Vosgi  Jewelry

Vosgi Jewelry

The Vosgi Jewelry workshop developed Ruby Twisted Creole Diamond Earrings, Round Brilliant Diamond Micropavé Engagement Ring, Eternity Ruby Diamond Ring etc

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An extremely rare gemstone ring, The name originates from the Greek words ‘Hemi’ and ‘Morph’, which respectively translate as ‘half-shape’.The unique name refers to its unusual hemimorphic crystal forms, and this centerpiece cabochon Hemamorphite gemstone is very special in its rich blue hue.This ring design is inspired with the extraordinary elegance, drawing upon archival sketches made in our atelier in the 1990’s, showcasing a multi-color sapphire cluster which brings contemporary gracefulness to this art piece.The cabochon Hemamorphite gemstone weighing a total of approximately 44.27 carats and 34 multi-sized oval and round colorful sapphires weighing a total of approximately 21.97 carats, all assembled on yellow and white Gold 18K.
Rejoicing the accent of this rare Santa Maria aquamarine gemstone that exposes a vivid color and brings life to the feminine loop motif.The rich symphony of aquamarine and diamonds recalls the timeless elegance and sophistication of superlative fine jewelry.The oval-shaped Santa Maria aquamarine weighs a total of approximately 15.98 carats and 208 round brilliant diamonds weighing a total of approximately 3.24 carats, set in white Gold 18K.
Paying homage to the illustrious eternity-shaped design of this ring has helped to define Vosgi’s legacy.A colorful interpretation of its all-diamond counterpart, the diamond ring comes to life with 16 mesmerizing round-shaped Burmese ruby accents.Set in a craponia setting, the gemstones in this fine jewelry design bring unparalleled color and warmth to any occasion.16 round-shaped Burmese rubies weighing a total of approximately 1.66 carats and 383 round brilliant diamonds weighing a total of approximately 1.83 carats, set in white Gold 18K.