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some common mistakes to be avoided during iOS app development: MVC EthicsMVC (Model View Controller) is a concept that most in the app development community will be aware of.This approach boosts the overall efficiency of the app development project by allowing programmer, as well as designers to carry out their respective tasks at the same time.Sometimes, however, developers (especially the new ones) exploit the capabilities of the Controller, in order to fit in extra code from either of the other two layers, mainly to try and save on time.This, however, leads to serious long-term problems, such as hindrances in activities such as ports.The only way around this problem is for developers to lay out a carefully planned site architecture; which involves the proper creation, as well as a delegation of all individual objects, at the programming stage itself.Caused by lack of proper threading security, this leads to the creation of bugs that are as unique, as they are complicated to fix.
Indeed, mobile apps today cover a wide variety of utilities, working synonymously with smartphones in order to amplify users’ daily functionality and uplift the quality of their respective lives.Suffice it to say that most businesses - especially the newer ones - consider mobile app integration to be a serious business investment.The reason for this being the insane amount of flexibility, and scalability that they bring to the table.This is especially true of the retail [e-retail] sector, for which mobile apps have become vital.Doing is a crucial, albeit initial step; one that must be followed up by a series of well-planned, and executed maneuvers that will ultimately deliver your ultimate goal - boosting your business.Android app development takes a lead over iOS, mainly owing to its whopping 80% share of the entire mobile app market.
Instant Apps provides Android app developers the opportunity to test their solution in a dynamic environment.This relieves the Android application development company from focusing on writing thousands of lines of code and, instead focusing on ideas to create more value for users and providing the fabulous user experience.The modules included in the MADP already implement industry best practices.Moreover, they are thoroughly tested, so Android app developers can rest assured that these are completely bug-free.This also saves time that would have been spent on testing and bug fixing.By using a MADP, an app can be created 10 times faster than by taking the traditional route of writing code from scratch.Since the app is ready in 6-8 weeks and it can incorporate the latest technological advancements in smart devices like facial recognition.Test a Lite Version with Android Instant Apps       To enable Android app developers to offer a lite version of their app, Google introduced an innovative technology at its annual developer conference held in 2016 - Android Instant Apps.This feature allows the user to test the application before deciding to download it.When the 'Try it now' option is selected, the control is transferred to a web link that opens the Instant App version of the native app.
Here are some tips that can help achieve that.Think About DeploymentBuilding a great iOS app is only a battle half won.Thanks to the availability of MDAP solutions this is not really a problem anymore.However, a lot of organizations do not focus on deployment until the app is already developed.Understand What Your Employees NeedSimply put, every business first needs to understand what their employees need and how an iOS app can solve their problem.However, you should understand that the bigger an app is, the higher are the chances to fail.
Having an online (website) presence is practically mandatory for both big, and small businesses to succeed.In recent years however, there is a new trend that is revolutionizing the existing business paradigm: Mobile Apps.The increased use of smartphones by people worldwide, has given great impetus to the use of mobile apps that come from a variety of sources, such as iPhone app development companies.Statistics show that millennial Internet users worldwide spend an average of 223 minutes on their smartphones; over 80% of which is accounted for by app usage.Using the services of iPhone App development companies (and such) to create a mobile app for your business, gives rise to massive marketing potential for your business.Time is on your sideAs mentioned above, mobile app usage accounts for most of the overall time spent by users on their smartphones.
Specifically, there would be almost 70% quicker swiping to the camera and about 50% faster keyboard display.Due to these speed enhancements the application experience of the user will improve to a great extent.With greater speed and efficiency, iOS app developers would have a greater scope to experiment with customizable apps consisting of innovating designs, visuals, animations as well as make use of iPhone’s inbuilt features to a greater extent.Facetime Conferences and Animojis Imagine a video conference with up to 32 participants!iOS 12 has meticulously made video conferencing with a large number of people feasible.In this new module, the person speaking would automatically obtain a larger space on the screen while other participants can look on.
here are five tools that can help make the task easier and more effective.Documentation spells out the main aim of writing code for the intended app.Jazzy is a great open source tool that can create an Apple-style documentation for code written in Swift and Objective-C, Apple’s premium programming languages.Gitter is a great for developers, as it brings unlimited public rooms and one-to-one chats, enabling tight integration within organizations.Markdown support with syntax highlighting, a flexible API, integrations with Jenkins, Travis CI, Trello, Heroku, and BitBucket, along with webhooks for custom integrations are some of the notable features of Gitter.Crayons: Crayons is actually an Xcode plugin that improves working with colors in the project.
