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The export world is a manufacturer & exporter of home textiles & t shirts in India. our categories are t shirts, bedding, home furnishing, aprons & towels.

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The fabric of the t shirt is going to play a big role in printing.The most common type of fabric that we can use to make t-shirts is cotton.Combed cotton is softer, stronger and  smoother which is good for printing.This cotton is able to resist pilling, fading and stretching.Basically, Jersey is a knit fabric which we can use for clothing.Originally made from wool, but is now making of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers.Double  knitting is less stretch, that creates a heavier fabric of two single jerseys knitted together to leave the two flat sides on the outsides of the fabric, with the piles in the middle.Linen is a very popular choice for summer wear because the fabric is very lightweight and breathable.
The basic method involves creating a stencil on a fine mesh screen and then pushing to create your design on the surface beneath.After that, It spread to other Asian countries.It did not use largely until silk mesh was more available for trade.The screen printing method is ideal to design high-quality t-shirts.The screen printing method gives a unique, cute and impressive look design.In the sports industry, the screen printing technology is also widely used for designing logos on the t-shirts.The textile industry probably uses largely of the screen printing technique.In other words, We use screen printing to print on fabrics like cotton, organza, silk and polyester.We use screen printing for upholstery, t shirts, curtains, drapes, cushion covers, bed sheets and bed covers.Marketing and advertising industry uses screen printing extensively like flyers, posters, hand outs, advertisements.
We are black and white fabric table skirts wholesale supplier.You can choose a perfect table skirt from us.We also provide customized range of table skirts in various styles and designs.Besides, The biggest advantage of using table skirts is that, it gives you an opportunity to hide many unnecessary things right under the table without anyone ever getting to see them.When using it for a dining table at a restaurant or at home, there is a chance of food or drinks falling while the guests eat their meals.Table Skirts will help to protect your table from any potential damage because of this.A table skirt is a way to dress up you table like table cloths, they wrap around the edge of a table.
In addition, We are 100% cotton table cover manufacturer and supplier in discount.Some are mainly ornamental coverings.It may protect the table from scratches and stains.On the other hand, table cloths spread out on a dining table before laying out tableware and food.Most of the people think of using a table cloth as a table covering.Actually, Table cloths can also use for a variety of different way.Table cloth can also hide a deplorable conditions and make the room feel fresh.
Actually, We use conceivable fabric and texture to create the magic of impressive curtain.They are available in different colors and designs.If you are looking for best quality, then we can give best quality fabrics to make your curtains which you can use for long time.Curtains may help to regulate the amount of sunlight getting into your home.Almost any room can have benefit from hanging a curtain panel.You can hang a curtain to the entryway door to cover transparent sidelight.
Actually, Cushion Covers is easy to remove and wash and extend the life of your cushions by keeping them cleaner.Additionally, cushions covers are to protect cushions from dust mites and stains.After all, we offer fully customized cushion cover as per your perfect choice.Actually, cushions get filled with dead cells, dirt etc.This also saves the time for cushions  washings.Using both cushion covers creates a double defense against those body fluids that end up on our cushions.
The Export World are 100% cotton satin burlap table runners wholesale manufacturer in India.We are also embroidered wedding cotton table runners wholesale supplier.The Export World is home furnishing products manufacturer and exporter from India.Actually, We supply the finest quality of table runners that come in many color combinations.We also provide customized range of table runners in various designs.We are also navy blue lace table runners wholesale supplier.The export world are black and white stripes table runners manufacturer.
The Export World is restaurant bib aprons manufacturer and wholesale supplier in India.We are also wholesale kid’s and children’s aprons manufacturers in discount.You can also use it in households, laboratories, factories and many more.Having a restaurant apron with pocket makes working much more convenient for your employees.They can easily hold cash, pens, notepads, and other items in the apron’s pocket.Your employees do not have an apron, you may find them constantly hare and there for pens and other necessary items.The Export World is cotton restaurant apron manufacturers with logo in India.Generally, wearing an apron is a good practice to make your brand name visible and to reflect a positive image of your company.
The Export World is a 100% organic cotton white bib aprons manufacturer and wholesale supplier.Cotton aprons are the best choice if you want full protection of your cloths.Nowadays a cotton apron is a popular choice for the waiter, waitress, bar staff etc.We are wholesale red, pink, white, purple and yellow blank aprons manufacturers in discount.We are also wholesale kid’s and children’s aprons suppliers with logo.The Export World is 100% cotton fashion aprons manufacturer and exporter in India.We can also ship our products to UK, USA, France, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Canada and Singapore.
