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Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is a solution consultant at Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking app development company in 2011.

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About Free TaxiFree Taxi is a leading taxi company based in Tri-City.Apart from Tri-City, its taxi services are also available in Warsaw, Krakow, Zielona Góra, Łódź, and many other Polish cities.The company believes in constant improvement to fulfill the needs of its customers.The company offers taxi services to residents as well as tourists.Free Taxi also enables its customer to make payments via multiple modes such as cash, card, and wallet.Apart from taxi service, Free Taxi also offers professional logistic support for corporate conferences, events, and occasional meetings.Free taxi has many licensed taxi drivers that come from several taxi corporations.Furthermore, they also have non-affiliated taxi drivers which have taxi licenses in many Polish cities.
The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted all the businesses around the world.However, there are few businesses that have directly benefitted due to pandemic-driven social distancing, lockdowns, and curfews.These businesses are on-demand delivery businesses.People across the world have started to use these services to buy their daily essentials.This is the reason why on-demand delivery businesses seeing unprecedented growth.Many entrepreneurs see this as an opportunity to start their own on-demand delivery business.And they have only one wish.They wish for a ready-made and robust on-demand delivery solution that can allow them to start their business in a jiffy.
On-demand businesses have boomed in the recent past due to the success of Uber and many other on-demand businesses that followed after it.This huge success has lured many entrepreneurs to start their own on-demand businesses.Many have succeeded in starting their business but only a few have been able to sustain it for a long time.The reason behind this is simple, on-demand business comes with many challenges which you must overcome quickly to survive.And one of these major challenges is to keep your operational costs under the limit.Operational costs in on-demand businesses can go way out of your budget if not capped using the best cost-efficient practices.And to implement those practices you need an on-demand expert.That’s where Yelowsoft steps in.Yelowsoft is a leading on-demand solution provider that has empowered several on-demand start-ups around the world.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been nothing short of a nightmare for businesses across the globe.Lockdowns, social distancing norms, etc have made it difficult for businesses to sustain themselves.However, there are few industry verticals that have witnessed an unprecedented rise in the times of the pandemic.I am talking about the on-demand delivery businesses.The COVID-19 pandemic has played a major role in boosting these services.There are several factors behind this boost.First, due to curfews, people can’t go outside to shop which made them dependent on delivery services.Secondly, and more importantly, authorities have allowed food delivery, grocery delivery, and medicine delivery amidst curfew since they deliver essential goods.This boost also ensured that all online delivery businesses have to majorly transform their operations with respect to the pandemic.
Ride-hailing services have been nothing less than a boon for daily commuters across the world.These services became an instant success by offering unparalleled speed, convenience, and safety to their customers.And that’s the reason why commuters across the world prefer using on-demand cab booking services instead of public transit.The history of app-based ride-hailing services is not very long.It all started with a San Francisco based company named Uber which was launched in 2009.Soon, Uber became a shining beacon of on-demand services across industry verticals.Today Uber is valued at more than $78 billion.Many names like Lyft, Grab, Didi Chuxing, Ola, and many others followed Uber’s footsteps and became ride-hailing giants in their respective regions thus disrupting the transportation sector across the world.
In this era of superfast gadgets and innovative technologies, we can easily access anything by just making a few taps on our smartphones.This ease of access has become possible thanks to the on-demand delivery apps.Due to the highly progressive on-demand apps, customers can get everything without the need to leave their homes.Also, on-demand apps had covered many of the industry verticals and parcel delivery segment is no exception.To provide speedy deliveries to clients, on-demand delivery companies partners with better parcel delivery service partners.That is why global parcel delivery businesses focus on developing cutting-edge parcel delivery solutions.It enables them to offer a rich customer experience that raises the bar higher and higher.Here a great parcel delivery system can be of great help to the traditional parcel delivery business as it can streamline its services.Also, it helps the parcel delivery businesses to effortlessly handle a large number of daily orders.So if you are still doing your parcel delivery business in the same old fashioned way then now it is the time for you to switch to the disruptive on-demand model.
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of global businesses.Rigorous lockdowns and social distancing laws have forced people to stay at their homes.Due to this, there was not a single person on the roads.Also, the global businesses had to face tough times due to decrease in their sales.It seems that the world had been paused for a while.However, in such critical condition, there was a business that was operating successfully.That business was online food delivery.With advanced online food delivery apps, it becomes easier for customers to get food without the need for leaving their homes.Also, these apps had allowed the restaurants to make the most of the digital marketing mediums.Apart from this,on-demand food delivery apps are also in high demand due to the need for social distancing.
