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We can all acknowledge the fact that there is a reason Keanu Reeves survived in Hollywood.We have seen his acting virtuosity, and we know that he has some range.He gracefully accepts difficulties and, more often than not, shows off his acting skills even in the projects that do not end up doing well at the box office.However, the aspect the fans love the most about him is his nature and the fact that he is always ready to help people.Many bad stories did come out of Hollywood after 2016, but the image of Keanu Reeves remained pristine.Nevertheless, the points mean the percentage of earnings from a particular film or series project.It can be worked out in a number of different ways, but basically, it will depend on what the actors and creators have agreed upon.It’s a sum of money paid to you if the producers or distributors re-use your work (like that Tony Stark scene in Spider-Man: Far from Home).Residuals is a big term in the TV industry as the actors get paid a handsome amount of money if their show gets a rerun on a different channel.Reeves, who we very well know is more interested in creativity than profit, refused to take a load of cash from his back-end-points of Matrix sequels and distributed it among the special effects crews.
“Cheap Thrills” singer tackled all the voices that were criticizing her for casting Maddie Ziegler in her upcoming movie.Apparently, SJW warriors on social media were unhappy over the actress being hired to play the role of an autistic character.It’s no surprise that they want an autistic person to play the character of an autistic person.Right after the trailer for the movie Music was unveiled, many offended people went behind the keyboard to slam Sia for recruiting Maddie Ziegler in the role of an autistic character knowing the fact that Ziegler isn’t autistic in real life.A Twitter account holder called out Sia with a comment that said that it is highly shameful that the singing sensation excluded the handicapped and physically challenged actors from their own narrative, which insinuated the fact that Sia refrained from hiring someone with autism so that she could give Ziegler a chance.Sia was quick to respond to the account holder with facts and said that she had cast at least 13 people with a neurological disorder and three people from the LGBTQ community not in some insignificant derogatory roles but in a highly respectful role of nurses, doctors, and singers.She added in her tweet that she feels disappointed over the fact that people haven’t seen her movie, and they are already judging her with some ill-conceived prejudices.Singer of the highly famous song “Chandelier” ended her tweet on a positive note that her heart has always guided her towards helping people.She got herself involved in an acrimonious argument when people kept on bashing her for her lack of knowledge and care for handicapped people.She responded to them with a snarky remark that she has spent almost three years reading about the subject, and she is appalled by the fact that people still have the nerve to call her ignorant.A user shared his personal anecdote in which he said that Sia and his team made no effort to include autistic people in the mix of things despite the fact that several actors from the underrepresented community wrote, asked, and pleaded for a chance.Sia was not having any of that, and she said something that might have been uncalled for.“Maybe you are just a bad actor,” she had replied back.Perhaps she was just furious with all the negativity and hate.Sometimes people on Twitter are just way too judgmental.Sia’s fans are scattered around the globe, and of course, they were part of the debate.They gave her all the love and support and asked her to ignore all the negative whispers.Sia replied to a user who claimed to be a physically disabled person.
A few years ago, the Android enthusiast had to root their smartphone and flash a custom ROM into it.Since ROMs are open-source, its code is readily available to scrutinize.In case the manufacturer of your smartphone model has abandoned the product, you have to install a custom ROM for device support, updates, and security patches.Extend Smartphone’s LifeROM will help you save money on purchasing a new and updated Android smartphone.Old and less expensive Android phones rarely get any updates, and their life expectancy also reduces with time.To help you figure out the difference, we have listed a few reasons to avoid ROM:Poor CameraA camera is a technical specification that no one wants to compromise upon, and customizing a ROM in a modern smartphone can ruin the quality of the gadget’s camera.You will also find phone cameras with multiple lenses, higher frame rates, pixels, advanced HDR effects, etc.
