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Indian Affiliate Programs

Indian Affiliate Programs bridges the gap between you and the top affiliate programs in India.

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There’s quite a lot of buzz in and around the affiliate space which might affect the search results just like the last time when the update affected many web masters for involving themselves in to black hat practices while building links.Read More
Ibibo is not a new name for almost all those who are in internet marketing space in India.Ibibo has a strong marketing team which can provide good assistance to all publishers and advertisers.Read More
AffiliaXe network which is owned and operated by super affiliates said that it is very important for the publishers who are joining the network to know that they will be testing the traffic on the network which is already been tested by all the big guys in the industry.Read More 
There are not many affiliate programs focusing on mobile marketing as compared to web and the number is even lesser when it comes to mobile entertainment where there is huge traffic.In order for publisher to monetize the traffic they would need huge converting offers and enticing promotional material which will take the user away from the purpose of playing or watching a video or for making a purchase online.Read More
Social media has already gained some momentum; everybody is keen on trying it out.While it is working marvelous for some marketers, there are others who are just sitting fiddling their thumbs because their social media marketing promotion is not producing any sales.This happens due to the regular mistakes that marketers make while scheming the marketing plan and it is precisely why you should employ a social media corporation so that experts can deal with every phase of the campaign.Read More
The use of internet to develop business and advertise the products and services is not new.It has been around for quite some time since people realised the importance of the influence the virtual world can have on consumers.Read More 
Social media marketing is a concept that many companies are still experimenting with and a very few of them indeed understand it properly.There are predominantly two camps in the corporate world when it comes to social media marketing, one which understands social media marketing, its potential and tries to deploy it for improving business and sales.Read More 
Matt Cutts tweet about latest Google Panda 4.0 update rocked the online shore yesterday which led to various speculations about how the update will have an effect on SEO practices.There were reports earlier this month that some kind of update is all set to roll out soon which of course Google denied.Read More 
Affiliate marketing has become quite famous these days with many approaching to become an affiliate marketer with top websites in order to have some extra income.Many have actually taken it up as a regular job as this seems much easier than the monotonous 9-11pm schedule.Read More
You post a referral link of certain website on your website.You help in selling some product for the said website.You get the commission for the sale made by you.These pay-per-sale programs are relatively easy to join.Read Morre 
Web host is by far the first thing that you should or rather need to consider before getting your website designed as web hosting services would be required in order to make your site available to World Wide Web or shortly on WWW.The following points will act as your guide to web hosting services and other relevant information concerning the same: Read More 
Having your website ready doesn’t end your headache as you’ll then have to get it launched on the internet and for that you’ll be requiring a web host.In US, the companies offering web-hosting services are many and hence those flashy advertisements adding to confusion need to be ignored.Read More
An effective blog can drive torrents of traffic to your main website.People love to read blogs because blogs have an informal, conversational style.A blog is a powerful tool for building brand awareness and boosting sales.Read More
With over 1.32 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become the world’s largest social network.If you are not on Facebook, you are missing a lot, especially if you own a business.
Every second two new members join LinkedIn.Google generally reports LinkedIn company pages within the top 1-2 pages of search results.Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies are on LinkedIn.The time is just right to take your business to LinkedIn.Read More 
Twitter is great for sharing announcements, events and promotions.With 271 million+ monthly active users and 500 million+ tweets sent per day, Twitter is a perfect platform for generating brand awareness.Read More
Pinterest has attracted 70 million+ users in less than 4 years.80% of these users are women.Moreover, the world’s top brands are on Pinterest.There is no reason why you should underestimate Pinterest as a powerful social media marketing tool.Read More 
YouTube marketing campaigns provide remarkable results, and the success stories of Old Spice, Zappos, Dove and Lay’s prove it.Over 6 billion hours of video is watched every month on YouTube.Chances are your customers are watching YouTube videos.
Simply put, Google AdSense lets you make money by showing ads next to your online content.When someone clicks an ad, you make money.Read More 
Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money by referring people to a merchant website via your website.In other words, you get paid for marketing other people’s stuff.Read More