Dr. Sushmita  Mukherjee

Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee

Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee is a well-known Gynecologist and obstetrician in Indore who has been practicing for the last 28 years

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With the help of this guide, Women after they have given birth can get their bodies back into balance and back to normal.So, without wasting any time let us get started:Recovery from childbirth could take several months, sometimes even years.Now, she had to learn how to nurse again, how to handle the weight gain that comes with nursing, and she needed to find a way to bring all of that new knowledge into her home.That being said, this is a helpful guide that can make things much easier.Focus On Your Diet:One of the things that can speed up the process of postpartum recovery is diet.It is important for women to slow down on the junk food that often becomes their staple diet after childbirth.Eating the right foods is one of the most important aspects of recovery and getting your body back into the shape that it was before childbirth.
So it’s another month and you have got another negative report for the pregnancy.It is the most painful challenge due to the drive to have a toddler as it’s a core aspect that makes us human.There you need not have to spend endless time crying in the washroom over the false pregnancy test.The best Infertility specialist in Indore can provide you the better help and surely you will become pregnant sooner and safely and without paying more.Many couples are there looking for the best help from the specialists such as general practitioners, gynecologists, or urologists.Just as you would ask the sexologist to cure cancer or a dentist to join broken bone, it doesn’t make any good sense to ask a nonprofessional to cure your health issues.Therefore it is good to seek help from the right expert.Here are the reasons why to seek the help from a genuine Infertility specialist-01- You will get the best possible and the right judgment-People who never ever have had sought out infertility treatment may think that there is one care for infertility and IVF work for everybody.
Pregnancy is a time for a woman when she not only needs to take extra care of herself but also her fetus in the womb and it is quite necessary for the desired outcome.It was revealed in several clinical studies that if a pregnant lady stays under stress during pregnancy, it negatively affects the child's brain.It is not so uncommon for a pregnant lady to undergo stress due to various reasons, ranging from family issues to the woman’s health issues.However, chronic stress can lead to serious consequences in pregnant women, such as high blood pressure, premature birth, and even miscarriage.The family members also need to offer complete support to the pregnant lady.In case of any health problem, delay in seeing the best gynaecologist in Indore must be avoided.How can stress affect your pregnancy?Pregnancy alters the usual life cycle of pregnant ladies and the people close to them as well.Some women adapt well to these changes, while others fall prey to stress.
Now that you and your embryo are ready, your doctor will transfer the embryo to your body.Keep in mind that you need to take special care of yourself for now and the upcoming a couple of weeks and give utmost significance to your health.By adopting the tips mentioned in this blog, you can be certain that you are taking good care of yourself.Post embryo transfer comes the days when you should kick out all the negativities in and around you, and welcome positivity.If possible, it would be better that you take leave from your work for the time being, and focus completely on your health.It is time that you stick to your favorite healthy meal and completes all your favorite watchlist.Don’t Ignore Troubling SymptomsLike we have said earlier, it is significant than ever that you take proper care of your health.If you think that you have developed certain health conditions and their symptoms are causing you trouble, do not be reluctant to see your infertility specialist at the earliest.Avoid the Temptation to Take a Pregnancy TestIt is not so uncommon for several IVF patients to take up a pregnancy test a couple of days after the embryo transfer.
When a child is born in a family, it is a matter of immense pleasure not only for the parents but for the entire members of the family as well.With this post, we are going to share with you some of the most common advice that is baseless myths.So, without wasting any time, let us have a look at them in brief:1 – Belly’s Shape & Size Can Decide the Gender of the FetusIf you are pregnant, it is likely for you to come across people who believe that the shape and size of the pregnant women’s belly indicate the gender of the fetus.You might hear them saying if the belly of the pregnant woman is up and tight, the fetus is a girl child, and if is down and loose, the fetus is a boy child.According to a gynecologist in Indore, making such assumptions about the fetus’s gender merely on the shape and size of the belly of a pregnant woman is completely baseless.2 – If You Are Glowing, It’s A BoyMany pregnant women indeed start glowing after conceiving a child.The major reason behind the glowing skin of a pregnant lady is the hormonal changes.