Companies like HokuApps raises the bar for other Android application development companies who want to get into designing apps, to be well prepared or to embrace the wrath that bad UI and UX dish out.For Android application developers, one of their chief returns is the positive feedback that they receive from the users of their app.To continue to keep the users hooked on to the mobile application, an Android application development company/developer need to hold on to a few essential aspects: 1.The user should not feel apprehensive to use the application, especially for the first time when they are already going through a sense of ‘fear of the unknown’.2.Assuming that the user is a complete technophobe, should be at the top of the list for app developers when designing mobile applications.This way, developing solutions will be a lot easier than trying to impose something that the user may end up feeling too intense to manage.4.The focus of the app is very important!
Here are a few common mistakes that could be made by Android app developers:  Ignoring Asynchronous Design Asynchronous cause and threads processes are basically protocols put in place that allow users to interact with apps whilst performing background actions.Nobody likes a glitchy application that is prone to regular crashes and hanging.Android application development standards are high, and an Android app developer needs to meet these requirements in order to drive results.The dynamic nature of the Android platform coupled with an overabundance of devices in the market today poses a problem to Android app development in terms of device fragmentation.Similar to web-based apps, including code for outdated software can make your application code cumbersome, glitchy and complex, which as consequence will lead to bugs and other problems.It goes without saying that writing code for the latest OS will always be more beneficial, but indicating exactly (and accurately) what versions of Android you support is of paramount importance so your users are not disillusioned.
Hiring Android app developers, or any other developer for that matter, therefore, becomes a far more difficult process from the perspective of business owners such as yourself.The dynamic nature of the app development industry ensures that there is always scope for developers to improve - be it adopting new resources, keeping up with updates to libraries, or others.Different coders/app developers, however, have different ways in which to use this language, in terms of coding style, as well as structure.Google, in order to keep things uniform in their open source platform, provides a detailed Java Style Guide, which contains all aspects of their Java source code development standards.DRYnessWhen it comes to hiring Android app developers, your business requires good results, in even better timeframes.App developers are therefore not always required to create new code from scratch for certain standard program elements.
Here are 5 of the most basic yet impactful reasons for you, as a business owner, to explore mobile app integration for your business: Time is on your sideAs mentioned above, mobile app usage accounts for most of the overall time spent by users on their smartphones.This is something that your business can greatly benefit from, due to the increased chance of getting close to customers, right at the heart of their daily smartphone interaction.Hiring services of entities such as iPhone application development companies, is therefore one of the foremost steps to increasing your visibility, and building a strong brand around your product/s.Mobile apps allow you to remain in constant contact with your customers through incentive/CTA-based offers, promos, messages, etc.Having access to such data will provide you with precious insights into customer behavior, as well as app performance; all of which helps you keep a firm handle on the direction of your business.This, combined with regular customer feedback collection, also holds the potential to unlock entirely new demographic segments, as well as geographical regions for your business.
It is due to the comparatively less stringent policies that Google Play Store has become the largest mobile marketplace, promoting flexibility, creativity, and innovation in Android app development.Anyone with malicious intent can copy your app’s code, modify the code or attack it with malware.These businesses may have spent thousands of dollars on Android app development but would greatly repent the decision if data leaks caused damage of trust, loss of reputation and revenue losses.Beware of Bugs So, how do businesses unknowingly expose their sensitive data via mobile apps?Most businesses use the traditional approach of Android application development, which involves endless lines of code being written from scratch.The focus of enterprises is on getting powerful features and an amazing user interface, with very little attention to security concerns.
This is something that would have been hard to imagine 20 years ago when the concept was limited only to wireless voice calling.Indeed, mobile phones have come a long way from being those heavy boxes with a tiny screen, buttons, and an antenna.Over the years - and especially over the last 10 years - mobile phone technology has grown to a point that has made the devices smaller in size, and way bigger in applicability.The smartphones of today allow you to do nearly everything that your PC/laptop can; including buying a PC/laptop online.The Android Story Furthermore, there exists the aspect of mobile app development platforms themselves; of which there are two that dominate the market - iOS, and Android.As one can see, home automation is a key focus area of IoT application.
