across each and every of the enterprise’s apps SecurityWith all kinds of app development, including enterprise mobile app development, security is an extremely crucial aspect.As users enter all sorts of personal and sensitive data on an application, the app is required to be really secure, and immune to all kinds of malicious attacks.Data EncryptionIt’s essential to keep all kinds of data encrypted on an app — especially if data is stored on the mobile device itself.Accessing Data and Handling ContentAccessing data and other secured information on an enterprise mobile app can be a touch-and-go situation.
 Here are six reasons why the number of Android app developers far exceed that of iOS:  A Larger Market Size The reason many businesses hire Android app developers is the significantly larger market size of the platform.This alone is the most important reason for every company to focus on creating an Android app if they want to make sure that their app reaches the maximum number of users.Even if you launch a free app on Android, a large number of downloads along with the marketing revenue help developers earn huge profits.It is one of the most popular programming languages and most of the app developers are already well-versed with it.However, you need to know programming languages like Objective-C, C, C++, OSX or OCaml to develop iOS apps.iOS also has its own IDE known as Xcode but it is not as impressive as Android Studio.
This open-source platform is free to use, distribute, and transparent to modify.Once this is done, the Android app development platform furnishes a Software Development Kit (SDK), which contains simple and easy-to-use tools for app development that are free, sans any licensing fee.Moreover, the Android approval process is a lot less complicated when compared to other operating software, a perk that can increase the time-to-market of the product.Improved PerformanceGoogle brings a number of advancements and improvements with each new release of the Android operating system.As Android is inherently a Linux-based operating system, it reduces the incidence of crashes by providing seamless operational functionality.Design GuidelinesIn comparison to other mobile app development platforms, Google has outlined a clear framework for its developers when it comes to design, which results in some smooth functioning UX and intuitive UI.
Following, are a couple of things you should keep in mind when looking for an iPhone app developer for hire:  The app you’re looking to buildA basic, straightforward app that doesn’t have too many features isn’t exactly the hardest to develop and doesn’t cost a lot.Full-time employee or freelancer?This is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to take when you’re looking to hire iPhone app developers.It’s a common tendency to hire full-time developers so that you’re able to work with them at your own pace.However, hiring a full-time iPhone application developer can prove to be quite expensive in the long-run.Additionally, once the app has been built, you may not find the need for a full-time iPhone application developer.The key to finding a good freelance iPhone application developer is to check their portfolio, and understand their reputation so that you know you can rely on them.
For the best iOS mobile app development, consider the color of the font as some colors are not very visible in sunlight.Getting the Welcome Right You need to get the first impression of your mobile right as it won’t get another opportunity to make the right first impression.One out of every four users abandons the app right after the first use.So, rather than the number of app downloads, you should focus more on user engagement.Consider these tips to improve user engagement: Create an eye-catching welcome pageEnsure that the landing page is simple and smoothOffer tutorials if navigation is difficultIf users can create accounts on your app, encourage them to do so by telling them the benefits  Error Handling It is very common for coders to make logic errors every once in a while.If this data is stored in the unit where numeric storage is stored, the application might crash.
Instant Apps provides Android app developers the opportunity to test their solution in a dynamic environment.This relieves the Android application development company from focusing on writing thousands of lines of code and, instead focusing on ideas to create more value for users and providing the fabulous user experience.The modules included in the MADP already implement industry best practices.Moreover, they are thoroughly tested, so Android app developers can rest assured that these are completely bug-free.This also saves time that would have been spent on testing and bug fixing.By using a MADP, an app can be created 10 times faster than by taking the traditional route of writing code from scratch.Since the app is ready in 6-8 weeks and it can incorporate the latest technological advancements in smart devices like facial recognition.Test a Lite Version with Android Instant Apps       To enable Android app developers to offer a lite version of their app, Google introduced an innovative technology at its annual developer conference held in 2016 - Android Instant Apps.This feature allows the user to test the application before deciding to download it.When the 'Try it now' option is selected, the control is transferred to a web link that opens the Instant App version of the native app.
And these unmatched advantages allow businesses that are developing mobile enterprise apps to streamline their entire app development process.Besides businesses seeking to develop apps on the iOS platform, developers everywhere also want to learn Swift and Objective C, so as to be able to work with the platform.iOS app development is not only preferred for its high-security standards, easy testing, and excellent return on investment (ROI), but also for a number of other unrivaled reasons which include a well-established brand, a flawless software system, strong hardware, as well as consistent, excellent customer support.In addition to this, iOS app development is deemed beneficial, as every app developed for the iOS platform has to meet Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines.These guidelines are in place so that an extremely buggy, or malicious app is not made available to the public.Furthermore, efficient iOS app development can really help increase the sales, as well as the growth of an enterprise, as iPhone and iPad users are a technologically advanced population with a higher purchasing power.This essentially means that iOS users are more likely to buy your app or buy certain features of your app than Android users.In addition to iOS users being more likely to spend on apps, these users account for a significant proportion of the population of countries like the U.S. and the U.K.And so, since iPhones and iPads are extremely popular, and are used by millions of people, iOS app development presents businesses with an opportunity to reach a larger audience.By engaging in iOS app development, the app, as well as the device will be protected from malicious threats, as the iOS platform provides a strong shield against viruses, malware, and more, so that private, personal, and sensitive data remains safe and secure.This exemplary level of security that comes with iOS app development is another reason why enterprises prefer this platform to other ones like Android, Linux, and Windows.
Here are 8 important principles that you must definitely keep in mind: Criticality of the DeveloperIn order to harness the full benefits of an iOS app development service, you will have to ensure that your developer/s are extremely critical, especially during the initial planning stages.The advice/inputs from experienced developers can prove to be crucial for the remainder of the process, as well as your app in the long run.Actions such as wireframing, site-mapping, storyboarding, etc.iOS app developers, therefore, give great importance to the ‘interactions aspect’ of app development.These software aspects can be either of three types--structural, creational, behavioral--and are essential to the direction that the coding of the app takes in future.This is essential for the functioning of the ‘controller’ layer of the app, which is developed using Objective C, Swift, and Cocoa Touch framework.
Tip 1: It All Starts with an Apple IDTo upload your completed iPhone app to the Apple store, you require an Apple ID.This ID is what you use to sign your code with.This sign helps to identify the coder and developer of an app.Using a single Apple ID, you can add any number of apps to the Apple Store, provided you meet Apple’s Terms of Service.Consider the SDK as the dashboard for your app development.It has clear instructions, tutorials on everything a novice developer needs.
If you’re on the lookout for a good iOS app development company to create the first mobility solution for your business, here are some methodologies for iPhone app development that you must know about.Low-Code Mobile App Development PlatformCreating a high-quality app with easy navigation and an attractive user interface is no longer a luxury from the user’s perspective, but it a major USP for a low-code iOS app development company.What is most sought after by enterprises is the speed at which iPhone app development can be completed and reliable solutions deployed in a hassle-free way.This cannot be achieved with the traditional mobile app development approach of writing endless lines of code from scratch and then testing and re-testing them for bugs.These modules already incorporate industry best practices and industry best design elements.This helps their clients to innovate ahead of their competitors and begin benefiting from their mobility solutions faster, thus gaining a competitive edge.