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Argyle Jackets are traditional jackets that are worn with Highland dress kilts.

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Kilt outfits are about as diverse as KILTS themselves.There are many different ways to accessorize your kilt outfit, and there are just as many different jackets that you can pair with those kilts as well.There are two ways you can break down the different styles when you are deciding which jacket you want to pair with which kilt, and that is by deciding whether you intend to wear the kilt outfit casually during the day or during dinners and other formal events as evening wear.A lot of these Jackets can be worn for both occasions, so it is wise to start by considering which design you are most fond of.There are different tweed jacket styles, such as the Crail jacket.This jacket is more functional as it has a straight cuff and only one button.It can be worn to any occasion and with kilts and jeans alike.