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We are all increasingly aware of the reality that robots play a major role in our lives now.Whether it is in physical form – as a helper during surgeries – or in software, as in a chatbot solution, we are all surrounded by a bevy of machines that influence our lives in very significant ways.That’s why it should come as no surprise that even the HR department of various organizations are considering using bots to replace their actual human resources!The irony is perhaps stark in this context, but it soon starts to make sense.Gartner, for instance, has predicted that 80% of all end-to-end customer interactions will be replaced by interaction with chatbots.No or Zero human involvement will occur because of chatbots at all.The truth is that chatbots have already started to change the HR industry, and it is only in a strictly projective sense that their impact may be considered hypothetical.More realistically, though, they have already made their mark.If we consider the future, here are some of the ways in which they are likely to create further impact:Chatbots will overshadow mobile appsIt is predicted that the market for mobile apps will become quite saturated, given their current popularity.This leads to the prediction that numerous companies will put their money into chatbots solutions over mobile application development, as it will result in cost savings of around billion hours by the next 3 to 4 years, combining both the time savings of customers as well as businesses.Not only this, but it will also lead to monetary savings of billions of dollars.
In today’s world of instant gratification, people want quick solutions and healthcare is not an exception.They do not want to wait in long queues outside the clinic or hospital and they need a platform that keeps them updated on their issues 24/7.Therefore, AI and AI-enabled chatbots for healthcare are integrated into apps and websites and they are becoming a preferred choice for both the healthcare service providers and patients.Chatbot and healthcare apps have already minimized human intervention in the hospital registration, advice, and billing process in many parts of the United States.This is already a great relief to the elderly patients and kids who can and should only visit the doctor when in dire need.Also, in today’s fast-paced life, the wait is unacceptable.Therefore, chatbots are being implemented in the majority of doctor appointment apps and self-medication apps such as WebMD, Epocrates, and First Aid – American Red Cross.Mobile Prescription and First AidPatients are referring to mobile prescription platforms where the doctors can advise them on the basis of their symptoms through video calls and texts.However, this is only the case with non-serious issues such as common infections, fever, small injuries, etc.
Of course, the credit goes to the subscribers but several features of the platform play a key role in its popularity and reach.Whether it is movies or series, Netflix offers a wide base of choices to everyone.However, the platform charges more for content in high quality such as 1080p, Blu-Ray, Ultra HD along with usage on multiple devices simultaneously such as tablets, desktop, and television.Youtube An online video giant, Youtube was the world’s first online video platform and it is also one of the first smart TV apps at a global level.This is also the world’s most preferred online video platform that supports every type of content such as video podcasts, documentaries, movies, TV shows, and whatnot.This is also one of the simplest smart TV apps to use.Apart from traditional devices such as mobile phones/tablets and personal computers, Facebook can also be accessed on smart TVs through the application.This has extended the reach of the platform as the users can access it from the comfort of their homes.They do not have to stick to their mobile phones or desktops and they can use it from their couch.The app offers all the major features such as sending and receiving friend requests, viewing and updating status, etc.However, complicated features such as creating pages and managing campaigns are still not available like the smart TV apps development has its limitations due to the restrictions of the TV itself.Twitter This is another social media giant that has gained popularity in quite a short amount of time.
As per a survey by Oracle in 2017, 80% of business respondents were already using or planned to use AI chatbot by 2020.These interactive platforms that communicate in a human-like manner offer several benefits — the biggest being round-the-clock availability on email, SMS, live chat, and apps.With the increased popularity of chatbots, the technologies powering them – namely NLP, AI, and machine learning- are being refined.As a result, chatbots will increasingly be able to hold conversations like humans instead of providing bland cardboard responses because they are designed to understand the nuances of human languages.2.Data-driven customer insightsThe great thing about AI chatbots is that they can make notes, a.k.a, collect data while they are holding conversations or immediately after it.Automated supportThis trend will be most apparent in call centers where the employees’ main job is to provide customer support and address customer requests 24*7.Messenger botsCalls aren’t conducive at all times, and email conversations can stretch out over days, which is why 68% of consumers prefer messaging as the go-to way for staying in touch with a business.