The Export world is a designer printed aprons manufacturer and wholesale supplier from India.Aprons are useful who handles food or works in a food preparation area as well as a food safety tool like any tool.In addition, you can keep clean your dress when you are working in a restaurant or kitchen.If you are looking for the best quality then we can give the best quality cotton fabrics to make your aprons so that you can use it for long time.We are wholesale kid’s aprons manufacturers and suppliers.We are also wholesale aprons suppliers with pockets and logo.If you are looking for a unique idea to capture the hearts and minds of your customers, or want to improve your company kitchen.
You can also choose various color for your aprons like pink, black, white, yellow, purple and red.As a matter of fact, wearing an apron, it tucks in all the loose clothing.The kitchen tends to get dirty with all the cooking, occasional spills, oil spatters, water from washing vessels, it can all get on your clothes, some stains can also get stubborn.Kitchen Apron can use extensively in households, laboratories, factories and many more.Kitchen apron manufacturers & wholesale suppliers in IndiaThe export world is 100% cotton kitchen apron manufacturers in India.The simple step of wearing an apron can go a long way in reducing this risk.Besides, apron prevents your clothes from coming into contact with the food, germs, dust, hair etc.
The export world is wholesale duvet cover sets manufacturers in India.We are duvet cover wholesale suppliers.Duvet cover is the protective layer that you can use with your duvets.Duvets is expensive and difficult to clean.Duvet cover is very useful because they protect your duvets during use and are easy to remove.Additionally, Duvet covers are to protect duvets from dust mites and stains.
We are cotton bed sheet manufacturers and wholesale suppliers @ cheap price in India.We are also Cotton hospital bed sheets manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers in kolkata, India.In addition, We are 100% cotton satin stripes bed sheet manufacturers and suppliers in India.Generally, bed sheets are rectangular piece of cloth which is used as a bedding.Bed sheet is used to covering mattress and also for decorative purposes.It is so easy to find cotton bed sheets.It is also so popular for a number of reasons.
The Export World is white hotel pillow cases wholesale manufacturer.We are plain cotton pillow cover manufacturers from India.We are wholesale decorative pillow covers suppliers and manufacturers.In other words, we are 100% cotton Indian pillow covers wholesale manufacturers and suppliers.Basically, pillow covers are to protect pillows from dust mites and stains.Actually, pillow cover is easy to remove and wash and extend the life of your pillows by keeping them cleaner.
The Export world is wholesale pillow wholesale manufacturer & supplier in India.We are also decorative bed pillow manufacturers and suppliers.Actually, We are a pillow manufacturing company based in India.We engage in providing an exclusive collection of pillows for hotels, hospital and homes.If you are to only buy one cooling bedding product this should be Pillow.The export world is a bulk hotel bed wholesale pillows manufacturer & exporter.
The export world  is cotton face towel manufacturers from India.We are facial towels manufacturer and wholesale supplier.Generally, Face towel is a small square about the width of a hand used to clean your face.Our 100% organic cotton face towels provide a gentle deep cleanse, washing away dead skin cells.Using face towels daily is so simple way to keep skin healthy and glowing.The export world is face cloths wholesale suppliers.
The export world is wholesale luxury bath towels manufacturer and bulk supplier in India.We are luxury hotel cotton bath towels wholesale manufacturers and suppliers at discount.The export world is a 100% cotton towel manufacturing companies based in India.If you are looking for best quality, then we can give the best quality cotton fabrics to make your bath towels.Furthermore, We can deliver your products as per your requirements.Bath towel is very large towel which is used for drying your body after you have had a bath made of absorbent fabric.Most people use bath towels to dry after a shower or bath.
The export world is a cotton gym towel manufacturer in India.We are also wholesale workout towels manufacturer and wholesale supplier.We are also gym hand towels is 100% cotton gym towel manufacturers in India.The Export World is a sweat towels wholesale supplier in India.We are also fitness towels towels manufacturers and wholesale suppliers.
The Export World is custom microfiber sports towels manufacturers and wholesale suppliers.We are sports towel manufacturers and suppliers.We are also 100% cotton luxury cotton towels wholesale suppliers in India.In addition, We can ship your products to UK, USA, France, Australia, Germany, Canada and Singapore.The material is used in it is extremely absorbent.That is exactly what you need during your training.
The Export World is cotton hand towel manufacturers and suppliers in India.We are also wholesale hand towels suppliers and manufacturers.The Export World is the best towel manufacturing companies in India.The Export World is a 100% cotton hand towel wholesale supplier and manufacturer in India.We export 100% cotton towel from India to USA, UK, Singapore and Australia.Offering a hand towels to your guest with your hotel’s logo is a great idea.Your guests will never forget the luxurious experience.