WhatsApp is one of the most popular and trendy multi-platform messaging applications all over the world.It allows you to make voice and video calls, send messages, share pictures and videos, and do much more.WhatsApp enables people to keep in touch with their family and friends living elsewhere.But many users are complaining that they are encountering white blank screen error on WhatsApp, and because of this issue, they cannot chat with anyone, use application settings, etc.If you wish to know how to fix this issue, then read on and follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.Launch the Software in the Compatibility ModeYou can launch the software in the compatibility mode by following these steps mentioned below:Go to the application and right-click on it.Now, you need to choose the Properties option.Thereafter, reach the tab of Compatibility and click on it.Beneath the Compatibility mode, mark the option of ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for.’Navigate to the pull-down menu, and select the operating system.Now, select the Apply button.Finally, click on the OK button.Launch the Application as AdministratorYou can launch the application as administrator by following these steps mentioned below:Firstly, reach the icon WhatsApp and right-click on it.Then choose the ‘Run as administrator’ option.In case the ‘User Account Control’ comes up, click on the Yes button.Now, check whether the WhatsApp white display has disappeared or not.Reinstall the Application on WindowsYou can reinstall the application on Windows by following these points available below:Go to the Windows Search section on your system.Thereafter, insert ‘control panel’ in it and hit on the Enter button to launch the Control Panel.Navigate to the Programs option and click on the ‘Uninstall a program’ option.You should reach the list and pick the WhatsApp option.Later, right-click on it and choose the Uninstall button.Now, reboot the device.Download and install WhatsApp again.Reinstall the Application on MacYou can reinstall the application on Mac by following these steps mentioned below:First, select the Finder option on your Mac device.After that, click on the folder of Applications.Navigate to WhatsApp and right-click on it, then choose the ‘drag it to Trash’ or ‘Move to Trash’ with the mouse.After uninstalling WhatsApp, visit the official site and then download it again.Similarly, you can uninstall the Whatsapp app from your smartphone and reinstall it from the app store.JEANNE E. WINFIELD arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving.Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at mcafee.com/activate.Source - How to Fix WhatsApp White Screen Error?
Generally, professional photographers dedicatedly spend days and weeks capturing one perfect shot.In contrast, others take a shortcut and use Photoshop to create the desired sky and mesmerize the world with their art.You can start by replacing the sky using the following steps:Open Photoshop and import the image you want to edit.Select Edit and click on Sky Replacement.A new sky replacement dialogue box will open up.From the Sky thumbnail box, click on the downward arrow.From the new box of options, select the gear tool, and click on New Sky.Photoshop will automatically open your default download location box.From there, select the sky image you want to use and click on Open.Your sky will now load in the preview box, and you will be able to use the ‘Sky Replacement’ controls for blending two images.Adjust everything according to your preferences and then click on OK.Since every image has its unique adjustments, it is recommended to use every slider to check how the image will render with each adjustment.Image Editing to Suit the New SkyYou can find all the adjustments under the Sky Replacement Group option.Here, you might as well find a few layers based on the brightness level adjustments you made earlier.You have to make the adjustments carefully so that the final image doesn’t look fake or unrealistic.
Microsoft Teams is one of the most phenomenal and popular chat-based collaboration services all over the world.It allows you to partake in online meetings, video calling, document sharing, business communications, and has many more features to help your daily life.But many users are complaining that they are facing installation issues while trying to install MS Teams.So, if you are also facing the same problem, then follow this blog to know how to fix this issue.Turn off the “Download the Teams app in the background for Skype for Business users” option.Firstly, open the preferred web browser and reach the Microsoft Teams Admin Center.Thereafter, sign-in with the admin details.Reach the left side navigation panel of the window, select the ‘Org-wide settings’ option.Then choose the Teams upgrade option.Once you reach the page of Teams upgrade, find the option of ‘Download the Teams app in the background for Skype for Business users’ and turn it off.Now, hit on the Save button.Uninstall Every MS Teams Component from Apps & FeaturesFirstly, open the Windows menu on your system.Thereafter, go to the Settings option.You should click on the Apps option.Then reach the left panel of the window, select the ‘Apps & features’ option.Go to the right panel of the page and input ‘teams’ in the Search section.Once you see the results, find and choose the ‘Teams Machine-Wide Installer’ option.You should click on the Uninstall button beneath the programs list.Now, uninstall the Teams Machine-Wide Installer.After uninstalling the ‘Teams Machine-Wide Installer’ correctly, you need to reach the screen of ‘Apps & features.’Reach the programs list and choose the Microsoft Teams option.Later, hit on the Uninstall button.Now, follow the on-screen directions to uninstall the MS Teams client.Uninstall Every MS Teams Component from Add or Remove ProgramsHit the Windows and R hotkeys simultaneously to launch the Run prompt.Then input ‘appwiz’ in it and select the OK button to launch the Windows’ Add or Remove Programs tool.After that, input ‘teams’ in the bar of ‘Search Programs and Features.’Once you see the results, select the ‘Teams Machine-Wide Installer’ option.Now, hit on the Uninstall button.You have to pursue the on-screen steps and pop-ups to uninstall the ‘Teams Machine-Wide Installer.’After uninstalling the ‘Teams Machine-Wide Installer,’ select the ‘Microsoft Teams’ option.Later, click on the Uninstall button.Finally, follow the on-screen directions and pop-ups to uninstall the MS Teams client.Ava Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats.His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media.He writes for Mcafee products at mcafee.com/activate.Source - How to Resolve Microsoft Teams Installation Issues?