AI is now a fairly developed technology.It finds widespread use in multiple industries, like gaming, banking, commercial, retail, and government applications as well.AI-driven machines are now creating the future of our convenience – they offer new opportunities and enhance efficiencies in production.Industrial Revolution 4.0 as it is called creates a stronger digital economy on the backbone of automated tasks, which allows it to reconfigure how people and machines interact with each other and collaborate to create the world as we experience it.The first thing we think of when we think of AI is not how it can provide complex decision making in the manufacturing industry, or how it can solve issues related to information overload.But it’s all happening, and the manufacturing industry is set to experience some of its biggest changes yet!Robots can keep on doing the same activity over and over again, without getting tired or increasing the scope of error as time progresses – thus they are able to provide very high levels of quality assurance.Round the Clock ProductionRobots do not have the same human limitations that human workers have and can continue to work throughout the night as well as the day.
Rest assured, all mobile apps that fail in the market have one thing in common – incompetent and subpar UX.If you don’t invest your time and efforts in upgrading the UI, UX, and other features of your mobile apps, they are bound to crash and burn in this dynamic app market.For instance, when you continually upgrade your apps, it will result in enhanced user experience, reduced downtime, minimized uninstalls, better data visibility, improved ROI, and much more!What are the best practices to maintain your mobile app after deployment?To ensure that your mobile app stays on the top in the market here are best practices to invest for long-term mobile app maintenance: Incorporate timely updatesEvery mobile app developer should monitor how users are interacting with their apps.Pay attention to user feedback.New features, even minor ones, can alleviate the pain points of users and make them feel heard and valued.
Mobile applications not only help streamline business operations, but they also help you gain visibility in the digital world and boost customer loyalty for your brand.However, a mobile app for business must incorporate specific features with a special focus on user experience.As per Statista, In the future, app developers expect there will be a strong market for an even greater range of electronic devices than tablets and smartphones, expanding to include televisions, connected cars, game consoles, and VR devices.If a vendor does not focus on the customer needs, their end product will fail to resonate with your customer base.Backend integrationAfter you’ve made a checklist to select a mobile app development vendor, you must ask each vendor about their backend integration experience, that is, what backends do they specialize in and what is their integration experience.Platform supportWhen it comes to platform support, ask your vendor if their platform cloud-based, are there additional costs for scaling.
With the quick development in innovation, cell phones have now become a crucial part of human life.Even though a mobile phone’s primary capacity is being telephonic transmission, today, technology has made it possible to incorporate mobile applications with smart functionalities and features that can help achieve such feats that were not possible before.As per App Annie reports, in 2015, the mobile app industry generated a staggering US$ 41.1 billion dollar of gross annual revenue, and this figure will expectedly rise to $50.9 billion by the end of 2020!Consumers are developing more rapidly than businesses, asking the mobile Internet towards clearly becoming a necessity nowadays.Analyzing Mobile App Development Trends in 2019Since the mobile app market is growing at an unprecedented pace, the revenue generated by the mobile app market skyrocketing rapidly.Here are a few mobile app development trends that marketers implemented in their apps in 2019, thereby creating excellent monetization models:Increased focus on IoTBy mid-2020, which has just scarcely arrived, there will exist over ten billion IoT gadgets, and by 2025, this number will grow up to twenty-two billion devices.In recent years, the global association with the Internet has quickly ascended, and this ascent has seen versatile application improvement on a large scale.Here are a few IoT trends in 2019:Smart home devicesBlockchain sectorHealthcare sectorData AnalyticsRetail PersonalisationPredictive maintenanceResource managementPrevalence of mobile walletsThe cutting edge modern payment processing environment involves an intricate system of shoppers, traders, banks, and payment processors.The previous decade has seen a grand move from physical payments to futuristic mobile wallets, eliminating the need for cash in the market.