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Mental health is important for everyone.Here are some sure ways that have been therapeutically proven how to control negative thoughts and live positively.
When your boss or leader continuously gives you more work, this will be one of the ultimate signs you are respected at work.
Social media has been constantly updating and every time it comes up with a new update and features.Here are a few social media news you should know about.
When you religiously exfoliate lips using a good lip scrub routine, it brushes off dead and chapped skin which lets your lip become healthier
Studies have noted the positive effects of using some of the home remedies for acne such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Zinc Supplement.
Spotify's most awaited feature is here.You can now set Spotify sleep timer on your phone and let the music stop at a specific time.
If you're planning for online dating, don't forget to learn online dating etiquette.It is necessary to take a lesson first before attempting a love exam.
Twitter has a lot of tweets that are being retweeted.A few of them are here in the list of most retweeted tweets 2019 frequently by Twitter users. 
Though we all know love is spontaneous.But If you're falling in love with a married man, you should come out of this terrible relationship as it is not valid.
If you're a fashion lover, you should definitely go through these American fashion designers in the USA.Follow the most influential brand and be stylish.
While a good lip balm can undoubtedly help, there is also a variety of natural remedies for chapped lips you can turn to for relief.
Have you heard about Snapchat new Update Cameos?You can now edit your face and put it into videos or Gif to share interesting Snapchats with friends.
Google Parent company, Alphabet found its new CEO.Sundar Pichai to replace Larry Page and take over Alphabet.New challenges are on the path.
List of the Star Screen Awards 2019 winners is out.Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt won the top honours and Ayushmann Khurrana won the Award for Article 15.
Men, in general, ignore skin problems, here are a few skin care tips for men to follow in this winter season and pamper your skin with skincare routine.
If you're an animal lover, you should know which products to buy.Get some ideas from here for cruelty free makeup brands that you can use as vegan makeup.
When you shave, just take the hair from its surface and not from the roots.By following simple shaving tips, you can prevent ingrown hair.
Hrithik Roshan topped the ranking chart and reports stated that he was top of the list in the overall rankings of “Sexiest Asian Male” in the last decade.
This is pretty obvious to have insecurity in a relationship.But eventually, it does not help rather it sow seeds of fear of losing your partner.
There are some expensive options to try for dark circles but using some home remedies for dark circles can save a lot of money.