Mail app is one of the most advanced apps out there.It is used for sending or receiving emails and several attachments.It comes with many sophisticated tools and features that attract the users, but sometimes users face some issues while using this app.One such annoying issue is the connection issue, but you need not worry as we are providing some troubleshooting tips to get rid of these connection errors.Here are the procedures to follow in order to get rid of the Mail app connection issues:Installing Latest Edition of iOS and iPadOSBelow are the guidelines to install the latest edition of iOS and iPadOS on your device:First and foremost, open the Settings app directly on your iOS device.Then, press the General tab.Now, select the option Software Update and then follow all the on-display instructions.Force Quitting Mail and Rebooting the DeviceSteps for Force Quitting Mail App:First and foremost, launch the app switcher on your iPhone and iPad through Face ID.Then, tap and hold down the Mail app and then Swipe the screen upward on the Mail app to leave the display.Steps for Restarting your iOS Device:If you are using iPhone X and above, tap and hold either volume button or side tab simultaneously until the power off slider appears on your screen.On iPhone SE, 6, 7, or 8 (2020), tap and hold down the side tab until you see the power off prompt on your screen.On other iOS devices, tap and hold the upper tab until you see the power off slider button.To reboot an iPad having the Face ID, tap and hold down either the upper tab or the volume button until the power off slider appears on your screen.In order to reboot your iPhone having the Home tab, tap and hold down the upper tab until you see the power off slider appear on your screen.Then, swipe the screen to power off the device.Now, reboot the system by holding down the off or on the tab until the Apple logo comes into view.Ensuring to Have an Active and Stable Internet ConnectivityHere is how to check that you have a stable or active internet connection:First of all, double-tap the Settings icon to launch the Settings page on your device.Then, ensure that your Airplane Mode is turned off.Now, hit the Cellular option.Ensure that the Cellular Data is currently ON.Removing and Re-Adding the Problem CountFollow these steps to delete or re-add the issue counts.Deleting Email Account that is creating issue:At the start, hit the Settings icon to launch the Settings page.Hit the Mail app.Then, press the Accounts tab.Choose the particular email account that is creating an issue on your system.Hit the Delete Account tab there.Press the tab Delete from My iPhone.Adding Email AccountAt the start, double click the gear-shaped icon to launch the Settings page.Then, scroll down the page and then press the Mail icon.Hit the Accounts tab there.Choose the Add Account option and input username and password for your email account.Configuring Email Account ManuallyFollow these steps to configure your email account manually:Select the Settings icon to launch.Then, scroll down the page and press the Mail option.Press the Accounts tab.Choose an email account that you desire to configure.Hit the email address for your account.Now, type the missing passcode, if required.In case you are still experiencing connection issues with your Mail app, then the issue may be arising from the other side (email provider.)
