Oil Tank  Services

Oil Tank Services

We offer complete oil tank services and replacement program to residential and commercial clients throughout Elizabeth, New Jersey (NJ).

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In New Jersey, some companies handle oil tank inspection and removal.They will get the necessary permit for the customer and arrange an inspection by the town official together with a utility mark out.First, they excavate the ground above the tank and when they reach the tank, they cut it open and remove the fluids, sludge in a vacuum truck and dispose of it.They squeegee clean and rag wipes the inside of the tank and remove the cap, supply and return lines and fill vent.After the inside of the tank is cleaned it is removed from the ground and the surrounding soil is inspected for leakage.How is the tank disposed of?The soil around the tank is inspected for leakage and contamination and if there is no contamination or leakage the tank is disposed of as scrap.The hole from which the tank is removed is filled with certified clean fill and topsoil and seed are fitted to reinstate the site.All the necessary information is provided to the municipality to get a Certificate of Approval for the property.When you call them for underground inspections and sweeps, they will check for present and past presence of underground tanks with the help of ground-penetrating radar with rods of steel to verify capacity, length, and direction of the tank.New Jersey Oil Tank Remediation ServicesIf fuel discharge is detected they provide the tank owner with a ‘No Further Action’ letter efficiently and immediately from NJDEP.
If you are living in Elizabeth, New Jersey and have an oil tank in your property you can contact oil tank services to help you get rid of the tank. To get rid of the tank they will excavate the ground above the tank and make a hole in the tank. Then they will use a vacuum truck to remove the fluid and sludge. Removal of the oil tank After the oil tank is clean and dry it is removed from the ground. All required information is provided to the municipality so it can give a certificate of approval to the owner of the tank. They access the layout of the underground tank in any household in New Jersey and remove it using machines without damaging any land or structures around it.
If you are based in New Jersey then you may be having an oil tank in your property which was earlier used to store oil for heating your home.They will provide you with the necessary permits and get the town official for inspection along with the utilities mark out.They will then excavate the ground above the tank and cut open the tank.The sludge and fluid will be removed by a vacuum truck.Seed and topsoil are added to restore the site.All necessary information is provided to the municipality to issue a certificate of approval to the owner of the property.Oil tank sweeps are done and the presence of an oil tank is investigated by using ground penetrating radar with steel rods to measure the length, direction, and capacity of the tank.A tank sweep costs $200 and gives a report of the findings.NJ Oil Tank RemediationIf there is any fuel discharge detected then Oil Tank Service which is a licensed environmental company operating under the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection can provide efficiently and fast all the necessary services to the owner of the tank so that he can get ‘No Further Action’ letter taking care of all environmental issues of the property.Remediation services consist of digging and proper removal of soil contaminated by fuel oil with the help of field instrumentation.