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Smartek Systems is your one-stop destination for kiosk hardware solutions and software applications for your businesses.

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Kiosks for parks is one of the best options one can look for brand recognition and making it quite easier for users to access services and products.They help people buy tickets for events, wayfinding with navigation at attractions like theme parks, and check-in kiosks for before you install outdoor kiosks for parks, here are some important points to consider:Protection from ElementsThe weather is the most crucial factor to consider before installing an outdoor kiosk.Because most kiosks are not designed to be able to withstand elements, you must ensure they are properly sealed so it remains protected from water and dust.Choice of Suitable LocationConsider the place where it will be located and make sure the surface is even and strong.If it is soft, prepare it using a concrete pad.Also, make sure your kiosk gets a suitable power supply and has an internet connection all time.
LED video walls have revolutionized the way information is conveyed in a wide range of event environments.A plethora of video wall technologies are used in conferences, tradeshows, educational settings, and much more.Though there are many technologies and mediums used for advertisements, here’s why you need to use digital LED screens:Energy-efficient and cost-effectiveYou might be worried about the initial high development costs.The low energy consumption leads to less electricity cost and hence makes them a cost-effective option with increased ROI.Robust Display DesignThe LED video walls have a robust display design.They are protected with IP65 front and back which makes them suitable for even the toughest environmental conditions.They are capable of withstanding any environmental conditions throughout the year.
Who doesn’t want to connect with the latest technologies that can save your time and efforts?The people who stood in long queue every time for bill payments never thought there would be an end to it too.Today, self-service payment made everything easier and lighter.What better than serving you without any dependence on others?Usually, the bill payments and financial areas are handled by allocated groups and departments.The time now has taken a turn and everything that we do is self- operated.