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Every top elearning content development companies keep scratching their heads on how to bring about the next innovation in learning.Any custom elearning content development tries to create their training to influence human behaviour and make their content engaging and more compelling.The tried and tested and often repeated methods to make content compelling are:Use videosConnect the learning to the bottom lineCustom made navigationMobile readyBut there is more to this story.However, the movie business seems to have cracked the code to an extent.If you really want your content to stand out and be engaging and compelling then:Make it easy to find: A course location makes it easier to find and hence more viewable.No one wants to search through ten folders to find the content and with the new tagging systems, it can easily be made searchable for relevant search results.Create content that can be used as per the user behaviour and knowledge base to cull out and provide relevant content nuggets that help them learn more instead of wasting say two minutes on a content that they are already aware of.
  Many a times we all get confused as to the type of animation or motion graphics used which further leads to misidentifying a suitable cost for the motion graphics and animation services. However they can be used interchangeably in some cases. This is the most common type of motion graphics and animation services in use at present that captures the audience and engage them in a short story that helps the bottom line. Product marketing: Though many times this is clubbed with the above type of motion graphics and animation services, but it is about the product while the above category deals with a process or concept. UI animation: This helps provide clarity on the various menus and buttons on a website and many times overlaps with product marketing as it relies on 2D animation services to bring out the clarity. Mostly animated icons are free animations easily available on the net but customised icons are made generally as svgs or css animations.