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Guru Singha

GuruSingha firmly believes that gratitude is best expressed by giving back to the society and people who contributed to his journey.

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GuruSingha’s is the best indian motivational speakers.Born in India in the year 1981, GuruSingha’s childhood days were spent in a country when economic liberalization was a decade away.During those relatively tough times, his grandfather shaped GuruSingh’s outlook on life.The youngster idolized his grandfather, a battle-hardened Indian Army veteran, absorbing his zest for living the moment and boldly facing life’s uncertainties.Graduating as an engineer, GuruSingha decided to pursue higher studies abroad.Australia beckoned him, and he landed there to pursue his Master’s degree, and deftly managed the twin realities of studies and survival in a new country.Working in his spare time at restaurants, gas stations, call centers, and various other jobs, GuruSingha literally lived the concept of ‘dignity in labor’.From Australia to the USA, was but one small step for GuruSingha.