About TraveeTravee is one of the leading ridesharing apps in the Caribbean Islands.It offers the best ride-booking service for taxis, private cars and fleet operators.Travee avails them with the option to Pay by Cash or Credit Card.Also, the customers will get the bill receipt at the end of the ride.Furthermore, Travee invests heavily into implementing safety features into its apps such as sending text messages with ride information to loved ones, driver screenings, and number masking to prevent drivers from getting the personal number of the client.Apart from this, Travee also supports drivers at every step of taxi operations from signup, to becoming approved to complete rides.Travee provides hassle-free ride-hailing services to its riders to safely reach their destination.READ MORE : Yelowsoft helps Travee to succeed in the Caribbean taxi markets   
If you think that developing a taxi app or getting a ready-made SaaS-based taxi solution is all you need for a successful taxi business then you’re probably wrong.It’s because, in today’s digital world, almost every other taxi business has a mobile app.The app stores are flooded by millions of taxi apps and more and more taxi apps are being added to the list every day.In such cut-throat competition, it’s quite obvious to think that were would your taxi app stand in this never-ending list?Well, what if I tell you that there’s a way by which you can make your taxi app rank high on the app store?Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?I am talking about App Store Optimization (ASO).ASO can do wonders for your taxi app.In this blog, I will tell you what ASO is and how it can help you to boost your taxi business.
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire economical dynamics throughout the world.Fear of catching the deadly virus, strict social distancing norms, and sudden lockdowns have broken the back of several small and medium-sized businesses.Even multinational companies haven’t been spared from its wrath.As most of the businesses struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic there were a few businesses that benefitted from it too.Food delivery businesses were one such big exception which witnessed a boom during the pandemic.The below graphic shows how the top four U.S. food-delivery apps saw a humungous rise of $3 billion collectively in the second and third quarters when the COVID-19 pandemic caused heavy restrictions and lockdowns in the entire country.READ MORE : A complete guide on how to beat the competition in the on-demand food delivery business 
About Yo TaxiYo Taxi is one of the leading e-hailing company in South Africa which was established in 2019 by Helium3 Digital and other local taxi associations.It’s known for its reliable and legal, and affordable cab service.Unlike many other e-hailing companies, the taxi fare for Yo Taxi doesn’t increase at peak hours.Yo Taxi uses reputed metered cabs which are well maintained, clean, insured, and regularly checked by company management.Yo Taxi aims to ensure that users can easily access chauffeur-driven ride with utmost safety, reliability, and affordability.Safety is the company’s number one priority.The company ensures that all their cabs have the required permits issued by the Department of Transport and other local authorities.READ MORE : Yelowsoft helps South Africa’s Yo Taxi to evolve into a Super App 
Starting and sustaining any business in today’s world is a tough task.And it becomes even tougher if we talk about the ride-hailing business since there’s a cut-throat competition from taxi giants like Uber, Grab, Lyft, Ola, and many more.Many people believe that you only need to have a robust ride-hailing solution for a successful taxi business.Growing and sustaining your taxi business is much more than that.You must employ proper promotion and retention strategies to ensure that your taxi business grows seamlessly.In this blog, we will discuss various promotion and retention strategies that you can employ to ensure the continuous progress of your business.READ MORE :  Top promotion & retention strategies for taxi business that you shouldn’t miss   
Anniversaries are always a wonderful thing.Especially in an organisation full of people who give the best of themselves and spend their precious years creating innovative ways to lead the growth of a company.Yelowsoft celebrated its third anniversary this year.So all the members of Yelowsoft family had decided to make it memorable by organising an event.Yelowsoft’s 3rd anniversary was celebrated on 4th February 2021.All the Yelowsoft family members took part in it with great enthusiasm, fun and frolic.The energy and excitement level of Yelowsoft’s team members was evident in this event.Our CEO Mushahid Khatri along with the entire management team graced the occasion and gave it a headstart.Also, he talked about Yelowsoft’s tremendous business growth by describing that the company is having its presence in 25+ countries by the end of 2020.
The COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a dead-end for many businesses.This pandemic can be given credit for ending the journey of several startups and enterprises across the world.However, when it comes to Super App, this pandemic has just been a minor roadblock that has diverted its journey.The pandemic has been a bittersweet experience for Super Apps.You might be thinking what is sweet about the damn pandemic right?Then you must remember that not all businesses are witnessing loss due to it.There are few businesses or industries which are witnessing an unprecedented rise in this period.On-demand delivery services like food delivery, grocery delivery, and parcel delivery are some of these businesses.
To go for a SaaS model or not, that is the question.If you’re a taxi entrepreneur then you must have been stuck on this question for an umpteenth number of times.And that’s not your fault, since it’s a big decision for your ride-hailing business startup, you must be 100 per cent sure and convinced before you take any decision.This state of dilemma, uncertainty, and confusion can be tackled with the help of expert’s opinions, insights, and discussions.After spending years in the taxi industry, we have gained enough experience and expertise to assist taxi startups to take the right decisions at every stage.Through this blog, we are helping the taxi startup owners to overcome their confusion and make the right decision.So, without any further ado, let’s begin.SaaS: A startup-friendly taxi business modelSaaS (software as a service) is a software distribution model which is rapidly getting popular among the ride-hailing business startups due to its startup-friendly nature.
The year 2020 will probably be remembered for all the wrong reasons.It’s been nothing but a year of losses.This year recorded a massive loss in the form of lives, profits, lifestyle, and many more.But even in such circumstances, Yelowsoft was able to achieve so much in 2020.In this blog, we are going to have a look at all the important things that happened in Yelowsoft.So, without any further ado, let’s begin.Yelowsoft website in a new avatarThe New Year also brought a new and fresh look of the Yelowsoft’s website.With the latest addition of the new on-demand delivery services and launch of the Super App, the older version of our website was unable to communicate with our clients effectively.
Constant innovation is the only way for the business to prosper in the changing market scenarios.And the same applies to the taxi business too.The ride-hailing market has become more competitive than ever due to inception of robust mobile apps.Now people don’t have to wait for a long time to get a cab.They can easily book it by making a few taps over their smartphones.As per statista, the revenue in the ride-hailing market is expected to grow at $1621.9 billion US (approx.)So there is an attractive growth opportunity for you to start your ride-hailing business.Initially, you can start by providing services to individuals.
Nobody had ever imagined that the year 2020 would turn out to be such a nightmare.The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped everything in the world.Everyone was unable to go out for their jobs or education.Even the highly profitable businesses have started losing their grip over the markets.Due to which, the movement of people has been decreased over the roads.So the ride-hailing businesses have to suffer due to lack of passengers.Their idle man hours also increased.It has become hard for these companies to pay salaries to their drivers.
Managing a taxi business is not a child’s play.You have to take several things under consideration such as drivers, vehicles, customers, commissions, subscription, and many more while managing your taxi business efficiently.The complexity increases by many folds when one has to manage not only taxi business but also have to manage food delivery, parcel delivery, grocery delivery, cargo delivery, etc.on a single Super App.We at Yelowsoft very well understand this concern of on-demand business owners and that’s the reason why we have come up with a major product update with which admin gets an easy-to-use admin panel for efficient management of multiple services on the Super App.READ MORE : Yelowsoft introduces major UI updates in the admin panel 
About Secure ExpressSecure Express is a well-known taxi company that offers secure passenger transportation with the help of its highly-trained drivers in South Africa along with more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.The driving staff of Secure Express undergoes rigorous pre-employment security checks before joining.Not only this, but they also undergo training in hijack prevention, defensive driving, first aid, and counter-surveillance.Secure Express offers its customers with the support of a dedicated journey management team.They also offer 24×7 Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) which offers real-time and on-ground information regarding the traffic events like road accidents, traffic jams, road construction, and other events that can affect the customer’s journey.Secure Express is the first choice of NGOs, travellers, and expanding corporates who are looking for a safe transportation option in challenging, high-risk, and unfamiliar environments.Secure Express is a one-stop travelling solution for anyone who is looking for safe travel in Asia, Africa, or in the Middle East.Passengers can have peace of mind with Secure Express’ top-notch taxi service empowered by trained drivers.READ MORE : Yelowsoft helps South Africa’s Secure Express