Well, this blog is for your assistance.Do you ever wonder how to take spectacular screenshots of landscapes and award-winning moments while playing games on Nintendo Switch?Yes, you can also take the screenshots while playing games on Switch.If you don’t know how to take a screenshot of your Nintendo Switch games, then here are the tips to help you.Follow all the steps carefully to know more about the screenshot capturing procedure:Steps to Take Screenshots on Nintendo Switch via Joy-Con ControllersThe Joy-Con Controllers of Nintendo Switch comes with a dedicated screenshot tab that enables the user to capture any screenshot with ease.It is located at the lower portion of the controller.To capture the desired screenshot, you need to tap the Screenshot button; then, you will hear the camera shutter sound followed by the notification that will appear at the upper-left-hand side edge of your device’s screen.The respective notification will say “Capture Taken.”Steps to Take Screenshots on Nintendo Switch via Pro-ControllersYou can capture your desired screenshot even on a Pro-Controller of Nintendo Switch.
Are you annoyed with the crashing issues of your iPhone or iPad?If you are also facing such issues, you need to troubleshoot the same by finding the root cause.It might be the internal issue or the problem with your device’s battery.Here are the instructions to guide you on how to fix iPhone and iPad crashing issues:Performing a Force RestartCheck your Device properly and try to find the basic cause of the issue.If it keeps shutting down, won’t charge, and still keeps crashing, then you can try force resetting the Device.Hard reset will help if your device is continuously shutting down or draining battery power because Wi-Fi or cellular data is turned on, rogue processes, etc.If you want to force reset your device, then follow these instructions:On iPhone 8 or AboveFirst, instantly tap and release the Volume Up tab.Then, tap and release the Volume Down button there.Now, tap and hold the side button and then release the same once you view the Apple icon.On iPhone 7 or OlderIf you are using iPhone 7 or older, then follow these steps to perform a force restart:Get started by tapping and holding down the Wake/Sleep and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.If you have an iPhone 6, or iPad with the Home tab or any other older gadget, then tap and hold down the Wake/Sleep and the Home tab at one go.Keep holding down the buttons until you view the Apple icon on your device’s screen.Wait for some time, and once the prompt screen appears on your device’s screen, release the tabs.Once the iPad or iPad has rebooted properly, then you need to check that the procedure mentioned above was effective or not.If not, then follow the next procedure:Checking the Latest OS UpdateMake sure that your device OS is updated to the latest edition.In order to check your device existing OS recent update, follow these instructions:At the start, go to the gear-shaped icon and then tap on it to launch the Settings page.Then, hit the General tab there.After that, click the Software Update option and then check if any update is pending for your device or not.
Windows Defender is one of the most decent antiviruses which comes preinstalled in Windows 10.It combines layers of machine-learning models, behavior-based detection algorithms, generics, and heuristics to rapidly investigate suspicious files.However, a flaw in Windows Defender may mistake the legitimate files for trojans and viruses.If you are facing this issue, then do not worry.To fix this problem, check out the solutions mentioned below.Scan the PC from Safe ModeYou can scan the PC from safe mode by following these instructions mentioned below:Hold the Windows and R hotkeys simultaneously to invoke the Run prompt.You should now insert ‘msconfig’ into it and hit the Enter key to launch the System Configuration screen.After that, move to the boot tab, then select the option of Safe Boot.Later, pick the option of Network and apply the changes.Now, reboot the system.Adding an Exclusion to Windows SecurityYou can add the exclusion to Windows Security by following these instructions mentioned below:Navigate to the Windows menu and click on it to launch the menu.Then pick the Settings option.You should click on the ‘Update & Security’ option.Later, click on the Windows Security option and pick the ‘Virus & threat protection’ option.You have to pick the Manage Settings option.Later, locate the Exclusions wherever you should pick the ‘Add or remove’ option for the specific exclusion.Now, click on the ‘Add an exclusion’ option, then choose the particular folders, files, or file types, procedures for the exclusion.Look for Windows Defender UpdatesYou can look for Windows Defender updates by following these instructions mentioned below:Navigate to the Settings option and click on it.Thereafter, locate the ‘Update and Security’ option and then locate the ‘Windows Update’ option to select the ‘Check for updates’ button.In case the latest updates are available, you will locate them.Go to the ‘Definition Update for Windows Defender’ section and install them.ConclusionWindows Defender, may at times, due to bugs, view a legitimate file as a virus.