Android app development takes a lead over iOS, mainly owing to its whopping 80% share of the entire mobile app market.You must, therefore, be sure that your Android app development company carries out extensive user research from its end, in order to gain insight into the target, as well as prospective consumers out there.This will, in turn, help you to come up with a better app, which is molded using the direct needs of users themselves.AdaptabilityNowadays, many businesses have pre-existing web applications/sites that represent their enterprise on the digital stage.UX | UI MattersAs mentioned above, the foremost--as well as conclusive--influencer in the success of your mobile app, is the consumer/user.Apart from this, your Android app development company must also focus on designing the user interaction (on-screen) elements well.
iOS app development, on the other hand, follows a relatively more subjective, and dynamic approach.While there is strict adherence to nomenclature, the app development follows a free (open) structure within the XCode.TestingThis refers to the extensive amounts of testing (scrutiny) that developers put mobile apps through, in order to assess their present abilities, as well as future scope.Testing is a crucial to the life of any app, as it gives all concerned parties, a good deal of insight into the all aspects of the app - both good and bad.There is not much difference in the simulated testing platforms employed by both Android, and iOS app development; as the results are seemingly unsatisfactory in both cases.Conversely, iOS app development was, until a few years ago, carried out using Objective C. This has since been replaced by the easier, more efficient Swift programming language.
Here are 8 important principles that you must definitely keep in mind:Criticality of the DeveloperIn order to harness the full benefits of an iOS app development service, you will have to ensure that your developer/s are extremely critical, especially during the initial planning stages.The advice/inputs from experienced developers can prove to be crucial for the remainder of the process, as well as your app in the long run.Actions such as wireframing, site-mapping, storyboarding, etc.A Good ViewObjects are the building blocks of any code that is written for app development.iOS app developers, therefore, give great importance to the ‘interactions aspect’ of app development.These software aspects can be either of three types--structural, creational, behavioral--and are essential to the direction that the coding of the app takes in future.
Hence, any business looking to expand their customer base should consider Android application development as a part of their marketing strategy.All business managers are deliberating on newer and more innovative ways of reaching out to new consumers.Since a large percentage of the population has access to Android OS supported smartphones, the latter becomes an easy channel of simultaneous access.Moreover, a robust enterprise admin backend gives real-time details on multiple facets of the business online thereby amplifying faster decision -making.Exemplary DevelopmentA major driver for long-term success in any business is customer retention, which is possible only if customers receive support and assistance from the company as and when they need it.HokuApps has built an underlying communication framework to support any app built on its platform.Hiring an Expert Android Application Development CompanyWhen developing an Android app to forward the interests of the business by helping it reach more users, it is important to hire qualified resources with proven best practices.
The accessibility that smartphones bring to the table, has opened up a multitude of business opportunities, insofar as profitability, as well as scalability.The medium through which smartphone applicability influences the world today, our mobile apps.Indeed, mobile app development has become a norm in most sectors of today’s industry.These are iOS and Android.Despite the fact that Android takes a higher position over its Apple counterpart in terms of device count, most experts will advise you to go for iOS app development when implementing such a project for the first time.This, however, is only one half of the game, as it is far more essential to have a good deal of user retention.
In the last couple of years, mobile enterprise application platforms have seen substantial growth.Businesses have recognized the need for enterprise mobile app development, as they’ve deemed it to be very important for their operations.By investing in mobile enterprise application development, businesses are able to significantly improve the efficiency of all their systems and processes, as these applications enable and empower a mobile workforce.Gartner has stated that because enterprise mobile app development has become a “business necessity”, businesses most often lack the basic application development lifecycle skills like quality assurance, UX design, security requirements, as well as back-end data integration.As businesses are unable to find such talent in-house, they need to spend money on sourcing talent that is able to do the needful from elsewhere.User AuthenticationWith developing mobile enterprise application platforms, it is necessary to implement an extremely safe user authentication process.
Another app category getting increasingly popular is that of educational apps.If you are an education provider, here is a list of how educational Android app development can help your students, their parents and you.Most of the students can only get a limited amount of knowledge from traditional teaching methods.Moreover, when it comes to educational apps for young kids, the most popular apps have child-friendly features to ensure that the little ones too can easily use them without any guidance.Focused on Individual NeedsTeachers might be the best for what they do, however, most experienced of the teachers find it difficult to cater to the learning needs of each student during a one-hour teaching session.With the number of students in every class rising, it can be challenging for the teachers to make sure that every student is engaged and is indeed understanding the things taught in the class.