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In this latest video Imperial Money is going to share the view of Mr. Rahul Singh (CIO- Equities, Tata Mutual Fund) on the present financial market situation. Meet Your Fund Manager to get overall knowledge about Fundamentals of Fund Management. Join Our Telegram Channel: Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel:
Invesco Mutual Fund has announced the launch of its new fund Invesco India ESG Equity Fund 2021, an open-ended equity scheme investing in companies following the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) theme.The NFO Opens on 26th February 2021 and Closes on 12th March 2021.
ITI Mid Cap Fund NFO 2021 launched by ITI Mutual Fund Company.NFO will open on 15th February 2021 & closes on 1st March 2021.
This latest video "Imperial Money" is going to explain all about "Why Risk isn’t that bad in Mutual Fund Investment?"Also explains Risk management techniques in terms of mutual fund investments.Why Risk isn’t that bad in Mutual Fund Investment?“Risk Hai to Ishq Hai”, a famous dialog from the web series “Scam 1992”, seriously tempted us to make a video on this topic.In recent past 9 months, we saw the great depression time of Covid-19 and market correction of 50%, at the same time we come back with the big bang of the all-time high of Sensex 50,000.By the time we are writing this blog, the Nifty is around 14900 and Sensex is 50600.
SBI Retirement Benefits Fund has 4 different plans available under the scheme which are aggressive plan, aggressive hybrid plan, conservative hybrid plan, and conservative plan.NFO will open on 20th January 2021 & closes on 3rd February 2021.
In this latest video "Imperial Money" is going to review (NFO) New Fund Offer "PGIM India Balanced Advantage Fund2021" Launched by the house of PGIM India Mutual Funds.It is an Open-ended dynamic asset allocation fund.NFO will open on 15th January 2021 & closes on 29th January 2021.
This latest video "Imperial Money" is going to review (NFO) New Fund Offer "Kotak NASDAQ 100 Fund of Fund 2021".It is an Open-ended Equity Scheme following to invest in Nasdaq 100 index stocks.NFO will open on 11th January 2021 & closes on 25 January 2021.
ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has launched the ICICI Prudential Business Cycle Fund, an open-ended equity scheme Business Cycle Fund, which will invest in equity and equity-related securities, with a focus on riding business cycles through dynamic allocation across sectors and stocks.The New Fund Offer (NFO) opens on December 29, 2020, and closes on January 12, 2020.
This is the introductory video for everyone who is interested in investing in mutual funds using our mutual fund investment app (Imperial Money).Mutual funds are one of the best options for investing money.In this video, we have explained mutual fund investment and how to create long term & short term wealth.Imperial Money App allows you to AI-based financial planning.You can start investing in mutual funds through monthly SIP.Imperial Money App is an investing platform where you can find the best mutual funds for investment.
New Fund Offer "Kotak International REIT FOF".India's first-ever global REIT Fund of Fund.NFO Start on December 7th, 2020, and Closes on December 21st, 2020.
Axis Mutual Fund's Special Situation Fund NFO Discussion with Fund Manager Mr. Ashish Naik
This latest video "Imperial Money" is going to discuss with "CEO & CIO of ITI Mutual Fund - Mr. George Joseph" regarding New Fund Offer "ITI Large Cap Fund."It is an open-ended equity scheme predominantly investing in large-cap stocks.ITI Large-Cap Fund NFO would open for subscription on December 04, 2020, and Closes on December 18, 2020.
Volatility is one thing which nobody likes, and that’s the biggest reason most people don’t want to invest money in the market place, however, it’s very much correlated to the human heart in terms of ECG GRAPH.But still, everyone wants to know always “Baazar kya bolta hai?” and the best answer to this question is VIX!!!This has been originally generated by Created by the Chicago Board Options Exchange.In other words, this is an indication that what sort of trade you need to plan for your stocks or the future or options trading planning.VIX is derived from the price inputs of the option data which is happening in real-time on the indexes.It is also known by other names like "Fear Gauge" or "Fear Index." Investors, research analysts, and portfolio managers look to VIX values as a way to measure market risk fear, and stress before they take investment decisions.During periods of market volatility, the market moves steeply up or down and the volatility index tends to rise.This means if VIX is going up then the market most of the time falls and if it will come down then the market is going up.
Among the decisions to make when you wish to invest in life, Mutual Funds are what company to select.With countless Mutual Funds advisors competing for your business, you can be attracted to select a Mutual Fund Distributor based on the service alone.Here are some of the prominent tips that you should consider when selecting a mutual fund investment advisor in Nagpur, India.Don't Select a Company As Per Initial Service Quotes:Undoubtedly, Service is an extremely vital factor when selecting a Mutual Fund Investment Company in India.You need to know that after the service has been fully given, which means all your personal and family details have been assessed, you could attain a final and higher service quote from a mutual fund DistributorConsider Financially Stable Companies:When purchasing funds, you enter into a contract for a long period.You should find a company that handles the ups and downs of the economy and financial markets.Some companies have found they can offer much better return rates to people with specific market conditions and still be profitable.
The concept of the Entropy is formulated by the physicist in the nineteenth century by Ludwig Boltzmann and Rudolf Clausius.Entropy is a measure of the amount of energy that escapes from or is not available to a given process.Take a glass, fill it with ice cubes, and leave it in a warm room.That’s the reason even if we delay the investment by 1 year 10% of our 20 years wealth gets hampered.This means let’s say if you are starting the sip of 5000 and with 12% returns you may build the corpus of 46 lakhs, but when you delay your investments by 1 year, so in 19 years you will land up with the corpus of only 40 lakhs.You might say that I can tip the water back into an ice cube tray, put it back in the freezer, and re-freeze it.Then slowly spots will appear, the fruit will become soft to touch, and then very suddenly it will begin to rot.
Short investing story of the Trees and the Lions that can help successful investing.
Indian mutual fund market is offering 1000 plus equity and debt funds which are open-ended in nature, further than 51 asset management companies selecting the right funds for self and it includes so many parameters having so much of technical and fundamental aspects of those funds & then to choose it whether it suits you or not can be an enormous job.Investors who don’t recognize the complexities of various fund style, tactic, and risk management, seek nowadays online guidance to get the correct answer to influence their economic aims, one such way is looking at the rating which in my mind is not less than Rudali of fund management industry, Thus investors need to select schemes after examining the pros and cons of each fund category, the schemes, long term, and short term attribute along with liquidity and what kind of time horizon investor is carrying with objective and the objective of the fund whether it matches or not.Imperial Finsol is the best mutual fund advisor in India, bringing here for you how you go about selecting the right funds for your investments, please remember that asset allocation is the most important aspects when you design the portfolio, here’s a look at the most important filters they apply while choosing funds.strongly believe that the process is more important than having any star fund manager.Safety FirstThe credit events in the fixed income space have brought forth the importance of liquidity risk and credit risk in debt funds, which have been pushed debt funds as an alternative to FD’s.Several investors are now trying to invest in mostly safe categories of funds like liquid, overnight, and arbitrage.As few AMC's are listed now so they have margin pressure on them to increase their profits than the returns of the investors, but they don’t reduce TER if the performance is slipping.For instance, in Multi cap we invest only in the funds which are anything in between 1000 to 3500 cr., in small and mid-cap, we avoid funds with AUM of more than 2000 crore.It goes without saying that a good fund will attract inflows while a bad fund will see investors exiting.