The “this file contained a virus and was deleted” error occurs on the Internet Explorer web browser when users try to download any file from the internet.Many users believe that this error occurs because the file is infected, however, it is not true.This error appears when the system is infected with a rootkit.If you want to fix this error, you should read on and follow the detailed stepwise solutions mentioned below.Boot into the Safe Mode with NetworkingYou can boot safe into the safe mode with networking by pursuing these guidelines mentioned below:First of all, reboot the device.Once you see the Login screen, hit the ‘Shift’ button and reboot.Once the device reboots, you will see the screen of ‘Choose an option.’Now, you should click on the Troubleshoot option.After that, click on ‘Advanced options.’Click on the ‘Startup Settings’ option.Thereafter, reach the ‘Restart’ button and hit on it.After rebooting, you will view an options list, hit the F5/5 key to enter Safe Mode with Networking.Run a Clean BootYou can run a clean boot by pursuing these guidelines mentioned below:Navigate to the Search section on your device.Thereafter, insert ‘msconfig’ into it and hit the Enter key.You should click on the ‘System Configuration’ option.Then, locate the Services tab.You have to mark the box of ‘Hide all Microsoft services.’Go to the ‘Disable all’ button and click on it.After that, reach the tab of Startup and click on it.You need to click on the ‘Open Task Manager’ option.Later, shut the Task Manager and then hit the OK button.Now, restart the device.Exit the Safe Mode with NetworkingYou can exit the safe mode with networking by pursuing these guidelines mentioned below:Go to the Windows icon on your device.Thereafter, right-click on it, then choose the Run option.Once you open the Run prompt, input ‘msconfig’ into it and press the Enter button.You should reach the tab of Boot and click on it.Then untick the ‘Safe Boot’ box.Now, reboot the system.Run the MS Safety ScannerYou can perform the MS Safety Scanner by pursuing these guidelines mentioned below:Firstly, download the utility from the Microsoft official page.Launch it, and choose the scan type you would like to perform.You should begin the scan process and check the scan outcomes on the window, which lists each malware recognized on the system.Remove any threat that gets detected.These were some of the best solutions to help you fix the “this file contained a virus and was deleted” error.Ava Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats.His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media.He writes for Mcafee products at mcafee.com/activate.Source - How to Fix “This File Contained a Virus and was Deleted” Error
Epic Games Launcher is one of the most popular digital distribution gaming platforms out there.It is available for macOS and Windows systems.But some users are reporting that they are facing a black screen issue while opening the launcher.So, if you are struggling to find a resolution to this annoying problem, then here are a few fixes mentioned below.Reset the Screen ResolutionYou can reset the screen resolution by following these directions provided below:Go to the blank area on your desktop, then right-click on it.Thereafter, click on the ‘Display settings’ option.You should move down to the ‘Display resolution’ and select the button of the down arrow.Go down, then select the 1280×768 resolution.Once you have done so, invoke the launcher.Running the Launcher as an AdminYou can open the launcher as an admin by following these directions provided below:Go to the shortcut of the launcher and right-click on it, then choose the Run as administrator.Now, open the launcher.Set Compatibility ModeYou can set compatibility mode by following these directions provided below:Navigate to the shortcut of the launcher and right-click on it, then choose the Properties option.Later, click on the Compatibility tab and mark the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ box.Then mark the ‘Disable full-screen optimizations’ box and select the Apply button.Click on OK.Now, invoke the launcher and then check the issue.Use the Compatibility TroubleshooterYou can run compatibility troubleshooter by following these directions provided below:Reach the shortcut of the launcher and right-click on it, then pick the Properties option.You should choose the Compatibility mode and hit the ‘Run compatibility troubleshooter’ option.Once prompt the ‘Program Compatibility Troubleshooter’ screen, choose the ‘Try recommended settings’ option.Go to the ‘Test the program’ option, and you will be directed to the launcher.Go back to the screen of ‘Program Compatibility Troubleshooter’ and hit the Next button.In case there are no issues with the launcher, then you should select the ‘Yes, save these settings for this program’ option.Now, untick the ‘The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now’ box.Later, mark the ‘The program opens but doesn’t display correctly’ box, then hit the Next button.Mark the error message saying the problem needs to run in 256 colors or 8-bit color mode box and then hit the Next button.You should hit the ‘Yes, try again using different settings’ option, and select the Next button.Go to the ‘Test the program’ option and then select the Next button.Navigate to the ‘Yes, save these settings for this program’ option.Flush the Cache of DNSYou can flush the cache of DNS by following these directions provided below:Hold the Windows and R hotkeys to invoke the Run prompt.Then input ‘cmd’ into it and select the OK button.Hit the ‘Shift + Ctrl + Enter’ buttons over the keyboard.Once the ‘Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device’ screen comes up, select the Yes button.You should insert this command and hit the Enter key: ipconfig /flushdnsNow, reopen the launcher.Modify the High DPI SettingsYou can modify the high DPI settings by following these directions provided below:Select the shortcut of the launcher and right-click on it, then choose the Properties option.You should click on the tab of Compatibility and then choose the ‘Change high DPI settings’ option.Mark the ‘Override high DPI scaling behavior’ box and select the OK button.Install the Epic Games Launcher AgainYou can install Epic Games Launcher again by following these directions provided below:Firstly, close the launcher.Then reach the Search section and insert ‘cmd’ into it, then select the OK button to invoke the Command Prompt.Later, right-click on it, then choose the Run as administrator.Input sfc /scannow’ into it, then hit the Enter key.Now, reboot the system.Once you reach the Search section, input ‘add or remove programs’ into it and select the OK button.Thereafter, choose the ‘Add or remove programs’ option.You should move down, and click on the ‘Epic Games Launcher’ option.Then hit the ‘Uninstall’ button.Download the latest launcher and then install it.Ava Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002.As a technical expert, she has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup.Source - How to Fix Epic Games Launcher Black Screen Issue?
An SSD is a perfect upgrade to a slow or old computer.However, what to do if you cannot find your SSD in the boot option and you are unable to boot the operating system from it.It is one of the most disappointing errors that you get when you want to use your SSD as your boot device.You will only be able to use it as a spare storage partition.If you have also stumbled upon this error while using an SSD as a boot device, do not worry as we are here to help you.In this guide, we will guide you on how you can fix an SSD when it doesn’t appear in the boot option.Fixes for SSD Not Listed in the Boot OptionUse AOMEI BackupperIf you don’t clone your hard drive to your SSD properly, then your SSD might not appear as a boot option while starting up.AOMEI Backupper is one of the best tools to clone your hard drive perfectly.You should first download and install this tool to your device and then clone on your hard drive to your SSD carefully.
Nowadays, the dream of almost everyone has come true with the help of autotune.Autotune has earned numerous accolades for being one of the best vocal effects.This autotune plug-in is not just limited to this much; there is a lot to discover.The more you say about Waves OVox, the less it is.It has many other effects such as Distortion, Reverb, and Delay.Humanize is a great feature that lets you decrease the intensity of effect so that your voice sounds more natural, like a human’s voice.
If your answer to the question is “Yes,” you have come to the right place.Those who love editing videos will surely find the list below very helpful.Many video editing apps are out there, but you will hardly find any good app to edit videos.It offers the features to slow down or speed up your video.You can apply effects to your videos and add filters to your videos in order to make them awesome.iMovie offers attractive themes to add to your videos.
A good music producer or the sound engineer can understand the value of an EQ plugin.If you are looking for the best EQ plug-in to add presence and clarity to your track and get rid of unnecessary frequencies, the EQ plugins on the list below will help you get the best results.Waves Puigtec EQP1A and MEQ5If you want to add clarity and want to eliminate unwanted frequencies from your vocals, you can choose the great plug-ins.It comes with a 10-band equalizer.In order to remove unwanted hissing from vocals, you can de-ess vocals and add a low shelf cut.If your vocals sound muddy, you may try some other ways.Red Rock EQ560If you are one of those bedroom producers who can’t afford so much, Red Rock EQ560 may fit your needs in a perfect way.It adds smoothness to vocals and the sound of instruments and helps you minimize the intensity of hi-hats and snare.
Watching your favorite movies and shows on the small screen of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac kills the excitement and thrill.On activating this feature, you won’t be able to use another app or check your messages without all of that being shown on the screen you are mirroring to.On the other hand, screencasting displays only the content that you are sharing on the other screen.With screencasting, you can control a movie from your phone while doing other things without displaying any content other than the video on the screen you are casting to.How to Use AirPlay on Samsung TVFirst, to share content via AirPlay, make sure that your Samsung Smart TV and Apple device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.Once that is done, follow the instructions ahead.From an iPhone or iPadStep 1: Choose the music or video you wish to share with your screen.Step 2: Then, tap on the AirPlay icon, which looks like a TV with a small triangle located at the bottom of the screen.Step 3: Find and tap on your compatible Samsung TV name, and you should be connected.If you want to adjust any settings, simply swipe down from the screen’s upper edge on your iPhone or iPad to find the control center.And you are done!Step 4: Whenever you feel like ending the cast, simply click on the AirPlay icon and turn it off.Wanting to Change the Airplay 2 Settings on Your Samsung TV?In case you need to adjust the AirPlay 2 settings on your Samsung device, simply go to Settings, select General, and then press Apple AirPlay Settings, where the following options will show up.
Looking back at the time, face masks seemed odd whenever you crossed at streets with someone wearing it.First of all, facial recognition refers to technology identifying a human’s face and characteristics, including the position of your eyes, nose, chin, etc.Face recognition is mostly used on your phone to unlock the same, as the camera operates to compare your face with the recorded profile.The process is simple, and it instantly unlocks your phone.As mentioned above, facial recognition calculates the position of your facial features.Anything that seems different will interfere with the process.Many dislike that they have to remove their face mask for facial recognition to unlock their phone.It is annoying, right?Though the pandemic started in 2020, reports say that the discussions regarding the co-existence of face mask and facial recognition have been going around in the US for the past two years.
However, Giratina recently started to appear in the 5-Star Raid Battle, so trainers will have enough time to catch Giratina-Origin and its shiny form as well.Players can use the Raid Battle Pass or Remote Raid Pass to enter into Giratina Raid Battle.Giratina is weak against Ghost, Fairy, Ice, Dark, and Dragon-type Pokemon.Against Giratina, Mega Houndoom is a great option because it possesses Dark-type moves, and its Mega form will put extreme damage.When using Mega Houndoom against Giratina, make sure to use Snarl as a Fast move and Foul Play as a Charge move.Giratina’s attacks won’t affect Tyranitar a lot, and you can use its Dark-type moves for your benefit.While using Tyranitar, make sure to use Bite as a Fast move and Crunch as a Charge move to deal massive damage.Rayquaza – Rayquaza is one of the most superior Pokemon in the Pokemon world.
Chrome users love the lightweight operating system of a Chromebook, but it doesn’t take much time for them to realize the need for Windows apps.In a few Chromebooks, you may find a write protection switch instead.Enable Developer ModeOnce you remove the write protection screw, now you can easily modify the Chromebook’s software.Once you do that, your Chromebook will boot up and show a message saying that your Chrome operating system is missing or damaged.Sign in with your Google account and sync the important data.Flash the New BIOSNow, you can flash your new BIOS within ChromeOS.Once you do that, you gain access to a robust Linux shell environment.Download and run the below-mentioned script to replace the BIOS of your Chromebook:cd ~; curl -L -O http://mrchromebox.tech/firmware-util.sh; sudo bash firmware-util.shAfter that download, the http://mrchromebox.tech/firmware-util.sh script files and run it with root privileges.Type 3 and press Enter and choose the “Custom coreboot Firmware” option.Type Y to agree to flash your firmware and then type U for UEFI firmware installation.’Now, you will get a backup copy of the original BIOS, make sure to save it somewhere safe for future use.Once your backup process is complete, the script will download the Coreboot firmware replacement and flash it on your Chromebook.Once it is done, turn off your Chromebook.Create a Windows Installation DriveOnce you are done with the changes mentioned above, you can easily install Windows onto your Chromebook.To do so, download an ISO and burn it on a USB drive with the help of a tool called Rufus.